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Inspection, Repair, Alteration & Reconstruction of Steel Aboveground Storage Tanks Used in the Petrochemical Industry

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$API Exam Preparation Trainin%&

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"pen 'oo( 1. The liquid penetrant examination method is an effective means for detecting _______. a. b. c. d. internal discontinuities of a weld surface discontinuities of a weld both internal and surface discontinuities of a weld subsurface discontinuities of a weld

. A !"# is a written qualified welding procedure prepared to ________. a. b. c. d. provide provide provide provide direction direction direction direction for for for for ma$ing production welds to %ode requirements the welder to ma$e temporar& welds the inspector for inspection of the welds the welder to use as a general guideline

'. !elding in the '( position qualifies a welder in what positions) a. b. c. d. *lat and hori+ontal ,ori+ontal and vertical *lat and vertical -ertical and overhead

.. !hich of the following is an essential variable for the !"#) a. b. c. d. A A A A change change change change in in in in groove design bac$ing post weld heat treatment electrode angle

/. A welder ma& be qualified b& RT if ___________. a. the welder uses #MA! b. the welder uses (MA! #hort %ircuiting mode c. the welder uses (MA! #hort %ircuiting mode root pass with #MA! fill and reinforcement d. the welder obtains approval from the inspector

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0. A peripheral seal1 on an internal floating roof1 shall be designed to accommodate ______ of local deviation between the floating roof and the shell. a. b. c. d. the manufacturer2s standard 3. inches 3145inch inspector2s experience

6. !hat is the maximum allowable prod spacing using an A% prod technique) a. b. c. d. t4 5 inches 17 inches 8o spacing required

5. !elders that weld tan$ shell vertical 9oints shall be qualified in accordance with______. a. b. c. d. A": 11;. A#M< #ection A#M< #ection := A!# >1.1

?. (eometric unsharpness of the radiograph of a component under @ thic$ shall not exceed __________. a. b. c. d. 7.7 7 7.7'7 7.7.7 7.7/7

17. *or measuring the thic$ness of materials using the contact pulseAecho method1 temperatures are not to exceed________. a. 77B* b. ?'B% c. both 1 and d. /7B*

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11. <ach piece of magneti+ing equipment shall be calibrated ___________. a. at the beginning of each shift b. at least once a &ear or whenever the equipment has been sub9ect to ma9or electrical repair c. whenever the technician feels li$e it d. at least once ever& ?7 da&s 1 . >uring calibration of an ammeter the unit shall not deviate b& more than ____ of full scale. a. 17C b. 7C c. '7C d. .7C 1'. An inspector is evaluating a radiograph1 a bright white image of a DE@ appears on a dar$er bac$ground of the radiograph1 __________. a. b. c. d. the the the the radiograph shall be considered unacceptable radiograph should not be re9ected DE@ is for identification of the welder DE@ is for identification of the weld

1.. Fltrasonic examination of hot tap connections or reinforcement is required b& A": 0/' when _______. a. b. c. d. in lieu of radiographic testing searching for weld flaws searching for laminations requested b& the welder

1/. >uring an internal inspection of a tan$1 pitting that measures 7.'7 inches deep was found in the shell G7.0 / Thic$nessH. The required thic$ness of the shell in this area is 7./ inches. Eased on the above information should a repair be made) a. b. c. d. Ies 8o The inspector option Repair contractor2s option

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T)e *ollo+in% applies to ,uestions -6 t)rou%) .5 belo+: An inspection is performed on an A#T .2 tall1 2 fill height1 ?.2 diameter1 water storage service1 earth foundation. There is one area of general internal corrosion on the south side of the shell 7@ wide and 7@ in vertical length. There is evidence of bottom settlement . 10. %alculate the minimum thic$ness of the first course based on product alone. a. b. c. d. 1.16/@ 7. 5@ 7.//1@ 7. 16@

16. %alculate the minimum thic$ness for the third course1 if each course is .2 in height. a. b. c. d. .1 @ .177@ . 6/@ .1' @

15. %alculate the DJ@ length for an area of general corrosion found 172 from the bottom on the south side of the shell1 T K .1 /@. a. b. c. d. .7@ 1 .05@ 057@ 11.6/@

