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The more you dwell in My Word the better you know your weaknesses, for My Words are a mirror to

your soul & an exposing light of the wickedness & deceitfulness of the heart of man. My Word is a
two-edged sword, discerner of thoughts & intents of the heart, & if you really want to know the truth
about yourself, study My Word. In fact, that's the main reason why most people shun My Word,
because it reveals the ugly truth about them. It's not always very uplifting or encouraging; it's
breaking, & a downer at first. But then again, it's like the story of the wayward son who didn't stick it
through the reading of his father’s testament until the good part came.
The good news is that I can deliver you from all the sins & weaknesses & make a new creature out of
you. All have been tempted to feel more righteous than God about some point at one time or

Sometimes the greatest sin anyone can commit is to do nothing!

Sin means missing the mark. So, in order to hit the mark, and not sin, you’ve got to focus, you’ve got
to take time, you’ve got to concentrate, you’ve got to stay clear of any distraction.

You've got to believe in My love. You've simply got to know that I love you! The original sin of man
was to doubt that, and the greatest sin, the sin against the Holy Spirit, is to reject that love by not
believing that God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, once they've been given
the chance to receive Him.

I want you to base your confidence on My love for you. I want to be a true mirror to you, one that
shows you your flaws, but can also help you to overcome them, and that is not achieved by ignoring
them. The veil I cast over countless sins is not a veil that hides the ugliness beneath, but a veil of

You've got to learn to love folks even with their mistakes. "Love the sinner & hate the sin" doesn't
really mean, "Sure, I'll love the sinner. As soon as he gets rid of the sin!" Imagine if that was My
attitude! No, loving the sinner means loving them in spite of their sin & patiently helping them to
overcome their sin & having the faith that will eventually manage to do so by My grace!
My body was broken, and My blood was shed precisely for your healing and remission of sins, so,
how can you withhold it from them when that's the very purpose I went through all the suffering &
agony for?
Never condemn them for their weaknesses! Overcoming mistakes, faults & weaknesses & sins is
one of the major objectives in life. Your weaknesses & sins are an important part of this school of
life. If I would have sent you all perfect to this Earth, what would there be to learn? What would there
be to save? What purpose would there have been for Me to come & die for?
I love you completely despite all & any of your sins & flaws & short-comings. And I want you to learn
to love others with that very same love of Mine for them, too. I've got a love that sees through faults
as if they were glass or not even there. I just see the good, that's what love does. People are always
quick to judge others for their flaws, just like they were quick to judge & crucify Me. But learn to see
things differently! Learn to see through the eyes of forgiveness, and the eyes of love. "Against such,
there IS no law!"

Whatsoever is not of faith, is sin, so, don't do it if you don't have the faith for it. Pretending to have
faith when you don't can also be a sin.

You must see through My eyes, no matter how hopeless the aspects. Reject what you see with your
carnal eyes & look beyond, at the unseen; the spiritual, the beauty I will bring about for the ashes of
the temporal imperfection, the sin, the disobedience, the weakness & the flaws that might be all you
can see with your eyes right now.

If you look at all the sin and the human failure that's there, & all that's wrong, you might as well give
up & quit & tie up in port right now. The difference between the System & the true Ecclesia is not
that there is no sin in the Ecclesia. It's that in the Ecclesia there is a lot more grace to be found. My
grace. In the World there is sin and the accompanying condemnation which alienates them from Me.
In the Ecclesia, there is sin with the accompanying forgiveness & mercy and lessons of love &
humility gained out of them in the long run, as I have promised to all those who love Me, because
even your sins are part of "all things" that work together for good to you.
Instead of allowing the sin and the bad all around to drag you down into the pit, you should praise
Me, that in spite of all that filth I love you and will always love you, and - don't worry: I have cleansed
you, and I will continue to cleanse you and sanctify you unto Me. You are very precious to Me. Like
diamonds just hewn out of the dark, black rocks: There's still a lot of that black stuff all around you,
and if you focus on that, you're not a pretty sight, that's true. But just wait until I'm through with you!
Now, some say, "Stick me back into the mud & into the rocks! I can't bear the shame of my filth! I
don't want the World to see how dirty I am, and down there in the mire with all the other dirt, at least I
won't stick out! Put me back in!" Or they say, "Whoa, you guys are really not looking that much
better than the rest of the rocks down there in the mine. I might as well go back there & spare myself
all the chipping away on me by the Master's hand; all that cleansing & uncomfortable purging."
It's all a matter of focus, like Pollyanna said: "If you look for the bad in people, you're going to find
it." The trick is to look at the good & focus on the good, which, in essence, means to focus on Me in
each of you, the hope of glory. It's having faith for each other, faith that looks not so much at what
you or they are, but what by the grace of God someday you're all going to be.

