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In 1069HC, Diemed itself began to fall into chaos as a protracted series of border wars erupted along the duchy's frontiers. Those wars ended nearly two hundred years later in 1243HC with much of eastern Diemed depopulated and laid waste. Further internal strife came about due to Richard Endiers deal with the Spider in 1272HC, which lead to a vast host of goblins rampaging from the Spiderfell down to the Straits of Aerele, the area claimed by present day Roesone. In all this time of strife, the Free City itself was never attacked, though some of the county's northern farmlands were badly ravaged by the goblins. The rest of Diemed, reeling from the Spider's ferocity offered Ilien no help. Realizing that Diemed was too weak to protect the county, Count Lehoene Aglondier proclaimed Ilien a free realm in 1278HC. Diemed was in no position to challenge this, and subsequent years would see more realms break off of the crumbling duchy. It was 124 years later that Ilien's ability to defend its independence was truly tested. In 1402HC, the Baron of Ghoere, fresh off of military victories against the Spider, invaded eastern Diemed in order to seize Ilien from its new and untested Countess Axlea Aglondier. The Baron miscalculated Axlea's strength, however her powerful magic realm destroyed the Ghoerean force to the last man. Axlea would rule Ilien longer than any other count save Karn, and it was under her reign that Ilien gained its current reputation as being carefully aloof from Anuirean politics. In 506 MR, Axlea proclaimed Ilien a neutral domain and open trading zone. As most of the nearby domains were recovering from long, exhausting wars of independence, every southern Anuirean realm, except Aerenwe, recognized Ilien's neutrality by signing the Pact of Ilien in 1479HC. Though Aerenwe's rulers had no ill feelings toward Ilien, they refused to sign the Pact out of an acknowledgment of the High Mage Aeliess concerns. Over the years, the High Mage had accrued a vast network of powerful sources in the Erebannien and had come into competition with the Aglondiers over those sources. Nothing has ever come of Aerenwe's refusal to sign the treaty. Axlea Aglondier finally died in 1484HC at the age of 102, passing control of Ilien to her son, Dajel. Though he was 55 years old when he assumed the throne, rather young for a family noted for life spans into the 90s and 100s, Dajel would only rule for seven years before his death. Rumors that his death was an unnatural one persist today.

As Dajel's eldest son, Pearce, had disappeared without a trace with his family some months before, the throne of Ilien passed to Dajel's second son, Soleme. Though there were many whispered discussions and stories about Soleme's rise to power, none of the accusations were ever proven. It is widely believed that Soleme 'the Twisted' was driven into an insane paranoia by a mutation of the mebheighl he wielded while casting realm magic. He ruled Ilien with an iron fist, placing heavy tariffs on traders and raising taxes on the common folk to their highest level in history. Under the Twisted's reign, death squads were assembled to eliminate Soleme's political opposition and bring terror to the populace of the Free City. At 1511 Moeran Aglondier, son of the lost Pearce Aglondier, deposes Soleme and wins Ilien. After 20 long years, Soleme's rank paranoia attracted the attention of the surrounding Southern Coast regents. Just as Roesone, Aerenwe, and even the High Mage Aelies were preparing to violate the Pact of Ilien and attack Soleme, Moeran Aglondier, lost son of Pearce Aglondier, reappeared and challenged his uncle's rule. A terrible duel between the two wizards ensued. At the end, Moeran pierced his uncle through the heart with a golden dagger and assumed control of Ilien. The Twisted's paranoid regime had ended. As a child, Moeran studied the arcane under his great-grandmother, Axlea. His skill at magic proved to be equal to the task of bringing Ilien back from the brink of ruin, though much of the treasury was spent in the rebuilding process. Moeran Aglondier only recently died under very suspicious circumstances suspected to be poisoning, leaving the throne to his apprentice, Rogr Aglondier at 1505HC At 1542 Rogr Aglondier dies of old age. His most prominent apprentice is appointed as his heir Kain Aglonidier who is given the tile of Ruler of Ilien. After 5 years of reign Kain Aglondiers thirst of knowledge made him indifferent with the Ruling matters and cruel with the people, as a result the biggest families have grabbed the opportunity to seize the throne. Richard The Bold Dragonian from the House of Dragons 1542HC 1544HC At 1542HC Richard The Bold from the House of Dragons in the age of 26 who claimed that his house came from the breath of a dragon in Dragon roost after his visit many years later. Kain burnt alive Richards father William who was lord of the Dragon Roost. Kains tongue was cut and his mouth sewed. His blood was too precious to be stolen. So

