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Province: Department: Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP

(for Client Department)


Version Control
Version Number $ 2 % Changes Instructed by Changes made by

Approval Control Version Approved: ________________

Date Approval Type Supported Supported Supported Reccommended Reccommended Reccommended Approved Designation D: D: D: CD: DD : !nfrastructure C"# D Signature Date

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

Table of Contents
$&'ecutive Summar( 2*ac+,round 2-$Description of Concepts 2-2Conte't 2-%!./. Document Structure %.ro,ramme #01ectives %-$3in+a,e to .rovincial ro4t5 and Development .lan ) ) ) 6 6 2 2 2 2 6 6 9 9 9 9 9 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $$ $$ $$ $2 $2 $2 $) $) $7 $7 $7 $7 $9 $9

%-23in+a,e to Departmental Strate,ic .lan %-%.ro,ramme 3o,"rame %-)Development #01ectives %-7.ro,ramme Scope #vervie4 %-7-$Su08.ro,ramme *rea+do4n and Assi,nment Approac5 %-6Su08.ro,ramme $ (.!A $) Specific .ro,ramme Scope Assi,nment (.!A Specific) %-6-$Su08.ro,ramme Scope %-6-2Su08.ro,ramme !mplementation Constraints and Assumptions %-6-%Su08.ro,ramme !mplementation #r,anisation Re:uirements %-6-)!nitial !dentified Su08.ro,ramme Ris+s %-2Su08.ro,ramme 2 (.!A *) Specific .ro,ramme Scope Assi,nment (.!A Specific) (etc) %-6 eneral Su08.ro,ramme Re:uirements (;on .!A Specific) %-6-$!nfrastructure .ro,ramme !mplementation .lannin, Re:uirements %-6-2.ro,ramme /onitorin, and Controllin, Re:uirements %-6-%.ro,ramme Reportin, Re:uirements %-6-).ro,ramme <ualit( Re:uirements %-6-7.ro,ramme .rocurement Re:uirements %-6-6.ro,ramme &nvironmental Re:uirements %-6-2.ro,ramme =ealt5 and Safet( Re:uirements )!nternal (Client Side) .ro,ramme /ana,ement .lan )-$.ro,ramme !nstitutional "rame4or+ )-$-$.ro,ramme Structure )-$-2.ro,ramme Roles and responsi0ilities )-$-%Responsi0ilities of t5e Client .ro,ramme #ffice )-$-)Roles 4it5in t5e Client .ro,ramme /ana,ement Team )-$-7Responsi0ilities of t5e .ro,ramme !mplementin, A,ent (.!A) )-$-6.ro,ramme Contractual Arran,ements )-2.ro,ramme !nte,ration /ana,ement )-2-$.ro,ramme /ana,ement S(stem> .rocess and .rocedures )-2-2!nte,rated .ro,ramme C5an,e Control )-%!nfrastructure .ro,ramme Timelines and /ilestones )-).ro,ramme "inancial /ana,ement )-)-$.ro,ramme "undin, mana,ement 2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

)-)-2.ro,ramme Cost /ana,ement )-7.ro,ramme <ualit( /ana,ement )-7-$Responsi0ilit(: )-6.ro,ramme .erformance /ana,ement )-6-$.ro,ress and .erformance /onitorin, )-6-2?e( .erformance !ndicators )-6-%&'ternal &valuation )-2.ro,ramme Reportin, )-2-$Reports )-6.ro,ramme Communication /ana,ement )-6-$#01ectives )-6-2Communications .lan Structure )-6-%Responsi0ilit(: )-9.ro,ramme Ris+ /ana,ement )-9-$Responsi0ilit(: )-$0=uman Resources .lan )-$$.ro,ramme .rocurement /ana,ement Appendi' A Appendi' *

$9 $9 $9 20 20 20 2$ 22 22 2% 2) 2) 27 27 27 26 26 22 22

Table of Figures
"! @R& $: C#;T&AT #" T=& !./. !; R&3AT!#; T# #T=&R !D!. D#C@/&;TS "! @R& 2: TB.!CA3 C3!&;T .R# RA//& #""!C& STR@CT@R& S=#C!; .R# RA//& &3&/&;TS "! @R& %: .R# RA//& R#3&S S=#C!; 3!;&S #" A@T=#R!TB 6

R&3AT!#;S=!.S C!T= #T=&R $$ $2 $) $6

"! @R& ): C#;TRACT@A3 R&3AT!#;S=!.S "! @R& 7: SA/.3& SC=&D@3& "! @R& 6: SC=&/AT!C #" R&.#RT!; "3#C

2% 2%

"! @R& 2: =!&RARC=B #" !;"RASTR@CT@R& R&3AT&D R&.#RTS

Table of Tables
TA*3& $: .R# RA//& #*D&CT!V&S !; 3# !CA3 "RA/&C#R? "#R/AT TA*3& 2: S@//ARB #" !;"RASTR@CT@R& &A.&;D!T@R& *B CAT& #RB TA*3& %: .R# RA//& ASS! ;/&;T .&R #R A;!SAT!#; TA*3& ): TB.!CA3 ?&B .&R"#R/A;C& !;D!CAT#RS 6 6 9 2$

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

!"ecutive #ummar$
T5e &'ecutive Summar( s5ould emp5asise t5e +e( issues contained in t5e 0od( of t5e plan and provide readers 4it5 a succinct overvie4 of t5e entire plan- Some readers 45o are not concerned 4it5 t5e finer details of t5e plan ma( onl( read t5e summar(-


