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Servas Monthly News 33

April 2008
Bob Lutweiler has moved on
After World War 2 there were groups and individuals around the world who did not want to see that devastation again. There were people who wanted to see a better world where people would live in peace. Where people would understand each other. One of the individuals was Bob Luitweiler. His ideas went towards the construction of Servas. Like others Bob grew older. As he grew older his body became frailer although his mind remained very active and creative. On 13 April 2008 his body had had enough of life and stopped. Our memories of Bob continue. My main contact with him has been by email with ideas for the Servas News. I did have the pleasure of working with him once on a teleconference several years ago when I had just become editor. My main memory is his comment that he had enjoyed the teleconference because we had been laughing whilst still getting the work done. Many people have met and worked with Bob. They want to share their memories with everyone else. Page 2 gives the main obituary for him. Following are the thoughts and memories of a number of others from round the world. Although we will regret the passing of Bob may we also celebrate that he helped the formation of Servas. In what I think would be his wishes, may we build Servas, not as a tribute to Bob, but as a living organism that can help people live more peacefully. With this in mind, although this issue of Servas Monthly News will have several pages in remembrance of Bob, it will still contain normal news from members including some of the travels that help us to understand others and the meetings that are taking place around the world. It contains a second obituary to a an Italian girl, Pippa, who died whilst on her travels in Turkey. see p8.

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Contents: 2007
1. Editorial 2. Remembering Bob Luitweiler 3. Remembering Bob 2 4. Remembering Bob 3 5. Remembering Bob 4 6. Meetings - lots 7 Travellers' tales - NZ, Morocco, Italy, Sri Lanka 8 Countries - Pippa obit., Brazil 9 Servas at Sixty - some ideas 10 Pablo Youth Report 2007, part 4 11 - 13. Youth - Istanbul '08

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Remembering Bob Luitweiler, a man with a vision

Preston (Bob) Luitweiler (89), founder of Servas, pacifist, war-resister, civil-rights and international peace activist, died at 9:30PM, PST on April 13, 2008 in Bellingham, Washington, USA. Bob is survived by his two daughters, Sonja Sweeny and Anita Farrell; their mother, Anne Grauzlis; four grandchildren, Sonja's children Brenna and Connor, and Anita's children Sienna and Keaton; and Bob's brother and sister-in-law, Jim & Erica Luitweiler. A celebration honoring Bob and his life will be held in late summer, 2008. Bob's life can be characterized by his passion for peace-building. After a year at Antioch College, in 1942, Bob Luitweiler, a Ghandhian-inspired conscientious objector began serving time in prison in the US for his objection to being drafted to fight in World War II. Bob spent two years in confinement where he turned his experiences of being jailed with other social out-casts, now including other conscientious objectors, into two years of study and sociology seminars. Bob studied Esperanto while in prison, and before his release was teaching this intended-to-be global language to fellow inmates. After his release, Bob worked "odd jobs", living and experiencing the lives and hardships of many underrepresented people who were performing the labor that was fueling growth in America. In 1946 Bob read an article about Ghandi in a small folk school paper written by a Quaker, Esther Harlan. He sought her out at her home in the hills of Berkeley, CA. Their conversations planted the first seeds of a precious friendship, and what was later to become "Servas". "The beginning (of Servas) is not a date or a place. Peace builders began as a movement and not as an organization." Pat Knowles, Servas: an Experiment in Peace Building Bob made his first trip to Europe in 1948, and returned to Denmark in 1949 with a general idea that soon became the basis of Servas (Esperanto meaning "service"), that of a Work-Study-Travel scheme with a strong educational aspect for young adults. The Folk High School Movement in Denmark of the 1940's contributed directly to these ideas. This included not only a practical adult education, but knowledge of one's roots, the history and culture of one's country, which Bob believed gave stability and cohesion to a people, independent of the size of their country, their organization,or of its power. When combined with an international point of view, these ideas spoke directly to peace, although it was never stipulated that a Servas member needed to be, or should be a pacifist. "All over the world there are small groups and individuals who are working for a Society based on Creative Vocation, Non-Violence and Social Responsibility." Bob Luitweiler Bob continued to believe that our only hope to turn us away from the greed that is destroying our cultures and our planet is to mentor young adults. His vision of this was simple; plant the seed with a small group of college-age students, provide a space in which they can gather and talk and eat together, to get acquainted, share ideas and become a physically active force of volunteer peace activists. Bob wanted to introduce these young adults to the ideas of "peace builders ", Bob's phrase for people meeting people, bridging cultural and class differences with compassion, love, work and gratitude. Then these people would reach out as a group into their own communities, volunteering and teaching about peace building. Bob described this as being as simple as helping an older person to clear an over-grown yard and help plant a vegetable garden. This might also manifest as an afterschool mentoring program for poor and immigrant children. The only limitations on these Peace Builders would be their own imaginations. Bob worked till the moment he closed his eyes to convey this vision of what work he saw as necessary to keep us from our own destruction. In 2009 Servas, now a global network in more than 100 countries, will be celebrating its 60th year. Beyond his involvement with founding United States Servas, he was an inventor, a business man, an educator, and a writer. He wrote prolifically about peace building, volunteerism, sustainable building, agriculture, and devised a method to teach people to read. Bob was asked late in his life "Bob, what do you want to be remembered for?" and Bob's characteristic reply was "You are missing my point!" Bob Luitweiler was sometimes abrupt, out-spoken and impatient, but he did not want to be remembered for himself, he wanted to be a part of the future, to be a part of a grass-roots movement of young people taking back their power to create a peaceful and sustainable world. Bob Luitweiler will be missed by friends all over the world. Servas (www.servas.org) Servas USA (www.usservas.org)