Richard The Bold Dragonian after the blood ceremony has finished he killed Kain Aglondier .He Burnt him and threw his ashes in the sea and for 2 long years a hunt has started and many noble houses had driven mad from the thirst of blood. Richard couldnt manage the power in his veins and in his mind. His Wife knew that his doom was approaching and the madness will win him in the end. Countess Melisandra Ironborn was a witch he has foreseen everything and she knew what to do . He made him recognize his 1st son with her as his Heir and she passed with the ceremony of blood to her son who was only 5years old. She claimed that he committed suicide cause of his madness. Melisandra Ironborn ruled Ilien as a Queen region until her son came to the age. She stopped the blood thefts and punished them with death. She ruled the region with wisdom.

Arch Duke William II The Wise Dragonian . 1554HC At the age of 16 at 1554HC William II The Wise Dragonian 2 of his name and legal successor of the throne becomes Ruler of Ilien. He sworn in public to protect the innocent and his homeland.

At 1555HC he founded The Order of Royal Guard or The Order of Phoenix as it called. The members of his Personal Royal Guard. They were sworn to protect the King. These Knights had no lands and their title were not inherited , they were living in the palace with their family. To be a Phoenix Knight was not necessarily to be high born. The candidate had to be min 14 years old and max 17 they used to be trained and then they had to pass a sequel of Trials. He is named wise cause of his administration skills. He has given power to three trusted houses as vassals by dividing Ilien in 3 pieces. For better observation and management. He is Cruel with the lords that abused the power who gave them. The people loves him. He likes to travel along Ilien and to see how people live.

The 1st House was The Ironborn House, his GrandFathers House Towns of Caette , Tennien and lumen Patriarch: Shalim Ironborn ( Dead ) Current Patriarch: Count Victor Ironborn (Shalims 1st son) Countess Melissandra Ironborn (Queen Region & Victors Sister) Count Michael Ironborn ( Victors Heir ) Countess Talisa Ironborn ( Victrors Wife ) Count Gregor Ironborn (Victors brother ) Countess Margeary Ironborn ( Gregors wife )

The 2nd House was The Bannieth House . Towns of Aenier , Sunset and Hestean . Patriarch :Christopher Bannieth ( Dead ) Current Patriach: Gendry Bannieth Countess Olenna Bannieth (Current Queen & Gendrys Daughter ) Countess Kate Bannieth( Gendrys Wife ) Count Christopher II Bannieth ( Gendrys Heir ) Count Balon Bannieth ( Gendrys Brother ) Countess Myrcella Bannieth ( Balons wife )

The 3rd House was Kings family members & heirs Towns: Dragonroost , Goewhyn & Riverun Patriarch : Lord William Dragonian ( Dead ) Count Richard The Bold Dragonian ( Williams 1st son) (Dead) Current patriarch: Count Arthur Dragonian ( Kings Brother) Countess Vanessa Dragonian (Arthurs Wife ) Arch Duke William II The Wise Dragonian (Richards son & The King) Countess Julia Dragonian ( Kings Sister) Countess Olenna Bannieth (Kings Wife ) Count Richard II Dragonian ( Kings Heir )

The City wards

Situated on the east bank of the Adele River and on the northern coast of the Straits of Aerele, the Free City of Ilien is divided into four wards: the Castle Ward, the Market Ward, the River Ward, and the Common Ward. Walls not only surround the city, but also enclose each ward. The wards are supervised by a chamberlain appointed by the Lord Mayor and approved by the Count of Ilien. Each chamberlain is allotted a portion of the city's treasury each quarter of the year to use in the district's upkeep. Upkeep costs include the distribution of subordinate's wages, guard's salaries and supplies, road and sewer upkeep, and tax and tariff collection. The Lord Mayors are appointed by the Count to insure the smooth operation of the city by the chamberlains while the Count manages matters that concern the domain as a whole. The mayor is traditionally appointed from the ranks of the chamberlains or trusted relatives. The current Lord Mayor is Adash Cedrune.