Description of Concepts
T5e follo4in, concepts are used in t5is document $:

Concept !nfrastructure .lan

Description T5e !nfrastructure .lan is a formall( approved document prepared 0( t5e Client Department detailin, over t5e medium and lon, term 5o4 t5e infrastructure re:uired 0( t5e department to deliver its mandated services 4ill 0e ac:uired> re5a0ilitated> maintained and funded-


T5e !nfrastructure Deliver( !mprovement .ro,ramme (!D!.) is a ;ational pro,ramme 4it5 t5e o01ective of !mprovin, t5e effectiveness and efficienc( of deliver( of provincial pu0lic sector infrastructure t5rou,5 institutionalisin, 0est practice tools and 0uildin, capacit(-


T5e !nfrastructure .ro,ramme /ana,ement .lan is a formal approved document prepared 0( t5e Client Department t5at specifies 5o4 t5e infrastructure pro,ramme 4ill 0e e'ecuted> monitored and controlled over t5e current /T&" period!f all or part of t5e implementation is assi,ned to one or more !mplementin, A,ents> t5e !./. defines t5e scope delivera0les> tar,ets and re:uirements of t5e su08pro,rammes assi,ned to specific

"or more detail please refer to t5e !D!. Tool+it

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

!mplementin, A,ents !.!. T5e !nfrastructure .ro,ramme !mplementation .lan is a formal approved document prepared 0( t5e !mplementin, A,ent in response to t5e su08 pro,ramme assi,ned to it t5rou,5 t5e !./. Client Department T5e Client Department is t5e Department mandated to deliver( of a specific service suc5 as &ducation> =ealt5> Transportation etc!mplementin, A,ent T5e !mplementin, A,ent can 0e a Department of .u0lic Cor+s or anot5er or,anisation contracted 0( t5e Client Department to implement part or all of its !nfrastructure .ro,rammeSDA T5e Service Deliver( A,reement is a formall( approved and si,ned contract 0et4een t5e Client Department and t5e !mplementin, A,ent definin, t5e contractual relations5ips 0et4een t5e t4o parties in respect of t5e deliver( of t5e pro,ramme scope defined in t5e relevant pro,ramme scope statements defined in t5e Client DepartmentEs !./.-

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0


Module Module 1: 1: Toolkit Toolkit overview Toolkit overview overview Module Module 2$: Module 2$: 2$: $ %ear Strategic Plan MT'( )indow Infrastructure Plan Org & Support Plan ong !erm "u#get Asset Management Plan In%ra&tructure In%ra&tructure Planning Planning

& %ear M!E' Infrastructure "u#get & %ear M!E' Org & Support "u#get

Annual Performance Plan

Module 2B: Module 2B: Service Delivery Agreement Infrastructure Programme Management Plan (IPMP) Programme Programme Management Management y y t!e t!e "lient "lient Department Department

Infrastructure Programme Implementation Plan(s) (IPIP)

Module Module Module 3: 3: Programme Programme Implementation Implementation

Module Module Module 4: 4: Project Execution Plans (PEPs) Project Project Delivery Delivery

Module Module #: Module #: #: Procurement Procurement


: Conte"t of t(e IPMP in relation to ot(er IDIP Documents


IPMP Document #tructure

A s5ort description of 5o4 t5e document is structured and t5e purpose of t5e ?e( Sections-> e-,: !"ecutive #ummar$ 2 % %ac&groun' to t(e plan F Discussion of t5e conte't and purpose of t5e plan Infrastructure Programme *b+ectives for G;ame of DepartmentH G;ame of .rovinceH 8 discussion of t5e o01ectives of t5is pro,ramme> its lin+a,es to t5e .rovincial and

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

Departmental Strate,ic .lans and its Developmental #01ectives- T5is is also t5e ideal place to refer to t5e .ro,ramme o01ectives t5rou,5 t5e 5i,5 level .ro,ramme 3o,ical "rame4or+) Programme Implementation ,ssignments F T5is section covers t5e approac5 to and detail of 0rea+in, up of t5e .ro,ramme into Su08.ro,rammes and t5e assi,nment of su08 pro,rammes to implementin, a,ents> complete 4it5 detail on pro,ramme mana,ement re:uirements and pro1ect pre8conditions7 Internal -Client #i'e. Programme Management Plan / T5is section of t5e plan deals 4it5 t5e internal pro,ramme mana,ement issues> suc5 as pro,ramme team structures> pro,ramme mana,ement s(stems> process and procedures and contains su08plans dealin, 4it5 financial> :ualit(> performance> communication> reportin,> ris+ and procurement aspects-


Programme *b+ectives
0in&age to Provincial 1ro2t( an' Development Plan
Summarise t5e +e( lin+a,es to t5e . D. 4it5 specific reference to ?e( .erformance !ndicators relevant to t5e pro,ramme re:uired at a .rovincial level-


0in&age to Departmental #trategic Plan

Summarise t5e +e( lin+a,es to t5e . D. 4it5 specific reference to ?e( .erformance !ndicators relevant to t5e pro,ramme re:uired at a .rovincial level-


Programme 0ogFrame
!nclude t5e =i,5 level .ro,ramme 3o,"rame in t5is section and cross reference to t5e detail 3o,"rame in an Appendi'- T5e 3o,frame 4ill serve to tie in t5is !./. 4it5 t5e ,oals and o01ectives of t5e !D!. as 4ell as .rovincial and departmental oals and o01ectives-