The Devil often uses little things & seemingly innocent little sins, lacks of forgiveness or tiny little
grudges in the back of people's minds. Remember the "camel's nose." Once he's got the tip of his
nose in by one little thing that's lingering in the back of your mind, he'll try his head, then the neck
and you know the story...
Don't let him take over your tent! Give no place to the Devil!

If you know you've got a certain weakness in an area that you need to overcome, or a root of sin that
you need to tear out & not allow it to grow, then you've just got to keep recognizing it, keep
confronting it, keep at it. Keep applying the remedy. Keep calling on the Gardener & the Gardener's
helpers to help you combat those evil, ensnaring weeds, hindering you from bearing any real fruit in
your life.
I am come to save you from your sin, not only to forgive you for them, or earn you the Father's
forgiveness by My sacrifice, but also to really free you from your sins, including your besetting sins.
Just lay aside the weights and the sins which do so easily beset you, looking unto Me, the Author &
Finisher of your faith, the beginning and the end, the Alpha & Omega, Who hath delivered, Who doth
deliver and who will yet deliver.

Some had expected the Messiah to be a great deliverer in the flesh, who would cast off the Roman
yoke from their neck. But I was "only" a Deliverer in spirit, Who would free them from a much greater
yoke, though, than the Roman yoke, namely the yoke of their own sins. That is not something that
appeals to pride, nor the flesh, nor to anyone who settles for this temporary world. This only appeals
to those who are weary of this world, who know that it has got nothing to offer them.

Hiding from Me is always the result of sin. Any area of your life you're trying to hide from Me will be
used by the Devil somehow as an area that My light isn't shining on yet, so that's where he can play
his game of "Shady cloaks of lies & deceit."

If you break the rules, if you commit sin, it's going to be judged.
Someday you're going to look up to Me & say, "Lord, when You let me get away with everything &
you spoiled me & gave me all my requests, I loved you, but I didn't love you as much as after you
pulled out the rod & started chastising me for my sins and shortcomings."
You only learn to truly keep My law of love by the afflictions I'm letting come upon you!

Not missing the mark (the essence of "sin") because you've allowed the Enemy to distract you,
that's what it's all about. It means sharpening your focus. Fighting with all that's within you to drown
out the voices that would tear you away from what's really relevant. Cutting out all the frills, the
things all around the true essential & center of the meaning of life, and instead of just circling all
around it or hitting the spots all around it, hitting straight into the bulls eye...
I am the Target! If you will focus on Me long enough, if you just manage to hold still long enough and
to not give in to all the voices reminding you of this or that or the other you could do, if you just stay
clearly focused on Me, barring everything else from your mind, you will hit the mark!

Search your heart for hidden motivations, wrong attitudes, which could lead you up the wrong path!
There's hardly anything more important for Me than ensuring that each of you find the center of My
perfect will for you, that you take time to learn to hit the mark instead of missing it.

Your weaknesses seem to be a part of you that seems to be pretty hard to get rid of. But that's why
Salvation from your sins was the part that I've had to do, you don't have to worry about it! I'll take
care of your weaknesses; just leave'em up to Me!
When it comes to all that dirt, I'm "Mr. Proper," for real! I take care of it like nothing & no one else
can! Through the daily washing of your soul & spirit in My Word I'm giving you a glimpse of what it's
going to be like. Right now it seems like the dirt is really hard to get rid of because it clings so easily
to the flesh. The less emphasis you put on the flesh, the more progress you'll make in combating
your besetting sins.

Everybody can love perfect people! There's nothing special about that. But it takes something to
learn to love the imperfect & faulty & to put up with their flaws, look past and beyond them & yet
come up with a compassion for them that will enable you to even lay down your life for them.
So, learn to love others in spite of their faults! Recognize that they are all victims of something
greater, just like you, and that you're all there to help each other to overcome those weaknesses &
things that hold you captive.

