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Granite Bay rabbi

concentrates on
spiritual growth
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Tips for the perfect

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PRSRT ST D Thanksgiving feast
IN THIS ISSUE: Fall in full swing, a wonderful time
urkey, stuffing, cranberry of Otow Orchards on Eureka
Fall at Otow
Discover what’s
T sauce and mashed pota-
toes … my mouth is
Road who has been practicing
the ancient art of hoshigaki,
which means dried persim-
Even though it’s just the mon in Japanese for many
Page 8
beginning of November I’m years.
ready for the annual Thanks- Susan If you’ve never tried this del-
giving feast. icacy, you’re in for a real treat.
On the cover: Editor
Tosh Kuratomi of It’s that time of year when But you better get there fast, as
Otow Orchards is eating right pretty much goes hoshigaki is only available for a
preparing for the out the window at my house. I short time each fall.
persimmon mean, let’s face it, not too
It’s that time of year Fall is also the beginning of a
harvest much on the Thanksgiving when eating right pretty variety of holidays for all faiths.
table is considered low calorie. On page 16 read about Rabbi
But that’s OK because to me much goes out the Alan Rabishaw and his views
this time of year is more than window. Let’s face it, not on Judaism and leading the
Autumn Art Studios
just eating a good meal. It’s Jewish congregation of Temple
Tour too much on the
77 local artists about spending time with fam- Or Rishon in Orangevale.
show off their ily and friends. Thanksgiving table is For all you art lovers the
work at annual I will be hosting Thanksgiv- annual Autumn Art Studios
tour ing at my house this year and considered low calorie. Tour will be held Nov 13, 14
even though it’s sometimes dif- and 15. If you’ve never taken
ficult to get the shopping, advantage of this event, it’s a
cooking and preparing all ence you have as a cook real treat to be able to watch
together when you have a full and/or hostess, this article has our local artists up close and
time job,I enjoy it all and look something for everyone. I personal creating their master-
forward to entertaining for this especially enjoyed reading the pieces.
holiday. recipe for the onion and So before you start stuffing
And this year I’m taking cheese strudel. that bird and baking those
some of the Thanksgiving feast Fall is also the time of year pumpkin pies in a few weeks I
tips offered by our writer when the delectable persim- hope you’ll snag a few
Relax to the max Megan Woods on page 4. mon is in all its glory. We moments to read this issue of
Practicing yoga No matter how much experi- caught up with Tosh Kuratomi the Granite Bay View.
for good health
Page 20

Tips for the feast
Page 4 Complete kitchen and bathroom remodels from cabinets to
Page 12
countertops, flooring, plumbing and electrical – we do it all!
Learning to be thankful
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Day tripper
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Follow these tips for a memorable Thanksgiving
BY MEGAN WOOD ing, Troi Frankhuizen, said the
GRANITE BAY VIEW fat’s where it’s at for incredible
hanksgiving can ruffle the crusts.

T feathers of even the most

practiced host or hostess.
But with a few tips from local
“Flaky crusts need more
butter or lard to keep the den-
sity down,” Frankhuizen said.
experts, any holiday feast can “Butter gives more flavor, lard
be enhanced. makes for more flaky crust. Do
a good half and half combina-
Pre-dinner snacks: tion for both flavor and flake.”
Gina Haskell, owner and For an extra zing,
chef of 2 Hens Catering in Frankhuizen suggests playing
Quarry Ponds said her grand- with different flours, found at
mother’s frittatas were a staple specialty stores like Whole
at her family’s Thanksgiving Foods or Nugget Market to
feast. These days, Haskell is really get creative with flavorful
creating her own family tradi- pies.
tion with pear onion and jack “Substitute nut flours like
cheese strudel garnished with almond or hazelnut for your
toasted almonds and Granny pastry flour,” Frankhuizen
Smith apples. said. “Hazelnut with a pump-
“You can prepare them in kin pie would be really unique
advance and the day of, just and give a different flavor to
pop them in the oven to the pie.”
warm,” Haskell said. “They For added sheen and
look and taste gourmet, but sparkle, Frankhuizen brushes
they’re really easy, which is the pies with a mixture of corn
best kind of appetizer.” syrup and water, followed by a
sprinkling of granulated sugar
and returns the pie to the
JACK CHEESE STRUDELS Add a festive Thanksgiving mood to dinner by bringing nature inside to the table, such as the glaze to set.
6 tablespoons (3/4 stick) unsalted pumpkins and natural-woven textures, above. The tip to a perfect pumpkin pie? Make sure “It just makes them look
butter the crust has plenty of butter or lard for a great-tasting, flaky crust. sparkly and irresistible,”
1 onion- chopped Frankhuizen said.
1 Bosc pear, peeled, halved, cored,
degrees. Pour brine into a large
storage container over the
turkey and allow to set for 24- Setting the mood
¾ cup (packed) grated dry jack Once you know how many
cheese or ½ cup grated Parmesan
48 hours.
you will be serving and the
cheese and ¼ cup grated sharp white seating arrangement is done,
cheddar cheese
3 tsp. whole grain Dijon mustard
Turkey Day cocktail the table decorations can
½ tsp. salt It can be easy to slump into a make the feast complete.
4 sheets frozen phyllo pastry, food coma after Thanksgiving, “The best part of fall colors
thawed but what hostess needs sleep- is they can be so diverse
ing relatives on every flat sur- depending on personal
Melt 2 tablespoons butter in face? tastes,” said Quarry Ponds
medium skillet. Add onion and Tripp Harrison, Hawk’s Lilygrass Florist owner Sara
sauté until brown, about 7 Restaurant assistant manager Richardson. “You can go tradi-
minutes. Add pear and sauté 3 and house sommelier, has tional, organic, or glamorous
minutes. Transfer pear mixture whipped up a cocktail that is just by switching a few key
to medium bowl. Cool slightly.
sure to keep guests wide-eyed pieces.”
Stir in dry jack cheese, mustard
and salt. Melt remaining 4 and bushy tailed. Going organic is easy by
tablespoons butter in small bringing nature indoors.
saucepan over medium heat. Richardson suggests natural
Place 1 phyllo sheet on work remaining strudel, transfer to Thanksgiving piece de resist- FRENCH PRESS COCKTAIL woven textures to offset
surface. Brush with melted but- platter and serve. Garnish with ance unforgettable? ¾ oz Biscotti liquor groupings of pomegranates,
ter, top with second sheet and thinly-sliced apples that have “I’ve found that brining the ¾ oz vanilla vodka (Hawks uses pumpkins or a spray of wheat
brush with melted butter. been soaked a few minutes in 2 turkey for a few days keeps the Absolut) and bunnygrass pods.
Arrange half of pear mixture in cups water and lemon juice and ½ oz of espresso or very strong
meat juicy and tender and is White fairytale pumpkins
log along 1 short end of phyllo, sprinkle with sliced almonds. coffee
still a relatively easy way to pre- with rich accent colors like
leaving 1-inch border at each ½ oz Courvoisier cognac
pare turkey,” Reiter said. burgundy and gold can be
end of pear mixture. Fold in Splash of simple syrup or sprinkle
sides and roll up tightly into Turkey Tips of granulated sugar
mixed with flowers like deep
log. Brush all over with butter. With so many ways to cook a Splash of half and half red roses, dahlias or mums for
Transfer to large baking sheet. turkey it’s nearly impossible to A TURKEY BRINE TO TRY a glamorous look.
Repeat with remaining phyllo stick to just one tried-and-true 4 qts water Shake well and garnish with “The nice part about fall col-
butter and pear mixture. method. From cooking the bird 3 1/2 cups kosher or sea salt espresso beans. ors and flowers is they can take
(Strudels can be prepared 1 day in a brown paper bag, to deep- 4 cups sugar you from Halloween to
ahead. Cover and refrigerate.) frying or cooked using a rotis- 2 tbsp cracked peppercorns Perfect Pies Thanksgiving and through
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. serie over a grill, Quarry Ponds 7-8 cloves garlic When it comes to post din- most of the season,” Richard-
Bake strudels until golden 5 bay leaves coarsely crumbled
Vande Rose butcher and gen- ner pies, don’t let a sub-par son said. “It’s easy to get cre-
brown about 18 minutes. Cool
eral manager Pete Reiter has Bring ingredients to a boil and crust leave a bad taste in your ative and be inspired by what’s
5 minutes. Transfer 1 strudel to
cutting board. Cut on diagonal seen and heard it all. immediately refrigerate solu- guests’ mouths. Chef and happening in nature, which I
into 12 pieces. Repeat with His favorite way to keep the tion to allow brine to cool to 35 owner of A Chef’s Affair cater- love.”


Procedures offered: Dr. Andrew Kaczynski is considered by many to be
one of the most experienced surgeons in the Valley.
Face and Neck Specialist, Vaser He specializes in Body Sculpting, Breast
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Breast Augmentation
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VASER HI-DEF known for sculpting six

pack abs Photos supplied by Thermage.

If you’re looking for the six pack abs or just definition that you have always
desired then Vaser Hi-Def may be the answer for you! Many people can Upcoming Events Near You...
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Roseville* November 3 7 PM
tried. Vaser takes body sculpting to a whole new level and removes the fat Folsom** November 12 7 PM
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be seen! Dr. Kaczynski is one of the select few surgeons certified to perform
this amazing procedure. * This symposium will focus on the Living Bra
Gentle Breast Life and Breast Augmentation

** This symposium will focus on Vaser Hi-Def

6 pack abs and body shaping.

