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1.Image Formation in an HP LaserJet printer is a six-step process. What is the first step in the process? A. drum conditionings B.

formatter recei ing and processing print data !. drum c"eaning #. drum charging Ans$er% !

&.Which connectors are associated $ith HP printers? '(e"ect t$o.) A. Jet"in* B. Foreign Interface Harness 'FIH) !. (!(I & #. B+! Ans$er% A

,.Which co"or gamut $i"" resu"t in $hite $hen a"" primar- co"ors are com.ined? A. !/01 B. (W2P !. Intensit#. 34B Ans$er% #

5.What are the .enefits of using a 6ni ersa" (eria" Bus '6(B) port? '(e"ect three.) A. A 6(B port can attach up to 1&7 de ices simu"taneous"-. B. When a de ice is attached8 the contro""er automatica""- ma*es necessar- .and$idth resources and dri ers a ai"a."e $ithout user inter ention. !. 6(B ca."es can connect to seria" ports8 para""e" ports8 and 6(B ports.

#. 6(B ca."es ha e a maximum a""o$ed "ength of 199 feet8 as opposed to a :9-foot maximum "ength for seria" ca."es.

;. An- 6(B de ice can connect to an- 6(B port8 rep"acing the need for the $ide ariet- of seria" and para""e" port connections. Ans$er% A8B8;

:.Image processing is performed .- $hich e"ectronic component in the e"ectrographic printer? A. Formatter P!A B. ;ngine !ontro""er !. H<P( #. L<P( Ans$er% A

=.Which paper path component pre ents mu"tip"e sheets of paper from .eing fed into the printer?

A. separation pad

B. feed guide assem."-

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!. s$itch.ac* assem."-

#. pic*up ro""ers

Ans$er% A

7.Which co"or gamut is used in the co"or printing process?

A. (W2P

B. 34B

!. !/01

#. Intensit-

Ans$er% !

@.What are the functiona"ities of an HP printer dri er? '(e"ect t$o.)

A. trans"ates app"ication "anguage into printer "anguage so the printerunderstands commands sent to it

B. insta""s direct"- onto a mu"ti-function printing de ice through the printer contro" pane"

!. updates firm$are automatica""- to printing de ices that it is connected to

#. ma*es printer options and accessories a ai"a."e in the operating s-stem and in app"ications

Ans$er% A8#

A.What is the first step in the co"or printing process?

A. ?he "aser discharges certain areas on the 2P

B. ?he 2P! surface is charged.

!. ?he tone is de e"oped into the 2P

#. ?he formatter sp"its the print data into four co"or p"anes.

Ans$er% A

19.Which printer component informs the engine contro" .oard that there is paper present?

A. photosensors

B. registration ro""ers

!. pressure sensors

#. pic*up ro""ers

Ans$er% A