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

Programme 3ame

*verall 0ogical Frame2or& for Programme P(ase / / $ear *b+ectivel$ verifiable in'icators

Date 4p'ate':

Page 5 of n

Intervention logic 1oal !mproved effectiveness I efficienc( of deliver( of provincial pu0lic sector infrastructure t5rou,5 institutionalisin, 0est practice tools and 0uildin, capacit( .urpose #uputs Activities Table

Means of verification


: Programme *b+ectives in 0ogical Frame2or& Format


Development *b+ectives
Specific reference to t5e Developmental o01ectives of t5e pro,ramme and t5e approac5 to meetin, t5ese o01ectives- .ro,ramme !mplementation Assi,nment


Programme #cope *vervie2

MTEF Year 1 (Year of Implementation) Cate&or# an' *ub0%ro&ra11e Assi&ne' to %-A 2005/06 R'000 2006/07 R'000 577 500 283 500 1"5 """ %4 5"" &4 """ 68 250 31 5"" 2$ 25" 1" 5"" 147 000 &4 """ $3 """ 50 400 3 15" 1& %"" 1& %"" % 45" 28 350 12 $"" 5 25" $ 3"" 4 2"" 2007/08 R'000 606 375 297 675 11" 25" %% 225 && 2"" 71 663 33 "#5 2# 5$3 11 "25 154 350 && 2"" $$ 15" 52 920 3 3"& 1% &45 1% &45 % %23 29 768 13 23" 5 513 $ $15 4 41" 11 5#$ 162 068 %2 $1" $% 45& 55 566 3 4#3 2" &3# 2" &3# 1" 41% 27 780 13 &%2 5 #&& 4 &"" 3 3"" 12 155 170 171 %# 241 #2 %3" 58 344 3 $4# 21 &#% 21 &#% 1" %4" 29 169 14 5&$ $ "#& 5 "4" 3 4$5 46 305 34 #2% 48 620 3$ 4$5 2008/09 R'000 511 667 219 949 115 #$3 1"4 1&$ 2009/10 R'000 537 250 230 946 121 551 1"% 3%$ MTEF Year 2 MTEF Year 3 MTEF Year 4 MTEF Year 5

,ota -n.rastructure +ro/ect cost +er Cate&or# an' *ub0 %ro&ra11e No2

,ota -n.rastructure +ro/ect cost 1 1.1 1.2 1.3 2 2.1 2.2 2.3 3 3.1 3.2 4 4." 4.1 4.2 4.3 5 5." 5.1 5.2 5.3 New Construction / Acquisition Sub- Pro ramme 1.1 Sub- Pro ramme 1.2 Sub- Pro ramme 1.3 Rehabi itaion Sub-Pro ramme 2.1 Sub-Pro ramme 2.2 Sub-Pro ramme 2.3 !aintenance Sub-Pro ramme 3.1 Sub-Pro ramme 3.2 "easibi it#$ % annin& an' (esi&n (ro)) (uttin PI! ! Sub-Pro armme PI! ' Sub-Pro armme PI! ( Sub-Pro armme )r&anisation an' *u++ort (ro)) (uttin PI! ! Sub-Pro armme PI! ' Sub-Pro armme PI! ( Sub-Pro armme (lient *epartment PI! ! PI! ' PI! ( (lient *epartment PI! ! PI! ' PI! ( PI! ' PI! ( PI! ' PI! ( PI! ( PI! ! PI! ! PI! '

550 000 270 000 1"" """ %" """ &" """ 65 000 3" """ 25 """ 1" """ 140 000 &" """ $" """ 48 000 3 """ 1& """ 1& """ % """ 27 000 12 """ 5 """ $ """ 4 """

Table 2: #ummar$ of Infrastructure !"pen'iture b$ Categor$

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0


#ub/Programme %rea&'o2n an' ,ssignment ,pproac( .rovide motivation 45( t5e pro,ramme is divided into specific su08pro,rammes and indicate lin+a,e of t5ese su08pro,rammes to strate,ic o01ectives- Also discuss motivations for assi,nment of su08pro,rammes to !mplementin, A,ents as applica0le- Discuss stren,t5s and 4ea+nesses ito tec5nical competence and capacit(
,ota -n.rastructure Cost MTEF Year 1 (Year of Implementation) 2005/06 R'000 2006/07 R'000 577 500 15 #5" 223 $5" 224 #"" 113 4"" 2007/08 R'000 606 375 1$ 53& 234 &33 235 %35 11% "#" 2008/09 R'000 511 667 1# 3$4 24$ 5#4 152 %#$ %4 #52 2009/10 R'000 537 250 1& 233 25& %"3 1$" $25 %% 4%" MTEF Year 2 MTEF Year 3 MTEF Year 4 MTEF Year 5

Assi&n1ent +er )r&anisation

,ota -n.rastructure Cost " 1 2 3 (lient *epartment PI! ! PI! ' PI! (

550 000 15 """ 213 """ 214 """ 1"& """

Table ): Programme ,ssignment per *rganisation


#ub/Programme -PI, #pecific.