*** Will focus on Thermage and Botox

Actual Patient Actual Patient


Locals ready to set the art world on fire
Discover Hidden “I deal with the more
Treasures in the Sierra absurd. Some people
have come just to look
Nevada Foothills
and laugh, because I
make crazy stuff.”
hroughout the yard are

T rusty pipes, rain-washed

washers, horseshoes that
have seen better days – stuff for
Steve Harrington, art welder

asts are sure to find several stu-

the junkyard, some would say. dios that will amaze and
But Loomis artist Steve Har- inspire.
rington would disagree. “It gives people in the area
One of 77 artists who will the opportunity to really see
show their work in 55 locations and appreciate what artists in
in Art, Verse and Vines, the 16th the area are doing,” said Rosie
annual Autumn Art Studios Stillwell, studio tour coordina-
Tour, Harrington knows that tor for Placer Arts.
beauty is in the eye of the “People get to talk with the
beholder. artists about the process and
Thrilled to share his craft, see demonstrations – painters,
he’s been working in metallic jewelry making – there are a lot
media for the last seven years, of different mediums that can
and can’t wait for tour visitors be demonstrated.”
to behold his whimsical wares Stillwell, a patron of the arts,
on display. though not an artist herself,
The Preacher, a command- said she is thrilled to be
ing piece that stands as tall as PHILIP WOOD • GRANITE BAY VIEW involved with the tour.
Harrington himself, is a central Sparks fly in Steve Harrington’s workshop as he gets down to the business of creating art. “I’ve always been a patron of
figure in his repository of the arts, and I really believe in
wrought items. Placer Arts,” she said.
An iconic figure, crafted from “Youngsters aren’t getting
exhaust pipes, chain, hinges ART, VERSE AND WHERE TO the opportunity to see and take
and the like, The Preacher VINES PURCHASE part in art in schools, like in
stands guard in the center of 16TH ANNUAL AUTUMN ART TICKETS years past,” she said, stating
Harrington’s yard, cross and STUDIOS TOUR admission is free for young-
Bible (made of melded-togeth- You can purchase sters up to age 18.
er pieces of a metal filing box) When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fri- tickets and pick up “Last year’s event was suc-
in hand, waiting to greet any- day thru Sunday, Nov 13-15 maps at the follow- cessful in many ways. By suc-
one who comes within just- ing locations: cess, I don’t just measure it in
saying-hi distance. Where: Various locations how many people we sold tick-
“People like to call it garden throughout Placer County • Creative Arts and ets to, or how much money
art,” Harrington said. “But I like Music Center 6210 was raised. It’s more about
Cost: $10 adults, free for 18 Douglas Blvd.,
to think the figures would work exposure (for the artists). Some
and under. Granite Bay
well inside the home, too.” artists received commissions,
He originally steered toward • Roseville Arts some sold work, some have
the representational, but is Blue Line Gallery people approach them to
headed down a path to more have in any gallery,” he said. 405 Vernon St., teach classes,” she said.
asymmetrical figures – figures Harrington admits he loves it Roseville In challenging financial
that look off balance, in recent when people take a look at his times, though, money is
months. work and laugh. • High Hand Gallery important too. Funds raised
“I deal with the more “Some people have come 3750 Taylor Road., from the tour will go to Placer
absurd,” Harrington admitted. just to look and laugh, because Loomis Arts budget, which will help
“It appeals to me, trying differ- I make crazy stuff,” he said. fulfill the mission of the arts
• Wholesale Art and
ent stuff. I’m into welding, but “They’re up-front about it, and Framing council.
I’m trying to incorporate mate- I think it’s great. It’s a great 4441 Granite Drive., “Just look on the Web site.
rials that aren’t purely metal in compliment.” Rocklin There are so many things Plac-
the work.” Mya Louw, an artist in Gran- er Arts offers,” Stillwell said.
Harrington loves to capture ite Bay, is also showcasing work PHILIP WOOD • GRANITE BAY VIEW • Online at Art enthusiasts can pick up
his audience, and does so by on the tour. Internationally Art welder Steve Harrington with placerarts.org tour maps at various locations,
creating the fun and fantastical known, Louw is recognized for “The Preacher.” and visit as few or as many stu-
– birds mounted atop wheels, her vibrant colors. She is influ- dios as they wish.
elongated alligators welded enced by the Dutch school, greens and feature a compli- the world, and uses her art to “Many artists will have light
with repeat-patterned round and by African landscapes, a cated pallet, with amazing fall- raise funds for causes like child refreshments, and some
metal gadgets, and tends subject she knows first hand, like hues. abuse prevention, breast can- restaurant sponsors will offer
toward animal themes, which as a decades-long resident of In addition to landscapes, cer research and more. discounts to studio attendees,”
people love. Africa. Northern California in particu- Of course, the Autumn Art Stillwell said. “It’s a lovely time
“I show a lot of my work at Paintings like, “Chatting lar, Louw is known for her Studio Tour offers visitors a of year, with the fall colors. We
the Flower Farm Nursery. I sell Oaks” are rich in color – russet, female forms. peak at 75 additional artists always seem to get perfect
a lot more there than I ever ochre, mustard and olive Louw displays her art all over work and lives, so, art enthusi- weather.”


Visit the Clay Corner for
N O V E M B E R AT unique gifts
QUARRY PONDS J. Christian for beauty supplies, and gift
certificates are always much appreciated.
Pizza Antica, Quarry Ponds Cafe, Hawks.
Highlight the Holidays
Shop Quarry Ponds Market Hall Quarry Ponds Café unveiled
for all your holiday needs on Wednesday, October 28
Order your Thanksgiving Come in and meet new manager, Laura
Turkey from VandeRose Kudla and enjoy the all new menus
Appetizers and sides from inspired by American Regional styles as
2 Hens Kitchen and Catering interpreted by our inventive chef, Scott
Desserts from See www.quarryponds.com Snyder. Brunch hours: Tues-Fri 10:00-
2:00, Sat-Sun 8:00-2:00. Dinner hours:
Bay Gourmet for details. Wed-Sun 5:00-9:00. We look forward to
Centerpiece from serving you.
Lily Grass
We’re looking forward to a Engaged Wedding Library
2 Hens Market & Catering Happy Holiday Season with Located on the pond, the library is a new
many wonderful options! free wedding planning resource for
Featuring specialty foods on the go
brides-to-be. Research material, meet
and full-service catering. with wedding vendors, shop for gifts.
Gina Haskell brings the Hens to Brides receive a goody bag on their first
Quarry Ponds after a two year hiatus. visit and enjoy other complimentary gifts
Come see what we’re cooking up when using their library card. Free
starting with great food and inspiring monthly planning seminars will begin in
cooks with unique classes and January. Hours are Tues.-Sat. 10-4 pm.

Student Musician Night moves to

ON-GOING EVENTS Friday evenings inside Toast
CALENDAR Restaurant and special featured
concerts will take place on select
Saturday evenings through the
Foothill Farmers Market winter months.
Sunday Mornings Outdoors in the Parking Lot
Locally grown Fruits and Vegetables
9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Come get a taste of what our

(916) 783-3113 new chef, Scott, is cooking up.
peets.com 50% off breakfast Mon.- 916.772.5888 abby@pwg.com | 916-941-6831
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(916) 771-5300 (916) 774-0440 916.791.6200 Pkwy.
jchristiaandayspa.com hawksrestaurant.com (916) 771-5459

Quality Dining • www.quarryponds.com • Shopping • Market

A look at November’s other orange fruit
The focus is on
persimmons at
Otow Orchards
in Granite Bay

rancher’s hands say a lot.

A They are usually strong,

callused, with wide, flat
nails, rough, and showing
wear, just like the non-design-
er, worn chambray shirt, blue
jeans and dusty shoes.
Tosh Kuratomi looks every
bit the rancher, right down to
the wiry little dog roaming by
his side.
Luckily, not only does
Kuratomi look the part of a
rancher, but he excels at the
job. Otow Orchard’s success
depends on Kuratomi and his
family’s know how, and ability
to plant, harvest, weed and
water, not to mention soil con-
ditions and cooperative weath-
Kuratomi has been running
the orchard for more than 10
years, but has labored many a
weekend and vacation amid
the fruits and vegetables since
marrying Chris Otow Kuratomi
many years ago.
But those who know a bit of
Granite Bay history know the
orchard has been around
much longer than that.
In 1911 Chris Otow Kurato-
mi’s grandparents cleared the
land of rocks and scrub oak,
and started planting. The lot BRIAN SCOTT • SPECIAL TO THE GRANITE BAY VIEW
included grapes, persimmons, Tosh Kuratomi examines the persimmons at his orchard in Granite Bay. Kuratomi makes sure the fruit is ripe before it can be
pears, peaches – a wonderful dried into hoshigaki. Kuratomi said hoshigaki takes about six weeks and requires lots of tender care.
array of sweet deliciousness on
the 20-acre plot.
During the 1930s, Helen Loomis. “The sugar comes from the inside, that’s the magic to Quince, olives, apples, Asian
Kitchitaro, who later became Today, Helen Otow, a spry 93 pears and pomegranates
Helen Otow, helped her wid- years old, can still be found it. The practice was a way to preserve persimmons, abound in the fall harvest.
owed mother run the place, each day working her tomato and it was a special treat at New Years time.” But what the family orchard
and, although she was the garden. is most known for is its hoshi-
Tosh Kuratomi, Otow Orchards
youngest of three siblings, end- “I’m not working, really,” she gaki.
ed up running the orchard with said. “I’m just here.” Hoshigaki, or dried persim-
her husband in later years. Tosh Kuratomi disagrees Sacramento, too. The land was Boulevard) grows his strawber- mon in Japanese, is a sugary
In spite of the fact that Otow with his mother-in-law. split among the three siblings, ries on about five acres as well. delicacy that people who par-
and her husband, Seiichi, were “We couldn’t get along with- but Helen got the lion’s share The orchard produces take, look forward to each fall.
forced to relocate to the Tule out her – she runs the register, because she was ranching.” healthy, delicious and chemi- Who knew persimmons
Lake Internment Camp during and grows vegetables,” he said. Today the orchard stands at cal-pest-killer-free bounty year could be so delicious?
World War II, they ultimately “All three of the siblings were 39.5 acres, with orchards cov- round. Tasty orange fruit dangles in
made a success of the family born right here. My mother-in- ering half of it. Mr. Saeng, (the This time of year, however, is every direction at Otow
orchard, selling what they har- law is the youngest – she still strawberry seller at the corner one of the busiest seasons for Orchard this time of year - fruit
vested to the Fruit Shed in has a 96-year-old sister in of Barton Road and Douglas the family. that will be lovingly handled