Remembering Bob, 2
Condolences from Servas Belgium & Luxembourg
This is a sad moment for the Servas Community just before the celebration of 60 years of Servas. But we must be happy that Bob could be active so many years and followed up the evolution of Servas until now. We send our deepest sympathy to his family and to the big Servas Community. His love will light our way and his memory will forever be with us. He will not be forgotten.

Presidential comments
From the current president:
Sadly, we send you news on the passing of Bob Luitweiler. Bob's service to humanity and nature is his monument. Please circulate this notice widely through the Servas world and to media and others for whom Bob's life may be an inspiring example. Let us take time to reflect, then go forward. Gary Sealey, President

After They Are Gone

When someone we love passes away, We ache, but we go on; Our dear departed would want us to heal, After they are gone. Grief is a normal way to mend The anguish and pain in our hearts; We need time to remember and time to mourn, Before the recovery starts. Let's draw together to recuperate, As we go through this period of sorrow; Let's help each other, with tender care To find a brighter tomorrow. Kind Servas regards from Servas Belgium & Luxembourg, Rita Dessauvage NS

From a former president:

I had never met Bob Luitweiler but during my term as S.I. President I had several telephone conversations with him. Shortly after being elected President in 2004, I called him (purely as a matter of courtesy, seeing that he was the founder of our organization). I remember Bob congratulating me on my appointment and thanking me for my call. There was always that time zone difference of 17 to 18 hours between Australia and West Coast U.S.A. to consider when I called him. Calling him late in his afternoon when it was the following morning in Australia always seemed to be a reasonable time for him to talk. Each time we spoke he asked many questions and presented me with many ideas (some of his ideas were good and some of these were discussed at our Exco meetings). I found Bob to be not only a gentleman but a gentle man. No one person will ever replace Bob Luitweiler in Servas. Whilst he will be sadly missed by us all - we will never ever forget him. Geoff Maltby

Sent by members
A song from Taiz, an ecumenical Christian community in France, sent by Hilde for Bob My peace I'll leave you My peace I'll give you Trouble not your hearts My peace I'll leave you My peace I'll give you Be not afraid A friend of the earth has gone Rosi

Sad news that Bob passed away, someone who has been very important in creating more peace in the world I started reading The seeds of Servas of Bob Luitweiler. The most enriching of travelling is indeed meeting people, it gives you the opportunity to discover and question yourself, although meeting people is often with difficulty Gatan

And an earlier president

Bob was an inspiration to all who met him and still is. His vision of a global village and Servas as one route towards it remains one of my anchors. He challenged me to stand for International President, Through all of us in Servas he loves and lives on Chris Slader

And from Servas Britain ...

