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Davld Lodge was born m London m 1935. He holds a doctorate from the
University of Birmmgham, where he taugilt m the Enghsh Department
from 1960 umil 1987, when he rettred to become a full-tune wrtter.
He retams the tltle of Honorary Professor of Modern English Literature
at Birmingham and contmues to lIve m that CIty. He is a Fellow of
the Royal SOClety of LIterature, wa awarded a CBE for servICes to
lIterature and IS also a hevaher de I'Ordre des Arts et des Lenres.
David Lodge's novels lIlclude Thc Pie".,,;:ocrs (1960); The n"lisl, MlIselllll
is Falllllg DOllIlI (1965); 0111 '!f Ihe Shelrer (1970); Clrarrgirrg PIees (1975),
for whleh he was .warded both the Hawthornden Prize and the Yorkshirt
POSI Fiellon Prize; Ho", Far Carr YOII Co?, whlCh was Wh.tbread Book
of the Year in 1980; SIlIall World, whieh was short1med for the Booker
Pnze in 1984; Nice Work, whlCh won the 1988 SllIIday Express Book of
the Year Aw.rd .nd was also short1isted for the Booker Pnze; Paradise
News (1991); Th,rapy, regional winner and finalisr for the 1996
Commonwealth Writers' Pnze; HOlllt TM/IIIS (1999); .nd 77rrrrks ".
(200 1). He has also wri u en several books of literary emiClsm.
SlIIa/l World was .dapted as a televISion serial in 1988 and Dav.d Lodge
wrote his own adaptation of Nire Work, wlueh won the Royal Televi ion
SOClety's Award for the best drama senal of 1989.
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The Picturegoers
Gmger, You're B.rmy
The Bn tlSh Museum is Falling Down
Out of the Shelter
Changmg PI aces
How Far Can You Go?
Small World
Nice Work
Paradise News
Home Truths
Tlunks ...
The Language of FtctlOn
The Novelist at the Crossroads
Twentleth-Century Cnticlsm
The Modes of Modern Writing
Working with StructuraIism
Wnte On: Occasional Essays
After Bakhtin: Essays on Fiction and Cmicism
The An of Fict10n
The Practlce ofWntmg
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David Lodge
An Academic Romance
in Books
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Pubhshed by the Pengum Group
Pc:nguin Books Lid, 80 Strand. London WC1R OR L. England
PtnguU1 Putnnm lnc . 375 Hud.)on SUttl. cw Vork. c:w Vork 10014, U A
Pmgum Books Austral'li LId, 250 C3mbe,""cll R03d, Camb, .. weil, VlCtonn 3124, Austnula
Pcngwn Bools Canadn LId. 10 Alcom Avenue, Toronto. Onmno, uouda M4 V JB2
Pengum Books lodia CP) Lid, 11 ommUntt}' Cenlre, Panchshcc1 Purk. New Dclhl - J 10 017. lod!:l
Pcngum 1300ls Z) Lid. ellr Roscdale and Alrborne Ronds. Albany. uckJand. ew Zcnland
Pengum Books (South Afnca) (Pty) Lid. 24 turdcc Avenue. Rosebank 2196. South Afnca
Pengum Bools Lid. Regtstered OOiccs; 80 Su-and. London WC2 R ORL. England
\\,,\0,"'\1. pengwn com
Firsl pubtishcd by Martln Sccker &. Warburg lId 1984
Publi, hed in Penguin Books 1985
Copyrighl :I David lodge, 1984
All rights reservcd
Prinlcd lD England by Clays LId, SI Ives pIe
Typesel lD Planun
Excepl In the Unilcd Slales of America, Ihis book is sold subject
10 the condition Ihal il shall nOl, by wa)' of Irade or otherwise, be lenl,
re-sold, hircd OUI, or otherwise circuJalcd W1thOUI the pubtisher' s
prior consent tn any fann cf bmding or cover other than- that In
which .1 is pubhshcd and wilhoul similar condition including Ihis
condltion being imposed on the subsequenI purchaser
ISB "\3:
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With all my Love
Urheberrechtlich geschtztes Material!