You must study & investigate at times in order to really find out what happened, what's been going
on here, "who dunnit?" "Why are we stuck in a rut & don't seem to be making progress?" And that's
exactly what We're here for: to let you know.
My heavenly forces are in a way like policemen or officers of law enforcement, and it is their job to
catch and expose the culprit. A crime has been committed - or rather, countless crimes - and it is
their and your duty to find out who was responsible for this. Who were the perpetrators? Who
instigated it, and who were the helpers? Who was involved?

You thought that I couldn't possibly love you because of your sins, you didn't deserve it. The Enemy
had a grip on you through your sins. It wasn't that your sins actually caused Me to love you less, but
they caused you to believe that I loved you less. That's why dealing with your sins and mistakes is
important, too, you cannot just ignore them. Some who have refused to deal with them aren't around
anymore, they didn't make it. It takes that honest confrontation with them.
So, now you've come to face your sins, learned from your past mistakes, have allowed Me to expose
to you your own selfish hidden motives, and have allowed My Words to cleanse you from them with
their white-hot truth, and you have come to accept My unconditional love and eternal forgiveness.
Trust Me that each stumble will be another fall upward, closer to Me, closer to My arms, and that I
will always be there to catch you. And no matter how hard you fall, or how badly you err or sin, I will
always, always forgive you! Eventually, if you really believe this, the Devil will have to see that it's
senseless, that he can't deceive you anymore into thinking that you have "fallen from grace" or are
"too bad for Me."

By being a partaker of My life, My flesh, My body, My blood, you can also be a partaker of My victory
- the victory over all sin - that I gained for you and all mankind - all of those who will avail
themselves of that offer, that gift. One overcame for all. Because I overcame, you can overcome, and
because you overcome, others will yet overcome.

People find the darkness more attractive than the light for some reason.
Most people just don't want to be cleansed of their sins, but they want to keep them hidden in the
They don't want to be told that what they do - or don't do (James 4:17)! - is sin, and that they should
stop it.

Happiness is something I bring about in your life not so much by gaining and accumulating, but by
losing that which was unnecessary, the excess weight of false perceptions, wrong attitudes, and,
simply put, sin. "The sin, which doeth so easily beset us..." (Heb.12:1). Just cast it aside & continue
looking unto Me. Sin is all that will rob you of your true happiness, all that will try to distract you
from Me, will tell you, you don't really need Me, you can make it on your own, achieve it by yourself,
to make yourself happy.
Sin is giving in to the craving for the wrong type of input, the type that increases and exalts the flesh
and starves and neglects your spirit, your spiritual need, that "God-shaped hole" I've created for
Myself, & which only I can fill. But all it will lead to is disappointment and further realization of where
it's not at, unless you're willing to live with a deception and a lie, which is, of course, what many
people do.

The Devil is always trying to put some god in your life before Me; be it Mammon or pleasure, your
own comfort... even food, or intellectual input. He's trying to distract you with a little bit of
everything: a little bit of materialism, a little bit of maintaining your image, a little bit of fun.
He knows he can't tempt you with blatant sin, so he'll tempt you with subtle & potential sin. None of
these things are sins in themselves; they only become sin if you neglect Me in these activities. As
long as you keep Me at the center of them, or remember to put Me in the center of them, everything
is alright, and there's no danger of your neglecting Me.
As long as you don't become impatient and feverishly anxious to pursue your momentary &
temporal interests, but continue to take the time to get into the groove of eternity, and stay there,
constantly remembering that the spiritual and eternal are what matters, it's fine. But the Devil is
waiting and watching, cunningly trying to manipulate things & trying to lead things up to some
unguarded moment...
Usually when you're low on physical and spiritual energies & tuckered out, exhausted & you feel like
now you have a right to let it all hang out, to just relax & even be a little selfish, that's when he's got
a chance to come in.

Your sin is only a temporary state, and since time, in comparison to the vastness and reality of
Eternity isn't really "real" in a sense, it’s like paper money: It may have a certain value to you right
now, but in the scope of eternity, it's nothing. "The wages of sin is death. But the gift of God is
eternal life."
Just like people are slaving away for money and live for nothing but money, it seems, smoking away
their given time... it's all nothing but a bit of smoke, "a vapor that's here a little while and then it's
gone." But the real thing lasts forever.
So, don't worry too much about your weaknesses, your sins, your failures... You can do what you
can to overcome them, but the main thing you've got to do is let Me. I've already given you the gift of
eternal life, in the scope of which you're already perfect. Your sin is nothing to worry about anymore.
You're not under the payment system of the "wages of sin" anymore. I've already promised you and
given you an eternal vacation & rest from it all, and the sooner you start enjoying living and working
and enjoying life for Me, the better off you're going to be.
Sin, time and money are connected somehow. If the love of money is the root of all evil, then it is
certainly connected to sin, plus, if "time is money," as they say... they're living away their lives in the
slavery of sin. As I told the people, "He that commits sin is the servant of sin" (John 8:34), and I'm
the only One Who can liberate anyone from that bondage. They slave away for their meager wages,
which, in the end, turn out to be nothing but death, that "way which seemed so right unto a man,"
but turned out to be the ways of death...