“To sell everything
right from here has
been a big change,
people used to
wholesale it out –
they used to send it to
the fruit sheds to deal
with. We feel like
we’re part of a
community, rather
than just a family
taking care of our
business and
Tosh Kuratomi

Viviano Kuratomi gets ready

to bite into a persimmon his
grandmother, Chris Kurato-
mi is peeling.



and squeezed every few days, local goods and produce.

throughout the six-week KNOW AND GO “We don’t want to lose our
process. OTOW ORCHARD neighborhood stores. We’d
Careful caressing now, results rather get our doughnuts from
in a sweet, naturally-sugar- Where: 6232 Eureka Road, Granite Bay (between Barton and Carol (Bill’s Donuts), than
coated specialty by mid Auburn Folsom roads) Krispy Kremes,” he said. “You
November. Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. can get a doughnut anywhere.
“The sugar comes from the Sunday, closed Monday But there, you stop and talk to
inside, that’s the magic to it,” Web site: Otoworchard.com people. Most of the time, I eat
confided Kuratomi. “The prac- up the donut before I ever
tice was a way to preserve per- leave the store.”
simmons, and it was a special Chris and Tosh Kuratomi and their son Toshio begin Safety in food handing is one
treat at New Years time.” the process of drying the persimmons they have of Kuratomi’s reasons for pre-
According to Kuratomi, there grown on their land at Otow Orchards in Granite Bay. ferring local foods in his
are only about nine people pantry.
who make and sell hoshigaki in BRIAN SCOTT • SPECIAL TO THE GRANITE BAY VIEW “There’s only one link
Placer County, and the delica- between the product and your
cy can sometimes be found at kitchen table,” he said. “Things
farmers’ markets. that are grown in Mexico – just
But Placer County residents said. part of an open house at the erty.” the miles, and the way it’s kept,
aren’t the only ones enjoying The practice of perfecting orchard from 1 to 3 p.m. Satur- On a typical Saturday, the the chemicals.”
the sugar-coated sweet. dried persimmons is so day, Nov. 14, and the slow food orchard will see about 40 cus- In spite of the increasing cost
“We sell to wholesalers too – unique, that PBS television movement, for keeping people tomers. During peach season, of metered water, and the
hoshigaki is big in Hawaii, and producer, Huell Howser filmed interested in buying fruits and Kuratomi explained that sever- pesky olive fruit fly, Kuratomi,
we do a great mail-order busi- a 30-minute segment about vegetables locally. al cars would be in the parking his wife and mother-in-law
ness,” Kuratomi said. Otow Orchards a few years ago. “To sell everything right from area at all times – patrons seek- hope the orchard will be a
But Kuratomi doesn’t typi- “Huell called me personally, here has been a big change, ing the perfect peach. viable concern for generations
cally send his best stuff far a just a few days ago, to say that people used to wholesale it out “We see all walks of life here,” to come.
field. they’re re-running the show – they used to send it to the he said. “We get folks from After all, any given weekend,
“We save the best of the about our persimmons on fruit sheds to deal with,” Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, four generations – descendants
hoshigaki for individuals who KVIE on Nov. 19,” Kuratomi Kuratomi said.“We feel like from all over.” of the Otow family can be seen
come in. We also sell to a mar- said. we’re part of a community, Kuratomi and his family are raking, weeding, cultivating,
ket in Sacramento – they can’t He credits organizations like rather than just a family taking big proponents of shopping at and plumping those perfect
keep it on their shelves,” he Placer Land Trust, that will be care of our business and prop- local stores and purchasing persimmons.


K.T. Flynn
Dining View Ruth’s Chris continues to sizzle
What sets Ruth’s Chris
Steak House apart from the
Dine, dance and party at Zigato’s others is that at Ruth’s Chris
the steaks actually “speak”
at The Station since Zigato’s has been a long time
Sacramento favorite, the menu features
for themselves. The
signature sizzle comes from
Once the home of The Station all time favorites like the savory pizzas
Nightclub and Ultra Lounge located in the ultimate preparation
including the tasty Whole Kit &
the historic structure at the corner of Caboose pizza and Kiss Me in the style where the finest
Orlando and Riverside at the southern Morning pizza which is made with 4 custom-aged Midwestern
entrance to Roseville at I-80, this is cheeses and a nice touch of garlic. Try beef is broiled in 1800 -
now the home of Zigato’s at The one of the flavorful pastas, the popular degree ovens and served
Station, which happens to be the only tri tip dip sandwich served with a side sizzling on special 500-
local restaurant and dance club venue of au jus, or the fire-grilled Atlantic degree plates.
offering dining, dancing and salmon with refreshing mango salsa
entertainment seven nights a week. The served with harvest rice pilaf. Or Glorious tender, juicy
Station is your departure point for an there’s the fabulous sesame chicken flavor is exactly what you
enjoyable experience! salad which is great for sharing. get with each filet, rib eye, General Manager Manuel Dos Santos and Executive Chef Matt Schmierer
The entertainment New York strip, porter
calendar is filled seven house, T-bone or lamb and includes close to 350 Ruth’s Chris Steak House
nights a week. A mix of veal chop, each broiled as 1185 Galleria Blvd. Suite P-120
entertainment is targeted outstanding varietals,
you like and delivered to dining here is both
at Westfield Galleria Mall
mostly at a 30+ crowd and your table sizzling in butter. Main Entrance
everyone seems to have a memorable and satisfying Roseville 95678
No fancy sauces here to with the perfect
great time. 916-780-6910
cover up the flavor. Your combination of inviting ruthschris.com
This is the spot for meal can be accompanied by atmosphere and classic fare.
Karaoke and for dance Lunch for the Holidays
signature sides intended for But then, that is exactly
lessons for those that Dinner nightly
sharing. The pecan-crusted what you would expect from Happy Hour Mon.-Fri. 4-6pm
would like to learn west sweet potato casserole tops
coast swing, country line Ruth’s Chris. And since
the list of favorites followed these aren’t the usual is more then decadent.
dancing and salsa. And
tango will be added next. by mashed potatoes with a economical times and to “People used to think of
On Mondays the Blues jam hint of garlic; creamed create a more informal, us as a special-occasion
begins at 8 pm. Bring your spinach; potatoes au gratin casual vibe the scrumptious restaurant”, notes General
instrument or your voice with three cheeses; and ziti food can now be sampled at Manager Manuel Dos
Managers Don Dahl, Steve Zigler, and Len Travis and join the party. Tuesday with caramelized onions and Santos who was born in
nights it’s the West Coast Swing with bargain prices! You’ll fall in
cheese sauce, or there’s also love with Ruth’s Classic 3- Africa and learned to cook
Quite aptly named, The Station’s lessons starting at 7 pm. Keep it county fresh broccoli and in Brazil while studying for
exterior is comprised of box cars. But each Wednesday with dance lessons course fall and winter menu
asparagus. featuring mouthwatering his business degree and then
there’s so much more to this story. The from 6:30 then DJ John till closing. ended up following his
property which houses The Station was Thursday nights it’s salsa with free For today’s restaurants the meals priced at only $39.95
father’s passion for the
purchased by Irving and Carol Ross in lessons provided by Del Campo at 8pm dominant trend is farm-to- featuring a selection of
the late 90’s who kept the building in and Fridays are all about 70s and 80’s starters, entrees, personal culinary arts instead. He
hits. Come in each Saturday from 4-8 fork cuisine, which allows says that he is quite honored
the current configuration to reflect the chefs to change their menus sides and desserts. In
rail heritage of the City of Roseville pm and enjoy the $9.95 roasted prime to be with “the best of the
rib dinner special while listening to often to reflect the best addition, the recently
and they have been on a mission to introduced Prime Hour can best” in the industry.
restore the property to mirror the glory easy classics. On Sundays, Karaoke seasonal and locally grown
days of rail travel. starts at 4 and Rainbow Sunday at ingredients. Executive Chef be enjoyed each Monday- With stellar service that
10pm. Matt Schmierer clearly Friday from 4-6 pm when includes customized menus,
So today, Zigato’s at The Station shows his passion for you can enjoy prime private dining rooms with
continues to be reminiscent of that In a venue reflective of the rail appetizers like the crispy
innovative gourmet audio/visual and even floral
time. Step inside and you’ll be amazed. heritage you wouldn’t expect present calamari, lightly fried and
There is a spacious 7000 foot interior day laid back comfort and a mix of preparations in the seasonal needs to add to your
nostalgia. Yet that’s exactly what you menu he creates with his tossed with a spicy Thai festivities, make your
featuring two ebony hardwood dance
floors and the décor replicates that of get at Zigato’s at The Station, where specialties that add new chili sauce and filet sliders reservations now for your
the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s era when rail you can also hold corporate meetings, levels of enjoyment. served with a creamy holiday gatherings. Ruth’s
travel was considered most elegant birthday parties, weddings and events horseradish sauce each only Chris will also be open for
form of travel for celebrities and movie during the day and dance, sing and play In addition to exceptional $4 and there’s a nice lunch starting the day after
stars alike. every night. steaks, the menu highlights selection of drink specials to Thanksgiving and then
Zigato’s at the Station is open seafood and other specialty sip on. every Wednesday, Thursday
The Steel Train Partners LP
managing partner Len Travis brought daily from 4 pm and dinner is served entrees including the savory and Friday throughout the
nightly but this spot may still be a well jumbo shrimp sautéed New For anyone with a sweet
together Steve Zigler of Zigato’s
tooth there is no shortage of month of December serving
Restaurant and Don Dahl of the Train kept secret. Call or go online for Orleans-style in a decadent a lighter menu with salads,
Station Supper Club to form a additional information on wine dinners, butter, garlic and white wine seductive desserts on this
events, entertainment, and catering. restaurant’s menu. One of seafood, and chicken items.
triumvirate of talent. And the changes reduction and the perfectly
are noted all around: new décor, great cooked oven roasted free- the most desirable is the And if you are looking for
food and music all put this box car back Zigato’s at The Station range double chicken breast back-to-basics confection that perfect holiday gift, buy
on track. 1100 Orlando Ave. banana cream pie, which
Roseville 95661
stuffed with rich, aromatic a Ruth’s Chris gift card
It’s all about eating, drinking, garlic herb cheese and was recently brought back which comes with a special
dancing and having a good time here. served with lemon butter. by popular demand. But as 10% savings reward.
Open Daily from 4pm far as chocolate lovers are
The menu surprises with tasty offerings
Dinner served nightly Along with the award concerned, don’t miss the Call the restaurant for
and presentations that you would expect
Private lunches, events
to get at an upscale establishment. And winning wine list that Chocolate Explosion which more information.