. #pecific Programme #cope ,ssignment

T5is su08sectioned is aimed at a specific .ro,ramme !mplementin, A,ent and contains detail of t5e pro,ramme and su08pro,rammes 0ein, assi,ned to t5at .!A onl().6. #ub/Programme #cope T5e Scope of t5e pro1ects assi,ned to t5e .!A is defined and descri0ed 5ere- T5is section s5ould include summar( ta0les similar to t5ose for t5e pro,ramme in section )-$ a0ove> 4it5 detailed pro1ect lists included in ta0les and spreads5eets attac5ed in t5e appendicesAn( pre8conditions specific to pro1ects identified durin, t5e infrastructure plannin, processesJ specific desi,n re:uirementsJ developmental tar,ets suc5 as &'panded .u0lic Cor+s Development .ro,ramme tar,etsJ deliver( dates and an( ot5er pro1ect specific re:uirements must 0e included 4it5 t5e pro1ect scope assi,nment detail-


#ub/Programme Implementation Constraints an' ,ssumptions !n t5is section t5e Client Department 4ill inform t5e .!A of an( e'ternal constraints and or assumptions t5at need to 0e considered in t5e implementation of t5e specific su08pro,ramme-


#ub/Programme Implementation *rganisation 7e8uirements !n t5is section t5e Client Department 4ill inform t5e .!A of an( specific re:uirements in respect of t5e !mplementation #r,anisation-

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0


Initial I'entifie' #ub/Programme 7is&s !n t5is section t5e client department 4ill inform t5e .!A of an( specific initial Ris+s t5at 5ave 0een identified and 45ic5 4ill re:uire mana,ement-


#ub/Programme 2 -PI, %. #pecific Programme #cope ,ssignment -PI, #pecific. -etc.

Ditto as a0ove for an( additional .!AEs


1eneral #ub/Programme 7e8uirements -3on PI, #pecific.

!n t5is section> t5e Client Department 4ill provide ,eneral> non8.!A specific re:uirements in respect of t5e mana,ement of t5e implementation pro,rammeDescri0e eac5 of t5e topics under t5e relevant 5eadin,s 0elo4:

).5. ).5.2 ).5.) ).5.4 ).5.6 ).5.6 ).5.9

Infrastructure Programme Implementation Planning 7e8uirements Programme Monitoring an' Controlling 7e8uirements Programme 7eporting 7e8uirements Programme :ualit$ 7e8uirements Programme Procurement 7e8uirements Programme !nvironmental 7e8uirements Programme ;ealt( an' #afet$ 7e8uirements

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0


Internal -Client #i'e. Programme Management Plan

Programme Institutional Frame2or&
!n t5ese sections define t5e institutional arran,ements> roles and responsi0ilities and contractual arran,ements 0et4een t5e various sta+e5olders- A ta0le of sta+e5olders and t5eir

4. .

Programme #tructure

Client Department !"ecutive Reporting Authority and Control *t(er Programme #ta&e(ol'ers
.ro,ramme /ana,er

Client #i'e Infrastructure Programme Management *ffice

Cost /ana,er

.erformance /ana,er

Scope /ana,er


Authority and Control Implementation #ub/ Programme - . Implementation #ub/ Programme -2.


Authority and Control



!f Relevant

Figure 2: T$pical Client Programme *ffice #tructure s(o2ing relations(ips 2it( ot(er programme elements

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

4. .2

Programme 7oles an' responsibilities

Client .ro,ramme Team "lient Programme Manager

!mplementin, pro,ramme Team PI$ $ Programme Manager PI$ B PI$ "

.ro1ect Team Project Manager



*uantity +urveyor


+u , contractor

+u , contractor

+u , contractor

Figure ): Programme 7oles s(o2ing 0ines of ,ut(orit$

4. .)

7esponsibilities of t(e Client Programme *ffice Contract 4it5 t5e .!AKsJ .rovide polic( re,ardin, t5e pro,rammeJ .rioritise and approve pro1ects and provide t5e .!As 4it5 compre5ensive !nfrastructure .ro,ramme /ana,ement .lans (!./.) referrin, to t5e portions of t5e pro,rammes allocated to t5emJ Revie4 and approve t5e !nfrastructure .ro,ramme !mplementation .lans (!.!.)of t5e .!AKsJ /onitor t5e performance and report pro,ress of t5e overall pro,rammeJ .rovide fundin, to .!As in terms of t5e service deliver( a,reements 4it5 t5emJ Receive and si,n off completed infrastructureJ /onitor t5e pro,ramme and performance of t5e .!AJ Approve pa(ments to t5e .!AJ

4. .4

7oles 2it(in t(e Client Programme Management Team *elo4 are e'amples of roles of client side pro,ramme office team mem0ers- T5e e'act re:uirements 4ill var( from pro,ramme to pro,ramme4. .4. Infrastructure Programme Manager

Carries overall responsi0ilit( for implementation of t5e .ro,rammeJ Accepts and understands t5e !nfrastructure .lan 45ic5 is to 0e implementedJ

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

"acilitates t5e service deliver( a,reements 4it5 t5e .!AKsJ Develops t5e !nfrastructure .ro,ramme /ana,ement .lan Revie4s and approves t5e .!AKs !nfrastructure .ro,ramme !mplementation .lanKsJ /ana,es overall pro,ramme mana,ement 0ud,ets and e'penditureJ Revie4s and reports on capital cas5 flo4 re:uirementsJ #verall mana,ement of t5e .ro,ramme to deliver( t5e infrastructure stipulated in t5e !nfrastructure .lan specificall( in terms of scope> time> :ualit(> ris+ and cost mana,ementJ

