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Hierarchic: 4 Main Ideas


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Concept Attainment Model

Main idea Main idea

Is about

A teaching model designed to help students of all ages elaborate and reinforce their understanding of concepts and practice critical thinking
Main idea Main idea





Identify Topics: For this model to be effective, it is important to select a topic students have some familiarity with and with topics related to it. Specify Learning Objectives: Include helping students develop and elaborate concepts and the relationships among them as well as giving them practice with critical thinking by forming and testing hypothesis. Select Examples and Non Examples:select examples that clearly demonstrate the characteristics of the topic. Sequence Examples and Non Examples: Arrange example in a way to give them practice with the process.

Phase 1: Introduction- The teacher introduces the lesson and explains how the activity will be conducted.

Phase 2: Examples and hypothesizing- The students are presented with an example and a non-example and they hypothesize possible labels for the concept based on the initial examples and nonexamples Phase 3: The analysis cycleAdditional examples and nonexamples are presented, students eliminate existing hypotheses and add new ones based on the new examples Phase 4:Closure- A single hypothesis is isolated and defined, and additional examples are analyzed based on the definition

Teachers can assess by by having students define the concept, identify the concepts characteristics, identify relationships between them and create examples. Teachers can also have students analyze hypotheses as they are presented with additional examples. Teachers can have students identify or create unique examples. Student group work and achievement are used to motivate students. Can be used with younger children using more concrete examples. In C/A II learners select examples from a list to text hypotheses. In C/A III learners generate their own examples to test hypotheses

Students are motivated by the groupwork and interacting with other students. Students are also motivated by the achievement when they correctly identify examples and nonexamples and are able to successfully test hypothesis.

So what? What is important to understand about this?

Concept Attainment is a model that helps students reinforce their learning and also practice critical thnking.