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International School of Informatics and management, Jaipur

Billing System

T#$%e C &te&t
'" I&tr (uct) & *" O$+ect),e -" Pr +ect c#te. r/ 4" T/0es ! Re0 TEAM GROUP - 04 rts 1" Tec2& % .)es #&( t %s 3" H#r(4#re 5" 6uture sc 0e 7" A&#%/s)s ! Prese&t S/ste8 9" Pr $%e8 ! E:)st)&. S/ste8 TEAM MEMBERS '0"C2#r#cter)st)c ! Pr 0 se( S/ste8 ''"6e#s)$)%)t/ A&#%/s)s -ANIL KUMAR ANJANA ); Nee( ! r 6 e#s)$)%)t/ Stu(/ )); Tec2&)c#% 6e#s)$)%)t/ -BHAIYA LAL ANJANA ))); Be2#,) r#% 6e#s)$)%)t/ -SAURABH JAIN ),; Ec & 8)c 6e#s)$)%)t/ ,; Pr (uct Pers0ect),e '*"D#t# !% 4 ()#.r#8 '-"E&t)t/ Re%#t) & D)#.r#8 '4"D#t# t#$%es '1"6% 4 c2#rt '3"I&0ut ! r8s '5"C &c%us) &

'; I&tr (uct) &

The project Billing system is an application to automate the process of ordering and billing of a Departmental store .This eb based application is designed considering the chain of departmental store hich is located in !arious cities. This application also administrates its users and customers.

This project ill ser!e the follo ing objecti!es"# $ %dd and maintain records of a!ailable products. & %dd and maintain customer details. ' %dd and maintain description of ne products. ( %dd and maintain ne entered category of products. ) *ro!ides economic+financial reports to the o ner monthly or yearly. - *ro!ides a con!enient solution of billing pattern. . /a,e an easy to use en!ironment for users and customers. ee,ly and

-; Pr +ect c#te. r/
The project is based on the concept of 0DB/S 1i.e. 0elational Database /anagement System2. % database hich store data in the form of tables hich has related ith each other in as particular manner .

4;T/0es ! re0 rts

$. Daily Sales 0eport &. /onthly 3ustomer 0eport '. Daily *roduct 0eport (. Due Date 0eport 10eport of a particular Day2 ). Billing 0eport

1;Tec2& % .)es #&( T %s

$ 4eb Technology" %sp.net 1/icrosoft !isual studio &55) frame or, &.52 & Database" /yS67 Ser!er#&55) ' De!elopment Tool" /S 8isual Studio &55) ( 4eb Ser!er" IIS ) 4eb bro ser" Internet 9:plorer ser!ice pac, $ - 7anguages ;sed" 3<.net, Ja!aScript . =thers" Themes, 3SS

CPU c &!).ur#t) & # %/D processors (555> series # 0%/ $ ?B DD0& M &)t r #$. color O0er#t)&. S/ste8 #4indo s @* ith ser!ice pac, &

5;6uture Sc 0e
$ This project ill help the store ,eeper in fast billing & This project enable store ,eeper to maintain a great database of all customers !isited and purchase product from store. ' *roject ill enable to see report r egarding product and category. ( 9asy to maintain in future prospect.


Before e begin a ne system it is important to study the system that ill be impro!ed or replaced 1if there is one2. 4e need to analyAe ho this system uses hard are, soft are, net or, and the people resources to con!ert data resources, such as transaction data, into information products, such as reports and displays. Thus e should document ho the information system acti!ities of input, processing, output, storage and control are accomplished.


'; I&#$)%)t/ ! 8 ()!)c#t) & ! (#t#< The managing of huge data effecti!ely and efficiently for efficient results, storing the details of the consumers etc. in such a ay that the database can be modified as not possible in the current system.

*; N t user !r)e&(%/<

The e:isting system is not user friendly because and data is not maintained

the retrie!al and storing of data is slo efficiently.


D)!!)cu%t/ )& re0 rts .e&er#t)&.< 9ither no reports generating in a current system or they are generated ith great difficulty reports ta,e time to generate in the current system.


