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The nuts and bolts Scientific evidence for Extraterrestrial life visiting Earth.

The Complete Book of UFOs The Oz Files itnessed !n !lien Har"est &limpses of Other Realities 'olume ( &limpses of Other Realities 'olume ) !lien Base The UFO *+perien,e - ! .,ientifi, /n0uiry Close *n,ounters of the Fourth 2ind Un,on"entional Flying O34e,ts UFO 5uest UFO 'isitation UFO6s 7Reports of !ustralian *n,ounters8 The !liens and the .,alpel Jenny Randles, P Hough Bill Chalker Budd Hopkins #inda $oulton Ho%e #inda $oulton Ho%e #inda $oulton Ho%e Timothy &ood 1r J !llen Hynek C 1 B Bryan P R Hill !lan atts !lan atts 2eith Basterfield 1r Roger #eir

Abductions by therapists and researchers. This focus is the cases studies of those with abductee/contact experiences.
!3du,tion Passport to the Cosmos Close *+traterrestrial *n,ounters *n,ounters /ntruders $issing Time The at,hers The !llagash !3du,tions The Tu4unga Canyon Conta,ts !lien 1a%n Oz Files !lien /n"estigator The !ndreasson !ffair 1ire,t *n,ounters The Janos People UFO6s and !3du,tions in Brazil .hamanism and !lien !3du,tions The /nterrupted Journey .e,ret #ife 1r J $a,k 1r J $a,k *dith Rore Ph919 Budd Hopkins Budd Hopkins Raymond Fo%ler !nn 1ruffel : .,ott Rogo Colin ilson Bill Chalker Tony 1odd Raymond Fo%ler Judith &ans3erg : !lan &ans3erg Frank Johnson /rene &ran,hi .imon Har"ey- ilson John Fuller 1a"id Ja,o3s Ph919

Books on the government cover!ups

!3o"e Top .e,ret The F9B9/9 Files The Truth a3out the UFO Crash at Ros%ell #eft at the *ast &ate Psy,hi, arrior The Philadelphia *+periment : Other UFO Con Open .kies Closed $inds The Unin"ited Top .e,ret Timothy &ood ;i,holas Redfern 2eith Basterfield #arry arren 1a"id $orehouse Brad .teiger and . Hanson .teiger ;i,k Pope .tanton Friedman

Books that show what types of Extraterrestrials have been seen and what they look like.
The Field &uide to *+traterrestrials Patri,k Huyghe Fa,es of the 'isitors 2 Randle and R *stes

Self!"elp or #ew Ages section ! Books that focus on the psychology and therapeutic understanding of this experience
!lien 1is,ussions .piritual *mergen,ies ! Farther .hore The Omega Pro4e,t Close *+traterrestrial *n,ounters #a3oured Journey to the .tars *n,ounter Rea,hing for Reality Healing .hattered Reality !ndrea Prit,hard . &rof < 2ason $1 and T 1egler 2enneth Ring R J Boylan, PH919: # Boylan *dith Rore Constan,e Clear $9.9 9 !li,e Bryant : #inda .ee3a,h

Scientific $emote %iewing gives further evidence& as well as understanding of the general purpose of the Extraterrestrials
Cosmi, 'oyage Courtney Bro%n Psy,hi, arrior 1a"id $orehouse Remote Per,eptions !ngela Thompson .mith

'ast life references and regression information

#ega,y from the .tars .tar,rash 2eepers of the &arden The Custodians - Beyond !3du,tion !3du,tion 1olores Cannon 1olores Cannon 1olores Cannon 1r J $a,k

Passport to the Cosmos

1r J $a,k

Books written by those having (ontact experiences

Communion Transformation Breakthrough The .e,ret .,hool The Communion #etters /n the Presen,e of !liens *n,ounter !3du,ted Conne,tions The Ultimate !lien !genda .ummoned *T-Human #ink !3du,ted .ear,hers /ntruders in the ;ight Beyond $y ildest 1reams #ost %as the 2ey The *+,yles /nto the Fringe !lien Jigsa% ! Time to Remem3er Uri &eller, $y .tory hitley .trie3er hitley .trie3er hitley .trie3er hitley .trie3er hitley .trie3er Janet Bergmark 2elly Cahill !nn !ndre%s : Jean Rit,hie B O3lings : !nna Jamerson James alden *d 91 1ana Redfield 1ana Redfield 1e33ie Jordan : 2athy $it,hell Ron Fel3er Ron Fel3er 2im Carls3erg #eah ! Haley $a !damas 2arla Turner Ph91 2atharina ilson Joy . &il3ert Uri &eller

Books by (ontactees
Co-*"olution !le, ;e%old !3du,tion to the ;inth Planet $ 1esmar0uet #ink - !n *+traterrestrial Odyssey 1r J Reed : R Raith

The Star (hild 'henomenon

.tar Children The $illennium Children The /ndigo Children *T = Human #ink - e are the $essage Jenny Randles Caryl 1ennis %ith Parker Jan To3er : #ee Carroll 1ana Redfield hitman

'ositive physical / spiritual outcomes from ET contact

UFO Healings Preston 1ennett e Come as Friends Peter $i,haels

(hannelled information / metaphysical information

Prism of #ra 'isitors from ithin Preparing for Conta,t *Ts and the *+plorer Ra,e Journey into the ;e% $illennium The Books of *no,h The Only Planet of Choi,e The Other .i+th .ense #yssa Royal : 2 Priest #yssa Royal : 2 Priest #yssa Royal : 2 Priest Ro3ert .hapiro endy $unro Joseph $ilk P .,hiemmer Brad .teiger .tuart ilde

Books from a historical / archaeological base

Fingerprints of the &ods &raham Han,o,k The $onuments of $ars Ri,hard C Hoagland The *arth Chroni,les >a,hariah .it,hkin The Holographi, Uni"erse $i,hael Tal3ot The Holotrophi, $ind .tanisla" &rof Beyond .upernature #yle atson !r,hite,ts of the Under%orld Bru,e Ru+ The &enesis of the &rail 2ings #auren,e &ar,her The .pa,eships of *zekiel J F Burnri,h The .uper &ods $auri,e Cotterell

Because this phenomena has a very real paranormal / psychic aspect to it& then some information on this is useful
Channelling Jon 2limo Journeys Out of the Body Ro3ert $unroe !liens !mong Us Ruth $ontgomery

Books from religious& spiritual and philosophical perspective

The &od Hypotheses The Bi3le The Bi3le and Flying .au,ers Flying .au,ers, ! $odern $yth of Things .ee in the .kies The &nosti, &ospels Joe #e%els Ph919 Barry H 1o%ning Carl Jung * Pagels

Anomalous phenomena ie (rop (ircles

The Cosmi, Conne,tion $i,hael Hessemann