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Sha Wanda Williams Ethical Use Collaborative Unit FRIT 7739 Spring 2014

Title of Unit Standard:

Writing: Ethical Use of the Internet: Can I take that?

Grade Level

2nd Advanced Content ELA

ELACC2W7: Participate in shared research and writing projects (e.g., read a number of books on a single topic to produce a report; record science observations).

Understandings: Students will understand that: The student will understand how to use internet resources appropriately. The student will understand the importance of ethical and fair use of the internet. Related Misconceptions: All information on the internet can be used without giving credit. I can use the information, because Im only a kid, no one will care. Essential Questions Overarching Questions: How can using information from the internet with giving credit be get me into trouble? Topical Questions: 1. What information can I use from the internet? 2. Why must I give credit to the owner of the information that I use? 3. Which information is credible? 4. Why is ethical use of information important?

Knowledge and Skills Knowledge

Students will know: Vocabulary Ethical ,Credible, Resource, Legal, Citing, Responsible What is ethical use? Which resources are safe? Why must I cite resources?

Students will be able to: Create nonfiction informational writing. Create an engaging story using Inklewriter. Focus their stories on a topic that they would like to know more about.

Performance Task(s)

Be sure to indicate: Goal: To under fair and ethical use of internet information. Role: Researcher: Explore internet resources. Audience: Self Situation: The students will ethical use information and then do research practice. Product Performance and Purpose: The student will create a virtual works cited list. Standards and Criteria for Success: The student will be evaluated on the source and the citing of the source.

Performance Task(s) Rubric(s) Performance Task

After completing the modules for ethical use of the internet, you will find one source on a topic of interest to you. You will write the name of the source. A brief one or two sentence summary of the source, cite the source, and link it. You will then post you information on the provided Padlet. Explanation The student will use the information that they have research to create a citation. Interpretation The student will use their knowledge of computers to create a Padlet note about their source. Application The students will citation with guidance to complete the assignment. Perspective The student will reflect on whether or not their understanding of ethical use of the internet has increased after using the module. Empathy The student will complete the assignment while reflecting how they can use the information in the future. Self Knowledge The student will use the rubrics to grade their own Padlet.

Ethical Use Padlet Rubric 3 2

Name Summary Citation Conventions
The correct Name of the source is stated Summary is clear and appropriate. The citation is correct. 1 or Fewer grammatical errors The name is partially stated Summary is somewhat unclear. The citation has a few errors. 2 4 grammatical errors

No name is provided Summary is not complete. The citation is mostly incorrect. 5 or more grammatical errors

(e.g. tests, quizzes, work samples, observations)

Other Evidence

Work Sample 1 Pretest. Work Sample 2 Completion of the module. Work Sample 3 Padlet submission. Work Sample 4 Post Test. Student Self-Assessment and Reflection 1. Student will complete a pre-test to assess their prior knowledge. 2. The student will use rubric to correct complete the padlet task. 3. The student will complete posttest and reflect on what they have learned since the pretest.

Learning Activities Day 1 Introduce Ethical Use Information Share the website with the students Students will complete the pretest. Day 2 The student will work through the module and explore the information provided. The student will being researching sources. Day 3 The students will spend time in the computer lab selecting a resource. The student will complete the Padlet task. The student will complete the posttest.