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Subject Class Day Date Time Focus Skill Integrated Skill Theme Topic Content Standard

: English : 4 Bijak : Wednesday : 16th April 2014 : 11.20 a.m. 12.20 p.m. (1 hour) : Grammar : Writing : World of Knowledge : Unit 7 Blogging : By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able to: 5.1 Use different word classes correctly and appropriately

Learning Standards

: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: 5.1.3 Use verbs correctly and appropriately: (d) past continuous tense

Learning Objectives

: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: 1. Understand the past continuous form of verbs by changing the verbs into the Past Continuous form.

Educational emphases

: CCTS - thinking skills

Moral values - Co-operation

Multiple intelligences - interpersonal intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, linguistic intelligence

Language content

: Vocabulary Jumping, running, eating, sleeping, walking, sitting, studying

Teaching aids

: Jazz chant, mahjong paper, kitten masks, English Year 4 textbook, monster picture, action verb flashcards, Task Sheet 1

Steps/ Time Set induction (5 minutes)

Content Jazz Chant Five Little Kittens

Teaching and Learning Strategies 1. Teacher pastes a jazz chant entitled Five Little Kittens on the board.

Remarks To capture attention To introduce Past Continuous Tense

Five little kittens were jumping 2. Teacher distributes a kitten mask to every on the bed. One fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor, and the doctor said, Thats what you get for jumping on the bed! pupil and asks each pupil to wear a kitten mask. 3. Teacher reads the jazz chant once and asks the pupils to listen attentively. 4. Teacher asks the pupils to perform the jazz chant with actions. 5. Teacher asks the pupils to repeat the jazz chant by replacing the word jumping with (Jazz chant is repeated with the word jumping replaced running) running

Teaching aids: Mahjong paper Kitten masks

Multiple intelligences: Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

by 6. Teaching introduces the lesson.

Presentation (10 minutes) Examples of Questions: What were you doing at 7 oclock yesterday? What were you doing at 10 oclock yesterday?

1. Teacher writes some examples of phrases Teaching aids: taken from the jazz chant indicating Past English Continuous Tense (were jumping, were textbook skipping) and tells the pupils that these are examples of verbs in the Past Continuous Tense. 2. Teacher asks the pupils to read about Past Continuous Tense in their English Year 4 Year 4

textbook page 70. 3. Teacher explains to the pupils about Past Continuous Tense with examples related to their daily life.

Practice (20 minutes)

Action verb flashcards: Jumping Running Eating Sleeping Walking Sitting Studying

1. Teacher divides the pupils into two teams.

Teaching aids:

2. Teacher tells the pupils that they are going to Monster picture play a Monster game. Action verb

3. Teacher asks Team 1 to close their eyes or flashcards turn to face the wall. 4. Teacher monitors to ensure that no pupil from Team 1 peeks at Team 2. 5. Teacher shows Team 2 an action verb eating. Teacher asks Team 2 to silently act out the action until the teacher says Freeze. 6. Teacher tells the pupils that when the word Freeze is said, every pupil in Team 2 must freeze their current action and hold it. 7. Teacher asks Team 1 to open their eyes and see the frozen actors (Team 2). 8. Teacher asks the pupils from Team 1 to guess what Team 2 was doing. Teacher asks the pupils to answer in a complete sentence They were eating. Teacher repeats this

Emphasize on: He, she, they, I. We Was, were

game with different verbs. 9. Teacher draws two flights of stairs (one for Team 1, one for Team 2) on the board with a picture of a monster in the middle. Teacher tells the pupils that for every wrong answer or incomplete sentence given, the group will fall down one step. The group which is not eaten by the monster first wins.

Production (20 minutes)

Task Sheet 1 (Appendix A)

1. Teacher distributes Task Sheet 1 and asks Teaching aids: the pupils to change the sentences to Task Sheet 1 Present Continuous Tense. 2. Teacher asks the pupils to rewrite the sentences. 3. Teacher discusses the answers with the students. 1. Teacher asks the pupils to recite the jazz Recap chant with actions. 2. Teacher concludes the lesson. Teaching aids: Jazz chant lesson. on todays

Closure (5 minutes)