Although we regret that he is no longer there in body we acknowledge his ideas and visions. We hope to extend these to transcend the hassles of life, to give us an overview to help us move forward with the aim of people living together peacefully.

Remembering Bob, 3
More about Bob from Gary
Since I met him in 2004, Bob called me weekly, and sometimes more often. He shared his ideas about the structure of Servas, the changed state of the world, the needs of people and environment, the legacy of folk knowledge at the village and community level -- and the search for good, local examples on which to base renewed interpersonal cooperation and civility around the world. It is Bob's and other early founders' original legacy values of global hope and local renewal, to which I have tried to call attention when speaking about the coming Servas anniversary. I came to know Bob well, and he served me like a Servas Day Host with special lunch and talk at his nursing home -- far away from where I now live --and our friendship increased after that, so that we were speaking almost every day. Bob really enjoyed a good argument, and sometimes his calls were to provoke me in a kind of Socratic questioning. (He was the questioner, and he was also the ruler on whether my answers were acceptable or needed more work.) Bob's calls were not to give me praise, although he did always encourage me to do better. He honestly looked for better ways, and sometimes, when I told him he could do better himself, and pointed his errors to him, he accepted my criticism and tried to use it, to go on. Because of his aging, faulty memory, I had to take time, to hear, listen, weigh and reply in a balanced careful manner. So I could not always take his calls, because he would not allow only casual conversation, and my life is busy with ordinary things. This is why I could not reply when he called me twice last week when I was attending a meeting. Death brings guilt; these were possibly the last calls that he made, as he lived only a few more days, and I am still sorry not to have had the time and strength to receive them. Bob became special for the entire nursing home; even when confined to bed he was fiercely independent, maintained a quick humour, and pushed forward for better ways for Servas and the planet. As Bob was slipping away, one of his nurses called me; she was crying -- even though she had seen the passing of many people at the nursing home for the aged. All of her Kurdistan family had been killed in the recent Iraq War; and somehow, from his bed, Bob counselled her, and gave her inspiration, and for that she was grateful. Bob was a great teacher; I hope we can all be good learners. For my part, I am certainly going to miss Bob's calls, testing and laughing, encouraging and searching for the Common Good. Gary Sealey, President

Bob's Missing
Dear All friends... Bob is physically missing, everyone of us is Bob, Grant, Guiliana, Gary, Jane, ... We are all the same, we are all ONE... Thanks Bob for your all desire and dreams to create Servas for human peace. Light love and health. Sercan Duygan, "Excursionist Dreamer", Turkey

Condolences from Servas Togo

All the members of Servas-Togo and I, we sending our sincere condolences to Anne Grauzlis who was Bob Luitweiler first lady and to all two daughters, Sonja Sweeny and Anita Farrell. In Togo we are very very touched by this sad news. In peace, Koffi KOUMAKO, NS Togo

Our Friend Bob, RIP

Sorry to hear about Bobs death. The last time I meet him was when he stayed with me a few years ago. Bob wanted to go to an Irish music session. So we went on the bikes to Monkstown, Dublin ( the HO of the CCE- Irish Music Organisation). We had a few????? Guinness and enjoyed the craic!!!! At the end of the night we set out on the bikes for home, no problem???!!!! About half way home we are flying along, singing in the night!!! But suddenly, I heard a big crash behind me. It was poor Bob! In heap on the ground entangled in the bike screaming for help. He hadn't calculated on Irish potholes!!! We dusted him off, nursed his bruises and typical of the man, he jumped on the bike again and sang all the way home!!!!! And he lived to tell the tale. He was a good person. Please pass on my sympathies. Luke Plunkett, Former Secretary Servas Ireland

A drop of perspiration not a tear

Dear Servas friends world-wide, Let us celebrate the life our founder, Bob Luitweiler who, over his long life, instilled a sense of purpose in many lives that he touched. Remember the greatness and goodness of the man. Bob liked a photo that I took of him at our first meeting in 1989 at my first-attended SI Conference, in Montreal, Canada. I think it shows him as a man of vision. (p2) I'm sure that, instead of shedding a tear for him, Bob would rather we shed a drop of perspiration working toward a more peaceful world. We thank him for enriching our travels, friendships and our lives. Pacifically, Michael Johnson, Canada