1?. There are three pits aligned verticall& on the north side of the tan$1 in the first course. The diameter of the pits are 1 . /7@1 1 D1 and ./77@ in length along a vertical line 5@ long. NoteL Assume pit depth of slightl& less than oneAhalf of the minimum acceptable tan$ shell thic$ness1 exclusive of the corrosion allowance. a. b. c. d. Eecause the pits are aligned verticall& no repair is required #cattered pits ma& be ignored :f the pit is round1 it ma& be ignored A repair is required

7. Three circumferentiall& scattered pits are located on the west side of the tan$ 15@ from the bottom. The pits measure ./77@1 ..66@ and .6' @ in diameter. Note: Assume pit depth of oneAhalf of the minimum acceptable tan$ shell thic$ness1 exclusive of the corrosion allowance. a. b. c. d. Eecause the pits are scattered circumferentiall& no repair is required All pits ma& be ignored :f the pit is round1 it ma& be ignored A repair is required

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1. A bulge is found on the tan$ floor1 the diameter of the bulge is '7@. !hat is the maximum permissible height for the bulge) a. b. c. d. 11.1@ ..07@ .?0 @ 1.11@

. An area of edge settlement in the tan$ bottom 02 from the shell has sloped down and settled. The settlement measures @ at the deepest point. GThe bottom lap welds are approximatel& parallel to the shellH. a. b. c. d. A more rigorous stress anal&sis must be performed The area should be repaired #loped edge settlement is usuall& no problem The area should be documented and chec$ed during the next inspection

'. !hat is the h&drostatic test height of this tan$ based on a minimum thic$ness found in question 101 as the controlling thic$ness) a. .2 b. '.. 2 c. 15.02 d. 8ot enough information given .. A depression is noted on a section of the bottom near the middle of the east quadrant. The depression measures /45@ deep1 with a diameter of '0 inches. #hould a repair be recommended) a. b. c. d. Ies 8o 8ot enough information given The tan$ holds water1 no problem

/. :f the maximum liquid level in the tan$ were to be lowered b& /21 what is the minimum thic$ness of the first course) a. b. c. d. 1.6'@ .100@ . 77@ 8o change from original design thic$ness

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T)e *ollo+in% applies to ,uestions .6 t)rou%) ./ belo+: ;r RTb% RTip #t"r F"r K K K K K 17 &ears . 77 .1?7 .77 .717

0. Fsing data from above1 calculate MRT. Gmetal loss from the bottom side corrosionH. a. b. c. d. . /7 .767 .77 .757

6. Fsing data from above1 calculate MRT. Gmetal loss from internal corrosionH. a. b. c. d. . /7 .767 .77 .757

5. The weld ripples of reinforcement of buttAwelded 9oints shall be before _________ radiograph&. a. b. c. d. removed ground flush1 with grinding direction parallel to the weld ground flush1 with grinding direction perpendicular to the weld removed if irregularities mas$ discontinuities

?. !hat is the h&drostatic test height of an inAservice welded A#T built to A": 0/71 5th <dition1 5 2 diameter1 .72 tall with a minimum first course thic$ness of 7.1?6@. The material of construction is AA/101 (rade 67 GA /10M (rade .5/H. a. b. c. d. .72 '02A @ ' 2A5@ '12A0@

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'7. *or a singleAwall material thic$ness1 over 7.'6/@ through 7./7@1 what is the holeAt&pe designation for a source side penetrameter) a. 1/ b. 16 c. 7 d. / '1. The temperature range to conduct a standard technique liquid penetrant examination is ______. a. b. c. d. /77* /77* 677* /77* to to to to 1'/7* 1 /7* 11/7* 577*

' . >uring an MT examination1 __________ shall be performed on each area. a. b. c. d. 177C coverage at the required sensitivit& a calibration of each piece of magneti+ing equipment at least three separate examinations prod spacing of at least 17@

''. An A% &o$e shall have a lifting power of at least ____________. a. b. c. d. /lbs. 5 lbs. 17 lbs. .7 lbs.

'.. A >% &o$e shall have a lifting power of at least _________. a. b. c. d. /lbs. 5 lbs. 17 lbs. .7 lbs.

