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Of The Orient
How To Trigger
Your Body's Own
Natural Cleansing And
For a Lifetime of
Better Health
Sun Chlorella
!J{p.ture at its 6est
Of The Orient
How To Trigger Your Body's Own
Natural Cleansing And Revitalization
by Dr. Michael E.Rosenbaum, M.D, M.S.C.
Copyright 2002 by Sun Chiarella Corp.
No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or
transmitted in any form or by any means, electric, mechanical, photocopy, recording
or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.
Meet the Author
Dr. Michael E. Rosenbaum,
M.D., M.S.C
Michael E. Rosenbaum, M.D.,M.S.C., is one of the
nation's leading pioneers in natural health and vitality.
He is a noted physician, nutritionist and author of
Super Supplements and Solving the Puzzle of
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Currently, he is a Director of the Orthomolecular Health
Medicine Medical Society for the promotion of nutritional
medicine, a private practice located near San Francisco.
"This is one of the most
remarkable nutritional
I've discovered in
over 20 years ...
the closest thing
I know to a perfect
100 /o natural
'wonder' food!"
- Dr. Michael E. Rosenbaum,
M.D., M.S.C.
The statements in this book have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information
contained in this book is in no way to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended as a
replacement for any treatment prescribed by your physician.
It is highly recommended to obtain professional advice, or consult your physician, whenever
you are concerned about your health.
Table of Contents
Chapter One:
A Modern Day Miracle ....................................... 8
Chapter Two:
The "Real" Reasons Why We ....................... 15
Get Sick (The Story The Medical
Establishment Doesn't Want You To Hear)
Chapter Three:
The Invisible Toxic Enemy ............................. 18
Chapter Four:
The Amazing Superfood .............................. 26
Of The Orient Miraculously Help Your
Body Eliminate Harmful Elements
With Sun Chiarella
Chapter Five:
Hollywood Stars' Hottest. ............................ 30
Chapter Six:
The Best Of All "Nutritional. ................. ......... 36
Cleansing" Discoveries
Chapter Seven:
The Deep, Dark Mystery .............. .............. .41
Chapter Eight:
Mother Nature's Most Powerful. .................. .43
Cleansing Agent
Chapter Nine:
Sweep Out The Old, Send In The New: ........ .44
Revitalizing And Supercharging
Your Cells
Chapter Ten:
A Fresh Start: ........................................... .46
How To Revitalize Your Cellular Health
Chapter Eleven:
The Most Prized Secret To .......................... 48
Chapter Twelve:
A New Line Of Natural Self-Defense .............. 51
For Your Body's Health and Well ness
Chapter Thirteen:
New Hope For Chronic Pain ........................ 56
Chapter Fourteen:
A Natural Slimming Secret.. ......................... 59
And Why You Can Laugh At The Wider Seats
We Have At Sports Stadiums Across America
Chapter Fifteen:
Turn Back The Clock And Feel ..................... 61
Young Again.
Chapter Sixteen:
Energize Your Love Life! .............................. 63
Chapter Seventeen:
How You Can Enjoy A Lifetime ...................... 64
Of Healthy Living And Revitalization
Appendix B:
More Amazing Case Studies ........................ 67
And Testimonials
a Chapter 1
A Modern Day Miracle
What you are about to read can change your life, like it's changed mine and
the lives of thousands of my patients.
Some say miracles never happen. But I'm living proof that they do.
Back in 1968, I felt as if everything was going my way. I had recently re-
ceived my M.D from the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical School in New
York, and had launched a successful career as doctor.
But then, over the next few years, something terrible began to happen to my
It started slowly at first. I'd become tired very quickly, even though I was only
in my twenties. I had trouble sleeping. Then, I became so exhausted I had
trouble even working a full day.
What I didn't realize, at that time, was my body was breaking down "from the
inside out"
Physical and mental stress began to mount and poor diet added to my prob-
lems. Before long, I was 30 lbs. overweight and was on the fast-track to
serious health problems.
I was a poor picture for a physician.
No Hope From The Medical Establishment
Worse, I soon discovered that even my own medical training couldn't help
I had years of experience in "traditional" medicine. As I look back now, that 's
what I call"pharmaceutical medicine". It's the use of drugs to suppress symp-
toms without getting to the root causes of the problems.
During my years of medical school, I had always been interested in getting
to the root causes of disease, but that subject was rarely touched upon in
my studies.
A Modern Day Miracle
After practicing medicine for a few years, became dissatisfied with the ordi-
nary treatments using drugs and more drugs.
And it took a crisis in my own health to make me look for alternatives.
The Secret That Turned My Life Around
So, in the ;,Jrivacy of my own study, I began reading everything I could on
natural heaith and health alternatives. This was all brand-new material that
was ignored in medical school.
For the next two years, I studied the naturopathic masters like Bernard Jensen
and Pavo Airola. What I learned surprised and even shocked me.
I learned that you could help the body heal itself. I also learned that there are
natural ways to not only prevent sickness and disease, but to make your
body even healthier.
Yes, you could get well, naturally. But you don't have to stop there. You could
feel even better!
That's the beauty of natural health and healing! It doesn't just slow down or
even stop health problems; it also boosts your health at the same time!
I also learned my body was ...
A Walking, Toxic Time Bomb
What really opened my eyes about natural health and healing was that it
went right to the root causes of disease.
For example, I learned that part of my health problems were due to this fact:
my body was a walking, toxic time bomb- laden with dangerous, disease-
carrying toxins and chemicals - ready to explode.
Toxins had broken down my body's defense system and made me suscep-
tible to stress, fatigue and disease.
I may have looked OK on the outside, but on the inside I was mess.
10 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
The Discovery That Helped Change The
Course Of My Medical Career
A startling discovery I made back then - a discovery that I've seen verified,
time and time again over the next 25 years - was this:
"Toxic heavy metals, chemicals and other invisible invaders can paralyze the
enzyme systems in your body and build-up over time. They can be stored in
your body for years until they create a TOXIC LOAD that can destroy your
These may be some of the very same toxins that are threatening your health.
What I learned is a message everybody interested in good health needs to
I learned that the processed foods I was eating had over 2,800 FDA - ap-
proved additives that were unnatural to my body.
I discovered I was drinking water contaminated with pesticides, fluoride and
heavy metals.
Even personal care products like cologne and deodorants I was using, were
filled with chemicals that were possibly harming my body.
Dangers From The Most Unlikely Source
What can go wrong when we have too many toxins in our bodies?
For example, I suspect that many of the patients I treat for chronic fatigue
syndrome have too much mercury in their bodies.
For some of them, it starts right in their mouths.
During the past 150 years, dentists have used mercury - silver amalgams to
fill decayed teeth.
The problem is that millions of people have mercury fillings and nickel caps.
A Modern Day Miracle
These substances are a "disease-waiting-to-happen" because they create
a dangerous combination.
The TV show 60 Minutes felt this was a story that should be told and ran a
segment on this problem in 1991. The story focused on how mercury-silver
amalgams may be causing serious central nervous system damage.
I learned that when nickel and mercury are in the same mouth, they create
a reaction that's similar to a battery.
But when these two dissimilar metals get together, the "battery" puts waste
and toxins into your body faster than these metals would alone.
What are the risks of this dangerous combination?
First, the nickel is a potent metal linked to cancer. In fact, scientists have
injected it into rats to cause cancer.
In addition, up to 33% of women and 17% of men are allergic to nickel. (A
sign of nickel allergy is the development of hot, red, itchy earlobes soon
after putting on inexpensive earrings.)
There are a lot of us in the natural health field who believe in the "Hollywood
Mouth Disease"
We believe people like Michael Landon and Lee Remick- those with a lot of
crowns and caps to give them dazzling smiles - may have gotten cancer
from nickel.
In fact, you can get breast cancer, lung cancer and cervical cancer from
But that's only half the problem.
Mercury invades the nervous system, causing neurologic dysfunction.
Mercury in your body can also act like an antibiotic. Only in this case, it can
kill off the "good" or "friendly" bacteria your body needs to help protect you
from yeasts and parasites which contribute to disease and illness.
12 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
When The Place Is A Mess, It's Time To Clean It Up
Soon after this discovery, I realized that if my body was a mess on the
inside, it only made sense to "clean it up"
So I began to read everything I could on biochemistry, herbs, nutrition, im-
munology, toxicology, microbiology structure and more. I also learned how
my body and its cells really work.
Most importantly, I began to cleanse my body- naturally- eliminating chemi-
cals and toxins from my system that had accumulated for years.
One Of The Most Remarkable Nutritional
Breakthroughs I've Ever Discovered
Of all the natural health discoveries I've made to help me cleanse my body,
one stands out above all others.
It's an amazing, natural whole food called Sun Chiarella
In fact, I consider Sun Chlorella's benefits so superior, I call it a "superfood"
Sun Chiarella is the closest thing I know to a perfect, 100% natural "won-
der" food!
And it's the best nutritional cleanser I've ever found to help eliminate harm-
ful elements from your body.
As I'll tell you in a moment, Sun Chiarella is simply an amazing whole food.
o Its outer cell wall gives your body the fiber it needs for cleansing and for
supporting your immune response.
o Inside, the chlorella cell is just packed with the highest
concentration of chlorophyll of any green plant.
o It's also loaded with potent antioxidants to help you
fight off free radicals.
o In the nucleus, you get the Chiarella Growth Factor,
with the most nucleic acids I've seen in any food.