Remembering Bob, 4
An Obituary from Pakistan
Respected family of Bob Luitweiler & all Servas national groups. On this grieved & dismal occasion, it is needless to ask HOW YOU ARE. Undoubtedly, you must be at a pathetic & heart-rending state. I am not writing with ease at this sad moment on account of the great shocking news that I came to know about, only a day before in the form of death of the great founder of SERVAS. My words seem weeping along with me writing this mournful message. So far as the recognition of Servas is concerned, it is really an unfortunate & lamentable incident. Mr. Bobs vacant place can never ever be filled out. He laid the foundation of a Peace-prevailing & humanloving organization long, long ago. He worked industriously & diligently to attain the dignified cause of this organization. His personality did commensurate with the noble cause he was up to. He sacrificed his noble life for the flourishment of the plant named `peace`. The plant which was the output of the seeds of LOVE, SYMPATHY, HUMANITY, CHARITY, UNDERSTANDING & TOLERANCE . At this depressing & gloomy occasion, I, Muhammad Naseem, The National Secretary of Servas Pakistan, executive committee of Servas Pakistan & all members of Servas Pakistan along with the whole body of Servas International are equally carrying the burden of invincible sorrows caused by the great mans death. His great efforts in the field of peace, love & for the entire demolition of hatred & prejudice will never ever be forgotten. He must always be alive in the Golden pages of Servas International. May Almighty God bless him with eternal Peace Amen

Messages from India


Dear all family members of Bob Luitweiler, Exco members & all Servas national groups. It is indeed a very sad moment for everyone of us in Servas to reflect on the sad demise of dear Bob Luitweiler, the founding father of SERVAS INTERNATIONAL. May his soul rest in peace My deep condolences Gurdev Singh

U Tube video of interview with Bob Google Video Alert for: servas
Bob Luitweiler - Keys to SERVAS, the beginning
This is an interview with Bob Luitweiler, the founder of SERVAS, an organization promoting world peace. In this interview I have tried to highlight some of Bob's concerns for SERVAS and the peace movement. Bob Luitweiler has been a peace activist since the 1930's and refused to serve in World War II based on his ideals. He spend 4 years in prison because of those ideals. After the war Bob began to travel again and started SERVAS as an experiment and a dialogue to bring people together and think about ways to create a peaceful society. Bob recently died April 14th, 2008 at age 89. For more information on SERVAS, please go to www.servas.org http://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.youtube.com/w atch%3Fv%3DHrAyMOzgqMg&vgc=rss&usg=AFQjCNE -naaiKzlCsmplA1ckGGTPq_wfLg Pethuraja. Servas .India. deputy.

Muhammad Naseem, N S, Servas Pakistan

Meetings, Get togethers, Seeing each other

Germany - European meeting,
For full details of the European meeting see Servas Monthly News October 2007.

Servas International Youth Meeting Istanbul 08

Servas Turkey and Servas Youth are inviting you to the next International Youth Meeting event in Istanbul -Turkey. Following the Youth meetings in Patagonia06 and Yorkshire07, you are all welcome to the 3rd annual Youth Meeting in Istanbul and the first in Asia! The meeting will take place on 19-26th July 2008 at the Sabanci University: www.sabanciuniv.edu/eng An opportunity for all young travelers and hosts (18-30) to get together and to share their Servas experiences. Also open to other Servas members of whatever age. Discounted prices available Please visit the web site on www.servasturkiye.org/youth2008 for the details of the event. You can also apply online via the same page Help us inviting! Join us at Istanbul08 For any inquiries, please contact youth@servasturkiye.org

International Education Centre Jugendhof Scheersberg in Quern, near Baltic Sea 4 th to 9th July 2008 servas-summer@gmx.net Margret Klser, Erika und Richard Cabassut For further information check www.servas-summer.eu