Happenings auction at the Granite Bay Golf Auction items include collectible
$5.00 Premium Wine of the Week Get ready to bid on the Eureka Club. Dinner, dance and auction wines, dinners and meals at local
Schools Foundation 17th annual benefits Eureka Union schools. restaurants. Visit eurekaschools-
foundation.org/onlineauction for
more information.

Free introductory ice hockey

class for those between the
ages of 4 and 8 is being offered
at Skatetown. Skates and equip-
ment are provided. It is 12:15-
1:45 p.m., but students should
arrive at 11 a.m. to check in.
Spaces are limited to 20 people.
For directions, visit www.skate-
town.biz. Info: 783-8550 or e-
mail hockey@skatetown.biz.

With autumn in the air, Quarry
Ponds Granite Bay continues to
Join us each week for our featured offer live local music on Saturday
premium wines priced at only $5 per glass! nights and other evenings
Jordan, Peju, Frank Family, Provenance... through the fall and winter sea-
sons. The live music begins at 7
Private Holiday Party Dining for 50-60 available. p.m. and often will feature stu-
dent musicians.
1480 Eureka Rd. • Roseville
916-773-2929 • www.crush29.com Quarry Ponds in Granite Bay
hosts the Foothill Farmers’ Mar-
ket each Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to

g a to s 1:30 p.m. in the parking lot area

of the center.

Free handyman services are

available to low income seniors
of Placer County offered by
Seniors First. Info: 782-6247.

...the perfect combination Legal Services of Northern Cali-
for Dining, Dancing and Entertainment fornia sponsors free senior legal
education clinics and legal con-
this holiday season ... or anytime sultation services for seniors.
THE STATION Info: (530) 823-7560.
Has two dance floors, a nightly line-up of
Blues, Country, Rock, Pop, Swing, Tango and Salsa,
and the finest Karaoke venue in Northern California. Granite Bay Curves weight man-
p.m. the second Wednesday of
Features nightly specials including Prime Rib, Pasta, Open for Lunch & Dinner Daily
Chicken Marsala, Pizza & Tri Tip under Ten dollars! each month at Raley’s event cen-
Weekend Breakfast 9am -3pm ter in Roseville.
They’ve created the most exciting dining and entertainment Banquets up to 80 for
venue between San Francisco and Reno. Open seven nights, Storytime for 3-5-year-olds
developed by and for adults, with all ages welcome. all your special gatherings meets at 10:30 a.m. Fridays at
For dinner reservations call Happy Hour Daily the Granite Bay Library, 6475
Open nightly forordinner,
916-728-1166 and available daily for
visit SteelTrainStation.com Douglas Blvd. Info: 791-5590.
meetings, banquets and special events Patio Dining
For Reservations call 728-1166 Catering Available Eureka/Granite Bay 4H will
meet at 7 p.m. the third Tuesday
For the Nightly line-up visit Live Mariachi Music Fridays at 6pm of each month at the Granite Bay
SteelTrainStation.com Library, 6475 Douglas Blvd. Info:
916-773-3778 771-6769 or 791-6385.
1100 Orlando Ave., 1563 Eureka Rd. • Roseville
At Riverside & I-80, Roseville www.masmexicanfood.com
Thankfulness comes with many blessings
hankfulness and words A smile and/or a little note or ing one reason for being grate- and use for crossword puzzles.

T like gratefulness, sincerity

and blessings can be
incorporated into the holidays
gift of a flower from your child
would make their day.
ful. The first person takes “G”
for example, “groceries,” the
second person takes “R,” for
Try spelling out the name of
the person sitting next to you;
say one thing you’re grateful for
as well as become an integral Postman, postman example, “responsibility,” etc. by using each letter of their
part of daily living in your Hitchings deliver the letter until you have finished spelling name to describe the person.
household. Thank You
Write letters to an old friend, the word. For example, using the name
Here are some ways to teach mentor and co-worker to thank “John” you could say, “I’m grate-
your child how to show appre- them for being helpful or spe- Opening the mind ful for John because he’s joyful.”
ciation to the special people in ters of the word and tell how cial in some way, also remind- and heart
their lives and at the same time they are grateful for their ing them what they mean to Teach appreciation for your What about the chal-
reap many benefits. grandparents, brother, sister, you. Share your letter with your children’s gifts of kindness, lenges we face in life?
aunt, uncle or cousin. You child and talk about what your love and respect. Have the Share challenging times you
Family heritage might be surprised when you child could do to express what child keep a “grateful” or have in your life that turned
Share past Thanksgivings find your child developing an others mean to him. “thankful “journal, writing out to be times when you were
and have the grandparents tell acrostic poem for you. down or drawing five things grateful or thankful or appreci-
about the old days. Talk about Sample: Glad you’re my Turn shopping from every day for which he’s grate- ated someone’s sincerity. Ask
traditions and how customs grandparents. “me” to “them” ful or thankful. your child for examples. How
have changed. What things do Really love your cooking. How many times have you have you grown or what have
you do now as a family because Always good listeners. shopped with your child and Game time you learned, appreciated, or
of the past? Treat me with sincerity. he wants you to buy him some- Make a tradition of games felt blessed about when you
Excellent storytellers. thing? Instead of buying your that can be used throughout were faced with a challenge?
Brainstorm together Family means everything to child “that little something,” the year. Games are time for
“100 Things I’m Thankful you. have you child buy something learning and bonding. For Gratitude should
for…” or “I’m Blessed with…” Unusually sweet. little for someone who is example, if you play games be a habit
Imagine “Ways I’m Grateful” Love you! homeless or in the hospital. with alphabet letters, you are Create the habit of thankful-
and make a booklet of what also developing brainstorming ness. Select a time of day every
“thankfulness” means to your Charity in the Communication and techniques and working on day for reflection and discuss
family. neighborhood thinking outside the box spelling. Make up words that thankfulness. You will be grate-
Surprise neighbors, teachers, After dinner, while sitting mean grateful, thankful, sin- ful you did.
Poetry service people, church friends around the table, spell out a cere, etc. Banagrams is an
Give your child an idea for an and business people with your word, like grateful. Go around excellent game for all family Sheri Hitchings can be reached at
acrostic poem related to charitable “thank you.”“You’re the table with each person say- members to make up words hitchingssheri@starstream.net.
Thanksgiving using words like, doing a good job because…”
gratitude, blessings and grate- and “I appreciate your
ful. Spell out grateful on paper, patience/understanding
and have your child use the let- when…” or “I’m grateful for…”
“Stay Healthy...Eat Fish”

Granite Bay’s Reed

crowned Mrs. Sacramento
Encouraged to enter the pag- Cyndee Reed has
eant by her daughter Jessica, a family history
the Reed family has a history of of winning beau-
beauty queens. h
hy...Eat Fis
ty pageants as
Cyndee Reed’s mother, her mother, Stay Healt
Diane, was Miss Vallejo 1954 Diane, was Miss
and her daughter, Jessica, was Vallejo in 1954.
Miss Sacramento 2005-2006.