M#&u#% 0er#t r c &tr %< /anual operator control is there and lead to a lot of chaos and errors.


L t ! 0#0er4 r>< 9:isting system reBuires lot of paper or, and e!en a small transaction reBuire many papers fill. /oreo!er any unnatural cause 1such as fire in the organiAation2 can destroy all data of the organiAation. 7oss of e!en a single paper led to difficult situation because all the papers are interrelated. I&#$)%)t/ ! s2#r)&. t2e (#t#< Data cannot be shared in the e:isting system. This means that no t o persons can use the same data in e:isting system. %lso the t o departments in an organiAation cannot interact ith each other ithout the actual mo!ement of data.


5; N su00 rt )& (ec)s) &-8#>)&.< 9:isting system does not support managerial decision#ma,ing.

7; N su00 rt )& str#te.)c c 80et)t),e #(,#&t#.e< not support strategic competiti!e ad!antages.

9:isting system do


'; E#s)&ess )& 8 ()!)c#t) & ! (#t#< The proposed system pro!ides managing of huge data effecti!ely and efficiently for efficient results, storing the details of the customers, employees etc. in such a ay that the database can be modified.

*; User !r)e&(%/< The proposed system is user friendly because the retrie!al and storing of data is fast and data is maintained efficiently. /oreo!er the graphical user interface is pro!ided in the proposed system, hich pro!ides user to deal ith the system !ery easily.

-; Re0 rts #re e#s)%/ .e&er#te(< 0eports can be easily generated in a proposed system. So any type of reports can be generated in a proposed system, hich helps the managers in a decisions#ma,ing acti!ity.


S2#r)&. t2e (#t# )s 0 ss)$%e< Data can be shared in proposed system. This means that t o or more persons can use the same data in e:isting system pro!ided that they ha!e right to access that data. %lso the t o or more departments in an organiAation can easily interact ith each other ithout the actual mo!ement of data.

1; N r ,er/ !e4 0#0er4 r>< The proposed system either does not reBuire paper or, or !ery fe paper or,s is reBuired. %ll the data is feted into the computer immediately and !arious bills and reports can be generated through computers. Since all the data is ,ept in a database no

data of the organiAation can be destroyed. /oreo!er or, becomes !ery easy because there is no need to ,eep data on papers.

3; Su00 rt str#te.)c c 80et)t),e #(,#&t#.e< *roposed system supports strategic competiti!e ad!antages. Since the proposed systems pro!ide easiness in reports generating it ill pro!ide strategic ad!antages among competitors. 5; C 80uter 0er#t r c &tr %< 3omputer operator control ill be there no errors. /oreo!er storing and retrie!ing of information is easy. So or, can be done speedily and in time.

T)t%e< Ceasibility report for the computeriAation of the !arious acti!ities of the company.

B#c>.r u&(< The 3ompany facing the problem of inconsistent and out of time information in its acti!ities. 8ery much time is consuming for report generation, hich is not !ery helpful for decision ma,ing. So e ant a system, hich pro!ide immediate information.

Met2 ( ! stu(/< The analysis procedure comprised of field trips in the !arious departments of the company. The follo ing documents and sources ere loo,ed up" The purchase order that contain items to be purchased. The accounts register. *urchase order issues to !endors. Bills recei!e from !endors.

Bills gi!e to the customers. *urchase return forms 1if any 2 gi!e to !endors.


The feasibility study is carried out to test hether the proposed system is orth being implemented. Ceasibility study is a test of system proposed regarding its or, ability, its impact on the organiAation ability to meet user needs and effecti!e use of resources. It is usually carried out by a small number of people ho are familiar ith the information system techniBues, understand the part of the business or organiAation that ill be in!ol!ed or effected by the project and are s,illed in the system analysis and design process.