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'/. A new tan$ will hold a product with the specific gravit& of 1.7/M The corrosion allowance is .17M The thic$ness of the first course is 1 . / inchesM ,&drostatic test stress /1777 "#:. !hat is the thic$ness required for the annular plate) G8oteL :nclude corrosion allowanceH. a. b. c. d. /410@ 11410@ '45@ 6410@

'0. A lea$ is noted 1 14 @ awa& from the shellAtoAbottom weld in the floor of an existing welded tan$. The hole in the floor is .@ in diameter. !hat t&pe of repair1 in compliance with A": 0/'1 'rd <dition1 should be made) a. Fse RE:. Eecause the product might not contaminate the soil or waterwa&s1 no repair is required. b. !eld buildAup the area. c. :nstall a Ntombstone2 shaped1 weldedAon patch plate1 intersecting the shellAtoA bottom 9oint at approximatel& ?7B. d. :nstall a nonAwelded patch plate and fiberglass4epox& to coat the area. '6. !hen using the #MA! process1 a welder has changed from an * number . electrode to an * number ' electrode. >oes the procedure need to be requalified) a. b. c. d. Ies 8o ;nl& if low h&drogen electrodes are used A": 0/7 allows this change

'5. >uring a welder qualification test1 for plate coupons1 all surfaces Gexcept areas designated Ddiscard@H shall _______. a. show complete 9oint penetration with complete fusion of weld metal and base metal b. show no more than 14't inadequate penetration c. show no more than 14't nonfusion d. be allowed one /4' @ crater crac$ '?. !hat is the h&drostatic test thic$ness for a new tan$ whose diameter is 1/721 and has a fill height of .72) The shell material is A '0M. a. b. c. d. 7.0// 7.011 7./0' 7./77

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.7. :n order to compl& with A": 0/71 the finished surface of a weld reinforcement on plate 14 @ thic$1 hori+ontal butt 9oints1 ma& have a reasonabl& uniform crown not to exceed ____________ for radiographic examination. a. b. c. d. 14.@ '410@ 145@ 1410@

.1. :f piping near the tan$ enters the ground1 the soil should be excavated ______ inches for inspection. a. b. c. d. 1O' 'O0 0O1 "iping is not addressed b& an& of the documents listed in the A": 0/' Eod& of Knowledge.

. . *loating roofs on new tan$s shall be sufficientl& buo&ant to remain floating after ______. a. b. c. d. *ifteen inches of rainfall in a .Ahour period Ten inches of rainfall in a .Ahour period Thirt& inches of snow in a .Ahour period Thirt& inches of sand in a .Ahour period

.'. A sudden rapid fracture under stress1 where the material exhibits little or no evidence of ductilit& or plastic deformation1 is called _________) a. b. c. d. brittle fracture cavitation atmospheric corrosion caustic corrosion

... <ach floor scanning operator1 who onl& use the bottom scanning equipment1 shall receive a minimum of ________ hours of training. a. 5 b. 1 c. 7 d. .7

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./. -ariables in the procedure that can be changed without having to reAqualif& the procedure and4or the scanning operators are ________. a. b. c. d. essential variables nonAessential variables qualification tests TE<P

0uestions 16 t)rou%) 52 apply to t)e 3PS&P0R Pro4e5ure +)i4) be%ins on pa%e -.6 .0. !hat is the root face limitation as listed on the attached !"# and "PR) a. b. c. d. '4' @ 145@ 8o limit 8ot designated

.6. :f the supporting "PR is used1 are the "Ano2s correct on the attached !"#) a. b. c. d. Ies 8o %ould be if properl& preheated 8ot enough information

.5. :s the thic$ness range on the !"# supported b& the "PR) a. b. c. d. Ies 8o Requalification is required b& A": /67 Requalification is required b& A#M< -

.?. :s the attached "PR properl& qualified) a. b. c. d. 8o1 because RT is not allowed during "PR qualification 8o1 because there are not enough tensile tests 8o1 because peening is allowed b& E'1.' Ies

/7. !hat should have been the correct number and t&pe of guided bends on the "PR) a. 0 side bends b. face and root bends c. 1 side1 1 face and 1 root bend d. face1 root and . side bends

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"lease close all materials. The remainder of the exam is D%losed Eoo$.@

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T)e se4on5 part o* t)e exam is 7Close5 'oo(89 /1. !ho has the ultimate responsibilit& for compl&ing with the provisions of A": #tandard 0/') a. b. c. d. A": ;wner4operator :nspector %ontractor4builder