Sin is neglect of Me, underestimating Me and not giving Me the importance and priority in one's life
that is due.

To be filling the place in your heart that was destined for Me with anything but Me is sin. It is
idolatry. It is having other gods before Me, or instead of Me. A lot of folks don't know any better; and
that's where your job comes in, of reminding them of what's really essential.

My love for you is greater than your unbelief! My pardon is greater than your sin.
My love for you is greater than all: greater than the impact of your sin, and certainly greater than the
Devil's justice or his desire to see you prosecuted and judged for anything you may be guilty of. I'm
your Defense Attorney, here to protect you from the incessant accusations of the Accuser of the
Saints, especially to yourselves.
If he manages to make you feel guilty and hopeless, and you're just about to surrender and agree
with him, ready to concede to his verdict, I'll step in & say, "Objection!" I see things differently. I see
all the background circumstances, conditions and reasons that caused you to sin and to fail, and I
am ready to pardon.
Of course, sometimes I will also allow a little of his pressure to reveal to you that you're not quite as
innocent as you may have thought. But the more you see the need for My forgiveness, the more you
will also avail yourself of it, and the more you will be washed clean. You won't be washed clean by
ignoring the dirt, or never even finding out it's there... You have to expose it, confront it, discover it
and then attack it with the laundry soap of My Spirit, My pardon and forgiveness. And in turn, the
more you are forgiven, the more you will also love and forgive others... The whole process is one
huge and powerful love-generator, so, I will turn the Devil's evil into My good. It is the fuel that I use
to combust it and convert it into My clean and powerful energy. I virtually thrive and power My motor
on the combustion of evil. For where sin doeth abound, there grace doeth much more abound.
Don't worry about being a sinner. Be thankful for the ability to recognize it and that it will be a way to
experience My love and pardon.

The times you stumble draw you closer to Me. You can't be a perfect sample at all times, and those
who want to find salvation through you and others like you will also sometimes have to find that it's
"through forgiving that we obtain pardon," as Francis said. People expect Christians to be perfect,
but nobody is. I didn't come to call the perfect to repentance, but the sinners. The healthy ones don't
need a doctor, but the sick do.
The inability to see one's own sin is a much greater curse than all other sins combined, and one sure
way of learning to recognize your own sins is through dealing with and confronting those faults in
others, too, and forgiving them for them... learning to accept sin as a natural thing that you're simply
having to live with in this dispensation of grace. After all, without sin, there wouldn't be any need for
grace, and "where sin abounds, grace does much more abound." That's why some of My greatest
saints have usually also been some of the greatest sinners. No one loves quite like a forgiven sinner.
Sinning keeps you humble. It's not like I'm advertising sin, but I'm trying to encourage you & help
you not to feel too bad about it (Ps.37:24).
If you wouldn't make any mistakes, there wouldn't be half as much for Me to talk to you about. You
see how your sins, shortcomings & failures draw you closer to Me? You want to learn how to do
better, and that's basically what healing, learning, growing and salvation is all about: that void, that
need to grow, that emptiness. You have a need for Me when you're not perfect, when you realize you
failed, when you need help to see, when you realize you really don't know much of anything...

The love of money is the root of all evil (1.Tim.6:10), because once people covet it, they won’t act out
of love, and thus, missing the mark of acting out of love, they sin.

You cannot give place to the Devil, you cannot give any place to sin or dishonesty in your life, for
the Devil will use it.

Sometimes people act as if their things were more important than some poor soul.
That, to Me, is the epitome of setting wrong priorities. It's certainly missing the mark of love, and
thus, sin.