With this role, Cyndee is
responsible to meet a manda- pioneer family, registered with
e at our website
tory requirement of 25 public the California Historical Society Call today or visit us onlin
more information.
www.finsmarket.com for
appearances as Mrs. Sacra- of Pioneers. She has lived in the
mento. These appearances Sacramento area all of her life
include various parades, and has been married for
fundraisers, mistress of cere- almost 30 years to Ronnie Reed.
monies duties, Chamber of Cyndee is the director of reli-
Commerce ribbon cuttings and gious education at St Joseph
special children’s events. Scor- Marello Catholic Parish, man- Fins gift cards make ROSEVILLE • 8680 Sierra College Blvd • 916.783-5200
ing for this title featured four aging The ROCK, grades 1-5.
categories including an indi- She is the treasurer of the a great gift for any FAIR OAKS • 8525 Madison Ave. • 916-967-0954
vidual interview with judges, Ladies Social Outreach Min- occasion! SACRAMENTO • 2610 Fair Oaks Blvd. • 916-488-5200
sportswear and formalwear istry and a member of River
competition and an impromp- City Corvette Club.
tu question/answer session. To schedule an appearance
Cyndee is a sixth generation at a local event, Cyndee may
Californian and a direct descen- be contacted at
dent from a ‘49er Gold Rush cyndee@surewest.net.
Eureka Schools Foundation gives $401,000 to district
he Eureka Schools Founda-

T tion recently announced it

awarded the Eureka Union
School District a total of
$401,000 to sustain education
programs for every student at
every school within the EUSD.
These funds were raised
through ESF’s 2008-09
fundraising events, including
ESF’s auction events, Founda-
tion Cup Golf Tournament,
Country Faire and 5k Fund
Run and through its annual
Giving Campaign where par-
ents donate money for their
child’s education.
Sustaining programs The Eureka Schools Foundation recently awarded the Eureka Union School District with a check for $401,000. Pictured are
Donations to the Eureka Lisa Banker ,assistant principal, Olympus Jr. High, Greg Sazima, ESF president, Peter Towne principal, Greenhills Elementary ,
Schools Foundation sustain, in Jennifer Platt,principal, Cavitt Jr. High, Stephanie Groat principal, Maidu Elementary, Kristi Ellison, principal, Oakhills Ele-
whole or in part, valuable pro- mentary, Patrice McCallum, principal, Ridgeview Elementary, Diane Duncan,principal, Excelsior Elementary and Kelly Gra-
grams and teaching resources, ham, principal, Olympus Jr. High.
• Weekly music program in in grades 1-6. wide initiative to bring innova- local businesses and neigh- ESF, the district would be faced
grades 4-6. • 21st century teaching tech- tive 21st century teaching bors. with a scenario similar to other
• Band instruction in grades nology including Promethean practices such as critical think- “It is vitally important that districts in our region that have
5-8. boards, classroom audio sys- ing and project-based learning our school district continue to had to cut program after pro-
• Ongoing library resources tems and document cameras into all curriculums. offer the range of distinguish- gram.”
and clerks in grades K-8. at all district schools. Eureka Schools Foundation able advantage-based pro- To learn more about ESF’s
• After-school athletics and • Individual school-based raises and distributes to each grams to our students,” said Dr. upcoming fundraising events,
coaches in grades 7-8. grants for site-specific needs. school site, donation resources Tim McCarty, superintendent, ESF-funded programs visit ESF
• Before and after school • Summer teaching institute from its community partners Eureka Union School District. at
Spanish language instruction for Challenge 21, the district- including parents, teachers, “Without the funds given by eurekaschoolsfoundation.org.

ESF to host Auction Gala

The Eureka Schools
Foundation is gearing up for its EUREKA SCHOOLS
largest event of the year, the FOUNDATION
ESF Auction Gala.
This year the event will be
Please join us for our Thanksgiving Workshop on November 20th held Saturday Nov. 7 at the What: Dinner, dance and
Granite Bay Golf Club. Auction auction
items will include collectible When: Saturday, Nov. 7
wines, dinners and meals at Where: Granite Bay Golf Club
Info: eurekaschools
local restaurants, dinner par-
ties, mini-vacations or get-a-
way trips and more.
Kicking off ESF’s 17th annual accessed via the Internet until
auction, dinner and dance event closing on Wednesday, Nov. 3.
will be Granite Bay’s answer to All items are donated, with
eBay — the ESF online auction, proceeds going to every stu-
which is currently open to the dent at every school within the
entire community prior to the Eureka Union School District.
Auction Gala.
Get your bids in now. The
~ Staff Report
ESF online auction can be

Custom-made Specialist
Window Treatments, Duvets & Bed Skirts,
Pillows & Shams, Ottomans & Benches
Semra Crawford
(916) 791-8838
Giving you the look you want.

9260 Sierra College Blvd. 6837 Douglas Blvd.

916-780-4242 916-791-8180

Granite Bay
James M. Jack, D.D.S.
Pieter J. Linssen, D.D.S.
8769 Auburn-Folsom Road
Granite Bay, CA 95746
Most Insurance Plans
Senior Citizen Discounts
Evening Appointments Available
New & Emergency Patients Welcome

Rabbi Alan Rabishaw, a Granite Bay resident, prepares the Torah for Friday evening services at Temple Or Rishon in Orangevale. His family found their way
back to Judaism two generations after his immigrant grandparents shed their traditions in an attempt to assimilate into American culture.

Rabbi reclaims his religious roots

BY MEGAN WOOD “I want the congregation to know what it means to nity he felt both in Granite Bay Temple Or Rishon members,
GRANITE BAY VIEW and at Temple Or Rishon. Andy and Cheryll Goldscheid
or the first nine years of be of the people of Israel, a life of learning and “I think it is a smaller com- said the excitement that

F his life, Rabbi Alan spiritual growth. But more than that, I want that for
their children and grandchildren.
munity that is very close and
has the potential to reach the
greater community,” Rabishaw
Rabishaw brings to the temple
is contagious and brings a
sense of renewal to the congre-
Although his family was Jew- Rabbi Alan Rabishaw, Granite Bay resident said. “I believe they want that gation of more than 200 fami-
ish by name and descent, that opportunity and I’m happy to lies.
was as far as it went for step into that position and With some of the most
Rabishaw’s family for many Judaism. group taking leadership posi- help Or Rishon be a real Jewish important Jewish holidays like
years. And when they did, tions and eventually teaching center.” Simchat Torah, a celebration
After immigrating to the Rabishaw jumped in with both Hebrew to the younger stu- Rabishaw’s vision, passion of the beginning of a new
United States from Russia, feet. dents. and excitement are a few annual Torah reading cycle,
Rabishaw’s grandfather and “We were reclaiming our “I got deeply involved with things that the temple search and Hanukkah coming up,
his siblings wanted to make a history and our traditions,” the temple because it was committee and his congrega- Rabishaw is not only focusing
new life for themselves, which Rabishaw said. “Our beliefs something that gave my life tion admired in their new rab- on the spirit and meaning of
meant shedding their Jewish had meaning and we were meaning,” Rabishaw said. bi. these holidays, but the mean-
traditions and assimilating connecting with other fami- Rabishaw became ordained “Partnership with the tem- ing of being and living core
into American culture. lies.” in 1991 from the Hebrew ple leadership, the congrega- Jewish values.
“They wanted to escape the Before long, Rabishaw found Union College-Jewish Institute tion itself and the larger Jewish “I want the congregation to
things that had made life diffi- a lifelong friend in the rabbi’s of Religion in Ohio and has community was central to our know what it means to be of
cult for them in Russia,” son and was spending a lot of since served in temples large search,” said Sam Levine, the people of Israel, a life of
Rabishaw, a Granite Bay resi- his free time at his house. and small before landing in chairman of Temple Or Ris- learning and spiritual growth,”
dent said. Looking back, Rabishaw said Granite Bay to serve at Temple hon’s search committee. Rabishaw said. “But more than
It wasn’t until a temple in the rabbi’s ability to connect Or Rishon in Orangevale. “(Rabishaw) had a complete that, I want that for their chil-
Rabishaw’s Chicago neighbor- with his congregation and his A vast difference from the and innate understanding of dren and grandchildren. I
hood began gaining promi- approachability was inspiring Los Angeles and Phoenix con- all that we were looking for would love to have future gen-
nence among his parent’s to see. gregations he previously and how we were going to erations carry a sense of iden-
friends that Rabishaw and his Rabishaw became heavily served, Rabishaw said he build that together.” tity and pride for their faith
family found their way back to involved in the temple’s youth admired the sense of commu- Granite Bay residents and into their adult lives.”


Get Back In The Game!