A Modern Day Miracle
Together, these nutritional ingredients give you a supercharge of health and
If I could choose only one whole food supplement out of hundreds I've seen,
Sun Chiarella would be it, without a doubt!
I say this because ...
1. It's a food just loaded with protein and nucleic acid content. As you may
know, if you supplement your body with nucleic acids, you'll add the basic
building blocks your cells need for increasing energy.
2. It's a powerful igniter of your body's natural defense system. When your
cells are healthy and strong, they can boost your body's resistance to dis-
3. It can detoxify your body of harmful elements. In fact, Sun Chiarella can
actually bind chemicals and toxic burden so they can relieve your body of its
toxic burden.
4. It nourishes your body with valuable nutrients.
5. And it gives you a "double" health benefit: It takes out the bad and puts in
the good. The good includes marvelous free radical-fighting antioxidants like
beta carotene and chlorophyll, as well as 19 disease-fighting amino acids
and 20 different vitamins and minerals.
There's nothing, and I mean nothing, like Sun Chiarella.
Triggering Your Body's Own Natural
Cleasing & Revitalization
With the help of Sun Chiarella - and with other changes in my diet and
lifestyle - my body began to cleanse and revitalize itself.
It didn't happen overnight.
But over a steady course, my body began to feel "right" again. I was re-
newed and revived.
14 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
That's right.
The years of damage began to recede. My body began to feel better and
soon, my energy increased. Then, my body began to energize itself.
That was only the beginning.
To keep my body clean -and to maintain a healthy environment for my cells
- I continue to take Sun Chlorella every day.
But my case is not isolated.
Sun Chlorella has helped thousands of my patients lead healthier, more
energetic lives without drugs or dangerous side effects.
I've seen patients with chronic health problems use Sun Chlorella , in
conjunction with other medical treatments, and get much better.
Others, with low energy and chronic fatigue, took Sun Chlorella and got a
Others, with chemical and environmental health problems, found relief with
Sun Chlorella .
Still others began to feel revitalized once they began to cleanse their bod-
ies from within, with Sun Chlorella.
Since my journey began some 25 years ago, I have been determined to
spread the word about natural health and healing and such discoveries as
Sun Chlorella .
A miracle has happened in my life, and if you have any kind of health
problems, I want a miracle to happen in your life, too.
The hidden cause of many chronic pains, diseases and illnesses may be
invisible toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and parasites that invade our
bodies. But your body can be supported to help eliminate these threats with
safe, natural breakthroughs.
Chapter 2
The "Real" Reasons Why We Get Sick
(The Story The Medical Establishment Doesn't Want you To Hear)
When people come to my office for the first time, many are at their wit's end.
They've tried prescription drugs ... expensive medical procedures ... or even
surgery. But still, some are not better.
They're sick and tired of hearing such remarks like: "You'll just have to live
with it" ... or "Tests are inconclusive" ... or "It's genetic".
What I tell each of them is to:
1) Try to get to the root cause(s) of your health problems and
2) Understand how your body is interconnected and how one
problem can affect all parts of your body.
Then, and only then, can your body begin to revitalize itself and begin its
own cleansing and health-giving process.
The Root Causes Of Sickness And Disease
As a nutritional biochemist, I've studied the body and its functions for years.
While I could give you a very detailed, very complex explanation of why we
get sick, let me put it in laymen's terms:
1. As your cells go, so goes your whole body.
A cell is like an entire little universe unto itself. Cells are the living units that
form the structure of all of your tissues.
Even more importantly, each of your cells is a tiny, self-contained factory
that manufactures important elements you need for the optimal function of
your entire body.
But that's not all.
16 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
You may not know this, but your body's cells are programmed to die. That's
right. As you age, your cells die at a set rate.
If you're healthy, your cells die slowly and naturally.
But if your cells are unhealthy, they die much faster.
My point is: If you have healthy cells, it is likely you'll have a healthy body.
2. Toxins and chemicals can easily invade your cells, breaking them down,
doing damage and even destroying them.
Think of these toxins as garbage that can build up in your cells.
While your body has ways of eliminating garbage, too much of the "junk"
can overwhelm your body and break down your health.
Worse, once toxins like chemicals are in your body, they're hard to get out.
That's because once they have gone through your organs, they are often
re-absorbed into your bloodstream. This creates a vicious cycle that could
lead to a host of problems.
3. A lack of quality nutrients can also make you sick.
Essential nutrients, such as amino acids, sugars, fatty acids, vitamins and
minerals, are all needed by every cell in your body.
Unfortunately, many processed foods today lack these key nutrients.
When your cells are depleted, they are much more susceptible to sickness
and disease.
In a moment, I'm going to tell you a secret to cleansing and nourishing your
cells - naturally - with breakthroughs such as Sun Chiarella .
But first, to help your body overcome sickness and disease, you must also
understand this point:
The "Real" Reasons Why We Get Sick
How A Small Problem In One Area
Can Lead To A Big Disaster In Another
What most people fail to realize is the body is interlinked. What happens in
one area of your body can have a direct effect on another.
For example, let's say the toxic-heavy metal mercury enters your body
through the water you drink.
The mercury binds with some of your body's own natural antioxidants and
can destroy them.
Once your cells become susceptible to free radicals, they die off
prematurely, leading to aging.
If that's not bad enough, your body then becomes susceptible to a barrage
of free radicals and to a host of health problems, disease and illness.
What steps can you take to help your body fight off sickness and disease
without relying on dangerous drugs?
The first step is understanding what I call "the invisible toxic enemy".
As your cells go, so goes your health. If your cells have been invaded by
toxins and dangerous chemicals, your resistance to disease is diminished.
Clean and nourish your cells, and you're on the road to better health.
Chapter 3
The Invisible Toxic Enermy:
8 Toxic Loads That Can Drag Down Your Health
You may be carrying an invisible burden that is destroying your health.
That burden is what I call "toxic load".
I first discovered how serious this toxic problem was in the early 1980s. I
was working with patients, helping them to balance blood sugar levels and
they were receiving nutritional supplements, but still that wasn't enough.
Something else was keeping them run-down and even sick.
That something else turned out to be "environmental toxins" that were si-
lently invading their bodies.
Today, it seems that everywhere you turn, there are toxins.
Left unchecked, they can break down your body's defense system and lead
to many dangerous health problems.
I divide these toxins into two main sections.
First, there are the toxins that cause the initial damage to your body. Then,
there are those that move in after the initial damage is done. But both are
equally dangerous, as I'll now explain.
How do these toxins invade your body? The three major routes of exposure
are inhalation (into your lungs) ... ingestion (into your stomach) ... and topical
(through your skin).
Over the years, these dangerous toxins can build up, layer upon layer.
That happens because of a process called "bio-accumulation".
In most cases, your body does not naturally release these toxins. They build
up and are stored in your body until they become a dangerous "toxic load".
DDT, for example, can stay in your body for over 30 years!
The Invisible Toxic Enemy
Once that "load" reaches a certain point, it can break down your body.
Chances are slim that your doctor will tell you toxins may be a root cause of
your health problems. He or she may not even know about how these
toxins are affecting your body. But just consider these "toxic loads":
Powerful Chemical Toxins Can Damage
Your Cells And Undermine Your Body's
Defense Against Disease
Chemicals can be toxic because they disrupt the proper functioning of your
body. They do this by:
Damaging cells. For example, asbestos can make your cells look
like a porcupine under the microscope.
Interfering with complex biochemical processes that keep your body
going. If too much mercury enters your body, it can throw off your
body's natural cleansing processes.
Substituting for a necessary substance, such as zinc for cadmium in
tobacco smoke.
Adversely affecting your body's cleansing filters, like your liver,
kidneys, lungs and lymph nodes.
What kind of chemical dangers are out there? Pesticides in foods have been
linked to breast cancer. Chemically-laden paints and solvents can damage
your central nervous system, your liver, even your heart. Insecticides in the
air, ground and water can damage your cells and penetrate your nervous
But that's not all: Chemicals in hair dyes, deodorants and other personal
care products can break down your lipid (fat) containing cell walls. Paints
and solvents can damage your central nervous system by penetrating the
fatty myelin nerve sheaths. And corrosives from air-conditioning units can
cause asthma and bronchitis.
20 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
I've seen many cases where people have chemical sensitivity. This means
they actually get sick from chemicals picked up through the air, in foods, or
in cosmetics. Surprisingly, it's estimated that some 15% of Americans have
hypersensitivity to environmental chemicals.
Toxic Heavy Metals Can Drag Down And
Beat Up Your Body's Defense System
Metals do their damage in many ways, including: "Fight for site"- like when
toxic ionic mercury takes the place of necessary zinc or iron in your body ...
"genetic" - such as nickel adversely affecting your RNA and causing im-
proper cell duplication and mutations ... "free radicals"- unleashed by heavy
metal toxins ... and "allergy" - when metals bind with the protein in your
body's tissue to make you susceptible to autoimmune disease.
Shockingly, metal toxicity from mercury, nickel, lead, cadmium, copper,
aluminum and arsenic may be linked to numerous health problems such as
arthritis, ulcers, allergies, fatigue, immune suppression and headaches.
How much toxic heavy metals could we have lurking around in our bodies?
Claire Patterson, Ph.D., the highly - esteemed geologist at Cal Tech in
Pasadena, CA says the average human now has a body burden of lead
that's about 1000 times greater than people who lived 500 years ago.
