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According to “Cluster on Social Change and Mental Health” from the

World Health Organization, defines child abuse as causing or permitting any
harmful or offensive contact on a child’s body; and, any communication or
transaction of any kind which humiliates shames or frightens a child.
Therefore, any act or omission which fails to nurture or in the upbringing of
For the purpose of this study only physical and emotional abuse will be
examined. Physical abuse refers to inflicting of physical injury upon a child.
This may be hitting, punching or otherwise harming a child, whereas
emotional abuse includes acts of failure to act by a parent that could cause
or have caused serious behavioural, cognitive or mental disorder.
This portfolio aims at the various impacts on child due to child abuse
such as self-esteem issues, relationships at home and school, behavioural
issues and the long term effects of it all.
This particular topic was chosen because it appealed to me the most.
This is because I am very interested in social work especially with children
and also it will assist me academically as I wish to pursue child psychology.
In addition, a very close friend of mine was subjected to abuse for
approximately ten years. She was seriously affected by the whole incident,
and this made me question how she may have felt and how it impedes her
everyday life.
I fear this epidemic would continue to escalate and be dismissed as
insignificant by those in society. The impact on children and child abuse on
the whole, must be examined to prevent the occurrence from growing.
By conducting this research, I hope to raise awareness of the issue so
that individuals, organizations as well as the country on a wider scale can
make a tremendous effort to minimize or completely eradicate these