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1. One should not expect respect for disregarding the opinion of others.

Only when every point of view is taken into consideration should people take action. Answer:

Its a habit for the people now days to put forward their own views without listening to others. Everyone wants his opinions and views to be taken care of whether it means by disregarding the opinions of others. Example, In Politics, there is often conflicting views and opinions between people of different political parties who want them to be seen as superior to other parties. So, in my view this disrespectful behavior is unbearable. As explained above, the political parties tend to downgrade each other for their own political benefits and often disagree with each other over most of the matters. But this behavior is changing drastically now and candidates of parties tend to listen to others opinions and especially public opinion before making any decision in this democracy. As humans possess finite knowledge in this world, we can often discover useful facts that have been overlooked earlier by paying attention to others and subsequently may alter our own opinion. Another famous example related to this issue is the invasion of Iraq by the president Bush and his troops. Bush is often criticized as the president for invading Iraq, during his course though there is no indication that he disrespected the opinion of others. As president it was his duty to take the final action. He by virtue of his judgment took the decision without analyzing the views of his administration or the people and thus is strongly castigated and demurred often by critics and cynics for his harsh action which was caused by lack of discussion and self opinionated behavior of Bush. Also everyone knows about Galileo who was a great mathematician, physicist and astronomer. In his school life he was disrespected and fulminated by his professor when he questioned his professor over the shape of earth and was expelled from the school following this incident. Later on, Galileo proved his ideas and opinions were correct and also proved a strong a point that everyone should listen to others opinion too before coming to result and no one has the right to disrespect others just for the sake of their ego and position in the society. So after exploring the examples and circumstances as above its my view that every ones insight to a condition or situation is important and collective decision always results in better and fruitful results and thus everyones view must be taken care of befor e taking an action and if someone disrespects other, then that person has no right to be treated differently as what one does is the one he suffers.

2. An idea alone, no matter how great, is meaningless unless it is put into practice.

Answer: Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof, this famous quote from the movie V for vendetta depicts the importance of ideas in our lives. Ideas are the most creative aspect of humans which once put in practice can change so many lives and also affect the environment around them. Ideas may be ephemeral or permanent but their impact is always long lasting. Firstly, I would like to cite an example of the famous cellular company, Idea which has their tag line as an idea can change your life and thats indeed true. Their ads depict that any idea whether reading newspaper on cell phone to avoid use of paper and thus saving trees or any other can be accomplished only when implemented. They promote online polls, surveys, cheap call rates all based on some ideas implemented by them. Secondly, the famous social networking site Facebook was an idea engendered by Mark zuckerburg during the time when was morose and depressed due to his personal life. He felt the need for a social interaction media for the college students and thus developed facemash which was later turned to Global level as facebook. The idea of following your friends, seeing their pictures and poking them online is just a master thought and thus is a source of approbation by millions of users all over the world. Same goes for whatsapp which is based on the idea of daylong chatting with friends on minimal costs. All these million dollar ideas were put into practice and thus are present in front of us.

Last but not the least, Satyagraha, a power tool discovered by mahatma Gandhi was the reason why britishers reign ended in India after so many years of their brutal rule. The Idea of Satyagraha i.e. self pain and non violence was not so extraordinary idea but It was mahatma Gandhi who used this idea of self pain to attain freedom by gathering with masses and quietly opposing and condemning the britishers which ultimately led to freedom of India. Thus, the above examples clearly explain the worth of an idea which once put into practice can play a role of alchemy. As said by Buddha that An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea , it clearly suggest that an idea along with a cognizant enforcer together are the ingredients of success.

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