Sentierinsieme Pathway Together Route de lAmiti Miteinander unterwegs

Servas members from the Alps area have been meeting each year at the beginning of summer for more than twenty years. The next meeting will take place on 5, 6 July 2008 in France at Aussois, which is situated in the Maurienne Valley. It will be followed by two treks (4 days). If you want to get an invitation in the course of next winter, please contact: Franois Marseille 26, rue Pierre Curie 26000 Valence France Or an e-mail to francoismarseille@free.fr For Information You can phone : In German : Sabine Joertz 33 3 88 60 32 66 In Italian : Jolle Chappuis 33 4 50 22 13 82 In French :Franois Marseille33 4 75 56 13 67 In English : By email : Myriam Michel myriam.michel3@hotmail.fr

2009 - Youth in Oz
MORE INFO: www.servasyouth.org CONTACT: pablochufeni@yahoo.com.ar

'Seoul to London' (the Asia-Europe Inter-Continent) Expedition

* Period: March 1, 2010 - August 31, 2010 (for 6 months) * Route: From Seoul through Asia and Europe to London * Team: 20 Servas members(10 Koreans and 10 multinationals) * Invitation: The international Servas members are now being invited to join this expedition. * Contact: Mr. Jong Soo Kim N.S. Servas Korea servas@korea.com skype: kingofasia2 Cell: 8216-830-2623 See Servas Monthly News February 2008 for full details.

Get together in London

The venue is Pontefract Castle. This is in Wigmore Street, London W1. The nearest Underground Station is Bond Street. Date: First Monday in every month. Time: 6.30 onwards. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Meeting place in Paris, France

The venue is: Le Vieux Chtelet 1 place du Chtelet, 75001 Paris The nearest metro is: Chtelet Date: Second Tues of month Time: 7 pm to 9 pm


Hong Kong, September

Join with others in Lyon, France

Venue: Grand Caf de la Soierie 1 place des Tapis, Lyon Date: First Thursday of the month Time: 8 pm

Travellers' Tales
Meeting Servas hosts in New Zealand
After a quick visit to misty Nugget Point and Roary Bay (with a lighthouse, a colony of fur seals and some Yellow crested penguins you can view from a hide-out) we head for Dunedin. Dunedin is an old Scottish word for Edinburgh. And indeed, you do will find out that a huge amount of people living in Dunedin have Scottish roots. Meet Jenny and Adrian. She's a Scottish farmer's daughter, he's from England. They met in Edinburgh while studying both Chemistry. The only chemistry that ever took place there was the reaction between Jenny and Adrian. Love can do strange things to people, and how lucky we are that these adorable people kept moving on together. They both like travelling and that's actually how they got involved in Servas. First being guests in places from Denmark to Japan (most of that travelling on a bike), and enjoying it very much, they decided to host people as well. But first there was another issue to solve: 'where do we want to live'? After having seen Latin America, Africa and most parts of Europe, they came to New Zealand and decided: 'whaw, this feels good'. After a slight hesitation about where to look for a house and a living, they suddenly spotted Dunedin. Everything kind of came together in Dunedin.

2 sets of hosts in Italy

1. Verona
I was at a conference on Restorative Justice in Verona and it was lovely to have a 'home' to go to. There were relatively new Servas hosts but had already had quite a few travellers as they are in the centre of the town. They were really helpful with lots of small things. We conversed in French, their and my second language.

2. Asti
Maybe it was a really mad thing to do, as my deficiencies in Italian geography led me to think it was not very far to them. It reality it took over 5 hours to travel from Verona to Asti. But it was worth it to visit Servas hosts who have become really good friends through their stay with us in England a few years ago. M. Liebmann, Bristol, England

Ups and downs in Morocco

In Marrakech I met a Servas day host couple We met in a caf for a drink and 2 days later they kindly invited me to a small party in their flat to mark St Patrick's day. In Agdz, a small town in the Draa valley in the south of Morocco, I stayed for 2 nights with a Servas host. It was interesting to sty with a Moroccan family in their home where I had dinner with them on my first evening and breakfast on my first morning. I was persuaded to hire a cousin as a guide and to pay for us to dine at a friend's restaurant. If felt obligated towards them and agreed. The guided tour was good and the restaurant dinner OK. I now feel, however, that they abused Servas by putting undue pressure on my to pay for these things. T.Phillips, York, England