One example is mercury poisoning. Did you know that mercury is the main
component in common "silver" dental fillings? According to Edward Arana,
DDS, President of the American Academy of Biological Dentistry, "Dental
amalgam fillings can release mercury, tin, copper, silver and sometimes
zinc into the body." Nickel, which can be trace to root canels, cosmetics,
cigarette smoke and even margarine, can block calcium channels in the
heart, lowering magnesium levels and leading to heart arrhythmias.
And cadmium not only increases the toxicity of other toxic metals; it also
increases the toxicity of many immune - suppressing chemicals. It is
considered the most potent immune modulator among toxic metals and is
capable of causing several autoimmune disorders.
The Invisible Toxic Enemy
What You Breathe In The Air Can Pose An
Almost "Inescapable" Health Threat
Living in Marin Country, California, north of San Francisco, I usually enjoy
clear blue skies. But my years of research tell me that there's an invisible
danger, even in the air here.
For example, our air - both indoors and outdoors - is laden with dangerous
ozone, carbon monoxide, pesticides, aerosols, hydrogen fluoride, sulfur ox-
ides and more.
There are many dangerous symptoms of air pollution exposure, such as
lung irritations .. . burning eyes .. . throat and nose sores ... asthma and chronic
bronchitis ... and even increased susceptibility to cancer.
One in 20 deaths in cities is linked to air pollution, and over 75 million Ameri-
cans are affected by indoor air pollution in both homes and offices.
Indoor air pollutants include formaldehyde from insulation, plywood, carpet
and fabric .. ... aerosol spray products such as cleansers, paints and deodor-
ants ... microbes and mold spores found in air filters, air ducts and vacuum
cleanser exhaust ..... cooking gas and carbon monoxide from furnaces and
water heaters.
Shockingly, many common cleaning products and their vapors can be deadly.
A 15-years study in Oregon showed that women who stayed at home during
the day had a 54% higher cancer death rate than women who work outside
the home. The study suggests that chemicals in the household might be a
causative factor.
Reliance On Drugs And Medications Can
Actually Make You Sicker
Don't be fooled into believing drugs are a panacea for all ills. They can often
override and interfere with your body's own natural healing.
The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
Drugs that actually identify and attack a disease-causing agent a few and
far between. Antibiotics kill bacterial cells. But in doing so, they inevitably kill
necessary and useful bacteria, as well as other cells in your body.
While antibiotics can be useful and even life-saving in managing an acute
bacterial infection, there are drawbacks. For example, their longterm use
can suppress your body's defense system ... they are ineffective against
viruses ... and they kill good, protective bacteria.
The most popular drugs used today are what i call "symptoms-suppressing
drugs," They're called this because they don't get to the root cause, but
rather alleviate the symptoms. They, too, can cause problems by masking a
much more serious illness or disease ... having a "rebound" effect, actually
causing the very symptoms they are used to treat...and causing side effects
and even allergic reactions.
I am in no way suggesting you abandon all drugs or medication. My point is
that in my practice, I've seen many cases where the side effects of drugs
do much more damage than any good.
Believe it or not, John Hopkins Medical Letter writes: "Prescribed hospital
drugs are so toxic they kill 130,000 Americans every year."
But that's not all. You must also be very wary of ...
Food Tainted With Toxic Additives Can
Cause You "To Eat Yourself Sick"
You have to look today to find natural whole foods, created the way Mother
Nature intended.
That's because much of the food grown today relies heavily on chemical
fertilizers and pesticides. These can kill natural soil microorganisms and
actually leave toxins on harvested crops, depleting foods of their nutrients.
Do you know the average American eats 1 Olbs. of artificial chemicals
every year?
The Invisible Toxic Enemy
In addition, processed foods can do damage to your health. The FDA lists
over 2,800 "intentional" food additives, many of which are sulfur or tar-based
and unnatural for our bodies.
Additives include drugs given to cattle and poultry which stay in the meat all
the way to your table ... pesticides and chemicals used on produce and grains ...
unintended environmental pollutants, such as mercury in fish caught in
polluted waters ... colors, bleaches, flavors, softeners, waxes .. . preservatives
and artificial sweeteners.
Can all of this "junk" end up in our bodies? You bet. A study reported in
Science News found 75 different chemical compounds in the smoke from
charcoal broiled hamburgers, including hydrocarbons, furans, steroids and
pesticide residues.
Food manufacturers, out to make as much money in as little time as
possible, use hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, dyes and pesticides. All
of these have potentially dangerous symptoms and side effects.
Toxic Contaminants In Your Drinking
Water Are A Deadly Peril
Many contaminants can be found in our drinking water. These include a
wide variety of microorganisms, such as bacteria, parasites, and
fungi ... pesticides and fertilizers which have entered the water system by
percolating through the ground ... nitrates from decomposing plants ... radon
from natural radioactivity ... metals and lead.
The results of "bad" water are shocking. Lead in drinking water is linked to
680,000 cases of high blood pressure ... more than 10,000 bladder and rectal
cancer cases each year are tied to trihalomethanes found in tainted
water ... and more than 250,000 violations of the Safe Drinking Act were found
in a one year period, affecting over 120 million Americans.
Fluoride, in particular, can be highly toxic. It is routinely added to drinking
water for the highly dubious purpose of preventing dental cavities in chil-
dren. But an estimated 100 million people suffer from fluoride's effect and
30,000 to 50,000 people die from floride-related illnesses each year, includ-
ing 10,000 to 20,000 who die from fluoride-induced cancer.
24 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
Apparently, fluoride weakens the cells which attack foriegn invaders,
opening the door to increased infections.
Toxic Personal Care Products Pose A
"Hidden" Health Threat To You
Believe it or not, the colognes, perfumes and lotions on your bathroom shelf
can be dangerous to your health. Some colognes contain dozens of
chemicals, such as petrochemicals, alcohol, penetrants and musks, none
of which belongs on the human body.
Overall, there are hundreds of mostly untested ingredients, 95% synthetic,
which are found in colognes and scented products. They are absorbed
through your skin and through the olfactory nerves in your nose.
Here's just one good example: Toluene, commonly found in most colognes,
has been linked to headaches, fatigue, asthma, seizures, birth defects, even
Hazardous penetrants in other products like your deodorants, make-up,
lotions, baby powders and oils can also be just as hazardous.
Now, you see why food companies, drug manufacturers and even medical
establishment doesn't want you to know how toxin-laden our environment
really is.
But if these "toxic loads" aren't bad enough, you must also contend with an
additional danger.
The Body Invaders
Once toxins take hold in your body, conditions are ripe for the colonization
of your body by "secondary" toxins.
The Invisible Toxic Enemy
They are like squatters who move into a rundown, abandoned buildings or
looters who take over after the overwhelmed police (your body's defense
system) leave the city to rioters.
The body invaders includes parasites, yeast, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.
Once in your body, they gobble up nutrients intended for your body. And
worse, they putrefy and ferment your food, putting out toxic by-products that
can make-and keep-you sick.
To the unknowing public, these "toxic loads" can sound overwhelming.
But now let me introduce you a secret i discovered that can help your body
eliminate the invisible toxic enemy ... a secret found right in Mother Nature.
How susceptible are you to:
Chemically-laden paints, pesticides and solvents which can
damage your nervous system?
Heavy metals you may have in your mouth?
Indoor and outdoor air pollution?
Prescribed hospital drugs which kill 130,000 Americans a year?
The over 2,800 FDA-approved food additives which are unnatural
for your body?
Disease-causing toxins in your drinking water?
Hazardous ingredients in personal care products?
Body invaders like parasites and fungi?
You can fight back, naturally, as you'll read in the next chapter.
Chapter 4
The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
Miraculously Help Your Body Eliminate Harmful Elements
With Sun Chiarella
Once I realized that my body was a toxic breeding ground for disease and
illness, I began a quest to find out the safest and most effective ways to
"cleanse" it.
I learned that toxins, chemicals, fecal matter and all sorts of decaying waste
can remain in a body for months, years, even decades.
If nothing is done to eliminate this toxic waste, layer upon layer of "muck"
starts to build up in your body. Dangerous toxins can remain trapped in
your bloodstream, lymph nodes, organs and within individual cells. Among
your organs, your bowel is one deadly "trap" for toxins.
To rid your body of these toxins, once and for all, you must first cleanse your
body ... then keep it clean for years to come. That's one key secret to good
health and vitality.
Over the years, I've studied, tested and recommended a number of
powerful "cleansing" therapies.
These include chelation to remove heavy metals ... colonies to cleanse the
digestive tract . . .. . lymph-cleansing exercises and massages ..... and
detoxification diets to remove allergens and yeast-supporting conditions.
While many of these therapies have proven successful, the most amazing
natural cleanser I've ever found is Sun Cholorella . I call it "nature's most
powerful cleansing, health-giving and energizing natural discovery."
What makes Sun Chiarella so special is:
1. It's rich in antioxidants which I use to help treat chemical and toxic
problems in patients.
2. It actually binds these chemicals and toxins and removes them.
The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
This is critical because, if left unchecked, chemicals and toxins simply
re-circulate in your body.
Once they are released from your fat cells, they circulate into your
bloodstream. Your liver pulls them out, into the bile, and then puts them
back into your intestines.
So, instead of leaving your body, they get reabsorbed back into the
But Sun Chlorella binds the chemicals and toxins so they cannot re-enter .
your body.
