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1994 Virgin Interactive

Contents Box Contets...................................1 Loading Apocalypse............................2 Loading Problems..............................3 The Theatres of war...........................4 What you can expect to see during the play....5 Controlling the chopper.......................6 Using Weapons.................................7 Know your enemy...............................8 Playing Advice................................9 - 1 Box Contents. ------------Accompanying this manual inside this pack you should find the Apocalypse program diskettes. We recommend that these disks are `Write-Protected' at all times by ensuring the black plastic tab in the corner of each disk is moved "UP" so a "HOLE" is created. - 2 Loading Apocalypse. ------------------Set up your computer as described in its instruction manual. If your computer is turned on, turn it off. Wait for at least thirty seconds before turning on your computer again. This will remove any virus which may be present and so minimise the risk of infecting and possibly destroying your Apocalypse disks. Insert the Apocalypse disk 1 into the computer's internal disk drive. Turn on the computer. The programm will load and run automatically. When you are prompted to insert the Apocalypse disk 2, do so..easy no?? HARD DRIVE OWNERS PLEASE NOTE. Apocalypse cannot be installed on a Hard Drive (How lame..) - 3 Loading problems. ----------------In the unlikely event that Apocalypse fails to load, turn off your computer and remove any extraneous external peripherals such as printers (Leave the monitor or TV connected) before repeating the loading procedure. If Apocalypse still refuses to load then pop the faulty disk (not the packaging) into a suitablysized jiffy bag or padded envelope along with your name and address. To aid our trouble shooting departement, please provide in as much detail as possible your equipement configuration (not forgetting any ram expansion devices). A1200 AWNERS PLEASE NOTE If you have difficulties loading Apocalypse, try the following... Hold down both mouse buttons then turn on your computer. When the Amiga early Startup control screen appears, release the mouse buttons. Select the boot options icon. Select the Disable CPU caches option (a tick will appear). Select the use option at the bottom of the

screen to return to the amiga early startup control screen. Insert Apocalypse disk 1 into the internal disk drive. Select the boot icon. Your computer will reset and will be well. The program will load and run automatically. When you are prompted to insert the Apocalypse disk 2, do so.. - 4 The theatres of war. -------------------Your missions: Destroy the enemy forces and rescue as many pows as possibles. It seems that the bad guys have set up shop in five key sections of Majipoors's dense jungle. Beware of armed soldiers stationed in the trees and situated on top of watchtowers. Small plateforms of solid ground dotted throughout the undergrowth should be used as landing sited from where you can pick up survivors. Intelligence sources suggest that a large battleship is docked somewhere on Majipoor. Needless to say, if you see it, destroy as much of it as possible. We think your buddy is being held in a ruined temple deep in the heart of the jungle. Get to it, get him and any other hostages, and then get out in one piece. That's all. - 5 What you can expect to see during the play. ------------------------------------------Three choppers are at your disposal. A new chopper will appear in your home base, to the far right-hand side of a section. Take the chopper up and out into the wild sky above. But Keep'em peeled for the enemy troops: They are everywhere! Choppers available: You are given an extra chopper when you complete a level. Pows in chopper: You can carry a maximum of six healthy pows. Injured pows: They become injured by friendly or enemy fire. Don't ignore them. Fly back to your home base where a two man stretcher team will automatically board the chopper. You ca, now collect a maximux of two injured pows. Home base: Deposit pows here and pick up a two-man stretcher team if necessary. Watch out! The enemy is ruthless and will even attack here. - 6 Controlling the chopper. -----------------------Insert your joystick in the port marked "2 joystick". -Push the joystick shaft up tp lift the chopper off the ground -Push the joystick shaft right chopper in those directions. or left to accelerate the

-Push the joystick shaft up or down during flight to move the chopper in those directions. - 7 Using weapons. -------------Your chopper is armed with inlimited supply of machine gun ammunition. -Press the joystick firebutton to fire the machine guns. -A limited supply of special weapons is also at your disposal... -Mines: They Explode only when enemy soldiers walk on them. -Homing missiles: Lock on to moving enemy targets. -Rockets: Destroy enemy armaments. -Firebombs: Destroy huts - and everything inside!

Four small pictures (icons) displayed down the right-hand side of the screen represent the special weapons. An icon will highlight to show that it has been selected. The number below the special weapon's icon shows the available quantity. - Press the "F1" key to select Firebombs. - Press the "F2" key to select Homing missiles. - Press the "F3" key to select Rocker. - Press the "F4" key to select mines. - Press the joystick firebutton twice quickly to unleash a special weapon. Alternatively... - Press the space bar to activate special weapon selection. - Push the joystick firebutton to regain control of your chopper. - Press the joystick firebutton twice quickly to unleash a special weapon Special weapon supplies. The only way to aquire further quantities of special weapons is to collect the supplies parachuted in at opportune moments. Pick them up in the air before they are lost in the dense jungle below. You will be shown wich special weapon you have acquired (they usually come in quantities of three units). Hold it! If you need to put your assault on hold in order to make a cup of tea (Totally stupid british cause) or answer the door or the call of nature... - Press the space bar to freeze the action. - Press the space bar or the joystick firebutton to resume play when the action is frozen. To abort a mission hold down ESC+Q Continue bonus. Rescue 100% of the hostages on any level to win a continue bonus. - 8 Know your enemy. ---------------The pows are held in the huts dotted around the jungle. Use your chopper's machine guns to blow open the huts and release the pows. Beware: Enemy soldiers will attempt to round up the pows and they will not think twice about shooting them. Try to rescue all the pows (you must at least rescue 75 per cent of them in the first section) - An extra chopper is yours should you manage to rescue all the pows on a level. Pows are dressed in white. If they are not wounded they will wave at you to catch your attention. Land on solid ground. The Chopper's doors will automatically open allowing the pows to board. The pows are not rescued until the chopper has deposit them at your home base. Enemy soldiers are dressed in green. They have a tendency to shoot at you. Some are armed with rocket launchers, other with high velovity machine guns. Some of them run after the pows. - 9 Playing advice. --------------Don't hold back! destroy everything you see huts, fuel dumps - but please avoid killing the pows.

Don't stay on ground too long. A secret enemy radio operator will call in an enemy chopper forece to destroy your chopper. Locate and destroy the radio operator's hut to stop the enemy choppers appearing. Note that sometimesthe pows and enemy soldiers will only appear when all enemy installations in the area are destroyed. Intelligence reports indicate that the enemy may resort to hiding the pows in an underground base. Keep your eyes open for any possible etrances. 1994 Virgin interactive entertainement (Europe) LTD All rights reserved. --Typed by CHRONOS & APOLLON For more Amiga documents, visit www.lemonamiga.com