Author's Note
LIKE ChQnging Places, to which it is a kind of scquel, SmaLL WarM
resembles what is sometimes called the real world, without
corresponding exactly to it, and is peopled by figments of the
imagination (the name of one of the minor characters has been
changed in later editions to avoid misunderstanding on this score).
Rnmmidge is not BilJllingham, though it owes something to popular
prejudices about that city. There rea1ly is an underground chapei at
Heathrow and a James Joyce Pub in Zurich, but no universities in
Limerick or Darlington; nor, as far as I know, was there ever a
British Conncil representative resident in Genoa. The MLA Con-
vention of 1979 did not take place in New York, though I have
drawn on the programme for the 1978 one, which did. And so on.
Special thanks for information received (not to mention many
other favours) are due to Donald and Margot Fanger and Susnmu
Takagi. Most of the books from which I have derived hints, ideas and
inspiration for this one are mentioned . in the text, but I should
acknowledge a debt to two which are not: Inescapabk Romance:
Studies in lhe Poelics 0/ a MOI by Patricia A. Parker (Princeton
University Press, 1979) and Airport International by Brian Moynahan
(Pan Books, 1978).
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Caelum, non animum mutant, qui trans mare currunt.
When 8 writer caUs his work a Romance, it need hardly be observed
that hewishes to claim a certain latitude, both as to its fashion and
material, which he would not bave feit himself entitled to assume had
he professed to be writing 8 Novel.
Hush! Caution! Echoland!
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WHEN April with its sweet showers has pierceQ the drought of
March to the root, and bathed every vein of earth with that liquid by
whose power the flowers are engendered; when the zephyr, too, with
its du1cet breath, has breathed life into the tender new shoots in every
copse and on every heath, and the young sun has run half his course in
the sign of the Ram, and the little birds that sleep all night with their
eyes open give song (so Nature prompts them in their hearts) , then, as
the poet Geoffrey Chaucer observed many years ago, folk long to go
on pilgl images. Only, these days, professional people dU them
The modem conference resembles the pilgrimage of medieval
Christendom in that it allows the participants to indulge themselves in .
all the pleasures and diversions of travel while appearing to be
austerely bent on self-improvement. To be sure, there are certain
penitential exercises to be perfolmed - the presentation of a paper,
pethaps, and certainly listening to the papers of others. But with this
excuse you journey to new and interesting places, meet new and
interesting people, and fOl1l1 new and interesting relationships with
them; exchange gossip and confidences (for your weU-worn stories are
fresh to them, and vice versa); eat, drink and malte merry in their
company every evening; and yet, at the end of it all, return horne with
an enhanced reputation for seriousness of mind. Today's
have an additional advantage over the pilgrims of old in that their
expenses are usua11y paid, or at least subsidised, by the institution to
which they belong, be it a government department, a commercial
firm, or, most commonly perhaps, a university.
There are conferences on almost everything these days, including
the works of Geoffrey Chaucer. If, like his hero Troilus at the end of
Troilus and Criseyde, he looks down from the eighth sphere of heaven
This lille SpOI 0/ erlhe, lhal wilh lhe se
and observes a11 the frantic traflic around the globe that he and other
great writers have set in motion - the jet trails that criss-cross the
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'Ingenious and
plotting ... a new
comic debcle
over every page'
The Times
Cover 11
U.K. Cl
Philip Swallow, Morris Zapp, Persse MeGarrigle and Ihe
lovely Angeliea are Ihe jel propelled aeademies who
are on the move, in the air, and on the make, in David
Lodge's satirieal Small World. 1I is a world of glamorous
Iravel and high exeilemenl, where slufty leelure rooms
are swapped for lush corners of Ihe globe, and
romance is in the air . ..
'Academic infightings, couplings touching, funny
and frightful, set pieces, dark humour, sharp wit
and plain farce - here is everything one expects
from this author but thricefold and three tim es
as entertaining as anything he has written
before' Sunday Telegraph
'A wonderful tissue of outrageous coincidences
and correspondences, teasing elevations of
suspense and delayed climaxes' Observer
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