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Internet Technology CS705A Contracts: 3L Credits- 3 34L Module I-6L Introduction (1L): Overview, Network of Networks, Intranet, Extranet

and Internet. World Wide Web (1L): Domain and Sub domain, Address Resolution, DNS, Telnet, FTP, HTTP. Review of TCP/IP (1L): Features, Segment, Three-Way Handshaking, Flow Control, Error Control, Congestion control, IP Datagram, IPv4 and IPv6. IP Subnetting and addressing (1L): Classful and Classless Addressing, Subnetting. NAT, IP masquerading, IP tables. Internet Routing Protocol (1L): Routing -Intra and Inter Domain Routing, Unicast and Multicast Routing, Broadcast. Electronic Mail (1L): POP3, SMTP. Module II-9L HTML (3L): Introduction, Editors, Elements, Attributes, Heading, Paragraph. Formatting, Link, Head, Table, List, Block, Layout, CSS. Form, Iframe, Colors, Colorname, Colorvalue. Image Maps (1L): map, area, attributes of image area. Extensible Markup Language (XML) (4L): Introduction, Tree, Syntax, Elements, Attributes, Validation, Viewing. XHTML in brief. CGI Scripts (1L): Introduction, Environment Variable, GET and POST Methods. Module III-10L PERL (3L): Introduction, Variable, Condition, Loop, Array, Implementing data structure, Hash, String, Regular Expression, File handling, I/Ohandling. JavaScript (4L): Basics, Statements, comments, variable, comparison, condition, switch, loop, break. Object string, array, Boolean, reg-ex. Function, Errors, Validation. Cookies (1L): Definition of cookies, Create and Store a cookie with example. Java Applets (2L): Container Class, Components, Applet Life Cycle, Update method; Parameter passing applet, Applications. Module IV-4L Client-Server programming In Java (2L): Java Socket, Java RMI. Threats (1L): Malicious code-viruses, Trojan horses, worms; eavesdropping, spoofing, modification, denial of service attacks. Network security techniques (2L): Password and Authentication; VPN, IP Security, security in electronic transaction, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Secure Shell (SSH). Firewall (1L): Introduction, Packet filtering, Stateful, Application layer, Proxy.

Module v-5L V Internet Telephony (1L): Introduction, VoIP. Multimedia Applications (2L): Multimedia over IP: RSVP, RTP, RTCP and RTSP. Streaming media, Codec and Plugins, IPTV. Search Engine and Web Crawler (2L): Definition, Meta data, Web Crawler, Indexing, Page rank, overview of SEO. Reference: 1. Web Technology: A Developer's Perspective, N.P. Gopalan and J. Akilandeswari, PHI Learning, Delhi, 2013. (Chapters 15,7,8,9). 2. Internetworking Technologies, An Engineering Perspective, Rahul Banerjee, PHI Learning, Delhi, 2011. (Chapters 5,6,12)