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Sir/Maam, This questionnaire is meant for educational purposes only. The information provided by you will be kept secure and confidential.

NAME- __________________________________________________ CONTACT- ______________________________________________ GENDER-________________________________________________ OCCUPATION-___________________________________________

1. Educational Qualification Undergraduate Post Graduate 2. Income Range: Below 1,50,000 3,00,000 5,00,000 1,50,000 3,00,000 Above 5,00,000 Graduate Professional Degree Holder

3. Normally what percentage of your monthly household income could be available for investment? Between 5% to 10% Between 16% to 20% More than 25% 4. What is your primary investment purpose? Retirement Planning Between 11% to 15% Between 21% to 25%

Building up a corpus for charity donations Supporting future education of your children Other (Specify) _____________________ 5. What kind of risk do you perceive while investing in the stock market? Uncertainty of returns Fear of being windup of company Slump in stock market Other (Specify) _________________

6. Why people do not invest in derivative market? (Rank your preference 1-4) Lack of knowledge and difficulty in understanding Increase speculation Very risky and highly leveraged instrument Counter party risk

7. What is the purpose of investing in derivative market? To hedge their fund Risk control More stable Direct investment without buying and holding assets

8. You participate in derivative market as: Investor Speculator



9. From where you prefer to take advice before investing in derivative market? Brokerage houses Websites Other (Specify) _________________ Research analyst News Networks

10. In which of the following would you like to participate? Stock Index Futures Future on individual stock Currency futures Stock Index Options Options on individual stock

11. What contract maturity period would interest you for trading in? 1 month 3 month 9 month 2 month 6 month 12 month

12. How often do you invest in derivative market? 1-10 times in a year More than 50 times 11-50 times Regularly

13. Which of the following statements best describes your overall approach to invest as a mean of achieving your goals? Having a relative level of stability in my overall investment portfolio. Moderately increasing my investment value while minimizing potential for loss of principal.

Pursue investment growth, accepting moderate to high levels of risk and principal fluctuation. Seek maximum long-term returns, accepting maximum risk with principal fluctuation. 14. What was the result of your investment? Great results Moderate but acceptable Disappointed