Before you consider surgery,
find out if you are a Tuesdays
canidate for treatment on 7-8pm
the DRX9000 True Non- Call for details
Surgical Spinal
Decompression System.
Treatment option for
chronic low back pain
associated with:
Herniated Discs
Bulging Discs
Degenerative Disc Disease

DRX9000 True Non-Surgical Spinal

Decompression System™

Anthony J Oberti, DC
Michael D Putman, DC
Twin Creeks Chiropractic and Rehab
584 N Sunrise #130
Roseville, CA 95661


Are you smarter than a Grizzly?
he second annual “So You by Casque Wines of Loomis,

T Think You’re Smarter

Than A Granite Bay Griz-
zly” game show, dinner auc-
silent auction, dinner and
game show-style competition
where Granite Bay students
tion was held recently at the took on the parents to see
Granite Bay Golf Club. The fes- which generation could
tivities included a wine tasting answer the most questions.

Photos by Tim Lloyd, special to the

Granite Bay View

Granite Bay High School members of student government were on hand to help with the
evening’s festivities.

Gary Deck and Lori and John Lucia.

Jeff Schmidley and Jill Sanchez.

Mitch Yeaton, Sonia Immers, Spencer Kimes, Deanne Motsenbocker, Nick Sadek, Eve Fenster-
maker and Cynthia Smith are in the party mood.

Theresa De Marco, Kristie Greiss and Hani Greiss.


to arrange your Free
In-Home Consultation

Full Service Interior Design Services

Kristin Marshall and Kevin Kelly enjoy a night out at the 325 Lincoln St. ♦ Roseville
“Are You Smarter than a Granite Bay Grizzly” fundraiser
held recently at the Granite Bay Golf Club. www.H2Hdesign.com

Celebrating Childhood Daily Enhancing an enriching educational program is our Openings in

JoUins! Unique Country Farm Setting,
featuring horseback riding, small animal interaction
Preschool PreK and
(cute little goats & tiny cuddly bunnies), planting and
harvesting flowers, fruits and vegetables.
JrK Ages 3-4-5
A truly warm and nurturing environment filled with
laughter, love and learning!
Language Arts Drama Children’s Literature
Math/Manipulatives Art Cooking
Phonics/Reading Puppetry Physical Education
Science Dance Gardening
Social Science Music Small Class Size – 1:8

Now Enrolling for Fall Programs!

Please call for your personalized tour.

Warner’s Granite Bay Country Day School

Preschool • PreKindergarten • Jr. Kindergarten • AM/PM Classes
Enroll now. Please call for reservations: (916) 797-0222
visit our website www.granitebaycountrydayschool.com
Participants in Eliz-
abeth Lundeen’s
yoga class at the
Flower Farm Nurs-
ery hold their arms
out as they start to



Yoga Delight: Mind meets body at local nurseries

BY EILEEN WILSON on-site café for a bite or a cup
oga has been relieving Brown prac- In addition to Flower Farm

Y stress and changing peo-

ple’s lives since ancient
times. And now, more than
When: Tuesday 9:15 a.m.,
Wednesday 4:30 p.m.
Where: 4150 Auburn Folsom
Road, Loomis
tices a
location, Cathy Mikles, who
has been practicing yoga for
more than 30 years, teaches
ever, people are looking for in Elizabeth students in the old fruit shed
ways to relax, or challenge Cost: $10 drop in fee Lundeen’s located at High-Hand Nursery.
themselves - both mentally yoga class, “We’ve been holding classes
and physically. HIGH -HAND YOGA which is held here for a few months and
Where: 3790 Taylor Road,
Yoga, for many, is an ideal Loomis at the already have between 13 and
exercise to build strength, flex- When: Wednesday 9 a.m. Flower Farm 17 people,” Mikles said. “That’s
ibility, and bring mind, body Cost: $10 drop in fee Inn. a great showing on a consistent
and soul in to alignment. basis. The ladies love it, and the
And Elizabeth Lundeen and class keeps getting bigger.”
Cathy Mikles offer two unique Mikles teaches yoga at vari-
locations to practice their heal- deen, who has been practicing gy.” so you can all practice togeth- ous venues, and said she is
ing art. Locations that are both yoga for more than 10 years, While the location may be er.” excited to be in such a great
relaxing and surprisingly invig- twisting, turning, and stretch- the icing on the cake, it’s the Also important to Lundeen, location, with practitioners she
orating. ing fun takes place in the farm’s practice itself that is the sub- is the fact that the class fosters describes as “a bunch of lovely
Oversized oaks, vibrant event barn, which, on any stance. a sense of community; a facet women.”
Japanese maples, murmuring weekend, is the venue for wed- With a usual crowd of up to of our fast-paced world she Most of her students come
waterfalls – sights and sounds dings and parties. 20 students, easily accommo- feels is disappearing. from Loomis, but residents of
to soothe the stressed-out soul With open windows and dated in the large space, Lun- “I have people of all ages – Granite Bay and Roseville also
and facilitate a superior down- doors, allowing fresh air and deen encourages newcomers everybody’s gotten to know come for their yoga fix.
ward dog are all present at the nature’s soothing sounds to and veterans alike. each other really well. We A tranquil location, the fruit
Flower Farm Inn and Nursery, drift about, the space is invit- “We’re open to all levels. It’s notice when someone is miss- shed is surrounded by flowers,
located at the corner of Auburn ing. very non-threatening and non- ing,” she said, and notes that fountains and shady foliage.
Folsom and Horseshoe Bar “Sometimes we practice on competitive,” she said. for many of her students, the “It’s the perfect combination
roads. the lawn under the big oak “This is what I love about practice is the highlight of their – coffee and snack after class in
It’s is a nature-filled wonder- tree,” Lundeen said. “There are yoga. You have a class of many day. the new café,” Mikles said.
land, which lends itself to tran- chickens outside and people people – you can have some- Lundeen shares her practice Mikles specializes in yoga
quility and peacefulness, the bring their dogs, who sit on the one who has been practicing on Tuesday mornings and that involves movement, with a
cornerstone of any successful porch while we practice. This is yoga for many years, next to Wednesday afternoons. slow pace.
yoga practice. a beautiful place and a perfect someone who’s taking their An extra perk - the morning “What I love so much about
Taught by Elizabeth Lun- location – I just love the ener- first class. You simply modify class frequently wanders to the • SEE YOGA PAGE 22


Mama’s Kona Coffee
100% Kona Coffee Home Restoration, Kitchen & Bathroom Total Makeovers,
Direct from our farm Structural Repairs, REO Property Rehabilitation,
Our 100% Kona Coffee is grown on the Project Consultation
volcanic slopes of the Hualalai in Keauhou-
Kona on the big island of Hawaii. The volcanic
soil is rich with nutrients and the weather
pattern provides favorable growing conditions
for one of the best tasting coffees in the world.
We grow and process the coffee ourselves
enabling us to keep costs down and pass the
savings on to our customers.
We offer 100% Kona Coffee Beans Roasted
or Green. You can’t get any fresher than that!

Kona Coffee
100% Kona Coffee
Whole Bean
Dark Roasted
$21.50 lb.
Visit us at: Green Beans
www.MamasKonaCoffee.com $15.75 lb.
mamaskonacoffee@gmail.com • Custom Built Cabinets • Variety of Counter Top Selections • Wood, Carpet & Tile
Flooring • Crown Moulding • New Tile • Direct Pricing on All GE Profile & Monogram
Appliances Installed • General Building & Engineering Contractors

