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The first highlighted critique was that Jean Piaget did not include the influence of environment in his

cognitive development stages. Based on my observation in school based experience, I realised that it is true enough that the influence of environment on child development is very high. After interviewing the class teachers we got to know that peer pressure on students plays a vital role in the kids achievement. According to the counsellor, most problematic students are from broken family. Their parents did not take any initiative to look after them, thus their cognitive development is affected. Piaget did not take into account the individual differences of children, or the differences caused by heredity, culture and education. Second critique says that Piaget looked down on kids ability. According to him, kids aged between 7 till 11 are able to only think logically to 1 certain level and they cant solve complex problems like A is longer than B; B is shorter than C: which is the shortest? there are certain students who are able to answer it right with the correct explanations. He also said that kids in this stage are not able to do abstract thinking. The current syllabus highlights on abstract thinking through subjects like science and maths even from standard one. By solving logical problems in science and maths, their thinking skills will develop much faster than expected.Many researches also proved that children posses many abilities before the age Piaget predicted. The other critique was on jean Piaget also did not discuss about the right side of the brain. He did not include things such as art, music or any other activity got to do with creativity. In my point of view, after discussing with few students and teachers, we found out that creativity in classroom is very important. Most pedagogical skills also stresses on creativity, even the teachers are constantly trying new methods to help the kids to further understand what they are learning. With the help of music, art and more kids get to understand things faster than expected. Jean Piaget talked about cognitive development only based on chalk and talk method.

REFLECTION After the 1 week of school based experience, i gained many new knowledge based on child development and found out many critiques on Jean Piagets theory were right. We conducted many activity based on the theory and collected data based on the theory. We also interviewed as many teachers, students and workers as possible to gain better information on the attitude of the students and their development. All this helped us in gaining more experience. From all the observation I found out that not all theories are fully applicable to every individual. For example, Jean Piagets theory is applicable only for few students in that school. The first class students have developed much more than what is said for the student to have in concrete operational stage. If this theory were to be applied to every student in the school it might slow down the process of teaching and learning. Factors effecting the development of a student are something that I should know as a future teacher so that the teaching and learning process takes place smoothly. Malaysian education system or the implication of KSSR on the students has given a great impact on the cognitive development of students.