Why this Superfood Can Do Wonders For Your Health
Sun Chiarella is a remarkable whole food - a superfood and nutritional
breakthrough, first developed in Japan, with amazing 100% natural
cleansing and health-enhancing benefits. I take it everyday myself and highly
recommend it to my patients. Here's why ...
Not only can Sun Chi orella help your body eliminate harmful elements ... it
can also add important nutrients your body needs. This extra layer of
protection for your health helps revitalize your body and its cells ... and
helps you look and feel ten years younger.
Even better, it works on all of your body systems, cleansing and feeding
your tissues and cells. Best yet, it's a safe, 100% - natural food, not a drug
or medicine.
And I am not alone in my praise for this miracle food. Over 10 million people
throughout the world rely on chlorella for its amazing benefits.
A Rich Source Of Mother Nature's Best Nutrients
Chiarella ("chlor" for green and "ella" for small) is a single-celled algae. This
water-grown plant has been on the earth for more than 2.5 billion years.
Chiarella is also a "whole food". This means each cell is a complete plant
containing all of its healthful benefits.
The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
Why is chlorella such a marvelous, natural cleanser? The answer lies in five
unique components found only in chlorella. You see, chlorella is ...
1. Rich in Chlorophyll ... Chlorophyll has been hailed as nature's most
powerful cleansing agent. Chlorella contains as much as 7% natural
chlorophyll, the highest percentage known in the plant world. In fact, this is
20 times more chlorophyll than what's found in alfalfa.
How important is the chlorophyll in chlorella for protecting your health from
In one experiment, the U.S. Army fed chlorophyll-rich greens to animals and
exposed them (and a control group) to fatal levels of radiation. The animals
who ate the greens survived twice as long.
In another experiment, scientists at National Taiwan University fed chlorella
to rats, then gave them the toxic chemical ethionine. Amazingly, the rats
were protected from liver damage.
2. Rich in Protein .. This helps your body support and nurture damaged
tissues. In fact, your cells must have a lot of protein in order to be healthy.
Chlorella is 50 - 80% protein by weight, compared to rice (7% protein) or
soybeans (39% protein) . Here's one other important fact: Only food builds
tissue, and chlorella is a marvelous 100% -whole food!
3. Rich in Beta Carotene ... The body converts Beta Carotene into Vitamin
A which is critical to your long-term health because it fortifies your body's
mucous membranes, which seal off and keep out disease-producing
Chlorella is absolutely loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids, as much as
50 times more than what's found in Vitamin C or Vitamin E, to help your
body fight off free radicals.
By its very nature, chlorella is an "antioxidant" food. Any cell that depends
on chlorophyll to survive, like chi orella, is exposed to huge amounts of sun-
light and ultra-violet rays.
With so much sun, you'll generate a lot of free radicals. The only way to
protect the cell is to be packed with antioxidants. That's why chlorella is
such a valuable whole food.
The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
The Secret Key To Vitality
But that's not all. Chiarella is also ...
4. Rich in Nucleic Acids ... Since chi orella is a single-celled algae, it has a
very high concentration of nucleic acids. You may know these as RNA or
DNA. In fact, chlorella has the highest concentration of nucleic acids of any
known food (13% RNA and DNA)
In this book, The No-Aging Diet, Dr. Benjamin Frank notes that as you age,
your RNA/DNA production slows down. The Result? You have less energy
and greater susceptibility to sickness and disease. According to Dr. Frank,
one of the best ways to counter the effect of the aging process is with a diet
rich in nucleic acids.
But what really sets chlorella apart from all other natural whole food is that
it's ...
5. Rich in the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) ... This may be chlorella's
greatest asset, the key to rejuvenating itself for over 2.5 billion years. CGF
helps chlorella rapidly reproduce. Each cell multiplies into four new cells
every 20 hours. CGF comes from the very nucleus of the chlorella cell, and
it's essential in helping your body become stronger.
The primary function of RNA/DNA is to help produce proteins, enzymes and
energy in your cells ... shielding them from health risks.
As you can see, by using chlorella - and in particular, Sun Chiarella - you
can help your body eliminate harmful elements ... cleanse your organs ...
and revitalize your cells. Easily. Safely. Naturally.
Think of this amazing "Superfood of the Orient" as a natural body "tune up"
that helps you feel clean, healthy and energetic!
While chlorella has been a #! natural health food for some years outside of
the United States, it has only recently caught the attention of health-minded
people like you.
Sun Chiarella has been hailed as "nature's most powerful cleansing, health-
giving and energizing natural discovery". Since it's a 100%- whole food, it
can help cleanse your body, safely and easily.
3o Chapter 5
Hollywood Stars' Hottest New
Natural Health Secret
A new trend among health-conscious Americans is what I call "nutritional
cleansing". More and more people are realizing that their bodies are filled
with toxins ... and cleansing their bodies can help enhance their health,
energy and vitality.
Naturally, Hollywood's stars are leading the way in this new trend. That's
why Sally Field, Waterworld's Jeanne Tripplehorn and others use Sun
The Press Has Picked Up On this
Hot Breakthrough, Too
You may have read about natural superfoods in the media. In fact, Sun
Chiarella -and chlorella in general -is one of the hottest new stories in the
health and nutrition field.
In Style touts Sun Chiarella as the third (out of 1 0) most popular "in"
items among Hollywood celebrities ( and the only food I nutritional
supplement mentioned by name)
Newsweek reports that amazing Sun Chiarella is one of "Nature's
Biggest Sellers"
Health Freedom News notes " Chiarella is one of the best foods that
promote longevity."
Longevity reveals chlorella to be the "Hollywood stars' hottest secret!"
Scientific American hails chlorella as an "important part of the world's food
Reader's Digest calls chlorella "Bread from the sea".
San Francisco Sentinel touts chlorella as "the superfood . . . with
extraordinary capacities to heal and maintain the body ... "
Hollywood Stars' Hottest New Natural Health Secret
Innovative Health News adds, "Chiarella has the ability to ... fight infections
and assist in the regeneration of tissues".
Total Health writes, "These small plants contain more chlorophyll than any
other edible plant and protect humans against pollution".
Globe says, " The Hollywood stars are letting the sunshine in" with Sun
But that's not all.
The Medical Experts Agree: Chlorella Can Support
Your Body's Health And Revitalization
I'm certainly not the only health professional who believes in the value of
Sun Chiarella and chlorella.
Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ph.D., one of the world's foremost natural health
experts and authors, states in his book, Chiarella: Gem of the Orient, that
"Chiarella is ... the dynamic food discovery of health and healing".
He goes on to add: "I have used Sun Chiarella for the past fifteen years. I
am in very good condition presently and truly believe that chlorella has help
me retain my health".
Dr. David Alan Steenblock, M.S, D.O., says: "The cell wall material of
chlorella has a special effect on the intestines. This fibrous material
improves bowel function ... and stimulates the growth of aerobic bacteria. It
is also a major colon-detoxifying agent, binding with toxic substances and
removing them from the body ..... This remarkable detoxifying capacity
removes the body's natural-toxic by-products as well as environmental
toxins, such as heavy metals and pesticides".
Dr. David Nelson, Clinical Nutrition Specialist, says: "For cleansing your
body, naturally, and for building up your body's defense against disease
and illness, Sun Chiarella far outshines spirulina, wheat grass or blue-
green algae".
32 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
Dr. David C. Freeman, M.D., former Director of the American Academy of
Medical Preventics, adds: "For rejuvenating and cleansing body tissues,
there is nothing better, naturally, than chlorella-based nutrition. In my
opinion, Sun Chlorella is the most advanced, the best in this field".
Dr. Randall E. Merchant, Professor of Anatomy and Neurosurgery at the
Medical College of Virginia, when asked how chlorella can improve one's
health, answered this way: "Chlorella provides protein, RNA, DNA, all the
essential amino acids, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Besides the
nutritious value of this combination of components, the beta carotene in
chlorella is a well-known natural antioxidant and the cell walls are a good
source of fiber" .
But The Very Best Advocates Of Sun Chlorella Are
The Thousands Of People Who Use It
Here's what just a few of them have to say about their own modern day
**Miraculous And Wonderful!
"I have been faithfully taking Sun
Chlorella for 10 years now ... We
both have a lot more energy and
feel so much better than we ever
did before. Most people cannot
believe my husband is 61 years
old! ... I feel that it has been the
long-term usage of Sun Chlorella
that helped me ... I feel the product
is just wonderful!" -
Judy Devaughn, Connersville, IN
Hollywood Stars' Hottest New Natural Health Secret
**Natural Body Cleansing!
"I know Sun Chiarella cleans out my
body. Because of it, I am more regular
than ever (that was a problem)"-
Nathan Boydman, Delray Beach, FL
**Expect To Live To 1 00!
"People always tell me that I look younger than I
really am. I'm 75 years old and feel great. I know
Sun Chiarella keeps me feeling great ... I've been
taking SunChlorella for over four years ... I feel
energetic and well .. . I expect to live to be 1 00" -
Andres baquera, El Paso, TX
**Nectar Of The Gods!
" ... chlorella is like partaking the nectar of the
Gods. To feel & look wonderful, to be happy
about yourself and to have energy ... that's
what chlorella is to us" -
Patricia Cocchi , Miami Shores, FL
**Stronger, Healthier, Energized!
"Since I started taking Sun Chiarella , I've felt
stronger, healthier and very energized. Even walking
has become much easier. I thank God for this
product. I plan to take it for the rest of my life and I
recommend it for everyone!" -
Lori Dwyer, Inglewood, CA
**Feeling Great!
The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
**Cellular-Boosting Leads To Better Health!
"I have been taking chlorella for a short period
of time, and my system is greatly improved" -
Mary Judkins, Meeker; OK
"Here's my re-order. I decided I couldn't go wothout
Sun Chlorella . It really helped me feel good, and
helped me lose weight ... I have more energy with
chlorella ... I didn't have the money to spend before,
but I have changed my budget to put chlorella first" -
Charlotte E. Lima, Gadsden, AL
**Cleansing & Revitalizing Miracle!
"The best thing I like about Sun Chlorella is the
cleansing and revitalization. Since I've been taking it,
my skin, nails and overall health have become better.