Sometimes you have to resist unto blood, striving against sin, which means, it takes more than a
prayer of deliverance over some of your besetting sins. It takes the honesty and courage to be
willing to face them in the first place, letting Me expose and show them to you, shine My light of
truth into those dark corners of your heart, and then allowing Me to clean up there.
Simply seeing it, recognizing it and acknowledging it, admitting to it, takes humility, and that's
already half the victory in itself.

The sinful nature in you that always seeks to contradict Me, to doubt Me, to strive against Me, to run
away from Me.
The "spiritual" sins of self-righteousness and spiritual pride are much more severe, and much more
deeply rooted in the flesh than the mere desire to enjoy the bodies I have given you, including all its

You haven't yet resisted unto blood, striving against the sins of foolishness, worldliness and
shallowness that are trying to entice you and beguile you.

A thief, who by stealing thinks he enriches himself, only takes loss of his own soul.
They don't realize that they're losing by what they consider gain, how they're only heaping up misery
for themselves by trying to chase that artificial happiness.
The ways of sin make a person ugly, warped, distorted, despicable and undesirable, compared to
what they're supposed to be. The question is, can you love them anyway? Can you love them
enough to help them find their way back to Me? Can you still see My light in them? Can you still
consider them a "friend," even if they don't act like you do? Can you forgive them the way you have
been forgiven?

I'm not saying that people should spend time thinking about their sins, but I would recommend that
they allow Me to show them a few of their weaknesses and allow Me to help them overcome them
and work on them. And one simply cannot start overcoming a certain weakness until they become
aware of it.
It's something they need to work on!

It's not the size of the sin or the weight or amount of it that counts. It's that it's there at all, and I want
you to recognize it, deal with it and face it.

Sin is what hinders you from hitting the mark of relieving yourself of the obstacles and distractions
that stand between you and Me.
You need to deal with your weakness and find out what it is that made Me allow you to have it, and
why it is you're having to struggle with it. As in everything, there is a purpose for your weaknesses
and sins, too.
You can't really love a sinner, if you're not willing to at least temporarily accept him the way he is,
including his sin, knowing that I can deliver him from it. But healing someone from their sins doesn't
always happen over night...
Sometimes you're finding yourselves having to put up for quite a while longer with some of your
own besetting sins than you would like, or even someone else's weakness, and you're having to
learn to love the sinner, even if he didn't get rid of his sin yet.
In order to get rid of and overcome certain sins you have to take time to deal with them, and show
that you have enough love for the sinner - including yourself sometimes - to put up with his sin long
enough to help find the right cure for it, find out what's the lesson behind it and the reason I'm
allowing it to linger for so long in some cases.
Perhaps I'm using one sin to help you overcome another. Perhaps your laziness is one of My
greatest tools to keep your pride in check, for instance, or jealousy, to keep your self-righteousness
in check, and so on.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't continue seeking My help in order to overcome those weaknesses,
and it doesn't mean that you should just passively accept them as "the way you are" and never make
an effort to change. But when there is a weakness that just keeps lingering, sometimes you have to
look deeper, and see what else there may be that I want to show you, besides the usual, surgical
method, of "just get a knife and cut it out” and “good riddance."
Maybe the evil you're focusing on is the lesser of two evils, which I'm using in order to help you get
rid of the other one...
Your sin actually helps keep you humble, and it also helps Me to keep you closer to Me.
So, sometimes your "thorn in the flesh" is actually a useful device that can keep in check some
other aspect of the ever present and prevalent sin of pride, or the urge of self to unfold and manifest
itself in some great accomplishment, and it can certainly help to give Me the glory for anything you
accomplish in spite of your weakness!

Sins and weaknesses are for overcoming and fighting and winning the victory over them.
If you see a weakness in somebody, start seeking a way to try to help them overcome it with My
help. If you see the problem, do something about it, look for a solution, don't just resign in the face
of it.

It turns out that ordinary dirt isn't all that ordinary. It's a highly complex environment and basis for
all life and nourishment to thrive and become possible on this earth, an extremely thin and extremely
precious layer that used to cover the earth and is now dwindling at a shocking rate.
Even with dirt, you gotta know what you're doin'. And the Devil doesn't. He just creates his fake, but
it doesn't bring forth any life. So, you've got to discern between "good dirt" and "bad dirt." Not all
dirt is the same.
The good dirt is what I allow in your life. Call it sin, weakness, temptation, trial or testing, sickness,
whatever. The bad dirt is what the Devil will try to make out of it, if you discard My good dirt
What can originally be good dirt that is necessary to bring forth new life, if you discard it too early
and think you don't need it, can turn into the useless dirt of the Enemy: a real problem with self-
righteousness and pride, etc., that's going to be really hard to get rid of.
So, don't prematurely discard the "bad" things, the unpleasant circumstance I allow in your life, and
don't try to get rid of it by force. Chances are you might need that stuff in order to prevent worse
trouble from happening to you. Maybe those little sins are there to keep you humble and keep out
the really big ones that really can make life a pain for you!

