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Trade Name/Generic: PROTONIX/Pantoprazole pg 805

Classification: proton pump inhibitor
Indications: GERD/severe erosive esophagitis/pathologic hypersecretory conditions (ie Zollinger-Ellison Syn) , maintenance
Unlabeled uses: NSAID ulcer prophylaxis, H. pylori-assoc ulcer, gastric/duodenal ulcer
Action: blocks final step of acid production, inhibits H+/K+ ATPase in gastric parietal cell suppressing gastric secretion.
Therapeutic Effects: Absence of epigastric pain, fullness, pain.
Absorption: GI tract
Distribution: GI tract
Protein binding: 97%
Excretion: Urine as metabolites, in feces. **Elimination rate ↓ in geriatric pts**
Half-life: 1.5 hr
Contraindications: Hypersensitivity
Precautions: Cat C pregnancy, children, breast feeding
Adverse Reactions/Side Effects:
CNS: headache, insomnia
GI: abd pain, flatulence, diarrhea
DERM: rash
F&E: --Fluid and Electrolytes
HEMAT: Hypergylcemia
LOCAL: IV site
Interactions: ↑ pantoprazole serum levels w/ meds: diazepam, flurazepam, triazolam, clarithromycin, phenytoin
↓ absorption w/meds: calcium carbonate, vit B12, sucralfate
↑ blding w/ Warfarin
Route & Dosage: GERD- Adult - PO 40mg/d X 8 wks (may repeat dose)
Erosive esophagitis – Adult - IV 40 mg/d X 7-10; PO 40 mg/d X 8 wks-may repeat PO dose
Ulcer – Adult – PO 40 mg/d
H. pylori – Adult – 40 mg bid ; can use w/ other products
Pathologic hypersecretory – Adult – IV 80 mg q12h; max40 mg/d
Availability: Delayed release tabs 20mg, 40 mg; powder for inj; freeze-dried 40mg/vial

Onset: Peak: 2.4 hr Duration: >24hr

Nursing implications:

Assessment: Hepatic – AST, ALT, alk phos during tx

GI – bowel sounds q 8 hrs; abd swelling, pain, anorexia
Lab considerations: Hepatic-AST,ALT, alk phos during tx

Potential Nursing Diagnoses:

Risk for Nutrition imbalance R/T decreased peristalsis, increased HCL acid production & post anesth 2nd to GERD

Implementation: PO- swallow del rel tab whole (do NOT crush, break, chew), Take 24 hrs apart, with or without food
IV – Reconstitute w/ 10 ml 0.9% NaCl, dilute further w/ 80 ml LR, D5, 0.9% NaCl (0.8mg/ml), Give over 15 min
(< 6 mg/min), IV push over 2 min

Patient/Family Teaching: Report severe diarrhea; if pt diabetic may cause hyperglycemia; avoid hazardous activities as
dizziness may occur; avoid salicylates, iubprofin, ETOH- may cause GI irritation; do not breastfeed, in planning to become
pregnant notify prescriber.

Evaluations: : Absence of epigastric pain, fullness, pain.

PROTONIX/ pantoprazole
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