C5ec+s and approve pa(ment certificates of t5e .!AKsJ C5airs coordination meetin,s 4it5 .!AKsJ Revie4s .!A pro,ress reports and provides overall reports for t5e .ro,rammeJ /ana,es pro,ress t5rou,5 cas58flo4sJ &nsures t5at tar,ets are metJ &nsures pro,ramme close8outJ Coordinates t5e 5andover of t5e completed pro1ects from t5e .!AKs to t5e users 4it5in t5e DepartmentJ

4. .4.2

Financial Controller

/onitors overall performance of .ro,ramme 4it5 respect to cas5 flo4s and tar,etsJ .repares financial reports summarisin, pro1ect and .ro,ramme pro,ressJ /ana,es financial aspects of scope c5an,esJ /onitors pro,ramme mana,ement costsReconciles pro,ramme pa(mentsJ Administers pa(ment protocols and proceduresJ .rovides financial reports to t5e .ro,ramme /ana,erJ Administers .ro,ramme "inancesProgramme ,'ministration ,ssistant

4. .4.)

Captures pro,ramme dataJ Captures and processes pa(ment certificates of t5e .!AKsJ "ile correspondence 0et4een t5e department and t5e .!AKsJ eneral assistance to t5e pro,ramme mana,er as instructedJ

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

4. .6

7esponsibilities of t(e Programme Implementing ,gent -PI,. .repare and Su0mit a !nfrastructure .ro,ramme !mplementation .lan (!.!.) for approval 0( t5e Client J Assume responsi0ilities for appointment and mana,ement of pro1ect mana,ersJ Carr( out feasi0ilit( assessments of all potential pro1ectsJ Appoint all professional service providers and contractorsJ &nsure all appropriate insurances are in place to cover all potential ris+sJ &nsure t5at all professional service providers are covered 0( ade:uate professional indemnit( insurances durin, t5e contractJ Receive and anal(se assessment reportsJ Receive and anal(se cost reports and monitorin, toolsJ Set up ade:uate monitorin, tools and suita0l( :ualified personnelJ /onitor performance of contractors and service providersJ .repare and su0mit mont5l( reports to t5e Client in t5e prescri0ed formatJ Co ordinate> c5air and minute coordination meetin,s and monitor pro,ressJ &nsure timel( pa(ment of professional service providers and contractorsJ &nsure compliance 4it5 Treasur( re:uirements-

4. .6

Programme Contractual ,rrangements

"lient Department

PI$ $


PI$ "

Project Manager



*uantity +urveyor


+u , contractor

+u , contractor

+u , contractor

Figure 4: Contractual 7elations(ips

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

.rovide a s5ort description of t5e contract 0et4een t5e Client Department and t5e .!A 8 t5e Service Deliver( A,reement (SDA)-

Define or Descri0e t5e Consultants A,reements to 0e used 0et4een t5e .!A and t5e various professional team mem0ers

Define or Descri0e t5e *uildin, or Construction A,reement to 0e used 0et4een t5e /ain Contractor and t5e .!A

;ote> if t5e Client Department c5ooses not to use a .!A> t5en all contracts are entered into directl( 0( t5e Client Department-


Programme Integration Management

Programme Management #$stem< Process an' Proce'ures !n t5is section define t5e various s(stems> processes and procedures t5at 4ill 0e used to mana,e t5e direction and monitorin, and control of pro,ramme 4or+-


Integrate' Programme C(ange Control C5an,es to scope> cost> time and :ualit( parameters on pro1ects are inevita0le- A c5an,e to an( one of t5ese parameters 4ill 5ave an impact on t5e ot5ers> and it is t5erefore essential t5at an inte,rated approac5 to c5an,e control 0e prescri0ed!t is ,ood practice to define a C5an,e Control *oard mandated to approve c5an,es to individual pro1ects- Aut5orit( to approve c5an,es 4it5in defined limits can 0e dele,ated 0( t5e CC* to t5e .!A and even do4n to .ro1ect level- !t is 5o4ever essential t5at all information in respect of c5an,es 0e collated at a pro,ramme level-


Infrastructure Programme Timelines an' Milestones

T5e s(noptic pro,ramme for t5e !nfrastructure /ana,ement .ro,ramme is set do4n in A detailed sc5edule is attac5ed as Appendi' D of t5is document-

MI0!#T*3! = #4%/MI0!#T*3! ,nnual Infrastructure Programme Management Plan establis(e' $-$ *ud,et allocation confirmed $-2 .ro1ects selected (includin, identification> prioritisation> assessment and approval) $-% .ro,ramme .lan prepared $-) .ro,ramme .lan approved 7!:4I7!D *4TC*M!# a. Infrastructure Programme Management Plan approve' -inclu'ing bu'get allocation an' pro+ect approval. 2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

T,71!T D,T!

MI0!#T*3! = #4%/MI0!#T*3!

T,71!T D,T!