Laziness is an enemy that needs to be taken seriously, you cannot underestimate it or take it lightly.
You need to confront it, deal with it, get rid of it, eliminate it and overcome it, just as you would
strive against any of the other, perhaps seemingly "more serious" sins. Laziness isn't any less
serious. One of its greatest weapons is that it doesn't seem as dangerous as other, more obvious
It’s just as much rooted in pride as the other sins: You figure, why should you do the work, when
someone else can do it. In other words, you consider them your servants and put yourself above
them in your mind, and that's pride.
I have called you to be one another's servants, and laziness hinders your doing exactly that.
Laziness eggs you on to behave like a little king or queen that everybody else has to serve, and it's
one of the greatest problem factors with youth today.

Part of the ugly truth I'm having to reveal to you little by little, is just how much you have allowed the
lie to gain access to your lives.
It makes you seek a better way. If sin leads you down that road, you figure you don't want it
anymore, and you'll choose something better next time. If that's the price of sin, you're not willing to
pay it anymore. If that's the kind of power you're granting the Devil over your life by compromise
then you figure you'll better stand your ground next time.

I "recycle" your sins and convert them into useful lessons, the "fruits of righteousness, which are
exercised thereby" (Heb.12:11). You learn to do better from doing it the wrong way.

The Devil uses every sin available to keep you from loving. Actually, that's the aim of sin: to keep
you from loving; to "miss the goal" is sin, and the goal is love.
Failing to love equals sin. Sin is, when anything other than love becomes more important to you.
anger can keep you from love, by making you easily feel aggravated and annoyed by the quirks of
others, causing you to become impatient with them, or self-righteous, etc.
Laziness can make you think that your own comfort is more important than that of others, causing
you to fail to love...
Envy can make you think that what others have should be rightfully yours, causing you to put
yourself above them and thus causing you to fail love...
Hedonism can cause people to think that pleasure is more important than genuine love.
And lust can cause you to never be satisfied with what you have, always thinking that the grass on
the other side of the fence is more important than love...
In effect, all sins and all evil is designed for that purpose, to destroy love.

It’s better not to deal excessively with your faults, flaws and sins, and to just keep going right ahead
in spite of them.
(Heb.12:1, 2) Laying aside the weight and besetting sins sometimes means just to stop paying so
much attention to them to the point where you’re being hindered by them, and just look unto Me, the
Author and Finisher of your faith, your only hope of glory.
It is good to be able to be completely honest with yourself. But if what you see in facing yourself
merely paralyzes and stuns you into a state of zero productivity because you’re so shocked by it,
then it’s better to just lay all that ugly ego-business aside, keep looking unto Me and do what’s
humanly impossible, in spite of all your weaknesses.

Digging for a well in the dirt is dirty and hard work, but it brings forth the clean and life-giving water.
It’s those clean-on-the-surface hypocrites who never deal with their problems on a truthful basis that
are all rotten within, and for whom there isn’t much hope. There is more hope for anyone who knows
they’re a mess than for someone who thinks they’re so great.
It’s good to become aware of the dirt that you need to be washed clean from. It’s important.
It always takes a bigger sinner than yourself to teach you a lesson about your own sin.

Never underestimate My love and mercy. Neither should you ever overestimate the power of evil and
sin. There is no evil I cannot overcome, and no sin My blood can not erase.

