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The Effects of Gatorade on a Plants Life

I are trying to find out which variables has the greatest positive effect on a plants longevity. My variable Gatorade and our Control Group is water.

If we use Gatorade then the plant will grow better because Gatorade has so many nutrients that plants need such as sugar and water in higher quantities so it should grow better.

2 Cups 2 Flowers Gatorade Scissors Water Ruler


1. Get the plant. 2. Get a cup. 3. Get the Gatorade. 4. Put cup on table. 5. Measure the flower 5 inches then mark it 6. Cut the stem of the flower at the mark 7. Pour 100 ml of Gatorade into the cup 8. Put the stem of the flower into the cup 9. Observe


1. Get the plant. 2. Get a cup 3. Get the water. 4. Put cup on table 5. Measure the flower 5 inches then mark it 5. Cut the stem of the flower on the mark 6. Pour 100 ml of water in a cup 7. Put the stem of flower in the cup 8. watch

The control group plant started out as a healthy 10 at the beginning of the week. As the day went on the flower began to degenerate at a steady rate. If give more time for this experiment, i believe that it would die in approximately 2 weeks.The experimental plant started out at the same healthy 10 like the control plant. During the days the plant began to flourish and bloom. Give more time, I am certain that it would thrive in the environment that it is in.

Day 1 Day 2 Control Group Experiment Group 10 10 10 10 Day 3 No Data No Data Day 4 No data No data Day 5 10 10 Day 6 9 10 Day 7 8.5 10

After weeks of observing and collecting data from my two flowers this is the information I have dug up. I have came to the conclusion that my hypothesis was correct. The Gatorade we use helped boost the chance of the flowers longevity. There was a couple errors in my reports though. I couldnt be here for the 3rd and 4th day of this intriguing lab so maybe if i was here then it might have gone a bit differently. Another error was that if we ran more trials this lab would have been more accurate because we could compare them to other labs. I would do nothing differently because i count this lab as a success because the experimental plant prospered unlike the control group which was quickly declining in its health. This lab can relate to plant owners who are trying to find the right solution to help their plant to bloom or to people who try to find new answers to everyday problems like in math.