Locations Castle Ward

This district is home to Castle Aglondier, a massive level 7 castle and seat of power for the regent of Ilien. Elevated towers rise above Castle Aglondier and can be seen from any part of the city. The castle and its interior enclose half of the Castle Ward, with the remainder for the homes of nobles, rich merchants, and visiting diplomats. Taxes and prices in this portion of the city are somewhat higher than the rest of the city, a burden its inhabitants gladly bear because it keeps the streets clean and unwanted riff-raff out.The ward also serves as the location for the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn's largest cathedral. The cathedral was built on land given to the Heart by Moeran Aglondier in 1500HC when the temple stopped the spread of a deadly plague. The Golden Plumes, the elite of the city watch, maintain order in this ward and have been fiercely loyal to the Count of Ilien since their founding in 1504HC. Nine skilled warriors of the Golden Plumes used to be chosen to be the personal guard of the Count of Ilien when he is outside the castle. Now this job is being held by the Phoenix order. The Golden Plumes in 1555HC were advanced as the official army of the Free city of Iliien . The chamberlain of the ward is Conor Ja'teem a former trader run out of business by the Port of Call Exchange.

River Ward
This ward lies directly on the banks of the Adele River and serves as the location for the city's shipping industry. Much of the ward consists of boarding houses for travelers and warehouses for goods being imported to or exported from the Free City. Low rate taverns and inns are aplenty for those who dislike the crowded boarding houses. Most of the warehouses are owned by rich merchants and nobles who use them for their own purposes or rent them to small businesses. Cargo rarely stays long in these warehouses, as it is quickly shipped out to other parts of Cerilia.

Peace is kept in the River Ward by Constable Klon Malcaene and that is a difficult job indeed. The River Ward is the most riotous of the wards, with action centered around sailors and other travellers who pass through. Press gangs and roaming thugs are commonplace during nightime hours, especially during the spring and fall when the mists roll in from the sea. The River Ward is home to the largest temple of the Eastern Temple of Nesirie in the Free City as well as the central headquarters of the Port of Call Exchange, ensuring that El-Hadid remains the most prominent resident of this ward. The ward is administered by chamberlain Chylae Naentas a former captain of the Dieman navy who fled to Ilien after growing tired of the current duke's martial policies.

Market Ward
The lifeblood of the Free City, most of this district is devoted to an open air marketplace. The walls of the Market Ward are lined with permanent structures that house fixed merchants, while toward the center are the tents and shanties of the temporary and seasonal traders. The rest of the district is a maze of stalls, tents, booths, and shops of opportunity. Most of the permanent structures in this ward are owned by El-Hadid, who rents their use out to other merchants. There are many who believe that most of the key figures in this district are in El-Hadid's pocket. Of particular note in this section of the city is the street known as Baker's Row. Claiming to possess the finest bakeries in Anuire, the bakers of the street engage in a fierce but friendly competition, using the wheat yields of the country side to produce vast quantities of breads and pastries. One baker in particular, Ailene Duorael is known to make 'the best ham sandwich this side of the Maesil'. It is well known that the Count, in his frequent tours through the city, stops at this bakery and always asks for Ailene's ham sandwich. Crime is controlled by Constable Cur Kalish a huge man of Vos ancestory. Cur's networks of informants keep him updated on illegal activities in the Market Ward and much of the rest of the Free City. The Constable's oftentimes harsh sense of justice is an excellent deterrent to crime, though it is somewhat of a ruse. Cur is a kind and caring man, and can often be seen giving beggars and the homeless a crown or two. The Market Ward is open only during daylight hours, and anyone found within its walls after dark are arrested. Roannea Urdaen is the chamberlain here. Though a former student of Count Moeran, she is not a blooded scion and thus cannot wield true magic.

Common Ward
The majority of the Free City's population lives in the common ward. In the years of Soleme Aglondier's reign, this quarter was a rat infested pool of filth and decay. Moeran's subsequent reign saw to it that the Common Ward was repaired, cleaned, and its residents given a second chance at life in the city. Overcrowding is a serious issue here. A proposal is currently before the Count to tear down a section of the City's outer wall for expansion of this ward. The matter has yet to be ruled upon.The chamberlain here is Londael Ganta man of common roots who understands the plight of the little person.

Free City Bureaucracy

The Count of Ilien often leaves it to the Council of the Free City to directly govern the City because his attention is often required elsewhere. The council consists of the Lord Mayor, the four chamberlains, and representatives of the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn and the Eastern Temple of Nesirie. Together, these officials ensure the smooth operations of the Free City's government.