2 Infrastructure Programme Mobili>e' 2-$ .ro,ramme mana,ement unit esta0lis5ed and capacitated (re:uired at t5e start of t5e pro,ramme and capacitation re,ardin, an( c5an,es to t5e pro,ramme on t5e 0asis of polic( c5an,es and improvements 0ased on t5e evaluation of t5e previous pro,ramme 2-2 !mplementin, a,ents appointed (if a,ents are to 0e used) in terms of .!AKS3A a,reements 2-% .ro1ects assi,ned to implementin, a,ents 2-) "or4ard plannin, defined (as re:uired to effectivel( mo0iliLe t5e pro1ects to 0e implemented in future (ears) 7!:4I7!D *4TC*M!# a. Programme management in place an' capacitate' b. Programme implementing -#0,?s. in place c. agent agreements

Pro+ects assigne' to implementing agents

'. For2ar' planning for future $ears 'efine' ) Pro+ect Deliver$ F see ta0le )-2 for details of t5e pro1ect c(cle %-$ Scope of all pro1ects confirmed %-2 All pro1ects set up (i-e- professional team appointed and pro1ect steerin, committee formed and empo4ered) %-% All pro1ects planned> desi,ned and tendered %-) All pro1ects a4arded %-7 All pro1ects constructed %-6 All pro1ects 5anded over for use %-2 All pro1ects completed (i-e- pro1ect documentation completed and construction contracts closed out) %-6 "or4ard plannin, for follo4in, (ear completed (onl( if plannin, and desi,n is to 0e carried out in t5e current (ear in order to accelerate pro1ect deliver( 4it5in t5e ne't (ear) 7!:4I7!D *4TC*M!# a. ,ll pro+ects complete' to specification 2it(in bu'get an' agree' timeframe b. For2ar' planning complete' 4 Infrastructure Programme Completion $-$ .ro,ramme evaluated (includin, evaluation of a sample of pro1ects) $-2 .ro,ramme completion report prepared $-% .ro,ramme completion report revie4ed and approved $-) Recommendations pro,ramme implemented for follo4in, (earEs

7!:4I7!D *4TC*M!# a. Infrastructure Programme evaluate' b. Programme completion report approve'

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

MI0!#T*3! = #4%/MI0!#T*3! c. 7ecommen'ations for improvements implemente'

T,71!T D,T!

@se Template 2T$0 or a /icrosoft .ro1ects timeframe overpa,e

ant C5art to produce t5e summar( pro,ramme

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

Department ( ))) Programme ( ))) Summary Programme !imeframe

Activity ./ "u#get Allocation 0/ Project I#entification & Prioritisation &/ Infrastucture Plan pro#uce# an# approve# 2/ Infra Programme Management Plan pro#uce# an# approve# $/ S A3s 4it5 PIA6s 7/ PIA Infra Prog Implementation Plan pro#uce# an# approve# 8/ Project 'easi+lity confirme# 9/ Project Planning :/ Project "usiness Plan Approval .;/ !en#er an# contract a4ar# ../ <onstruction .0/ =an#over to <lient
Figure 6: #ample #c(e'ule

Aug May -ov Sep Dec ,un Apr Oct

May Aug -ov Sep Dec 'e+ ,un Mar ,an Apr Oct ,ul ,ul

Mar 'e+ ,an

Duration *esponsi+ility Dept Planning 1nit





Planning 1nit

Prog Manager Prog Manager PIA

PIA Implementing Agent Prog Manager Implementing Agent <ontractor Implementing Agent

2T06 Infrastructure Programme Management Plan IPMP v4.0

2T0$ F v)-0 (2006)

!nfrastructure .lan Template

.a,e $9 of 22


Programme Financial Management

Programme Fun'ing management Descri0e 5ere t5e various sources of fundin, to 0e used to fund t5e pro,ramme and its su08pro,rammes and provide a summar( ta0le-


Programme Cost Management #ne of t5e primar( tas+s of t5e client side pro,ramme office is to monitor e'penditure a,ainst 0ud,et as a measure of pro,ramme performance- T5e cost mana,ement tas+s performed 0( t5e pro,ramme office must 0e defined 5ere- T5ese tas+s are usuall( to do 4it5 cost estimation> cost 0ud,etin, and cost control.rocedures and s(stems must ensure compliance 4it5 t5e ."/A!nsert ta0les of mont5l( 0aseline cas5flo4 as 4ell as anticipated cas58flo4 S curve ,rap5s-


Programme :ualit$ Management

T5e +e( :ualit( mana,ement processes are defined 5ere> namel(: <ualit( plannin, <ualit( Assurance and <ualit( Control

T5e <ualit( /ana,ement .lan is contained in Appendi' = of t5is Document- <ualit( issues are addressed on t5e follo4in, components: .ro,ramme componentsJ .ro1ect construction :ualit( control-

!nsert appropriate ,uidelines for t5e pro,ramme 4.6. Responsi0ilit(: T5e .ro1ect /ana,ers are responsi0le for mana,in, t5e :ualit( plan at a pro1ect level and t5e .!A .ro,ramme /ana,er is responsi0le for mana,ement of t5e pro,ramme components- /ana,ement of :ualit( is to 0e reported mont5l( 0( t5e .ro1ect /ana,ers to t5e .!A .ro,ramme /ana,er and 5ence 0( t5e .!A to t5e Client #r,anisation .ro,ramme /ana,er-

"ile name:


2T0$ F v)-0 (2006)

!nfrastructure .lan Template

.a,e 20 of 22

<ualit( Assurance is 0est ac5ieved t5rou,5 t5e use of Desi,n specified 5ere"or 0uildin, pro1ects> t(pical ,uidelines could include: #01ectives and *road .rinciples Space ;orms ;atural 3i,5tin, Ventilation Cater Suppl( and Sanitation &lectricit( Suppl( .lum0in, and Draina,e &'ternal Cor+s and Storm4ater /ana,ement Safet( and Securit( *randin, and /ar+etin, Renovations and redecoration *asic *uildin, Tec5ni:ues> /aterials and "ittin,s

uidelines for pro1ects

4it5in t5e pro,ramme- T5e applica0le ,uidelines and codes of practice s5ould 0e


Programme Performance Management

Progress an' Performance Monitoring T5e .ro,ramme /ana,ers 4ill 5ave overall responsi0ilit( for :ualit( assurance> scope> time and cost mana,ement of t5e .!AKs-


