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Rubric for Evaluation in the Band Program


Grade Criteria
#i$tening !%ill$
Pitch (note accuracy) Duration (rhyth ! te "o "roduction) Balance and #lend (nuance or re$ine ent with other "art%) &ntonation (tunin')

50% and Below


75%-89% Excellent Pitch i% o%tly accurate and %ecure with $ew i%olated error%* .hyth i% o%tly accurate and "ul%e i% %teady* (tudent %"eci$ically re%"ond% to the har onic and texture need% o$ other "art%* /unin' i% o$ten accurate with $ew i%olated error%* (tudent u%ually "er$or % with a""ro"riate tone ,uality- and u%ually "ro1ect% and control% tone*


Below Average
(tudent %eldo "er$or % "itch or duration% accurately or with a %teady te "o) ha% di$$iculty re%"ondin' to other in%tru ent "art% and %eldo "er$or % in tune*

(tudent occa%ionally "er$or % with accurate "itche% #ut a+e% $re,uent or re"eated error%* (o eti e% duration% are "er$or ed accurately- #ut with erratic "ul%e or with durational error%* (tudent 'enerally re%"ond% to the need% o$ other "art% and %o eti e% "er$or % in tune* (tudent %o eti e% u%e% a a""ro"riate tone ,uality- and occa%ionally "ro1ect% and control% tone*

(tudent "er$or % 0irtually error $ree- with 0ery %ecure "itche%* Pul%e% are %ecure and rhyth ically accurate* (tudent i% 0ery %en%iti0e to the nuance re,uired and de on%trate% 0ery %ecure tunin'*

!ound Production
(ound and tone ,uality E #ouchure (/he anner in which the li"% and ton'ue are a""lied to the outh"iece*)

(tudent %eldo i% a#le to aintain a""ro"riate tone ,uality and "ro1ect tone con%i%tently*

(tudent "roduce% an o"en and re%onant %ound with clear$ocu%ed tone throu'hout the $ull ran'e o$ the in%tru ent* /one ,uality i% con%i%tently achie0ed throu'h controlled "ro1ection* (tudent con%i%tently "er$or % with nuance and %tyle in re%"on%e to the %core and coachin'* Phra%e %tructure i% con%i%tently and %en%iti0ely a""lied* (tudent identi$ie% and under%tand% %i'n%- %y #ol% and ter %- and a""lie% the to written u%ic* (tudent con%i%tently %it%!%tand% with correct "o%ture) i% con%ciou% o$ and de on%trate% correct hand "o%ition%) accurately u%e% ton'ue to deli0er indicated articulation) attac+% are %ecure) u%e% correct $in'erin' with ea%e) di%"lay% "ro"er air %u""ort in order to "roduce excellent tone ,uality*

E&"re$$ion'!t(le Phra%in'!Breathin' Dyna ic%!2ontra%t%

)u$ical #iterac( (i'n% (y #ol% /er % *n$trumental +echni,ue Po%ture 5and Po%ition 6rticulation (attac+%) 7in'erin'!Breathin'

/here i% little e0idence o$ u%ical nuance in "hra%e%* (tudent rarely indicate% "hra%in' %tructure throu'h re$ine ent* (tudent i% %eldo a#le to control dyna ic%- with no e0idence o$ contra%t%* (tudent rarely identi$ie% %i'n%%y #ol% and ter % in written u%ic*

(tudent %o eti e% re%"ond% to u%ical nuance indicated in the %core* Dyna ic le0el% are 'enerally "er$or ed with %o e re%"on%e to dyna ic e$$ect% (cre%cendodecre%cendo) (tudent u%ually identi$ie% and under%tand% the %i'n%- %y #ol% and ter % in written u%ic*

(tudent u%ually "er$or % with nuance or %tyle indicated in the %core- or %u''e%tion% #y the in%tructor* 3u%ical nuance u%ually i% u%ed to indicate "hra%e %tructure* (tudent reco'ni4e% and under%tand% %i'n%- %y #ol% and ter % in written u%ic*

(tudent rarely %it%!%tand% correctly) ina""ro"riately "o%ition% hand%) ex"erience% di$$iculty u%in' ton'ue and cannot deli0er indicated articulation) $in'erin' i% inaccurate) %eldo ha% %u$$icient air %u""ort to "roduce tone ,uality*

(tudent occa%ionally %it%!%tand% correctly and %o eti e% a""lie% correct hand "o%ition%* 6ttac+% are 'enerally con%i%tent with %o e re%"on%e to %taccato- le'atoand %lur ar+in'%*

(tudent u%ually de on%trate% o%tly accurate attac+% and o$ten re%"ond% to articulation) u%ually %it%!%tand% correctly) and o$ten a""lie% correct hand "o%ition%* 7in'erin' i% accurate and u%ually "ro"er air %u""ort i% a""lied to achie0e de%ired tone ,uality*


ay recei0e an &- indicatin' wor+ i% inco "lete or 8!6- indicatin' criteria are not a""lica#le at thi% ti e