I do not need to take other supplements because Sun
Chlorella is enough" -
Carol A. Kramer; Las Vegas, NV
**More Energy & Desire To Live!
I'm 71 years old ... since I have been on chlorella, I sleep better, have more
energy and a desire to live" - Roy McMinn, Meeker, OK
**Renewed Health!
I had always believed that green plants, in any form, were very healthy and
there is chlorophyll in chlorella. It helped me strengthen my body during the
flu season. It was great for my stomach and bowels ... I now have much
more energy as my bowel elimination is greatly improved and, therefore, I
now have less poisons in my system" - Bonita Becker, Greenville, WI
Hollywood Stars' Hottest New Natural Health Secret
**My Body's Less Toxic!
"I've been taking Sun Chiarella for over a year and my body is less toxic.
People say I don't look my age. Sun Chiarella is good for the whole body ...
it helps me feel better .. . " - Fern Malz, Sonoma, CA.
** From Near Death To A New Person
"2-1/2 years ago, I became very ill and had a near-death experience. For a
long time afterward, I could not get back my strength and stamina. While
discussing this with my doctor, he gave me literature on Sun Chiarella and
told me to give it a try. I started taking it immediately and in a couple of
months, I felt like a new person" - Cecilia Weidmann, Miami, FL
Famous Hollywood stars ... the press ... noted doctors ... amd thousands of
people are enthusiastic about Sun Chiarella one of the most popular
natural health breakthroughs for triggering your body 's natural defenses
and supporting its cleansing and revitalization.
36 Chapter 6
The Best Of All
"Nutritional Cleansing" Discoveries
Along with the popularity of "nutritional cleansing" with breakthroughs like
Sun Chlorella, also comes some confusion. For example, you may have
read or heard about different kinds of chlorellas or other varieties of algae.
So, let me explain why Sun Chlorella is the superior choice for your body's
own cleansing and revitalization.
More than 100 years ago, in 1890, the first laboratory culture of chlorella
was developed in Holland. Microbiologist M.W. Beijerinck verified the algae
as edible.
Chlorella next surfaced in 1917, when a German microbiologist, named
Lindner, considered making food from chlorella because of its high protein
content. But unfortunately, his work was discontinued due to WW1 .
Basic research in Germany continued in the 1940s, only to be taken over by
U.S. scientists in 1948. They were seeking sources of food due to
shortages in post-WW1. In that year, the Stanford Research Institute proved
that chlorella could be grown and harvested in large amounts.
But it was the Japanese who pioneered the technology to comercially grow,
harvest and process chlorella, which they call "concentrated sunlight".
During this time, chi orella also caught the attention of many countries due to
its high protein, amino acid and vitamin and mineral content. In fact, both
the USA and former USSR investigated its use as a space food.
But Despite Promising Research, One Seemingly
Insurmountable Problem Remained
The problem was this:
The outer cell wall of the chlorella cell was thick and impenetrable by typical
The Best Of All "Nutritional Cleansing" Discoveries
Why is it essential to "get inside" the chlorella cell?
There are two reasons.
One, chlorella has an outer cell wall that's porous. Because it's porous, it
can actually absorb harmful elements and help your body eliminate them.
Two, the inner cell of chlorella has all the good "stuff' -all the chlorophyll,
beta carotene and other cleansing and feeding nutrients your body needs.
Why Most Other Chlorella And Algae Products
Fail To Solve This Problem
But all previous attemps to break down that outer cell wall , with heat or
chemicals, negatively affected the nutritional content of chlorella. It lost all of
its good "stuff' in the process. With heat and chemicals, chlorella's vast
nutritional riches were destroyed. That's sort of like opening a Christmas
package with a bulldozer.
The Photo #1 shows commonly-available heat or chemicaly-treated
chlorella has not broken down the cell completely, and thus it is not easily
digested or assimilated.
Photo #1 : Commonly-available chlorella claiming to
have a broken cell wall, which may not be easily digested
or assimilated, losing nutritional value.
38 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
But in 1981, after years of research, Sun Chiarella of Japan scored a
significant nutritional breakthrough.
It developed its patented pulveration process by the use of the DYNO-MILL rM
The DYNO-MILL TM process is able to pulverize the thick, outer wall of the
chlorella cell without heat or chemicals.
Finally, the cell wall could be broken down without damaging chlorella's
delicate enzymes, thereby insuring full nutritional value.
As Photo #2 shows, true broken cell chlorella pulverizes the outer wall ,
giving you twice the nutritional value than the heat of chemically-treated
More importantly, this cell wall pulverization means optimum assimilation
and digestibility of chlorella.
Photo #2 : True broken cell chlorella (Sun Chlorella),
which means optimum digestion and assimilation of
chlorella's nutritional value into your body
In plain English, Sun Chiarella gives you a much higher percentage of
valuable nutrients than you receive with heat or chemically-treated
The Best Of All "Nutritional Cleansing" Discoveries
Get Double The Chlorella Power
How important is the DYNO-MILL process?
As the following chart shows, your digestibility and assimilation rates are
This means you can get twice as much chlorella nutrition with Sun
Chlorella than with any other chlorella or green food product.
But that's not all.
This Is The Purest Superfood I've Found
Somebody's recently asked me if I'd tried other superfoods for cleansing,
along with Sun Chlorella
Digestibility and assimilation rates are doubled

e Sun-Chlorella "A" - Patented DYNO-MILL Process
Commonly available Chlorella - Heat Treated
.A Untreated Chlorella- Whole Cell
Source: Department of Food Science and Technology, Kyoto University, Kyoto
40 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
I have, and there are some outstanding ones. But tests have shown that
some of the blue/green algae, and things that try to pass for superfoods,
may have bacterial stains, especially as they're grown in natural lakes. Just
because it's grown in a natural lake doesn't mean it's pure and free from
The difference is Sun Chiarella is grown in pure, clean water, free from
toxins and contaminants. It is 100% pure and natural and is continuously
monitored and meticulously checked to ensure the best quality.
Sun Chiarella is grown
and harvested in clean,
uncontaminated pools
for maximum purity and
No lake-polluting here.
After 25 years of testing, and after pouring countless millions of dollars into
research and development, Sun Chiarella boasts the industry's highest
quality control.
It's no surprise to me that Sun Chiarella is Japan's #1 health food!
Now that you know what makes Sun Chiarella so unique, let me explain
an often overlooked problem that could hold the key to your good health and
renewed vitality.
With its patented DYNO-MILL process, Sun Chiarella solves the biggest
problem that typical heat or chemically - treated chlorellas have. It breaks
down the hard outer cell wall so you can get double the nutritional power of
The Deep, Dark Mystery
One of the most important, but overlooked factors relating to your health,
are your "elimination channels." By that, I mean how your body eliminates
fluids, bile and waste.
The five main elimination channels are your skin, lungs, kidney, lymph nodes
and bowel. Of all of these, your bowel is the most important when it comes
to your health. The problem is a "sick" bowel is often hard to detect until you
actually get sick. By then, it may be too late.
How Important Is Healthy Bowel?
Dr Bernard Jensen believes of all your body's organs, the bowel is most
vulnerable to disease.
Dr John Harvey Kellogg claimed that 90% of the diseases of civilization
were due to poor bowel functioning.
Dr Sir Arbuthnot Lane of London say: "The lower end of the intestine is of
the size that requires emptying every six hours, but by habit, we retain its
contents 24 hours. The result is ulcers and cancer."
And Dr Denis Burkitt, a British surgeon, found East Africans who kept their
bowels clean with a high-fiber diet had no problems with obesity,
diverticulosis, colitis and cancer of the colon.
Researchers have found that your bowel functions may be broken down
by a combination of processed foods, stress, lack of exercise and toxins in
your environment. These factors set up an ideal environment for disease.
As your bowel backs up and becomes an unhealthy "trap," toxins begin to
spill over into your bloodstream and lymph, endangering your tissues, cells
and organs.
42 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
In my own practice, I've seen some startling cases where a toxic and sickly
bowel was, at least in part, a direct link to many health problems such as
headaches, osteoporosis, back-aches and even cancer.
The Natural Way To Cleanse Your Bowel
Over the past 20 years, I've done extensive research on the best and safest
ways to cleanse your bowel, even after years and years of harmful element
The best way is to use Sun Chiarella .
That's because it provides four benefits of bowel cleansing and revitaliza-
tion of your cellular health you'll find nowhere else. Let me now explain
these four unique benefits.
How healthy is your bowel? Is it a trap for toxins that could be harming you
health? But with safe and natural Sun Chiarella , you enjoy a healthy bowel
and enhance your health.
Mother Nature's Most
Powerful Cleansing Agent
When it comes to cleansing your bowel naturally, Sun Chiarella is an
amazing superfood.
That's because it is packed with chlorophyll, which I believe is nature's most
powerful tissue cleansing agent.