@e$ Performance In'icators !n order to monitor and evaluate t5e .ro,ramme in terms of its #01ectives> ?e( .erformance !ndicators (?.!Es) 4ill 0e reported on t5rou,5out t5e implementation of t5e pro,ramme- T5ese are summarised as follo4s in Ta0le 6 (!nsert appropriate ?.!s )

"ile name:


2T0$ F v)-0 (2006)

!nfrastructure .lan Template

.a,e 2$ of 22

@e$ Performance ,rea . Pro+ect Implementation In'icators

@e$ Performance In'icator $-$ Total ;o- of .ro1ects delivered $-2 ;o- of pro1ects: .ro1ect /ana,er I team appointed $-% ;o- of pro1ects planned (desi,n I tender documents complete) $-) ;o- of pro1ects tendered $-7 ;o- of contracts a4arded $-6 ;o- of pro1ects complete $-2 ;o- of pro1ects 5anded over $-6 ;o- of pro1ects 4it5 close out report issued

2. #ocial Impact in'icators

2-$ ;o- of local people emplo(ed 2-2 ;o- of local (out5 emplo(ed 2-% ;o- of .erson da(s of emplo(ment 2-) ;o- of 4omen emplo(ed 2-7 ;o- of disa0led people emplo(ed 2-6 Total pa(ments to local communities 2-2 Total pa(ments to local materials suppliers 2-6 Total ;o- of .D! Contractors

). Capacitation

%-$ ;o- of S * mem0ers provided 4it5 Sc5ool mana,ement trainin, (&ducation e'ample) %-2 ;o- of communit( 4or+ers provided 4it5 construction s+ills trainin, %-% ;o- of people provided 4it5 =!VKA!DS a4areness trainin, %-) ;o- of students 4it5 e'periential trainin,

Table 4: T$pical @e$ performance In'icators


!"ternal !valuation &valuation comprises t5e process of revie4in, 45at 5as 0een done> and identif(in, 4ea+nesses on t5e 0asis of 45ic5 identification improvements can 0e made 0ot5 to t5e 4a( t5e .ro,ramme is implemented as 4ell as to individual pro1ects- &valuation provides a Mfeed0ac+N loop to ena0le continuous improvementsA distinction needs to 0e dra4n 0et4een internal evaluations i-e- 0( t5e various levels of mana,ement 4it5in t5e .ro,ramme and e"ternal evaluations 45ic5 are independent assessments of t5e effectiveness of t5e .ro,ramme- *ot5 t(pes of evaluation are important- "urt5ermore> evaluations can 0e eit5er ver( focused e-,evaluation of :ualit( or of emplo(ment or can 0e ver( 0road coverin, t5e entire scope of development as 4ell as resultant impact-

"ile name:


2T0$ F v)-0 (2006)

!nfrastructure .lan Template

.a,e 22 of 22

T5e internal evaluations provide an opportunit( for t5ose involved in t5e .ro,ramme to pause and ta+e stoc+ 0( 5onestl( evaluatin, t5e 4or+ done and formulatin, improvements- T5ose involved in t5e .ro,ramme 5ave first85and e'perience and are often acutel( a4are of t5e 4ea+nesses> and t5erefore can identif( t5em :uic+l(&'ternal evaluations s5ould 0e carefull( planned in order for t5em to 0e effectiveT5e( are also not 4it5out t5eir pro0lems- !n some instances> 0ecause t5e evaluator does not full( understand t5e 4or+ underta+en or t5e prevailin, circumstances> 5eKs5e ma( ma+e 0iased value 1ud,ements 45ic5 are not 0ased on all t5e correct information!t is recommended t5at> 4it5in t5e .ro,ramme> internal evaluations s5ould 0e underta+en on at least a 68mont5l( 0asis in order for t5e mana,ers involved to ta+e stoc+ and rapidl( formulate improvements&'ternal independent evaluations s5ould 0e underta+en at least annuall( and s5ould focus on pro0lem areas so t5at t5e impact on improvements is ma'imised- T5e( s5ould include a formal feed0ac+ loop to t5e mana,ers 4it5in t5e .ro,ramme 0ot5 to clarif( issues raised 4it5in t5e evaluations and to provide t5e mana,ers 4it5 insi,5t into proposed improvements- T5e evaluations (0ot5 internal and e'ternal) s5ould al4a(s include formal appropriate and realistic recommendations for improvements- Senior mana,ement s5ould 0e 5eld accounta0le to seriousl( consider t5e recommendations> as part of performance revie4 and implement approved recommendations timeousl(> so t5at t5e .ro,ramme can 0enefit from t5e improvements as soon as possi0le-


Programme 7eporting
7eports T5e flo4 of reportin, and 5ierarc5( of reportin, up to t5e summar( mana,ement report is illustrated in "i,ure 6 and "i,ure 2 0elo4!nsert t5e reportin, re:uirements appropriate to t5e pro,ramme-

"ile name:


2T0$ F v)-0 (2006)

!nfrastructure .lan Template

.a,e 2% of 22

Client Consolidated #r,anisation .ro1ects Report: 27t5 of mont5

Implementing ,gent Programme Manager (or ./@) !A Consolidated Report : $7t5 of mont5

