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82Role and progress of the Brassica carinata+7 group in the GENRES CT99 109-112 project after 2 ears! /var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_2/223761504.

doc (enviado a Loek y Loren o! "ntonio de #aro $1%& Rafael 'ont $1%& (oa)u*n Na+arrete $1%& (ose ,! 'ern-nde. $1%& Eddie "rthur $2%& Catherine Chino $2%& /an 0ancroft $2%& Colin ,organ $2% (1) Instituto de Agricultura Sostenible, CSIC, Crdoba, Spain (2) John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK. /ntroduction In the EU project Brassica Collections for Broadening Agricultural Use, including Characterising and Utilising genetic variation in Brassica carinata for its e ploitation as an oilseed crop! ("E#$E% C&'' 1(')112), the Brassica carinata su*)group is constituted *+ the follo,ing partners .1/ ) Instituto de Agricultura %osteni*le, C%IC, C0rdo*a, %pain ( sub-coordinator (IA%)1 .12 ) 3ohn Innes Centre, #or,ich, United 4ingdo5 (3IC)1 Ethiopian 5ustard (Brassica carinata A1 Braun) is an i5portant crop ,ithin its natural environ5ent (Ethiopia) and is increasingl+ *eing loo6ed on as an additional oilseed crop ,ith high potential for the dr+ areas of southern Europe ,here its drought tolerance, pest and disease resistance 5a+ 5a6e it suita*le as an alternative oilseed ,ithin the crop rotation1 Additionall+, it contains 5an+ agrono5ic traits that ,ould *e *eneficial if the+ could *e incorporated ,ithin other Brassica crops gro,n in 5ore te5perate areas of Europe (7ereres et al1 1'89, Anand et al1 1'8/, "ugel et al1 1''(, :it*are6 1''2)1 Role of the 0! carinata su1-group in the project2 &he role of the B.carinata su*)group can *e su55arised as follo,s ;onate passport data of B. carinata ger5plas5 held at IA%, C0rdo*a to the Bras)E;B1 Characterise all availa*le accessions using *oth 5olecular and phenot+pic data1 Create a B. carinata core collection1 $egenerate the core collection1 Evaluate the core collection for characters of agrono5ic i5portance, including pests resistance and seed storage co5ponents1

Results achie+ed after t3o ears Updating the Bras-!"B with passport data All the availa*le infor5ation on passport data fro5 the B. carinata accessions held at IA% has *een sent for inclusion in the ne, version of the Bras)E;B1 In relation to accessions o*tained in the 1'8(s fro5 .rof1 4no,les (;ept1 of Agrono5+, Universit+ of California);avis), the onl+ infor5ation availa*le at this 5o5ent is the original code nu5*ers that .rof1 4no,les provided together ,ith the accessions1 B. carinata core collection In the start)up 5eeting it ,as decided that in the first +ear one hundred accessions ,ould *e gro,n in field plots *oth at #or,ich (fro5 <arch to %epte5*er 2((() and at C0rdo*a (fro5 #ove5*er 2((( to 3une 2((1)1 &hese ,ould *e considered to *e the preli5inar+ core collection of B. carinata. A ne, set of 1(( accessions, fro5 the collections at C"# (=ageningen) and IA% (C0rdo*a), ,ould *e gro,n and studied at #or,ich and C0rdo*a during the second +ear (2((1 to 2((2)1

