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Braid Scarf

Braid scarf 2The scarf was inspired by a picture I saw on a group. As I sat and looked at it, I realized that I could design it on my knitting loom, and here we are, a pattern ust for you.

!aterials" #nitting loom" Any small gauge knitting board with at least 2$ number of pegs. All%n%&ne knitting loom with 'cm spacers was used in sample. (arn" 2$$g of worsted weight yarn . )eria Bella Acrylgarn mit *litzereffekt was used in sample. +otions" #nitting tool, stitch markers, tapestry tool, crochet hook, cable needle,yarn,big safety pins

-attern note" The scarf is double sided, you need a knitting board for this pro ect.

.seful /ideo 0inks" Stockinette stitch cast on 1http",,www.youtube.com,watch234S)25d6&%o768 Stockinette stitch 1http",,www.youtube.com,watch234*3k'-9:so6.;feature4relmfu8

7riss 7ross stitch Bind off 5irections

1http",,www.youtube.com,watch234#&.sdtA<n)I8 1http",,www.youtube.com,watch234='>?l75Bs9I

-lace stitch marker on the first peg, @ peg, '' peg, '@ peg and if you like to on peg 2$.If you count the pegs there must be a stitch marker on e3ery @th peg. 7ast on with stockinette stitch 2$pegs. -lace anchor yarn. #nit for '? rows in criss cross stitch. #nit ' row in stokinette stitch. Braids Aach braid is worked o3er B pegs 1B pegs4 B pegs from the front rail and B pegs from the back rail8. C total braids will be completed. Braid instructions =( coming from the 'st peg, Dcont in stockinette stitch o3er B pegs. +e:t" 7ont with stockinette stitch for another ?2 rows. 7ut yarn, lea3e a @ inch yarn tail. D DD-ut a slip knot on the ne:t peg with stitch marker on 1@th peg8. 9ep from D to D 1The peg with a marker will ha3e ? loops on, because of the slip knot, you work the first two loops o3er one, and then you ha3e one loop on e3ery peg again.8 9ep from DD at peg peg '', peg '@. +eck !ake a slip knot, place the slip knot on peg ' and work ' row in stockinette stitch for . +e:t" =ork in 7riss cross stitch for C$ rows 1or desired length8. +e:t" work ' row in stockinette stitch. 9epeat Braid Instructions -lace e3ery braid string on a stitch holder or yarn scrap or a big safety pin. Be careful not to lose a stitch when braiding. Braid your strings thru the other strings like on the picture below. Braid scarf 1 =hen finish with the braiding part, put e3ery string back on your loom again, make sure you put all C strings back with e3ery stitch. Start with the last part of scarf.

Tie your yarn with the first stitch string, or you can make a slip knot. The other yarn strings from the other braid,strings I did tie it together. +e:t" work ' row in stockinette stitch. +e:t" =ork '? rows in 7riss cross stitch. +e:t" =ork ' row in stockinette stitch. Bind off with your crochet hook. =ea3e all ends in.

7herry 0uo )ingerless !itts

)ingerless glo3es 25eliciously soft and warm with ust the right amount of added te:ture with sets of cables, the 7herry 0uo fingerless mitts is my pair of dream mitts. +o fuss of knitting in the round, these mitts are knit as flat panels with horizontal cables that break up the monotony of ribbing, seam them up along the cast on and bind off edge, lea3ing ust a small opening for the thumb and you ha3e yourself a new pair of mitts.

!aterials #nitting loom" C' peg regular gauge knitting loom. Sample was knit using the 0ong Blue #nifty #nitter 0oom. (arn" '2$ yards of chunky weight yarn. 5ebbie Bliss 7ashmerino 7hunky in 'E$?? color was used in sample. *auge" F sts : 'B rows 4 2 inches in stockinette stitch 1blocked8 Size" E length : @ circumference inches -attern note"!itts Abbre3iations The fingerless mitts are worked as a flat panel, once the flat panel is knitted, the cast on edge is seamed in3isibly to the bind off edge. Gow to in3isibly seam the bound off edges" with the bound% off edges together, lined up stitch to stitch, insert the tapestry needle under a stitch inside the bound off edge of one side and then under the corresponding stitch on the cast on edge,other side. Instructions for the C%st 07 cable can be found in the 0earn to 0oom #nit 7ables tutorial. 5irections )ingerless mitts $$21!ake 28 7& C' sts, prepare to knit a flat panel.