Good experiences in Sri Lanka

We had the nicest time with Jenny and Adrian. While they went out working, we could use their house and their computer with broadband connection. It felt almost as a relief that it started raining in Dunedin, so we did not have to feel guilty about only leaving the house to go and get the groceries for the evening meal. We hope to meet them again in our house. On a sunny day in Belgium? Hans Manshoven & Ingrid Ivens Hosts in Belgium, Hasselt http://wijleweg.blogspot.com I stayed with three Servas hosts, all of them committed to taking care of me. It was great to be part of a family and included in family life - on one occasion harvesting the bananas. I also stayed in the Nation Builders Centre - a beautiful place used for training and education of all kinds. It was there that I was fascinated to learn about the way to recycle waste water into pure drinking water. I was also interested in the project of making fertilizer out of waste. A big bonus was meeting my hosts' young people (16 - 25) and being able to talk to them about their future plans. R Hattersley, Salisbury England

Country Reports
In the Memory of Pippa Bacca... Brides on Tour
On the road to the essence of humanity If you rapidly spin a colour chart, the colour image that you see is white White symbolizes peace, purity and innocence. It is open to changes, external influences and all that is new. White has the capacity to have this effect on us and help us to understand the meaning of time and flow. A bride dressed in white symbolizes a new expansion, innocence, fullness and peace with all its reflections. Two good friends, Pippa Bacca and Silvia Moro, set out on a journey in March. Wearing white wedding dresses to symbolize purity, beauty, change, their dream was to live this experience and have a positive effect on others. A philosopher once said, A journey is an ideal like a star we can never reach. But just like the sailors, its the sign that helps us find our way It is not known whether this is the same for all of us, but to move forward for our ideals and living in this way is real for the ones who share it. Today, we faced one of those journeys. A journey that is difficult to understand, but with a spiritual message. A journey with no timescale but that was tragically cut short after only one month. A journey that has now had an impact on everybodys heart. A journey that began in Europe travelling through many civilizations with the Holy City of Jerusalem being the final destination. A pure, naive journey of peace Brides On Tour Today we are on a very different stage of this journey, but not very different from the one that was planned. Today Pippa Baca has left the physical stage of this journey; however her spirit continues with Silvia Moro, heightening its awareness. She showed us how to risk everything for the sake of our dreams, even if it is very difficult. She reminded us that the move towards peace is more difficult than anybody knows. She reminded us that peace for all is more important than individual peace and the first stage is peace within ourselves. She, herself, took this first step. We may not be Pippa Baca or Sylvia Moro, but today we can feel what they feel and see the light in their path. This light not only showed us the path, but gave us warm feelings and also reminded us that the belief of change comes from inside and awakens our awareness. It was a pleasure to know Pippa, to come together with her family at this stage of the journey, to listen to Sylvia sharing her thoughts with us and to feel the support of friends from around the world. Most importantly it is to share these feelings. Pippa, we send you our deepest love for everything that you remind us of on your journey to peace with Silvia and including us in your path to your inner self. Pippa, we send you our deepest love for the road that you showed us Peace and for including us in your journey towards your inner self. Sercan Duygan, Turkey (translated by Arzu Altinant & !rem Levend)

Brazil: a Regional meeting

A Regional Meeting was held in Brazil last January in the towns of Sao Joao del Rei and Tiradentes, in the state of Minas Gerais. The meeting was organised by Tom Tatkim. Regional Coordinator for the state of Minas Gerais. We had 12 participants (9 from the state of Minas Gerais and 3 from the state of Sao Paulo).


Ready for eating

Result Roberto Borenstein

Servas at Sixty - some ideas

Servas at Sixty
Why? What next? Servas leadership
The next 2 years bring Servas opportunities to: o celebrate the values and concept of Servas - Servas values o inculcate peace, friendship, trust and a feeling of family closeness - these need to be re-instilled since some of them are under threat of erosion. o cooperate with new partners - a very good move but in this process Servas should not lose its identity or value ideals o train and motivate volunteers - a very good initiative. with guidance o mentoring the nurturing and support given to youth, the future of Servas lies in safe hands. our efforts should bring in more volunteers and members into the fold of Servas. o there should be a concerted drive to improve membership with a qualitative approach. o set direction for next 60 years - our efforts to strengthen the aims of Servas