916-543-1560 FREE ESTIMATES State Cont. Lic# A-B 734270

The Atrium Salon Spa has

an Assortment of
packages for everyone
Call today
to reserve your
6851 Douglas Blvd.,
Granite Bay, CA
Twenty-one universal rewards of exercise
The number one reason skyrockets. Your tired muscles encourage You’ll improve your BMI
your body to quickly fall asleep You know that maintaining a
that most people are Debra You’ll have fun so they can get their overnight healthy BMI is key in disease
out-of-shape is that they Skelton
Keeping be
Believe it or not, exercise can
extremely enjoyable.
repair work done. prevention. Exercise is the best
way to keep your BMI under
don’t exercise enough Fit Remember how fun it was to You’ll lower your risk of control.
run around as a child? Tap into heart disease
o yourself a favor and your inner child as you find a Regular exercise strengthens You’ll increase your
D print this list and post it
where you’ll see it every
day. When you need motiva-
time you feel fatigued, fight it
will the most powerful tool
available: exercise.
mode of exercise that gets you
your heart and makes it more
resilient against disease. A
sedentary lifestyle is a major
Do you ever get out of breath
when walking up stairs or
tion or encouragement, simply You’ll reduce your risk factor for heart disease, so through the mall? Regular
read over this list and feel your You’ll be stronger blood pressure:Exercise has rest assured that consistent exercise builds your endurance
motivation soar. Exercise improves muscle been proven more effective exercise is your ally against dis- for everyday activities.
strength and endurance, two than medication in reducing ease.
You’ll reset your body things that you use through- blood pressure to normal lev- Your doctor will be
Exercise has been described out each day. When you exer- els. A single workout has been You’ll feel great impressed
as a giant reset button. A good cise consistently you’ll be shown to reduce blood pres- Vigorous exercise releases How many times has your
workout will block appetite pleasantly surprised when dif- sure for the day and regular natural endorphins (happy doctor given you the lecture
swings, improve your mood ficult tasks begin to seem easy. exercise reduces overall blood hormones) into your blood about losing weight and exer-
and even help you sleep. pressure in the long run. stream that dissolve pain and cising more? Exercise regularly
You’ll be less likely anxiety. You’ve probably heard and get your MD off your back!
Your clothes will to binge You’ll lose the jiggles of “runner’s high,” this can be
fit better Exercise has a powerful anti- Regular exercise tightens achieved by any great workout. You’ll look amazing
Consistent exercise will tone binge effect on the body. This is flabby arms, legs and waist- Are you happy with the
and tighten your body, causing due in part by an increase in lines. So wave goodbye to the You’ll lower your shape and size of your body?
your clothes to not only fit bet- sensitivity to leptin, a protein jiggles with a solid exercise risk of diabetes Regular exercise works won-
ter but to also look nicer. Also hormone, which has an program. Studies show that exercising ders on your physique. Within
exercise ensures that soon appetite-taming effect. as little as half an hour each a few weeks you’ll see shape
you’ll be trading your clothes You’ll increase insulin day can dramatically reduce and tone in all the right places.
in for smaller sizes. You’ll burn calories sensitivity your risk of diabetes. If you are What are you waiting for?
You know that excess body Researchers at Laval Univer- at risk of diabetes, or already Lace up your shoes and get
You’ll be less stressed fat is made up of stored and sity in Quebec discovered that have diabetes, regular exercise moving!
You have enough stress in unused calories. Fight back by exercise improved insulin sen- is the most effective treatment
your life - it’s time for a break. A burning loads of calories with sitivity dramatically. Peak after- for reversing the disease. All information provided is for educa-
good workout invigorates your fat-blasting workouts. meal insulin levels dropped by tional and informational purposes only.
muscles, leaving you relaxed more than 20 percent after as You’ll meet cool people Consult your physician regarding infor-
and less stressed. You’ll be more confident little as three weeks of consis- You could benefit from a mation provided. Debra Skelton is a
Who doesn’t wish they tent exercise. group of new, energetic certified fitness consultant, a licensed
You’ll have more energy walked and talked with more friends, right? Gyms, boot nurse and owner of Motivative Health
WebMD tallied research confidence? A consistent exer- You’ll sleep better camps, workout centers and & Fitness, an in-home fitness training
studies and concluded that cise program will do just that. Do you toss and turn for even the jogging trail are all business. She can be reached at
exercise increases energy levels As your body becomes more hours before falling asleep? great places to connect with deb@gotatrainer.com.
in sedentary patients. Next fit, watch as your confidence Exercise is a powerful sleep aid. fun new friends.

YOGA: Exercise a good way to attain union between mind, body and spirit
yoga is everyone can do it, old
and young, people with CATHY MIKLES Favorite pose: Pigeon or kapotasana.
injuries, all different activity
levels,” she said. Favorite pose: Triangle. “I love it because it’s such an incredible hip
Yoga builds strength, flexi- opener. The first time I came in to pigeon, I
“It’s a beautiful and graceful pose; it’s very felt like it was too intense. But the more I
bility, and has a restful aspect, uplifting, and it builds strength and flexibility, hung out there and just surrendered – it was
but Mikles said she really and opens the heart. People of all ages need to such a powerful sensation.”
appreciates the union build core strength.”
between mind, body and spir- To do the pigeon: Elizabeth Lundeen
it that can be attained by her To do the triangle: Standing, legs apart, stretch- One leg outstretched backward, opposite leg
practice. ing to side, then turning heart upward toward Cathy Mikles bends and tucks forward beneath the hips. Slowly fold forward
“It integrates everything in ceiling, arms stretched to the sides. until the head rests on the floor or as far forward as possible.
your life,” she said. “I’m defi-
nitely a calmer person than I Favorite places to teach or practice: Favorite class:
was. It helps you put things in “I like to go to Los Angeles. My daughter lives in Santa Monica “ I was teaching, for a while, for the Eureka Union School Dis-
and I love to attend yoga workshops there. I’ve practiced yoga trict. We would be in the classroom and move all the tables back.
perspective. It’s a very empow- on a beach in Kauai, and also on a Caribbean cruise.” No one deserves a stress release more than teachers.”
ering process – I always feel
well when I walk out.”


C&D Now
Eskaton Lodge Granite Bay

Consign & Design Independent Living with Services & Assisted Living
Your Neighborhood Consignment Shop “I had a whole list of household
Add beauty to your home with furniture & accessories chores in front of me one day
that reflect your lifestyle and your budget! when I turned to my husband
and said, “Honey, if we’ve been
OPEN: 10:00–6:00 Tues.–Sat. • 11:00–5:00 Sun.
retired for ten years, why do we
To consign your furniture & accessories, call
still work so hard?”
916-771-2414 Free pick-up for a limited time!

We thought about our options,

1850 Douglas Blvd. #516, Roseville, CA 95661 and decided to tour some
in the TJ Max Plaza retirement communities.
The choice was easy—Eskaton
Lodge Granite Bay—an
excellent location with private
apartment living, as much
Apple Arbor support as we want, and lots of
choices for recreation.”
Country 916-789-0326

Cottage Please call Nancy Bergstrom,

Marketing Director,
Preschool and arrange for a tour.

Celebrating 45 years
of providing a nurturing,
success oriented
environment where learning Eskaton Lodge Granite Bay
is a hands on, joyful experience Independent Living with Services
for early learners and pre-k. & Assisted Living
8550 Barton Road, Granite Bay, CA 95746
916-789-0326 www.eskaton.org License # 315001421
Our economy friendly tuition pricing
now includes extended hours!

(916) 797-8619 • www.applearbor.com

8425 Auburn-Folsom Rd., Granite Bay

At Sombrero Time our immersion experience builds

Spanish language proficiency allowing students to
understand, speak, read and write in Spanish.

• Native Speaking Instructors

• Custom Curriculum
• Conveniently Located in Granite Bay
• Classes for all ages and levels

“Not only is our 2nd grade son reading and writing in Spanish
because of Sombrero Time, his English reading and writing
skills have improved to the top level for his grade.”
-Barbara Hayes
Call Today:
Fall rendezvous to north Sonoma County wine country
his time of year, nothing is ences was the Ferrari-Carano

T more beautiful than the

wine country with all the
vines and their changing col-
Vineyards and Winery. What a
magnificent place. Wonderful
wine-related gifts are available
ors. in the gift shop. Plan on taking
Our wine trip led us to Sono- the garden tour as you won’t
ma Valley, particularly to the want to miss wandering
towns of Geyserville, Guerne- through this bit of paradise. As
ville, Windsor and Healdsburg. an incentive, be sure to look for
Each has its spectacular attrac- the four leaf clovers; one of the
tions, fine wine, verdant hills gardeners obliged us by giving
and charming inns. Known as us a few for souvenirs. It was
one of the finest wine produc- our lucky day! Try the wonder-
ing areas in the world, it is the ful Merlot Sonoma County
birthplace of wine production 2006 and Villa Fiore Cabernet
in Northern California, located Sauvignon 2007.
35-miles north of San Francis- Kendall-Jackson Wine Cen-
co. ter also had very accommodat-
Traveling by car, we were ing servers and lots of wonder-
ready for a three-day autumn ful gift ideas as well. Garden
trip, excited knowing the tours are available at 11a.m., 1
grapes were probably ready to and 3 p.m. (weather permit-
be picked and the fall colors ting). The grounds have flour-
would be incredible. ishing rose bushes
Not to miss is Geyserville, a Moving on to Seghesio Fam-
small town of 2,100, seven ily Vineyards we learned they
miles north of Healdsburg. It is have a history of 50-year-old
very peaceful and for its size vines. They also have a wine
boasts plenty of wineries as PHOTOS BY SHERI HITCHINGS • SPECIAL TO THE GRANITE BAY VIEW and food pairing menu. Caber-
well as delicious prunes, A server at Madrona Manor Wine Country Inn and Restaurant in Healdsburg prepares to net Sauvignon 2005 was our
grapes, pears and apples. Plan make rocky road ice cream with liquid nitrogen. favorite. The servers were
to relax; no one appears to be incredible. We felt pleased that
in a hurry. You might want to Wandering around on the winery owner had enticed
check out the Fall Colors Festi- us to visit his winery. More
val during the last week of
foot brings one in contact about that story later.
October perhaps next year. with struggling musicians
Pack your boots for the barn Sheri Favorite places to stay
dance and be on the lookout Hitchings on street corners, who For a special occasion, try De
On the Road
for the colorful grape leaf and play their hearts out, Lorimier house in Geyserville
giant pumpkin contests. or the Flamingo Resort or Vint-
In Geyserville, we visited the hoping for generous tips. ners Inn, both in Santa Rosa .
de Lorimier Winery where we will likely appreciate the Direc-
found the vines laden with Zin- tor’s Cut Cabernet Sauvignon out, hoping for generous tips. If Lunch treat on the deck
fandel grapes that needed just Alexander Valley 2006 and Zin- you choose to do so, you can A lunch at Korbel Deli at the
a little more time to ripen as fandel Dry Creek Valley 2007. also explore the Russian River Korbel Champagne Cellars in
was the case at some of the In Guerneville, Korbel by canoe. For history buffs, the Guerneville following wine
other wineries. Their Vineyard Champagne Cellars takes pride Healdsburg Museum exhibits tasting is recommended; espe-
Guest Home, located at the in its California champagne Northern California artifacts cially try the delicious warmed
winery, is recommended as is wines and brandy since 1882. Grapes on the vine are from the past 150 years. pulled pork sandwich with
music provided on Saturdays. The servers were delightful and ready for the picking at With so many wineries in cheese on a bun. We lingered
With a knowledgeable and had interesting stories to share. Francis Ford Coppola Win- Healdsburg, it’s no wonder we over lunch under mammoth
friendly server, wine tasting We especially enjoyed the ery, in Geyserville, which is discovered some wonderful redwoods and lush ferns, while
was wonderful; one favorite Cabernet Sauvignon Heck located in Sonoma County, ones. The Arista Winery is observing birds darting by our
was the Mosaic Meritage Family Cellar 2006. just north of San Francisco. located in a lovely area. A great table.
Alexander Valley 2004. You might like to check out deal of thought went into the
Also in Geyserville is the the town of Windsor. In the commercial buildings and planning of the beautiful A dining extravaganza
Francis Ford Coppola Winery, middle of town on Thursdays homes, and an amazing grounds, adaptable for picnics, Madrona Manor Wine Coun-
which is undertaking rigorous from June-August at 5 p.m. are Healdsburg Plaza. Incorporat- parties and weddings. We try Inn and Restaurant in
building and café renovations. the Summer Nights on the ed in 1867, Healdsburg is locat- enjoyed the wine tasting with Healdsburg was a truly exqui-
We found the tasting room Green where you can enjoy a ed at the heart of Sonoma our knowledgeable wine server site experience. Built in 1881 by
totally enjoyable, savoring movie, concert and/or the County’s wine country. The and purchased a bottle of John Alexander Paxton, this
wines, learning the history and Farmers’ Market; just come diverse economy is based on Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2007. majestic manor was the grand-
discovering unknown tidbits and relax, with chair and a tourism, lumber and retail At Dry Creek Vineyard est of show places from 1880-
about the owners. All of Cop- blanket in tow and enjoy a business. There are small, recipes are paired with wines 1890. After exploring the site,
pola’s movie memorabilia will pleasant evening. Windsor is quaint stores to peruse and and are available to purchase we “experienced” dining,
soon be located here. Both also known for the Windsor dining opportunities to perk on their Web site as well. A enchanted by this historic
Coppola, well-known film Golf Course and an interesting your taste buds on every street. lovely picnic area is available. estate and positive we will
director, and his wife are piece of history, the Jack Lon- Wandering around on foot We enjoyed the Dry Creek return again one day.
authors; Coppola’s CDs of don Home. brings one in contact with Vineyards Somers Ranch Zin-
movies and their books are for We explored Healdsburg, struggling musicians on street fandel Dry Creek Valley 2005. Sheri Hitchings can be reached at
sale in the tasting room. You picturesque town of Victorian corners, who play their hearts One of our favorite experi- hitchingssheri@starstream.net


