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Topic: It has been said, Not everything that is learned is contained in books. Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why? Knowledge gained from both books and experience makes very different types of contribution to our daily lives.Much as the contributions of both are absolutely valuable, i am of the opinion that knowledge accumulated from experience seems to be much more critical than that from books. On the one hand, that knowledge from books provides readers with useful basic theories can help them to understand thoroughly the real phenomena. As the matter of fact, gaining knowledge from books is totally vital as we cannot experience everything. For instance, people interested in history cannot go back to the past to experience by-gone events. Therefore, the seemingly only way to learn about forefathers is reading works of those who witnessed them. On the other hand, knowledge from experience is totally harder to forget compared to that from books, which is especially crucial for children since children are inclined to learn new things from their real experience. For example, even if you read myriads of books you will not be able to ride a bike until you endeavour to do it yourself. As a proverb saying :" to see is to believe" , thanks to experience, we not only understand theory inside out but also become more confident in applying knowledge conveyed from books in the real life. Knowledge from books make valuable contributions to our daily lives, nevertheless society tend to value knowledge from experience more. Information in books is not always objective and experience facilitates us enormously in checking those information and drawing our own conclusion as well. Even if books are useful, it is very improbable that every book can tell us all the real information. Moreover, reading a book is less impressive than experience on the grounds that we utilize only eyes with comparison with every sense in experience.

All things considered , it can be infered that experience is more all- important than reading books. Experience is more practical, more believable and more unforgettable .However, we preferably are supposed to co-ordinate closely between reading books and experience to upgrade our access to knowledge process optimally.