Organizing the Celebrations o Global advisory group o Fund-raising groups o National anniversaries o Editorial and outreach o Programme committees o Status o letter inviting national groups o contact with global people o scanning for partners o collecting ideas o requesting project o calendars Celebration projects (samples) o Servas postcards, blogs, on-line photo contest o Servas courtesy cards o Servas group expeditions, inter-regionally o Servas on-line, facilitate contact o E-magazine for Servas travelers o Study teams review/update founding Servas values o Servas Charter o Local Peace Building Teams o Agreements with e.g. Hostels, Universities o Greetings to City Mayors o Servas Travel bursary for Peace and Freedom o International Servas volunteer award Going forward 2008 - Project initiatives
July 2008 ~Turkey Global Youth ~Second SI DV? ~Middle East project ~Aboriginal Creefest linkup August ~North American Meeting

When Servas Started

Hope filled the world At last the Second World War ended Before Cold War and later regional conflicts Peace-keepers and peace-builders Birth of the UN New countries -- Africa, Asia, Pacific Democracy, liberty New inventions, Freedom to travel Radio, TV audiences Jobs, Baby Boom

What to celebrate
Our founding values of: o Decency and respect o Peace o Exploration o Hope. o Good people o Good places o Fun ways of learning o Local celebrations o Exchanges o Expeditions o Scholarships o National and global meetings o Editorial and outreach o Useful projects

Impacts o Youth as Planners o Small fund for anniversary o Publicity o Future Servas o Bring key partners into play o Link new peoples Celebrations/General Meetings 2009 o SI January, Australia o Global Youth event starts anniversary year o March Asia-Europe expedition (Servas Korea) o June Servas Turkey on-line and leadership o o o o
development SI Middle East [conference?] SI August? budget, etc. SI Peace Conference Gandhi's Birthday India October, 2009

So what are YOU going to do?


Pablo Youth Report, 2007 Jul - Dec, Part 4

! New National Youth Contacts
o o It is vital for the young traveler to find a YOUTH CONTACT. During this term several countries have selected their Local Youth Contact, see the list on the site. o If your country still does not have a Youth contact appointed please do not wait any more. Reach me now! o Working together surely we can promote some youth action in your National Group. o Networking is highly important to achieve goals. Let me net-work with you!!!

As you can see Servas Youth is a very dynamic area of our organization, so: 1. HELP US TO SPREAD THE NEWS OF SERVAS YOUTH !!! Send this news to all the members at your National Group!!! 2. Create a link from your Servas web site to the servasyouth.org 3. Look for candidates to SYLE, Working Group, Local Contact or any other youth action. 4. Get involved!!! Ill be waiting to hear from you. I want to know if youve got this report and what do you think about it. It is important to me to know your opinion and to work together in Servas. So, come on. Get involved !!! Pablo Chufeni Servas International Youth Coordinator



Servas Turkey and Servas Youth invite you to the next International Youth Meeting event in Istanbul-Turkey. Following the Youth meetings in Patagonia06 and Yorkshire07, you are all welcome to the 3rd annual Youth Meeting in Istanbul. ! ! ! An opportunity for all young travellers and hosts (18-30) to get together and to share their Servas experiences. Also open to other Servas members of whatever age. Under18s welcome if accompanied by an adult.

Main Campus of Sabanci University will be our venue. Campus settlement is in Tuzla which is 45 minutes away from the city center. For more information- http://www.sabanciuniv.edu/eng/ ACCOMMODATION Participants have the possibility to stay either in dormitory rooms or in the hotel located within the campus area. The dormitory rooms have two-bed or four-bed options. The beds in the dormitory rooms are bunks, which most of them have upper bunk beds (If you have request for lower bunk beds please contact us). The hotel rooms are private rooms for one person only. We have no tent option. CATERING ! Participants will have full board meals at the cafeteria of the university. ! Meals will be taken all together ! For excursion days, lunch will be taken outside the campus. PRICE LIST

PRICE LIST - in Dollar Discounted* Normal Non-Servas Member 2-Bed Room $220 $255 $270 4-Bed Room $190 $220 $240 Hotel Room $410 $480 $520 PRICE LIST- in Euro Discounted* Normal Non-Servas Member 2-Bed Room $150 $175 $180 4-Bed Room $130 $150 $160 Hotel Room $280 $330 $350
Prices include: ! Accommodation and catering ! Costs for workshops, presentations etc. ! Costs for logistics and other conference expenses Prices exclude: ! Entrance fees to museums, historical places, national parks etc. ! Transportation to the campus from main city centres and transportation from the campus to the main city centres. ! Transportation expenses for the excursions


* Discounted prices will be applied to the applicants upon the criteria below:

! ! ! ! ! ! !