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Shipping and Packaging
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We Ship Anything, Anywhere!

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8789 Auburn Folsom Road #C • Granite Bay
(Located in Granite Bay Village across from Post Office)

Burn up to 500 calories in

30 minutes?
Believe it.
Our 30-minute circuit works every major muscle group, two muscles
at a time, so you can burn up to 500 calories. All with a trainer to
teach and motivate.



916 987-7860 916 789-7822

9372 Madison Ave. 6879 Douglas Blvd.
Orangevale, CA 95662 Granite Bay, CA 95746
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Defensible Space


• Hand Crews & Chipping

We are a full service Landscape
Contractor. If you don’t see it,
D.J’s Professional
• Brush Clearing • Defensible Space
• View Enhancement
just ask!
Cleaning Service Inc.
★ New Installs/Rescapes
Custom designs for all • Create Park-Like Settings ★ Rock/Retaining Walls • Residential
• Fully Insured/Workers Comp. ★ Hardscape/Concrete • Custom Homes
your concrete needs • Weed Eating ★ Irrigation Install/Repair • Window Cleaning
• Driveways, Walkways, • CSL#886450 • LTO Lic.#A10358 ★ Sod Install/Removal • Commercial Building
★ Lighting/Electrical
Patios, Pool Decks ★ Water Features
• Face Rock, Sound Barrier We accept ★ Plant Replacement
and Retaining Walls
Call for free consultation
★ Bark/Mulch/Rock
★ Tree/Schrub Care
Deborah J. Taricco
• Steps, Pillars, Stamped ★ Weed control
and All Finishes
★ Debris Removal/Hauling 916-791-7007
Foresthill,CA Commercial-Residential Cell 916-223-9700
Free Estimates email cbwing@ftcnet.net
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call 916-541-2297 Serving Placer, Nevada & El Dorado Counties FREE ESTIMATES
blackandcompanyls@gmail.com Bonded and Insured
www.premierconcrete.org PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY
FROM WILDFIRES!! Lic. #762411


There has never been a
better time to build
Berco or remodel.
We specialize
in service and repair Toby Brummer
for all your plumbing
needs, from water 916-624-0535 Deck & Patio Cover @ REGAL CUSTOM HOMES
heaters to faucets! We Specialists 916-276-8625
offer video pipe Over 1.7 Megawatts of local
KENNEDY & WAGNER inspection! residential Solar Systems Custom Fences
MOBILE LOCKSMITH installed since 2002
Homes/Business/Commercial Call 916-782-8133 Experts in
916-786-8778 for great service.
916-532-5502 Trex, Redwood & IPE
Lic.#528131 Lic. 831418
www.kennedywagnerlocksmith.com 28 Years
Experience 916.924.8409

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and family members for your
referrals and continued support.
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CallMots.com Keller Williams Roseville 916-201-3380

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Office in the State of California*

Cassiti Dawson In today’s challenging and competitive Nancy McNamee

cassitidawson.com real estate market, serious buyers and sellers 916-708-4973

need the expertise of a Power Player .

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Kim Nicols
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Sonia Immers Barbara Clark
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depends on the REALTOR® you choose.
With our service-oriented, results-driven
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Dan & Lisa Kraft


Nice 3 bed, 2 bath home COSMETIC FIXER!
4 bedroom, 2 bath on Charming cottage on
in beautiful Foresthill on Nice 3 bed 2 bath on a
large lot 2 tree studded acres
1 Very Useable Flat Acre cul-de-sac location.
• Granite Counters
• Portable Spa and • Large lot w/RV • Completely
in kitchen & bath
Access remodeled in 2002
• Whole house fan Gazebo
• Stainless Steel • Pool • 30x40 shop/barn
• Skylights • Workshop and
Appliances • Guest house currently
• Ceiling fans galore Outbuildings
608 Brookwood Rd rented
3225 Midas Ave. 22435 Foresthill Road Rosevillee 4960 Sierra College
Rocklin Foresthill $164,000 Rocklin
$290,000 $149,000 $675,000
Call Della Johnson at 337.5233 Call Jerry Tuchsen at 801.3902 Call Della Johnson at 337.5233 Call Lucy Allen at 220.5539


Address Bed Bath Sq Ft Lot Size Date DOM List Price Sale Price
8043 Joe Rodgers Ct 3 2 1,796 0.654ac 10/2/09 6 $312,800 $325,300
8210 Walden Woods Way 4 3 2,171 0.580ac 10/8/09 113 $405,000 $372,000
7207 West Ln 5 3 2,610 0.942ac 9/30/09 6 $405,900 $405,900
8382 Hillgrove St 3 3 2,422 0.229ac 9/23/09 123 $460,000 $420,000
8897 Bronson Dr 4 3 2,768 0.413ac 9/25/09 71 $480,000 $450,000
100 Hamilton Ct 4 3 2,697 0.215ac 10/1/09 114 $525,000 $475,000
5450 Spencer Ln 4 2 2,069 0.196ac 9/30/09 87 $495,000 $480,000
6940 Boardwalk Dr 4 3 2,544 0.350ac 9/25/09 25 $525,000 $507,500
210 Prescott Ct 4 3 2,460 0.219ac 10/5/09 70 $549,000 $515,000
9789 Swan Lake Dr 4 4 3,483 0.216ac 10/7/09 42 $599,000 $579,000
9788 Weddington Cir 4 3 2,982 0.350ac 10/5/09 42 $599,000 $584,950
9435 Treelake Rd 4-5 3 3,693 0.230ac 10/5/09 343 $699,000 $670,000
9130 Eden Oak Cir 3 5 6,390 1.700ac 10/2/09 164 $974,900 $850,000
5862 Valle Vista Ct 4 4 4,477 1.000ac 9/29/09 17 $1,327,500 $1,300,000
Information deemed to be reliable but not verified. Home sales are based in information from MetroList Services, Inc. for the period September 21 through October 12, 2009

POOL & SPA Stylish 4 bedroom home Energy efficient HVAC Rebuilt in 2006
• 3,712 sf with 5 beds, w/approx 4090sf system, carpet, • .68 acres
4 baths • .6 acre in flooring, interior paint, • Granite counters
• Plus a Bonus Room Woodbridge Ranch comp roof & dual • Hardwood floors and
• One bedroom • Ground floor Master pane windows all tile thru-out
downstairs • Granite in kitchen updated in 2005. •Downstairs master
995 Patrick Circle • Pool/spa
8785 Petite Creek Dr. 9085 Pecor Way 4617 Martsmith Way
Folsom Fair Oaks
$535,000 Roseville Orangevale
$865,000 $179,000 $775,000
Call Theresa Venkataya at 505.2582 Call Paolo Cancilla at 434.7148 Call Sharon Whiting at 296.9417 Call Lucy Allen at 220.5539

Finding an experienced Realtor® is just a phone call away.

916.965.2240 • (800) 94-KRAFT