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Issue No. 04 April Easter 2014

he Corporation has engaged TechnoBrain and Reason Solutions consortium to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning System commonly known as ERP. This was through a competitive tendering process, which commenced rom !cto"er #$%&. The implementation o the ERP will take an estimated period o a"out one year with e ect rom %'th (pril #$%). ERP is a system that is intended to automate ront and "ack o ice "usiness operations with a view o making processes e icient and e ective. The system will automate end-to-end postal business operations, that is, rom the counter all the way to the "ack o ices. The ollowing unctions have "een earmarked or ull automation*

+inance and (ccounts ,epartment -uman Resource and (dministration ,epartment Retail chain processes .+ront and Bask ! ice Business !perations (rea/ Supply Chain 0anagement1Procurement Strategy and Per ormance 0anagement System

The project team from TechnoBrain and Reason Solutions make a presentation to Management on the ERP implementation on 14th of April 2014.

Benefits for Implementing the ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PL NNIN! S"STE# $ERP% in&lude' i/ 2ncreasing e iciency and e ectiveness o Business processes which will lead to generation o higher revenues. ii/ Reduce the cost o "usiness processes in ront and "ack o ice operations. iii/ Readily availa"le 0anagement 2n ormation1 Business 2ntelligence. iv/ 3se o 2n ormation Communication Technology .2CT/ or service delivery at all levels. The Corporation currently uses a myriad o stand-alone "usiness applications or various unctionalities such as 4eave 0anagement System, Procman 5 Recman or Procurement o services, Payroll or sta , Electronic +unds Trans er .E+T1 Postapay/ 5 2nternational +inancial System .2+S/ or money trans er and Posta Branch 0anagement 2n ormation System .PB02S/ or utility payments among others. (ll these applications are independent o each other and there ore have no centrali6ed source o data or management in ormation systems. 7ith the ac8uisition o the ERP system, the Corporation will "e a"le to improve its e ectiveness and e iciency in all processes o "usiness operations and hence reduce wastage. This will lead to increased revenues and hence pro ita"ility or the Corporation. The ERP system implementation will not lead to any loss o 9o"s to sta "ut will increase e iciency o key "usiness operations. (ll ! icers in key "usiness areas will receive training "e ore the ERP system is ully implemented. Process mapping or various unctions commenced at -ead8uarters1 Corporate and will "e rolled out to the +ield1 Regions in due course.
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The Postmaster :eneral has appointed 0r. Renken 0uinde, 0anager1 Business Systems and 2nnovations, in acting capacity as the Pro9ect 0anager as the Corporation competitively sources or a consultant to lead the implementation o ERP. The 0anagement urges all sta to em"race the ERP system ull implementation, as it will lead to a "etter Corporation on service delivery in line with our mission.
By Louisa Masinde and Louis Aoko

he Corporation Board o ,irectors has con irmed the appointment o #r( )ohn Tonui as the :eneral 0anager, -uman Resource ,evelopment and (dministration ,epartment with e ect rom ;th (pril #$%). The newly appointed :eneral 0anager "rings on "oard a wealth o e<perience having witnessed the Corporation go through many milestones over the past two decades in various capacities in the department. 0r Tonui has had an illustrious career in the Corporation spanning over #$ years having started as a 0anagement Trainee1 Personnel ! icer in 0arch o %==&. -e rose to Senior Personnel ! icer in >uly %===, (ssistant 0anager in +e"ruary #$$% and 0anager- -uman Resource rom Septem"er #$$; until (ugust #$%& when he was appointed in acting capacity as the :eneral 0anager -uman Resource ,evelopment and (dministration. 0r. Tonui is a graduate o 0asters in Business (dministrations and a Bachelor o (rts in Social Sciences rom the 3niversity o ?airo"i. The new :eneral 0anager is also the Chairman o Posta Rangers +oot"all clu" and outgoing Chairman o Postal 0ail Sacco or the last three .&/ years where he was a ounder mem"er.

Mr. John Tonui

#r( *a+id ,undia has also "een con irmed as the 0anager 2nternal (udit and Risk 0anagement with e ect rom ;th (pril #$%). -e 9oined the Corporation in ,ecem"er #$$& as a Postal ! icer Trainee at 3nionisa"le :rade %$. -e was trans erred and promoted to 2nternal (udit and Risk 0anagement ,epartment as an ! icer in #$$; a ter rigorous interviews conducted "y the 0anagement. 2n #$%$, he was appointed as the (ssistant 0anager in charge o 2n ormation Systems 5 Risk 0anagement. 0r. +undia has "een acting 0anager 2nternal (udit and Risk 0anagement or the last two .#/ years a position he was con irmed to last week "y the Board o ,irectors. 0r. +undia is a practicing Certiied Pu"lic (ccountant .CP( @/, Certi ied 2n ormation Systems (uditor .C2S(/ and holds a 0aster o Business (dministration in +inance rom @E03 3niversity. -e is a success story worth emulation "y colleagues. !n "ehal o the Posta amily, the Corporate Communications and Pu"lic ( airs department congratulates 0r. Tonui and 0r. +undia and wish them the very "est as they take up their new respective responsi"ilities with heavy mandates.
Mr. David Fundia By Louisa Masinde


he Corporation Board o ,irectors in liaison with relevant stakeholders planted one thousand t-o hundred and fift. assorted tree seedlings at Rumuruti Post ! ice in 4aikipia on Tuesday Ath (pril #$%). This was in ul illment o the contract with the :overnment o @enya or Posta to plant a minimum o one thousand tree seedlings as an Environmental Conservation initiative in the #$%&1#$%) inancial year. The imitative is a partnership "etween Posta, @enya +orest Service, Rumuruti +orest (ssociation and the local community or three .&/ years rom (pril #$%) to (pril #$%;. The Chairman o the Corporation, Eng. Sammy Tangus, was the chie guest accompanied "y the Board o ,irectors and Postmaster :eneral, ,r. Enock @inara. 2n his remarks, Eng Tangus stated that it was the CorporationBs pleasure to "e undertaking Corporate Social Responsi"ility initiatives that will go a long way in conserving the eco-system within the areas o its "usiness operations. The Coordinator o @enya +orest Service Ecosystem or 4aikipia County, 0r. 0athews !gutu and the ,eputy County Commissioner, 0r. 7el red @inyua also graced the event representing their respective authorities. They lauded Posta or the e orts towards environmental conservation as a priority in the CorporationBs programmes.
By Louisa Masinde and Terry Nyambura

From left: Deputy County Commissioner, Mr. Welfred Kinyua, Chairman, PCK, Eng. Sammy Tangus, Postmaster General, Dr. Enock Kinara and Coordinator of Kenya Forest Service Laikipia County, Mr. Mathews Ogutu unveil a plaque marking a tree planting session at Rumuruti Post Office.

Members of Rumuruti community including students from the local school plant tree seedlings at the Post Office grounds.

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