&he initial core collection ,ill *e 5odified after anal+sing the co5*ined data fro5 3IC and IA% in +ears 1 and 2 so that accessions sho,ing novel variation in 5orphological, agrono5ic or seed storage characters ,ill *e included in the initial core collection1 7urther 5odification ,ill occur *+ selecting for trait sta*ilit+ and higher levels of ho5ogeneit+ as indicated *+ genetic anal+sis using 5icrosatellite 5ar6ers1 Characterisation and regeneration In the start)up 5eeting the 5ini5u5 descriptors to *e used ,ere discussed, using the IB."$ hand*oo6 ;escriptor for Brassica and #aphanus$ (1''() as reference1 A ,ide range of traits related ,ith plant 5orpholog+, seed storage characteristics and 5olecular infor5ation (5icrosatellite 5ar6ers) ,ere also considered1 A definitive list ,ith the 5ini5u5 descriptors for B. carinata ,ill *e deter5ined at the end of the project, after anal+sis of the data o*tained at 3IC and IA%, to ensure that sta*le characters are selected1 %elfed seeds fro5 all the accessions gro,n in +ear 1, *oth at 3IC and IA%, have *een o*tained1 Additionall+, thirt+ accessions have *een regenerated in the field at Cordo*a in single)ro, plots ,ithin n+lon 5esh cages to ensure self)pollination ,ithin the accession1 .artner 1 of the project (Centre for "enetic $esources, the #etherlands) has also regenerated 2 accessions of B. carinata during spatial evaluation of %riticale1 !&aluation <ethods for evaluation of agro)5orphological, seed storage and 5olecular traits ,ere agreed during the start)up 5eeting1 All the 1(( accessions of the initial core collection gro,n *oth at 3IC and IA% are no, full+ evaluated for these traits1 A large degree of varia*ilit+ ,ithin and *et,een accessions has *een o*served for agro) 5orphological characters including flo,ering ti5e, plant height, seed colour, seed ,eight, and seed +ield1 #ear Infrared $eflectance %pectroscop+ (#I$%) cali*rations ,ere perfor5ed to evaluate the 5ain seed storage co5ponents (oil, protein, acid detergent fi*re, fatt+ acids and glucosinolates) on selfed seeds fro5 all the accessions of the core (7ont et al1 2((2a, 7ont et al1 2((2*)1 An i5portant range of variation has *een found a5ong accessions for oil, protein, fi*re, and fatt+ acids (&a*le 1)1 Additionall+, the initial core collection has *een evaluated in field conditions for resistance to flea *eetle ('s(llioides chr(socephala) at 3IC, ,hile sporadic attac6s of ste5 ,eevils (Ceuthorr(nchus picitarsis) and ca**age aphid (Bre&icorne brassicae) have *een detected and recorded in so5e accessions at IA%1 "enetic anal+sis *+ using 5icrosatellite 5ar6ers has allo,ed us to o*serve a high degree of heterogeneit+ ,ithin accessions, and onl+ fe, accesssions appear to *e unifor5 at >1 5icrosatellite locus (Chino+ et al1 2((2)1 Su44ar $,idter4 assess4ent% All re?uired 5ilestones defined in the project &echnical Anne for the first t,o +ears have *een fulfilled1 I5portant achieve5ents of the Brassica carinata su*)group are A preli5inar+ core collection of B. carinata has *een esta*lished, gro,n and studied at #or,ich and C0rdo*a during +ears 2((1 and 2((21 <ini5u5 descriptors including 5orphological, seed storage and 5olecular traits ,ere agreed, and the characterisation and evaluation started according ,ith the 5ilestones of the project1 All the accessions of the core have *een evaluated for agro)5orphological, seed storage and 5olecular traits, and for resistance to selected pests1 &he statistical anal+sis of all data o*tained during these t,o +ears of field trials in t,o ver+ different environ5ental conditions (#or,ich and C0rdo*a), ,ill allo, us to evaluate the sta*ilit+ of these traits, ,ith special attention to the " E effects on seed +ield and seed ?ualit+ characters1

"c5no3ledge4ent &he ,or6 of this "E#$E% C&'' 1(')112 project has *een supported *+ the European Co55ission in the fra5e,or6 of Council $egulation (EC) #o 1@2AB'@1 References Anand, C131, 31.1 %ingh, and $1%1 <ali61 1'8/1 B. carinata a potential oilseed crop for rainfed agriculture1 Eucarpia Cruciferae #e,sletter 1(- A2)A81 Chino+, C1, E1 Arthur, I1 Bancroft, A1 ;e Daro, and C1 <organ1 2((21 "enetic Eariation in Brassica carinata assessed using 5icrosatellite 5ar6ers and phenot+pic characters1 In- .roc1 19th Crucifer "enetic =or6shop1 ;avis, California1 7ereres, E1, 31 7ernFndeG <artHneG, I1 <HngueG, and 31 ;o5HngueG1 1'89 ! .roductivit+ of Brassica )uncea and Brassica carinata in relation to rapeseed, B. napus1 I1 Agrono5ic studies1 In- .roc1 2th Int1 $apeseed Conf1, .arHs, 7rance, pp1 2'9)2'81 7ont, $1, <1 ;el $io, <1 %illero, E1 Arthur, I1 Bancroft, C1 <organ and A1 ;e Daro1 2((2 a1 Using #ear Infrared %pectroscop+ for deter5ining protein content in Ethiopian 5ustard (Brassica carinata A1 Braun)1 Crucifereae #e,sletter1 In .ress1 7ont, $1, <1 ;el $io, 31 7ernFndeG <artHneG, E1 Arthur, I1 Bancroft, C1 <organ and A1 ;e Daro1 2((2 *1 %eed oil content anal+sis of Ethiopian 5ustard ( Brassica carinata A1 Braun) *+ using #ear Infrared %pectroscop+1 Crucifereae #e,sletter1 In .ress1 "ugel, $141, "1 %eguin)%,artG and A1 .etrie1 1''(1 .athogenicit+ of three isolates of *eptosphaeria +aculans on Brassica species and other crucifers1 Can1 31 .lant .athol1 12- A/)821 :it*are6, %1 1''21 .athological research on noug, linseed, go5enGer and rapeseed in Ethiopia1 In- Iilseeds research and develop5ent in Ethiopia1 .roceedings of the 7irst #ational Iilseeds =or6shop, Addis A*e*a, Ethiopia1pp1 1/1)1211 Ta1le 1! ,ean and range of +ariation for seed storage co4ponents in Brassica carinata core collection! 6escriptor 1((( seed ,eight (g) seed ,eightBplant (g) protein (J ;=) A;7 (J ;=) oil content (J ;=) oleic acid (J oil) linoleic acid (J oil) linolenic acid (J oil) erucic acid (J oil) 4ean @1(( 891'( 2@19( 1112/ 981'( '19/ 1212( 191(/ @(12/ 4ini4u4 21A( 2'1(( 1812( 212( 2A1(( 118( 1(1(( 212( 2912( 4a7i4u4 /1@( 2@812( 911A( 1A1@( /(1'( 181'( 2911( 1811( /911(