You may have all these negative qualities and besetting sins, but you believe in My power to enable
you to overcome them, and that’s the kind of power the world wants and needs to see.
One of the first tactics of the Enemy to prevent Salvation from happening is to make people blind to
their sin, and to the fact that they’re slaves and captives of their sins and need liberation and
Salvation from them.
The second tactic is to make those who do see their faults think that they’re absolutely powerless
against them, and that there’s nothing anyone could ever do about them, but that’s precisely where
you’re supposed to come in and show them that’s wrong.
There is something that can be done about sin, and the God and Creator of the universe Himself has
seen to it that it is within anyone’s reach. Basically, all you’ve got to do is ask Him for help, and the
help He did send was Me.
My sacrifice has saved you from the impact that sin would have on you, and the rewards you would
reap for your sin.
Some sins are more subtle, and that’s what makes them harder to overcome. The first step is always
recognizing it and seeing the need for overcoming it.
Dealing with sin ought to be something as common to do for every man, woman and child as taking
care of their physical cleanliness.
The very word “sin” is becoming a taboo, and dealing with it something awkward and frowned upon
by the majority of society.
They may have means of “dealing” with it, like going to confession, if they’re Catholics, or seeing a
therapist, if they’re atheists, and confessing and talking about it may help some (although it doesn’t
really help to blame it all on somebody else or some circumstance from your past), but in order to
truly overcome sin, it takes going a bit further.
The Devil has many different tricks and devices in order to keep people from observing that
outstanding duty, many ways of preventing them from seeing the need. Either he gets their focus on
everybody else’s sin (self-righteousness), or he distracts them with physical matters, making them
blind to spiritual issues (materialism), or he makes them hopelessly resign to their fate
(discouragement), all of which are distortions of the truth, which would make you free (See John 8).
I am here to set you free from your sin on a daily basis, and you need to realize that. You’ve got to
deal with your sin, together with Me. You can let Me be your Therapist or your Priest taking your
confession, I’ll be all that and more to you.
You want to make progress and headway in overcoming your besetting sins, and I can help you with
that. In fact, I want to, and that’s one of the major purposes our relationship is all about.
The purpose is to replace worldly ambitions with a genuine desire to seek first what’s best for My
Kingdom, namely how to get others saved. We’ve got to get the world saved. We can’t just let’em go
down the drain. We just can’t. We’ve got to do something about it! And sin is what hinders you from
doing just that…

It’s when you get your eyes off the Creator and instead become too obsessed with creation, and you
start worshiping the creation instead of the Creator, that sin gets in and contaminates and ruins
something that could have been pure.

It took the eyes of faith to realize My true ministry: to save the Jews from greater bondage than that
of Roman occupation, namely the bondage of sin.

Not to do good when you’re capable of it, is a sin. To neglect to do a good thing is a bad thing, and it
will bear consequences.
If you’ve done your part, you’ll have the peace that you did what you could in order to change it;
whereas if you don’t, condemnation will be nagging at you, or at least the doubt of what might have
happened if you would have…

It seems kind of unfair that you are having to pay the consequences for that one slip of Adam & Eve,
when they couldn’t resist temptation. But believe Me when I say, it would have happened to any of
The consequence of sin needs to be learned.

There comes a time when everyone will have to reflect about their sins and mistakes.
Say you are some kind of a prisoner in the situation you’re in. Would you know what you’re doing
time for? Do you know why you’re there? Are you aware of the mistakes you made, the crimes or
sins you have committed, the hurt you have caused others? Do you think the disciplinary measures
might possibly be justified?
That’s basically how it is in life: you encounter unpleasant circumstances, and you consider them
unjustified, as if you deserved better than that. But do you, really? If you believe in My love and
justice, can’t you also believe and assume that the circumstances I am allowing to befall you are the
precise set that you deserve and need in order to deal with your mistakes and learn something from
The wrong attitude to have would be not seeing your sin and guilt and thus not being able to learn
anything out of life and life’s circumstances.

Your sins are a temporal matter, and I look at the eternal.

No matter what sort of excuse you will give for your sins, it won’t hold ground, and it won’t clear you
of having to pay the consequences.
Nobody will be able to stand before Me and justify themselves and clear themselves of their sin or
failures. Not by all their trying to do so.
The easiest and quickest way to be forgiven is to be willing to admit their sin and admit that they
need help, instead of lying and pretending they’re doing just fine without it, which is pride.
There is no such thing as a sinless saint on earth. As long as you’re in this life, you keep sinning,
and all My saints, great and small, were sinning saints until the day that they died or I whisked them
out of this world…
There may come a time when you will have learned to have a greater grip on your sin and control the
extent of its power over you, perhaps even to the point where it may seem to others as if you were
practically sinless, but you and I will always know better.
After all, I also use your sins and mistakes to keep you humble and teach you important lessons,
and they work for Me in that way.

One of man’s great sins is his presumption that his conclusions, opinions and concoctions of his
mind are true and just, when sadly, in most cases, nothing could be further from the truth.