Servas members with a valid Servas LOI Who applied and needs discount, expected to be fair Discount is limited up to 80 people Early applications will have priority Each evaluation will be done on personal level Servas countries whose membership status is Contact have higher priority Servas Youth officers have priority Who have not funded in any Servas event before have priority

Please indicate your request for discount when completing the application form under Discount Request Section. THE PROGRAMME SO FAR more to follow : The focus of the event is for Servas young people from around the world to enjoy time together. All with an interest in Youth in Servas are welcome. Let us know if you have ideas or want to make a contribution to the programme. Each day has a concept which is actually a part of Servas and the Youth Meeting. The activities of each day will generally be about that specific day's concept. 1st day: Open Doors: Come whoever you are 2nd day: Peace within, peace without 3rd day: Istanbul, two sides of water 4th day: Be the change 5th day: Journey/Experience 6th day: Imagine 7th day: We are one Activities ! Plenty of activities for all ages and interests. ! Closed and open area activities at the Campus for both small and large groups ! Activities related to getting to know each other better, understanding the value of peace, developing Servas spirit and discovering Turkish culture ! Entertaining and informative workshops ! Travelling in and around the city Discussions ! What Servas has to offer young people for the future. ! Share ideas and concerns about world issues and look at what contribution Servas can make to a more peaceful world. ARRIVING AT SABANCI UNIVERSITY Sabanci University is situated on the Asian side of Istanbul, close to Izmit. For arrivals on the meeting day, Sabiha Gken Airport is closer to the University location rather than main airport Atatrk Airport. There will be also shuttle buses on 18th from main centers of Istanbul such as Taksim and Kadky in order to transport you to the campus. You may use one of these shuttle buses or prefer to come on your own. Further information will be sent to participants for details of the shuttle buses. BOOKING We will be open to take bookings from the beginning of February 2008. You can apply via our online application form: http://www.servasturkiye.org/youth2008


! ! ! ! !

Click to Registration Form on the left menu You will see our registration page. Click to New Now you will see our online form. Fill in the form, then click Send. Your application will be registered! You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your password included. If you want to edit your information later, you can use your e-mail and password to login to the page. If you encounter any problem about displaying the online application form, please contact to Servas Turkey Youth Team:

Servas Turkey Youth Team Email: youth@servasturkiye.org Tel: + 90 533 240 69 52 PAYMENT We would like you to pay the conference fee in full in order to make your registration complete. The account numbers are as follows. You can pay either in Euro or in US Dollar: For Euro Payments: Account Holder: mer zkan Bank Name: HSBC Bank Account No: 706 1009005 770 99 IBAN No: TR570012300706100900577099 SWIFT No: HSBCTRIX Address: Bykdere Cad. zsezen !" Mrk. No:122/B Esentepe !stanbul-TURKEY For Dollar Payments: Account Holder: mer zkan Bank Name: HSBC Bank Account No: 706 1009005 770 01 IBAN No: TR840012300706100900577001 SWIFT No: HSBCTRIX Address: Bykdere Cad. zsezen !" Mrk. No:122/B Esentepe !stanbul-TURKEY CANCELLATION POLICY: The following rules apply for those who register and pay for the meeting but cancel their registration before the meeting: ! ! ! Registrations cancelled more than 60 days before the event will be refunded 80% of the registration fees. Registrations cancelled less than 60 but more than 30 days before the event will be refunded 50% of the registration fees. Registrations cancelled less than 30 days before the event will not be eligible for a refund.

SOME OTHER THINGS TO THINK ABOUT If you would like to get involved in planning and running an event-workshop, play, presentation etc., let us know: Evren Atvur: evrenozkan@gmail.com or Pablo Chufeni: pablochufeni@yahoo.com.ar


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