The ,ey consideration in!ol!e in the feasibility study are"

$. Technical &. Beha!ioral '. 9conomic

Technical feasibility centers on the e:isting computer system 1 hard are, soft are etc 2 and to hat e:tent it can support the proposed system addition. Cor e:ample, if the current system is operating at .5D capacity 1 an arbitrary !alue 2, then another application could o!erload the system or reBuire additional hard are. If the budget is serious constrain then the project is judged not feasible. The technologies ant the en!ironment hich are used in this project are SO6T?ARE

6r &t E&( $. 7anguage used" %S*.E9T. 4e use this language is supports e!ent dri!en programming feature. &. %D=.E9T B#c> e&( Supporting Soft are" S67 Ser!er &55). This is used to storing data in the form of tables. It is easy to use. OPERATING SYSTEM< *latform" 4indo s @* . =ur system reBuires system, hich is easily a!ailable. indo operating

HARD?ARE< Intel based processor#run computer system, hich ha!e ,eyboard and mouse as input de!ices. This has been decided for its case of a!ailability and up#gradation.

The !arious registers maintained at the different department ha!e enough information recording, hich ill help in digitiAing the a!ailable data.

%n e!aluation of the beha!ior of the end users, hich may effect the en!elopment of the system. *eople are inherently resistant to change and computers ha!e to ,no to facilitate changes and computers ha!e to ,no n to facilitate changes. %n estimate should be made of ho strong a reaction the user staff is li,ely to ha!e to ards the de!elopment of a computeriAed system. It is a common ,no ledge that a computer installation has

something to do ith turno!er, transfer, retraining and changes in employee job status, therefore the introduction of a candidate system reBuires special effort to educate, sell and train the staff on ne ays of conducting business.

The personal of the user organiAation ill be affected by the proposed system. %s the aim of the system is only to satisfy the information needs, no employees ill loose their position by the proposed system. In fact the proposed system ill help the organiAation in reducing the !oluminous or, in!ol!ed. %lso the in!ol!ement of users in e!ery stage of the project is going to increase the success factor.

The staff in not ell educated for running a computeriAed system. They are adamant in percei!ing a mechanical process of or,ing as they ha!e long been used to the manual entry system. This aspect needs considerable amount of attention.

=ur system is also feasible for organiAation because it supports of the organiAation and its strategic plan.

The procedure is to determine the benefits and sa!ings that are e:pected from a candidate system and compare it ith the costs. If a benefit out eighs costs, then the decision is made to design and implement the system. =ther ise further alterations are made in the proposed system

$. /anpo er cost &. Fard are and soft are cost

'*; D#t# !% 4 ()#.r#8

A (#t# !% 4 ()#.r#8 )s .r#02)c#% re0re se&t#t) & t2#t (e0)cts t2e )&! r8#t) & !% 4 #&( t2e tr#&s! r8s t2#t r #00%)e( #s (#te 8 ,e s !r 8 )&0ut t ut0ut; It c#& $e use( t re0rese&t # s !t4#re #t #&/ %e,e% ! #$str#ct) &; I& !#ct D6Ds 8#/ $e 0#rt)t) &e( )& t %e,e%s; T2#t re0rese&ts )&cre #s)&. )&! r8#t) & !% 4 #&( !u&c t) &#% (et#)%s; D6Ds #re (e!)&e( )& %e ,e%s 4)t2 e,er/ %e,e% (ec re#s)&. t2e %e,e% ! #$str#ct) & #s 4e%% #s (e!)&)&. # .re#ter (et#)% ! t2e !u&ct) &#% r.#&s ! t2e s/ste 8; A Aer %e,e% D6D #%s >& 4& #s c &te :t r !u&(#8e&t#% s/ste8 8 (e% re0rese&ts t2e e &t)re s !t4#re e%e8e&ts #s # s)&.%e $u$$%e 4)t2 )&0ut #&( ut0ut (#t# e&t)t)es 42)c2 #re )&()c#te( #s )&c 8)&. #&( ut. )&. #rr 4s; D#t# 6% 4 D)#.r#8 2e%0 u&(erst#&()&. t2e $#s)c !% 4 ! (#t# !r 8 &e 0r c ess t #& t2er 0r cess; T2)s 0 %e,e% D6D re0rese&ts !u&(#8e&t#% ,er,)e4 ! t2e $)%%)&. s/ste8;


Billing Bill 0eport System

=rder *roduct

8ie 3ustomer 0ecord 8ie products %dd 3ustomer

8ie =rder T2)s )s t2e '-Le,e% D6D ! r t2e $)%%)&. s/ste 8; T2)s 0r ,)(e s t2e (et#)%e( ! t2e (#t# !% 4)&. %dd *roduct %dministrator )& $et4e e& t2e 0r ce sses ! t2e $)%%)&. s/ste8; It )s 8 re (escr)$es t2e !% 4 ! )&! r8#t) &; B)%%)&. s/ste8 c &cer& 4)t2 t2e %dd 3ategory cust 8erBs c2 )c e ! 0r (uct s t2ere )s # Pr (uct 0r cess)&. 0r cess t2e r(er ! 0-LE@EL cust 8e r #cc r()&. t t2e c 2 )c e; T4 #& t2er 0r cess )s t2ere ! r !urt2er 0r c ess)&. ! t2e r(e r #&( cust 8e rs )&! r8#t) & )& $)%%)&. s/ste8 (#t#$#se;


$.& =rder *rocessing Bill 0eport =rderGDetails

$.' 3ustomer 0ecord *rocessing

=rder *roduct %dd 8ie 3ustomer 0ecord 8ie *roducts 3ustomer $.$ *roduct *rocessing %dministrator

%dd *roducts+3ategory $#le!el DCD

'-; E&t)t/ Re%#t) & D)#.r#8

9ntity 0elation D iagram repre sents the object relationship pairs in graphical forms thus e can say tha t the primary goal of 90 diagra ms is represent data objec ts a long ith their relationships. 90 model for da ta use s thre e feature s to de scribe da ta" E&t)t)es hich satisfy distinct real orld items in a n application Re %#t) &s2)0s connec ting different entities and representing meaningful dependencie s bet een them Attr)$utes hic h spe cify !arious properties of entities and rela tions in!ol!ed in a system.


3ustGID 3GEame %ddress

*roGID *roGEame *rG3ategory Fas =rder *roduct

9#0 Diagram

7; 6% 4 c2#rt
6% 4 c2#rt )s # .r#02)c#% re0rese&t#t) & us)&. s/8$ % t s2 4 t2e ste0 $/ ste0 seCue&ce ! 0er#t) &D #ct),)t )es r 0r ce(ures use( )& c 80uter s/ste8 #&#%/s)s D #ct),)t/ #&#%/s)s #&( )& 0r .r#8 seCue&ce re0rese&t#t) &; It 0rese&t t2e s)80%e !% 4 0r +ect;


Input information

Hes Is customer IS =rder the product


3alculate the cost of product Eo Eo Display the product list Sho to the customer

9nter the products+category Information






COLUMN NAME DATA TYPE 3ustomerGID IET 3ustomerGEame 8%03%F01/%@2 3ustomerG%ddress 8%03%F01/%@2 Date D%T9TI/9 &

COLUMN NAME DATA TYPE 3ustomerGID IET =rderGID IET ;nits IET *rice C7=%T Discount C7=%T '

COLUMN NAME DATA TYPE G*0=D;3TGID IET G*0=D;3TGE%/9 8%03%F01/%@2 ID IET1C=09I?E I9H2 *0I39 C7=%T ST=3I IET 09=0D90G79897 IET









'7; C &c%us) &

T2)s 4#s ur 0r +ect ! S/ste8 Des).& L#$ #$ ut FB)%%)&. S/ste8G; De,e% 08e&t ! t2)s S/ste8 t#>es # % t ! e!! rts !r 8 us; ?e t2)&> t2)s s/ste8 .#,e # % t ! s#t)s!#ct) & t #%% ! us;

T2 u.2 e,er/ t#s> )s &e,er s#)( t $e 0er!ect )& t2)s (e,e% 08e&t !)e%( e,e& 8 re )80r ,e8e&t 8#/ $e 0 ss)$%e )& t2)s s/ste8; ?e %e#r&e( s 8#&/ t2)&.s #&( .#)&e( # % t ! >& 4%e(.e #$ ut (e,e% 08e&t !)e%(; ?e 2 0e t2)s 4)%% 0r ,e !ru)t!u% t us;