In fact, chlorella is the highest known source of chlorophyll available to you
What's more, Sun Chiarella has 8 times more milligrams of chlorophyll per
serving than wheat grass ... 1 0 times more than barley and nearly 20 times
more than alfalfa.
The Concentrated Power of Sunlight
The word chlorophyll is derived from the Greek works "chloros" which means
green and "phylum," which means leaf. Chlorophyll is what makes plants
Because of a miracle of Mother Nature, chlorophyll is able to capture the
energy and health giving power of sunlight.
That's why green vegetables are so beneficial to your health.
In fact, I highly recommend greens as part of any diet for my patients.
Think of chlorophyll as a powerful "internal shower'' washing your bowel
clean, without the risks and possible side effects of drugs.
Why rely on artificial cleansers, when you can use Mother Nature's best: the
chlorophyll that's packed into Sun Chiarella .
But this is only the first unique benefit of Sun Chiarella. The next one is
equally important. ...
Nothing from Mother Nature can clean your body better than chlorophyll.
And Chiarella is the most potent source of chlorophyll in the plant world.
Sweep Out The Old, Send In The New:
Revitalizing And Supercharging Your Cells
The goal of an effective cleansing process to remove harmful elements
and, at the same time, replace essential nutrients. In other words, pull out
the bad, and replenish the good.
Most well-known cleansers do a pretty good job of removing toxins and
other harmful elements. But, unfortunately, they often act so quickly
that they also remove good elements, essential nutrients, and critical
electrolytes that add vital minerals your body needs to function properly.
And, when your electrolytes are depleted, your body is like a battery that's
lost its charge. The result is that you're likely to feel worse than you did
before you went through the cleansing process.
The Perfect Solution
Sun Chiarella addresses this problem perfectly.
It can help cleanse your body without stealing vital minerals, vitamins and
That's because it gathers up harmful elements and eliminates them, plus it
gives you the nutritional supercharge your body needs.
In fact, Sun Chiarella contains more than 20 different vitamins and
minerals and is laden with amino acids, beta carotene, and beneficial
minerals such as zinc and iron.
So, you get the best of both worlds with Sun Chiarella
harmful elements and "Up" in nutrients.
"Down" in
When this happens, you're protecting and nourishing your cells at the same
Sweep Out The Old, Send In The New : Revitalizing And Supercharging Your Cells 45
More importantly, you're taking the second step towards revitalizing your
health, your body's defense and your energy and vitality.
But som.etimes, after years of unhealthy living and eating, your cells need
more than just a boost. This leads me to the third unique benefit of Sun
Sun Chlorella does far more than help cleanse your body of harmful
elements. It also helps replenish your body with much-needed vitamins,
nutrients and minerals.
A Fresh Start:
How To Revitalize Your Cellular Health
For illustrative purposes, think of your body as a city that's trying to recover
from a "bombing assault," like those that took place during WWII in London,
Dresden and Tokyo.
If you wanted to rebuild the city, certain steps would be necessary
1. First, the bombing must stop. It's useless to try to rebuild while the
onslaught continues.
2. Next, the rubble must be cleared away to provide a clean foundation
for rebuilding.
3. Only at this point can meaningful rebuilding start. Homes are built,
services restored, and businesses reopened.
4. Finally, with the city's infrastructure rebuilt, people return to live and
resume their lives.
In the very same way, just clearing away the rubble in your body and
supercharging your cells may not be enough. Your tissues may have been
damaged and in great need of health-building support.
The Powerhouse Of Protein
Nothing I've found is better at revitalizing your cells than protein. It's the
essential tissue builder and natural energy booster.
And nothing is more protein-packed than Sun Chlorella. In fact, for every
100 grams, chlorella has more than twice as much protein as beef, twice as
much protein as chicken, twice as much protein as fish and four times as
much protein as eggs and wheat. Plus, chlorella has as much as 60 %
protein by weight.
A Fresh Start
With Sun Chiarella 's DYNO-MILL rM process, much more of that valuable
protein is digested and assimilated by your body than with typical chlorella.
This means more of protein's revitalizing power can get to your cells,
speeding the health giving process.
But that's not all.
Sun Chiarella also includes a fourth unique benefit that makes it an
extraordinary superfood.
Research reveals that protein is essential for revitalizing your cells. And
nothing is more protein-packed than Sun Chiarella , with four times as
much protein as eggs and wheat.
The Most Prized Secret To Accelerate
Your Body's Natural Health
The Amazing Chiarella growth Factor
But of all the benefits of Sun Chi orella , perhaps the most significant, in my
opinion, is the combination of substances that make up the Chiarella Growth
Factor (CGF).
First discovered by Dr. Fujimaki of the People's Scientific Reserarch
Center in Tokyo in the 1950s, this extract is rich in nucleic acids like RNA
and DNA - both of which stimulate growth - as well as amino acids,
peptides, and vitamins.
What's most instriguing is CGF has been found to promote both the growth
and the healthy maintenance of tissues.
In fact, Dr Bernard Jensen has said: "If I had to pick out the most valuable
feature of chlorella in preventing illness and lifting the general health level, I
would give CGF and the nucleic acids the most credit, because they revive
the energy level of the body, as a whole, and because they nourish all
tissues of the body."
Incredible Rapid Growth
The reason chlorella has successfully survived over two billion years is
its ability to grow and re-grow itself.
Chiarella quadruples itself, under normal conditions, in less than 24 hours.
This is made possible because of its inherent genetic stability, hardiness,
and unusually effective DNA repair mechanism.
How Significant Can Growth Be With Chlorella ?
In early experiments, young rats, pigs, rabbits and chicks had 5-10 %
chlorella added to their diets.
The Most Prized Secret To Accelerate Your Body's Natural Health
Compared to the Control groups, the chlorella animals had dramatic weight
and size gains.
In another notable study, healthy 10 year old boys and girls were given two
grams of chlorella a day for 112 days.
Compared to a control group, the children given chlorella showed healthier
growth spurts.
The Nucleic Acid Factor
Even more exciting is the richer nucleic acid content of chlorella.
Among all food substances, chlorella has one of the highest nucleic acid
Research shows that chlorella includes from 3% - 10% RNA and
0.3% - 3% DNA.
At the higher figures, this means chlorella has 17 times more RNA than
canned sardines, which many believed was the food with the highest RNA.
I recommend that you eat foods high in nucleic acids for a number of rea-
For one, it gives you what you need for the repair and production of human
nucleic acids. It gives you the raw material you need to construct new DNA
and RNA.
Nucleic acids also help you solve the problem of rapid cell turnover by
helping you rebuild new cells.
In addition, when you boost your natural supply of DNA and RNA, you'll help
your body naturally defend itself against aging and disease.
Why Are Nucleic Acids So Important?
According to Benjamin S. Frank, M.D., author of the No-Aging Diet,
" ... the way to maintain health and restore damaged health is to
provide energy-giving nutrients from outside the body."
50 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
"Among the most essential nutrients are the nucleic acids, RNA and DNA ...
they provide the kind of energy the cell needs to create its own
high-quality RNA and DNA and to provide cellullar energy."
Here's the key.
Dr. Frank adds : "A young cell can normally repair this damage because
it has the needed energy. The older cell needs help to slow down the aging
I fully expect "growth factors," like those found in Sun Chlorella , to be one
of the major breakthroughs in natural health and healing.
Since they help your body rebuild and restore its health, they have unlimited
The Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) sets chlorella apart from all other green
superfoods. CGF's unique abilities to promote both cell growth and main-
tain tissue health make it an excellent and much-needed health-builder.
Adding both energizing RNA and DNA to your body help maintain your good
health, naturally!
Chapter 12
A New Line Of Natural Self-Defense
For Your Body's Health And Well ness
As I've explained in previous chapters, cleansing your body from harmful
toxins and chemicals is only the first step in revitalizing your health.
You also need to support your body's own natural restoration and health
There are two specific ways you can do this ....
First.. ..
Give Your Body's Natural Defenders
The Support They Need
The road to disease doesn't only begin with toxic suppressors; it can also
begin with bio-chemical and nutritional deficiencies.
If your body is lacking key nutrients, as well as pure water, clean air, sleep
and exercise, you're opening up yourself to sickness and illness.
That's why you need to give your body support for it to trigger its own
health-giving powers.
Throughout my years of study and practice, it's been evident that key
nutritional and bio-chemical support is no longer found in most of the foods
we eat.
Far too many of those foods have had this key support washed or grown
out of them. They're lacking their original, natural content of disease-
fighting nutrients. We just can't get what we need from what we eat
The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
Why Even Bugs Won't Eat Processed Foods
Let me give you an example.
Our grains are processed so much today they're "dead" - depleted of
nutrients. You can't even store them in a silo and have bugs come in,
because even bugs won't eat the grain.
So, the food industry says, "Fine, we'll enrich the grain with vitamins that
taste good." That's right, they only put back synthetic, artificial vitamins that
taste good.
But that means you don't get "real" vitamins ... the ones your body needs to
build its self defense against sickness and disease.
So, we must look to the outside for what your body really needs to be healthier.
What your body really needs is ...
Vitamins : Vitamins regulate your metabolism and keep you functioning at
high performance.
Vitamins are critical for good health and for helping your body reduce high
blood pressure, resist infections, protect itself against heart disease, and
fight off many other health problems.
Of course, natural vitamins from food, or taken with food, are much better
than synthetic vitamins.
Minerals : I like to think of minerals as batteries for your body. They charge
you up and get you going.
For example, calcium builds strong bones and muscles ... chloride aids in
cleansing ... copper can increase the effectiveness of your immune system ..
selenium is an antioxidant.. and iron helps fight off disease ..
Carbohydrates : This is fuel for your body. Carbohydrates contain fiber for
bulk and good digestion .. glucose for energy and brain function ... enzymes
for digestion ... and water for detoxification, as well as vitamins and minerals
for good health.
A New Line Of Natural Self-Defense For Your Body's Health And Wei/ness 53
While there are many foods and supplements that can give you
health- building vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, one of the most
powerful is the all-natural superfood, Sun Chiarella .
As I've mentioned, Sun Chiarella is packed with key vitamins and
proteins, plus it contains 20% carbohydrates.
Many people, including myself, like the fact that Sun Chiarella is rich in
antioxidants which fight off free radicals.
Mother Nature's Most Potent
Free Radical - Scavengers
Sun Chiarella is laden with antioxidants, especially ... .
Beta carotene : This keeps your mucous membranes, the first line of
defense against unwanted organisms, in top working order.
And SunChlorella contains six times more beta carotene than spinach !
Zinc : This is the key antioxidant nutrient because it stimulates the activitiy
nutrient because it stimulates the activity of superoxide dismutase, the
second most powerful antioxidant produced by the body.
Plus, zinc bolsters your thymus gland, a key organ in fighting off disease.
But that's not all.
Sun Chiarella is also packed with ....
19 amino acids: These include Lysine, which boosts your
body's production of anti-viral agents ... Arginine, which boosts your disease-
fighting T-cells and prevents weakening of your body's natural defense .. and
Cystine, an all-around booster that's critical to the formation of antibodies.
Polysaccharides (Beta Glucan) : These plant-derived nutrients have the
amazing ability to increase your body's defenses vs. viruses, bacteria and
fungi. .and can help you fight off infections.
54 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
The result? With Sun Chlorella , you build your health "protectors" and feel
younger, livelier and more energetic, naturally!
Eliminate Unhealthy Microorganisms
Besides building up your nutritional and biochemical support, you must
also support your body's natural defenses by eliminating unhealty
If your body's defense system has been broken down by toxic suppressors
or biochemical deficiencies, it allows microorganisms like bacteria, viruses
and other parasites to take over.
You may be surprised to learn that as many as 50% of the U.S. population
has some kind of parasite living in their bodies*
In addition, bacteria are known pathogens or disease-causers ... and some
viruses, if left unchecked, can last for years, even decades in your body.
While there are no "magic" cures for microorganisms, one of my best
recommendations is for you to build up your body's self-defense and
Once again, this can be accomplished by cleansing your body, by healthy
living and by supporting your body with whole natural superfoods like Sun
Well-Documented Case Proves The Point
One of the best documented cases that demonstrates how chlorella can
support your body's self-defense is a study of nearly 1 ,000 sailors over a
three-month period.
*Surviving The Toxic Crisis, Dr. William R. Kellas and Dr.Andrea Dworkin,
(C) 1996 William Randall Kellas.
A New Line Of Natural Self-Defense For Your Body's Health And Wei/ness
On a cruise during the hot, tropical season, the sailors were worked very
hard. 458 of the group were given two grams of chlorella each day, while
the control group of 513 sailors were not given any chlorella.
During this grueling cruise, the sailors whose diet was supplemented with
chlorella had 41% fewer colds than the control group, as well as less than
50% of the average weight loss.
How? Researchers have since found that chlorella contains a substance
that appears to stimulate defense systems in the body.
If you're looking for a new line of natural self defense for your body, Sun
Chlorella is an ideal superfood to give you the support you need.
Not only must you cleanse your body of dangerous elements, you must also
support any biochemical and nutritional deficiencies in your body. Many of
the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs are no longer found in
today's processed foods. But Sun Chlorella is laden with vital nutrients,
vitamins and antioxidants to help build your body's natural health
New Hope For Chronic Pain
One of the greatest problems with the Medical Establisment today is that it
is notorious for treating "symptoms," rather than root causes.
Traditional medicine says if you have a symptom, treat the symptom with
powerful drugs that numb or temporarily stop the pain ... expensive
therapies ... or even invasive surgeries.
Treating only the symptoms is like covering up the "idiot light," on your
dashboard and saying your engine is still in great shape.
"So the idiot light said the engine was heating up; I'll just cover it with tape.
So another light said the engine is low on oil; I'll just cover that one with
tape, too." But eventually, real damage will be done, and your car will break
In my experience, there's no better example of "symptom-treating" than
what many people do for chronic pain. It is an inescapable problem facing
millions of people.
What Most People Do To Combat Pain .......
And Why It's Not Enough
For chronic pain, most people want a "magic pill"- something that will mask
the pain, even temporarily.
That's why over $28 billion a year is spent on drugs and treatments to fight
inflammatory diseases like arthritis and headaches.
But taking pain-killing drugs like NSAID's and adrenal steroids can
become a bad habit. What's more, they can be very risky, even linked to a
breakdown of your body's immune system.
Most importantly, you may not get to the root cause of your pain, which
means the pain may come back even worse.
New Hope For Chronic Pain
The Hidden Link to Pain
If you've ever had arthritic pain, joint pain, recurring headaches - or the
excruciating pain of migraines- you know the severity of the problem. But
what you may not know is that chemical irritation can be one cause of
chronic pain.
You see, environmental toxins, cigarette smoke, allergic reactions,
parasitic and micro-biological infections, and drugs can cause nerve
irritation. Nerve irritation, in turn, can cause a chain of events which culmi-
nates in bodily dysfunction like arthritis, inflammation and headaches.
In addition, I've found that a lot of headaches can be linked, either partially
or in a larger part, to problems and toxins in the bowel.
If your bowel starts moving in a healthy manner, toxins are washed out of
your body, instead stored.
You may start to see the pain disappear, with no brain fog, no headaches,
no sunlight sensitivity.
I'm not saying an unhealthy bowel is the cause of all headaches. What I'm
saying is that by cleansing your body, good things will happen.
In other words, it's the difference between supporting and enhancing
versus dealing with the symptom. Drugs will clear up a headache ... but they
won't stop the cause of the problem. I'm much more interested in stopping
the cause in order to enhance long-term health and vitality.
Let Your Body's Natural Defenses
Go To Work
If you can cleanse your body of harmful pain causing irritants, you are on
your way to renewed health.
That's because cleansing greatly increases your chances of gaining good
58 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
By cleansing your body, you can let your body's own natural defenses go to
I've found Sun Chlorella to be nature's most powerful cleanser, and thus
one of the best natural approaches I've come across in the past 20 years.
For example, at my center, in addition to our regular medical treatments, we
have been using the superfood Sun Chlorella to support the body,
There is something you must do to deal with the root cause of the
problem - that is cleansing the body and giving your body the chance to
revitalize itself
Two of the hidden links to pain are chemical irritants in your body and
toxins in the bowel. If you can naturally rid your body of these threats, you
can help your body ignite its own natural defense. Sun Chlorella is nature's
most powerful cleanser, and one of the most powerful natural supports for
A Natural Slimming Secret
And Why You Can Laugh At The Wider Seats
At Stadiums Across America
Americans are getting fatter and fatter each year. That's why, over the last
ten years, builders of sports stadiums have had to increase the width of the
seats by 2" . Wider seats for wider bottoms!
Once again, the reason why so many people are getting fatter, even when
they try to lose weight, is they are ignoring the hidden causes of weight gain.
Toxic Weight Gain
Many people may have tried weight-loss programs without success. You
know, you cut your calorie intake. You eat fat-free of low-fat foods. You get
plenty of exercise. Still, you cannot lose the weight you want.
That's because only one of the four causes of weight gain has to do with fat.
Yes, you can and will gain weight from overeating, eating many carbohy-
drates or processed sugar.
But there are three other reasons why you gain weight. These include: toxic
build-up .... allergic reactions .... and unhealthy microorganisms.
For example, if your body is not "tuned up" and cleansed of toxins, you
might experience toxic weight gain.
But when you start addressing the toxins that have built up over the years,
some amazing things can happen.
One is that cellulite may disappear. That's right. When you cleanse your
body, cellulite goes away because it is not a fat in the classic sense, but
more of a storage dump.
60 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
Tune-Up Your Body For A Slimmer You
But that's not all. As you cleanse your body, it starts working properly. Your
elimination systems are working right. Your tissues stop swelling and
puffing. You stop holding excess water and oils. And you lose weight,
So you lose weight not by starving yourself, but by clearing out toxins!
But that's not all.
As you clear out toxins, you can supercharge your energy levels, another
key factor in losing weight.
And one of the best ways to accelerate both the cleansing and energizing
processes is with Sun Chiarella .
Only one of the four causes of weight gain has to do with fat. The other
three reasons are toxic build-up ... allergic food reactions . .. and starches and
sugars. By cleansing your body with Sun Chiarella , you can help your
body lose weight naturally and be energized.
Turn Back The Clock And
Feel Young Again
Is it really possible to slow down the effects of the aging process? Can you
actually look and feel years younger?
Encouragement For A Youthful Metabolism
According to Dr. Benjamin S. Frank, author of the No-Aging Diet, the aging
process is due primarily to the breakdown of nucleic factors (RNA and
His theory is summarized this way. He writes:
"Our bodies are made up of cells-thousands of billions of them. They are
born, they reproduce themselves, they age, they die. In reproducing, they
make copies of themselves.
" As we age, these copies differ from their predecessors in various ways,
each becoming less effective in itself. In other words, old age is like a
collection of inefficiency in various body functions: less energy, fatigue,
more wrinkles, more health problems, which strike as we grow older."
What is Dr. Frank's scientific breakthrough for aging?
He continues: "There are natural direct and indirect sources of high quality
RNA and DNA, which can be supplied from outside the body to nourish our
cells and metabolism.
"It is possible to keep doing this. This means it is possible to remain healthy
far longer than the general experience of the human race. It means much-
delayed old age."
62 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
Look And Feel Ten Years Younger
In my own practice, I've seen the positive effects of diets rich in RNA and
DNA, primarily through supplementation with Sun Chlorella . As I
mentioned, chlorella has one of the highest nucleic acid contents of any
food known to man (when taken in large doses).
Simply put, Sun Chlorella promotes healthy metabolism of your cells.
It's no wonder my patients, myself and people all over the world love Sun
Chlorella. It makes us look and feel younger, lighter and more energetic.
According to Dr. Benjamin S Frank, author of the No-Aging Diet, high
-quantity RNA and DNA can nourish your cells and encourage their healthy
metabolism. Chlorella has one of the highest nucleic acid contents of any
food known to man. That's why Sun Chlorella can help you feel ten years
Energize Your Love Life!
As I've mentioned earlier in this book, nutritional deficiencies are another
hidden cause of health problems.
Nutritional deficiencies can also affect your love life, leading to boring, stale,
unfulfilling sex.
Is There A Damper Over Your Love Life?
Just like other functions of your body, your sexual organs and drives need to
be healthy. Nutritional deficiencies can slow down, even damage, your
circulatory system, your arteries and your hormones. These are all critical to
your love life.
Problems can affect both men and women, including failure to get- and
maintain- an erection .. lack of sexual drive .. .failure to reach orgasm ... and
other complications.
Give Yourself A Natural, Energizing Boost
But the good news is that all-natural Sun Chlorella is jam-packed with
Mother Nature's finest nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.
By taking it, you'll offset nutritional deficiencies and supercharge your body.
Most importantly, when your body is replenished and energized with
nutrients, the ground work is set for a revitalized and energized love life!
Nutritional deficiencies can hamper, even damage, your sex life. But with
Mother Nature's potent nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in Sun
Chlorella , you can replenish those deficiencies and give your love life a
How You Can Enjoy A Lifetime Of
Healthy Living And Revitalization
When I tell many of many patients that toxins and dangerous chemicals in
their bodies may be one of the hidden causes of their health problems, they
are surprised.
But when I tell them how many toxins may be in their bodies, they're shocked.
Think of toxic build-up like a pipe running under your house. When it's
brand-new, the pipe may be 3" in diameter, clear as can be.
But over the years, "junk" starts to build up. Old food from your garbage
disposal. Hair, Waste products. Dirt. Grime. Grease.
Eventually, a thin layer builds on the walls of the pipe. Then another layer.
Then another.
After a decade, the 3" diameter is now only 1". Water flow is slowed down.
Draining takes three times as long. The pipe is in bad shape.
A Lifelong Battle
If you ignore the invisible toxic enemy I've described in this book, your
body will be just like that pipe. Eventually, it will break down sooner than it
You see, toxins are a lifelong enemy.
If a mother has mercury poisoning from her fillings, she can pass the
poisons on to her unborn baby. Toxins are in our foods, air, water,
everywhere. New toxins are being discovered daily.
Throughout your lifetime, your body may "take in" more toxins than it can
naturally eliminate on its own through your skin, lungs, kidneys and bowel.
How You Can Enjoy A Lifetime Of Healthy Living And Revitalization
Worse, toxins can stay in your body for years and even decades. In fact,
mercury poisoning from fillings can stay in your body over 20 years, even
after you've had your fillings removed and replaced with non-toxic ones.
Begin An Assault On Harmful Elements And
Keep Fighting Every Day!
You can begin an assault on harmful elements today with nutritional break-
throughs like the superfood ... Sun Chiarella. As I've detailed in this book,
nothing is a better cleanser than this amazing discovery.
Since I discovered Sun Chiarella , my life has been a miracle. I love Sun
Chiarella . In fact, I won't go a day without taking my 15 tablets with my
But, it's only a beginning. Just like it's taken time for harmful elements to
build up in your body, it takes time to eliminate them.
It also takes time for your body to revitalize its cells and support its own
natural cleansing. That's just the way the body works.
A Healthy Transition Takes Patience
My point in all of this is that any nutritional supplement from Mother Nature
takes time to fully do its work in your body.
Here's a perfect example: Do you know that the protein in your body is
constantly renewed and that is continues this renewal process your whole
But, it takes roughly six to seven months.
The good news is that with superfoods rich in RNA and DNA like Sun
Chiarella , you'll help encourage this process.
66 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
With Sun Chlorella , you may start feeling better right away, or it may take
a little longer for the benefits to become evident. It all depends on your
individual body make-up and metabolism, as well as the degree of cellular
Another Modern Day Miracle
But the most important thing is that with Sun Chlorella, you have begun a
lifetime of healthy living and revitalization.
Not only does Sun Chlorella cleanse your body of harmful elements that
have built-up over the years; it also protects you from new toxic threats
that would try to invade your body.
That's why scores of people - including myself - have been taking Sun
Chlorella for years and continue to take it every day. I've seen many
modern day miracles with Sun Chlorella !
A NewYou!
If you've already started taking Sun Chlorella , I encourage you to keep
taking it, every day. Don't give up after just a few weeks.
And, if you haven't yet started taking it, I hope you will.
Many of my patients and I have learned how to regain our health, naturally,
with superfoods like Sun Chlorella.
Millions of people all over the world rely on chlorella for its amazing cleansing
Now, it's your turn to do the same and trigger your body's own natural
More amazing case studies and testimonials
from people who love Sun Chlorella
** From Couch Potato to Feeling Alive!
"I had difficulty doing just about eveyrthing ...
after dinner I became an instant (couch)
potato. Since I've been taking Sun Chiarella
.... I feel alive again & full of good spirits.
Sun Chiarella is something I never, never
want to be without. "
- Susan Shapiro, Plantation, FL
**So Much Better!
" I have been using Sun Chiarella
since June, '95 .... My allergies have not
been nearly as bad ... the tablets are
so easy to swallow and there is no
funny aftertaste. Keep up the good
work and the quality of your products.
P.S. My Dalmatian Nikki has been on
Pet Sun Chiarella since May, 1995.
Her coat and skin are shiny and healthy
and she feels wonderful."
-Carol Clifton, Edgewater, FL
** Health Food Store Owner Calls It Her #1 Chlorella Product!
"Many of my customers have been on Sun Chiarella for a number of years
and say they just could not be without it. It is my #1 selling chlorella product,
and I'm grateful you produce such an excellent supplement. "
- Patty Comstock, Full O'Life, Burbnk, CA
68 The Amazing Superfood of the Orient
** Plenty of Energy!
"Before I started taking chlorella, I had no energy by early afternoon. Since
I've been using chlorella regularly, I have plenty of energy all day."
- Mikel Russell, Petaluma, CA
**Great Energy Booster!
"After the first few days of taking this great en-
ergy booster, I am able to report I must take
Sun Chiarella before breakfast or my
energy is so high I can't sleep. I was born Feb
14, 1904."
-Joe Wooding, Salem, OH
** Free Of Problems Others Have!
"On 12-28-87, I had a mastectomy ... In 1989, I learned
about chi orella ... and since then I have been taking it
every day. I have grown stronger and seem to have
none of the problems that many 'elders' do ... my health
remains strong and I am able to deal with stress. I'll
probably take chlorella forever. I've been taking 15
tablets daily for the past seven years. I'm 88 and
wouldn't do without them. I keep busy with painting,
drawing and quilting.
Thanks to Sun Chiarella , I can do all the things I want to do with energy
and endurance. I know taking Sun Chiarella all these years has helped
me greatly."
- Mary Bancroft, Springfield, OH
** Fantastic Health Booster!
I've always believed in taking [natural health foods]
and Sun Chiarella .... is among my favorites
because I know vitamins and amino acids that
come from the sea contain everything in the right
proportions for anyone's health."
- Eva A Bryant, Alpine, TX
Appendix B
** Much-Needed Energy!
"Chlorella ... gave me needed energy and
helped me to sleep, firmed up body and gave
me better skin & hair."
- Phyllis Goulait, Clearwater, FL
**Boosts Body's Defense System!
"Sun Chiarella helps regulate your system, as
well as helps repair your muscles. I believe that
it truly boosts your body's defense system. This
product is so outstanding that I recommend it
to all my patients."
-Dr. Andrew J. Miles, D.C
** Thank You For The 15 lbs. I Lost!
"''ve taken Sun Chiarella for probably close a year now. I've lost about 15
pounds, and I think it's probably because my energy level is up. Best yet, I
haven't eaten less food.
I definitely have more energy with Sun Chiarella . I feel the most energy
probably in the early afternoon ... and I can go for a longer period of time
without getting tired like I used to. And I don't miss the naps I used to take
when I got off work.
Of Sun Chiarella , Beverly says: "What a fantastic product you have! At
age 58, my energy is back .... 1 seem to do more in a day than I used to do
in a week. And thank you for the 15 lbs. I lost."
- Beverly Glass, Redondo Beach, CA
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