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Common Personal Values

Accomplishment, Success Accountability Accuracy Adventure All for one & one for all Beauty Calm, quietude, peace Challenge Change Charity Cleanliness, orderliness Collaboration Commitment Communication Community Competence Competition Concern for others Connection Content over form Continuous improvement Cooperation Coordination Creativity Customer satisfaction Decisiveness Determination Delight of being, joy Democracy Discipline Discovery Diversity Dynamism Ease of se Efficiency Enjoyment

!riendship !un "enerosity Gentleness "lobal vie# "ood#ill "oodness "ratitude $ard #or% $appiness $armony $ealth $onor Human-centered &mprovement &ndependence &ndividuality &nner peace, calm, quietude &nnovation &ntegrity Intelligence &ntensity 'ustice Kindness (no#ledge )eadership )ove, *omance )oyalty
+a,imum utili-ation .of time, resources/

1rivacy 1rogress 1rosperity, 4ealth 1unctuality 5uality of #or% *egularity *eliability *esourcefulness *espect for others *esponsiveness *esults3oriented *ule of )a# Safety Satisfying others Security Self3givingness Self3reliance #elf-thin$ing
Sensitivity Service .to others, society/

Simplicity S%ill Solving 1roblems Speed

Spirit, Spirituality in life

Stability Standardi-ation Status

Strength Succeed6 A #ill to3 Success, Achievement

+eaning +erit +oney Oneness 0penness Other's point of vie ! inputs 1atriotism 1eace, 2on3violence 1erfection 1ersonal "ro#th "erseverance 1leasure

Systemi-ation 7eam#or% 7imeliness 7olerance 7radition 7ranquility 7rust 7ruth nity 8ariety

Equality E,cellence !airness !aith !aithfulness !amily !amily feeling !lair !reedom, )iberty

1o#er 1racticality 1reservation

4ell3being 4isdom

Adevr Armonie interioar Atracie Autocunoatere Aventur Bani Bucurie Bunstare Calitatea relaiilor Calm Cinste Competen Comunitate Creativitate Cultur Cunotine Curiozitate Dezvoltare personal Disciplin Distracie Dragoste, afeciune Educaie Faim Familie Frumusee Imparialitate Independen Influen Integritate Intimitate nc ntare

ncredere !n tine !nsui nelepciune "eaders#ip "i$ertate "inite sufleteasc "oialitate %asculinitate &atur '$iectivitate 'noare 'rdine (ace (ragmatism (rietenie (rovocare (uritate (utere )ecunoatere )elaii personale )espect de sine * fa de ceilali )esponsa$ilitate +ntate +igurana locului de munc +iguran +inceritate +piritualitate +pri,in +ta$ilitate +tatut Citeste intregul articol la http%&&florinrosoga'ro&(log&valori-personale&)i*++,-.l/#y0/