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For the first time in Election History of India, NOTA has been introduced in General Election of India, 2014.

What is the full form of NOTA? A. None of The Above B. No To Anyone C. No one of the Above D. Not The Above Post 1998 General Election in India, which one of the following political parties emerged as the single largest party? A. Congress BJP CPI Janata Dal Elephant is the symbol of which one of the following political parties? A. BSP SP Congress BJP Bicycle is the symbol of which one of the following political parties? A. SP

BJP Congress. Janata Dal Which one of the following has the largest presence of Muslims (In terms of percentage) of all the states/UTs?

Lakshadweep Jammu and Kashmir Bihar Uttar Pradesh Which election year witnessed the lowest voter turnout (In terms of percentage) in the Parliamentary election history of India? A. 1967 1958C. 1970D. 1950 Which one of the following former parliamentarians got elected from four states of India? A. Jawaharlal NehruB. Atal Bihari VajpayeeC. P.V. Narsimha RaoD. Manmohan Sing In which one of the following states of India, Electronic Voting Machines were first used? A. BiharB.

Uttar PradeshC. KeralaD. Tamil Nadu Which one of the following is the biggest constituencies of India in terms of area? A. BarmerB. LadakhC. KuchhD. Delhi sadar Who among the following was the first chief election commissioner of India ? A. Sukumar SenB. KVK SundaramC. MS GillD. TN Seshan

Which countrys highest court on 2 April 2014 gave official recognition to a third category of sex other than male or female? (Check answer...) Which Indian State has the maximum number of factories? (Check answer...)tamil Nadu

Who took over as the new Chairman of Tata group firm Trent Ltd on 31 march 2014? (Check answer...)noel tata Which country was forbidden from whale-hunting and grant of further whaling permits by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in its judgment recently? Japan Which communication satellite of India expired recently after being in the orbit for around ten-and-a-half years? INSAT 3E Who won the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix held at the Sepang circuit ? LEWIS Hamilton Mercedes team Great Britain

Who is th new President of Slovakia ? Andreja KISKA Recently India has been declared as which Disease free country by WHO? POLIO

C-130J super Hercules aircraft which recently crashed near Karualii, Rajasthan was a ? TRANSPORT AIRCRAFT what is CORRECT about Abel Prize? (i) It is equivalent to Nobel prize for Mathematics. (ii) No Indian have ever won it. (iii) Yakov G. Sinai won Abel Prize 2014. (Check answer...) 1AND 3

who won the Abel Prize for 2014? (Check answer...) which statement is FALSE about National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA)? (Check answer...) IT IS UNDER MINISTRY OF FINANACE (TICK FALSE AND) what is CORRECT about "Dendroid"?

(i) It is computer virus for Android phone. (ii) CERT-in has issued warning against it. BOTH CORRECT what is CORRECT about "Pigmy Hog"? (i) It is critically endangered smallest and rare wild pig. (ii) Now, it is found only in Assam , India. 1 AND 2 BOTH CORRECT what is CORRECT about Neutrino? (i) it is also called "Ghost Particle" (ii) It travel at speed of light. BOTH ARE CORRECT

Recently the upcoming G-8 summit was cancelled that was to be held at Sochi (Russia) during June 2014. The proposed G-8 Summit has been replaced by a G-7 meeting without Russian involvement. This G-7 summit would be held at which place? BRUSSELS, BELGIUM

Name the Venue of The Nuclear Security Summit 2014 (NSS 14). HAGUE NETHERLANDS

Which telecom company is behind the "M-Pesa" Mobile payment system? VODAFONE

Name of Indian-origin woman for whom stamp is released in U.K. for contribution in Word war-II ? NOOR INAYAT KHAN WORLD WAR 2 HEROIN WHO DIED IN CONCENTRATION CAMP. BRITISH ROYAL MAIL ISSUED A POSTAGE STAMP .FAUGHT FACISM.

Which supreme court appointed committee is investigating the IPL scam ? MUDGAL COMMITTEE

what is FALSE about Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) ?

(i) It comes under Ministry of Science and Technology (ii) It permit the use of GMOs and products thereof for commercial applications. (iii) In March 2014, it revalidated the field trials for 10 varieties of Genetically Modified (GM) food crops. A IS FALSE GEAC COMES UNDERENVIRONMENT AND FOREST

what is CORRECT about T.B. disease?

(I) 24th March is World TB day.

(ii) Most TB patients are from India. BOTH CORRECT

What is correct about VVPAT (Voter verifiable paper audit trail )?

(I) It will be deployed at polling station for General Election 2014. (ii) Voting choice will be captured in paper with symbol and name of candidate. 2 IS CORRECT. IT WILL BE DEPLOYED ON EXPERIMENTAL BASIS.20000 FOR GENERAL ELECTIONS

Which State Ranked 1 in the recently released Economic Freedom of the States of India Report 2013? GUJARAT

Name the books written by Khushwant Singh? TRAIN TO PAKISTAN, HISTORY OF SIKH,SDELHI A NOVEL

Which state scored the highest in monthly per capita consumer expenditure (MPCE) for rural areas in the recently released ranking by the by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO)?KERELA Rs 2669

Which state scored the highest in monthly per capita consumer expenditure (MPCE) for urban areas in the recently released ranking by the by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO)? Hariyana 3817

Who is the Deputy Governor of the RBI who resigned recently? K C CHAKRABARTY

DK Jain, who passed away recently was the founder and Chairman of which famous pen and stationery brand of India? (Check answer...) LUXOR

The great Himalayan national park nominated for UNESCO sites is situated in :- KULLU DISTRICT OF HIMACHAL PRADESH


Rani-ki-vav which is nominated for UNESCO heritage site is located in? PATAN GUJARAT

RANI KI VOV IS nominated by India for UNESCO heritage sites for 2014 IS IN WHICH STATE? GUJARAT

Srikant Suryanarayan was in news due to:- CHAIRMAN OF YOUN INDIA ORGANISATION


MH370 was in news due to ? (Check answer...)

what was the outcome of "Crimea Referendum"? (Check answer...)

what is correct about snap poll?

(I) snap poll means election called earlier than expected. (II) Serbia conducted snap poll recently. (Check answer...)

Bird "the Blue and White Flycatcher" is recorded first time in which place in India? (Check answer...)

Bird "the Great Short-Toed Lark" is first time recorded in which place of India? (Check answer...)