Pro+ect Manager (or .rincipal A,ent) .ro1ect Report : $0t5 of mont5

Contractor /ont5l( &mplo(ment Report : 7t5 of mont5

Figure 6: #c(ematic of 7eporting flo2

%T$% Summar( Report Status and ?e( .erformance !ndicators for all pro1ects

%T$% Summar( pro1ect +e( performance indicators (e'penditure> pro,ress and milestones)

"inancial /ana,ement S(stem &'penditure a,ainst 0ud,et

%T0$ .ro1ect Trac+in, Sc5edule .ro1ect data (financial> pro1ect details> status> emplo(ment etc)

%T$2 Activit( /ana,ement Sc5edule Status of all activities 4it5in a p5ase

%T$) Contractors &mplo(ment Report &mplo(ment data for eac5 pro1ect (.5ase %)

Figure 9: ;ierarc($ of Infrastructure 7elate' 7eports


Programme Communication Management

"ile name:


2T0$ F v)-0 (2006)

!nfrastructure .lan Template

.a,e 2) of 22


*b+ectives T5e o01ectives of t5e Communications .lan are: (!nsert appropriate o01ectives for t5e .ro,ramme> for e'ample as s5o4n 0elo4)


To provide effective communication amon, t5e various +e( sta+e5olders on t5e .ro,ramme-


To provide a structured mec5anism to conve( to t5e recipient communities all appropriate information necessar( to ensure t5at t5e( are +ept informed of pro,ress and involved in t5e development process-


To provide t5e necessar( communication c5annels at t5e districtKre,ional level to ensure t5e effective implementation of t5e .ro,ramme-


To provide a mec5anism to ensure t5at t5e .!AEs client is +ept informed on t5e .ro,ramme pro,ress at all times-


To provide for t5e .!A internal communications mec5anism-

Communications Plan #tructure T5e Communications .lan is structured as follo4s:


Communication elementKma1or events 8 45at are t5e communication pro1ectsKactivities and ma1or events planned for t5e (ear and +e( dates for specific communications-


Tar,et audiences 8 4it5 45ic5 tar,et audiences are 4e communicatin,/essa,e 8 45at messa,e needs to 0e communicated to eac5 tar,et audience-


/edium 8 45at mediumKs s5ould 0e used to communicate t5e messa,e e-,ne4s print> advertorials> road s5o4s> etc-


"re:uenc( 8 5o4 often s5ould communication 0e made 4it5 t5e tar,et audience e-,- mont5l(> :uarterl(> ad 5oc> etc-


Action .lan 8 45at actions are re:uired to ac5ieve t5e communications 4it5 eac5 tar,et audience-

"ile name:


2T0$ F v)-0 (2006)

!nfrastructure .lan Template

.a,e 27 of 22


Responsi0ilit( 8 45o is responsi0le for t5e communications 4it5 t5e various tar,et ,roups-


Ris+ Assessment 8 45at are t5e ris+s involved> 5o4 can t5e ris+s 0e minimised and 45at are t5e ?e( Success "actors-


Communication cost 8 45at is t5e cost of t5e communications 4it5 eac5 tar,et audience and for t5e ma1or events-

T5e Costs for t5e implementin, of t5e Communications .lan 5ave 0een incorporated into t5e "inancial .lanT5e detailed Communications .lan for .rocess %: .ro1ect Deliver( is detailed in Appendi' !4.5.) Responsi0ilit(: T5e .ro,ramme /ana,er is responsi0le for t5e mana,ement of t5e Communications .lan> 4it5 input from t5e Communications #fficer-


Programme 7is& Management

T5e Ris+ /ana,ement .lan is contained in Appendi' and addresses issues on t5e follo4in, 0asis: Ris+ Cate,orisationJ !nstitutional .rocurement "inancial /ana,ement =uman Resources .ro,ramme S(stems &nvironmental *eneficiar( mana,ement .olitical .ro,ramme Closure of t5is Document- !t identifies

Ris+ evaluationJ 3i+eli5ood and conse:uenceJ Ran+in,J

.roposed miti,ation includin, responsi0ilities-



"ile name:


2T0$ F v)-0 (2006)

!nfrastructure .lan Template

.a,e 26 of 22

!t 4ill 0e t5e responsi0ilit( of t5e !nfrastructure .ro,ramme /ana,er to develop a Ris+ /ana,ement .lan for t5e .ro,ramme and to ensure t5at t5e ris+s are minimised and ade:uatel( mana,ed-

4. 0

=uman Resources .lan

T5e resource re:uirements to mana,e t5e pro,ramme are detailed in t5e Ta0le 0elo4- T5e =R .lan must 0e in total ali,nment 4it5 t5e #r,anisational and Support plan and su0se:uent Capacitation plan developed for t5e !nfrastructure .ro,ramme-

Position ?7esource

Total re8uire'


Date re8uire'


Programme Procurement Management

!n t5is section t5e follo4in, pro,ramme processes are defined and descri0ed: .ro,ramme purc5ase and ac:uisition strate,( development .ro,ramme contractin, strate,ies .ro,ramme tender re:uirementsJ evaluation strate,ies etcContract Administration Contract closure

"ile name:


2T0$ F v)-0 (2006)

!nfrastructure .lan Template

.a,e 22 of 22

,ppen'i" ,

,ppen'i" %

"ile name: