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Repair Kit #1 for MPF7409 PSU

(used in Hitachi 32PD5000, 32PD5200, 32PD5300, 37PD5000, 37PD5200, 37PD5300, 42PD5000, 42PD5200, 42PD5300)

This repair kit (if appropriate) can often fix the common fault on these screens where the screen will not power on, and there is no indication of power from the screen at all i.e. the power light in the bottom right hand corner of the screen does not illuminate at all. Please read the information below to determine if this replacement part is appropriate for your PSU board. This kit comprises of a single 10 Ohm 5 Watt (10R 5W) Ceramic cased resistor, the type of which is used in the MPF7409 Power Supply Board in the following Hitachi plasma screens: 32PD5000, 32PD5200, 32PD5300, 37PD5000, 37PD5200, 37PD5300, 42PD5000, 42PD5200, 42PD5300. Note that the first 2 digits simply indicate the screen size, and the third from last digit indicates the configuration of the screen. Disclaimer: In live operation, the PSU board has unexposed components and metalwork that carry extremely large voltages and are dangerous to life. The following test should be carried out by an experienced or qualified person with the set disconnected from mains power and having been left for some time for capacitors to discharge. With the PSU board still in the plasma panel, use a multimeter to measure the electrical resistance between the two points identified by the red indicator arrows in the photograph below: (i.e. between the link marked as R004 and the identified end of diode D010).

The resistance measurement should be 20 ohms (+/- 5%). This is the resistance of both of the resistors in series they have a value of 10 ohms each which add together as the resistors are connected in series. If the measured resistance is 20 Ohms, then this repair kit will NOT fix the fault and you will need to check elsewhere to resolve the fault. If the resistance however is significantly higher than 20 Ohms (most likely it will measure as an open circuit i.e. infinite resistance) then one or both of the resistors has failed and you will need to purchase one of these kits to replace each of the resistors that has failed. Unfortunately, you will not be able to tell with the PSU board in place which resistor has (or whether both have) failed. To determine which have failed, you will need to remove the printed circuit board from the screens chassis and measure the resistance of each of the two resistors individually from the other side of the board.

Finally, you should also check the 20mm internal fuse in the screen (see image below) and the fuse in the external mains lead. These should both have a resistance of practically 0 ohms. Do not be tempted to replace the 20mm fuse with anything other than the correctly rated fuse if it has blown. Please note that fuses are not included with this kit. This kit comprises of just a single replacement resistor. Order multiple kits for multiple resistors. I must advise that it is not absolutely guaranteed that replacement of a failed resistor on its own will fix your screen. There may be a further fault with your PSU board that has caused the resistor to fail, and which may do so again. I cannot accept returns in these circumstances, however I can advise that two thirds of the PSU boards from these screens that I have fixed have only required a single replacement resistor to get them working again and the price of a single resistor is significantly cheaper than buying a larger repair kit with transistors if these are not necessary. Finally I must advise that I do not accept responsibility for loss, injury or damage caused by your use of this kit as a successful repair depends on your own care, skill and abilities.

KT54 Power Supply repair kit for Plasma board manufactured by HITACHI Board number: MPF7409 Fault symptom: DEAD

The repair kit contains the following components: R003 R005 Q201 Q220 Before ordering the kit: 1. BEFORE FITTING THE KIT: Please remove and check IC201 daughter board for any short circuits. There are 2 smd transistors on the board that can go faulty. 2. If this board is faulty then DO NOT fit the kit as it may blow again. 3. If this boarddoes not have any faults then reflow all of the components on the daughter board and refit it to its original position. Then fit the kit. 4. Check TS04961 (opto) and both relays after fitting the repair kit if the board does not function correctly We recommend all kits are fitted by qualified engineers. We accept no responsibility for loss, injury or damage caused by your use of this kit as a successful repair depends on your own skill and fault finding ability.