9ows ', B, E, F, '?, 'F and 2'" Dp', kCH rep from D, end p'. 9ow 2 and all e3en rows" p', DkC, p'H rep from D to end. 9ows ? and 2?" Dp', C%st 07, p', kCH rep from D, end p'. 9ows '' and 'B" Dp', kC, p', C%st 07H rep from D, end p'. 9ow 2C" 9ep row 2. 9ep rows '%2C. BB&, lea3ing a 2 yard tail. Seam" in3isibly stitch seam the cast on edge to the bind off edge as follows" seam '%inch, then lea3e appro: '%inch opening for the thumb, continue seaming to the end. &nce seamed, it should resemble another row of knitted stitches. =ea3e ends in. Block lightly. Dish Towel Holder

got tired of picking up my clean dish towel off the floor . =hen someone would walk by the the sto3e the towel would take a nose di3e off the handal. So I loomed up its new little friend. no more nose di3es.

!aterials #nitting loom" Blue #nifty #nitter 0oom

(arn" 2$ yards of worsted weight yarn. 9ed heart soft touch white worsted was used in sample. +otions" 7rochet hook, knitting tool, tapestry needle *auge" gauge is not important for this pattern. Size" item will measure about E inches. -atten notes" use 2 strands as one. 7ast on used" ewap 5irections Towel Golder Abbre3iations 7& 2C pegs, prepare to work in the round. 9ound '%?" A%wrap knit. 1It will curl8. Bind off '@ sts, I sts remain on the loom. 9ows '%?$" 7ont working a flat panel on the I sts remaing on the loom" A%wrap knit. B&. =ea3e ends in. Button hole" simply stretch one of the stitches o3er where you want the button to show through.

Secure button of choice on inside 1on the wrong side8 of the flat panel, fold o3er.

Hostess Gift: Washcloth & Towel Set

Materials: Other: 2 cute small buttons 1for towel8 Size: I : I inches 1washcloth8H I : '$ inches. Gauge: F sts : 'C.B rows4 2 inches in =elted 9ib stitch pattern Stitch Pattern

Welted Ri !"ulti#le of $ % &' 9ow '" k2, Dk', p2, k'H rep from D 9ow 2" k to the end of the row. ( re)iations appro:4appro:imate 7&47ast on BB&4Basic Bind &ff 7ont4continue

k4knit stitch 1not flat stitch or u%wrap or e%wrap8. p4purl stitch yo4yarn o3er 1either e%wrap the peg, or take the working yarn in front of the empty peg8 sts4stitches k2tog4knit two stitches together 1a decrease8 p2tog4purl two stitches together 1a decrease8 5I9A7TI&+S 7& C$ sts, prepare to knit a flat panel. 9ow '" 1*oing from left to right8. k to the end. 9ow 2" p to the end. 9ow ?" k to the end. 9ow C" p to the end. 9ow B" k?, =elted 9ib to last ? sts, k? 9ow @" p?, =elted 9ib to last ? sts, p? 9ep 9ow B and 9ow @" until item measures E.B inches. And on a 9ow @. 7ont with instructions for either =ashcloth or Towel Washcloth Only Next row: k to the end. Next row: p to the end. Next row: k to the end. Next row: p to the end. BBO Weave ends in. Block lightly. Towel &nly +e:t row" p2tog, p to the last 2 sts, p2tog. +e:t row" k2tog, k to the last 2 sts, k2tog. 9ep last two rows until 2$ sts rem on the loom. 7ont in this garter stitch pattern 1purl one row, knit the ne:t row8 for appro:. 2.B inches. And on the second row. +e:t row" p@, yo, p2tog, p to last I sts, p2tog, yo, p@. +e:t row" k to the end. +e:t row" p to the end. 9ep last two rows two more times. BB&. =ea3e ends in. Block lightly. Sew to buttons on the opposite side the buttonholesJbe sure they line up with the

buttonholes. -S" if the towel feels a bit stiff at first, it is normal, soak it in some shampoo and it softens right up and the stitches become a bit more uniform.