/ . :f crac$s are suspected in no++les or no++le welds the& should be chec$ed b& ______. a. b. c. d. ultrasonic digital thic$ness gauge MT or "T examination edd& current testing infraAred thermograph&

/'. Jocali+ed corrosion due to the concentration of caustic or al$aline salts is ______) a. b. c. d. erosion brittle fracture caustic corrosion phase failure

/.. "er A": 0/'1 tan$s shall have a formal visual inspection once ever& _____ &ears or R%A4.8 &ears1 whichever is less. a. b. c. d. three four five seven

//. Monthl& visual inspections of the external condition of inAservice tan$s ma& be performed b& ___________. a. b. c. d. A": 0/' inspectors owner4operator personnel 8>< technicians plant managers

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/0. The critical +one for repairs to tan$ bottoms is that portion of the bottom or annular plate within _______ inches of the inside edge of the shell. a. ' b. 0 c. 1 d. . /6. ;n a fixedAt&pe roof1 plan$s long enough to span at least _____ roof rafters should be laid and used as wal$wa&s. a. none allowed b. 1 c. d. ' /5. %athodic protection surve&s are recommended to ensure the effectiveness of cathodic protection. ,ow often should this surve& be done) a. b. c. d. <ver& 17 &ears <ver& time the tan$ is empt& Annuall& #emiAannuall&

/?. The deflection of an arc from its normal path because of magnetic forces is _____. a. b. c. d. arc arc arc arc blow length stri$e angle

07. >uring the reconstruction of a tan$ shell1 welding operators1 welders and welding procedures must be qualified in accordance with _______. a. b. c. d. A": 0/7 A#M< #ection A#M< #ection := A": 11;.

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01. Fpon completion1 the roof of a tan$ designed to be gas tight shall be tested b& which one of the following methods) a. Magnetic particle testing of all welds b. Application of internal air pressure not exceeding the weight of the roof plates and appl&ing a solution suitable for the detection of lea$s c. "enetrant testing the weld 9oints d. -isual inspection of the weld 9oints 0 . :n regard to A": 0/'1 roof plates corroded to an average thic$ness of _______ inch in an& 177 square inch area shall be repaired or replaced. a. b. c. d. less than 7.7? 7.7? greater than 7.7? no A": 0/' requirement1 owner2s requirement

0'. A fusion weld made without filler metal is _______. a. b. c. d. bra+ing #MA! weld autogenous weld #A! weld

0.. <ach welder ma$ing welds on a tan$ shall be certified b& _________. a. b. c. d. erection4fabrication manufacturer purchaser 8uclear Regulator& %ommission certified inspector

0/. A discontinuit& with a length that is substantiall& greater than its width is called a ______. a. b. c. d. round discontinuit& linear discontinuit& nonAlinear discontinuit& re9ectable defect

00. A form of corrosion that occurs from moisture associated with atmospheric conditions is called ______ a. b. c. d. brittle fracture caustic corrosion stress crac$ing atmospheric corrosion

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06. !hich of the following tan$s are used to reduce filling and breathing loss b& eliminating vapor space) a. b. c. d. %one roof tan$ FmbrellaAroof tan$ -aporAdome roof tan$ *loating roof tan$

05. "er A": 0/71 external floating roof dec$ plates having support leg or other rigid penetrations closer than inches to lap weld seams must be full fillet welded not less than inches on 17 inch centers. a. b. c. d. 0 1 1. 15

0?. *oundation pads that have washed out or settled under the bottoms of atmospheric storage tan$s can be repaired b& _________. a. b. c. d. pumping pumping pumping pumping in in in in water argon sand1 dirt or thin concrete gas

67. !hen corrosion rates are not $nown and similar service experience is not available1 the actual bottom thic$ness shall be determined b& inspections within the next _____ &earGsH of tan$ operation to establish corrosion rates. a. b. c. d. five ten three one

61. The mechanical wor$ing of metals using impact blows is referred to as ______. a. b. c. d. inclusion corrosion fatigue peening

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6 . %alcining can occur when concrete has been exposed to ______. a. b. c. d. chemical attac$ sulfate A t&pe al$alis chlorides high temperature

6'. A contributing factor for determining internal inspection intervals shall be time1 not to exceed _____ &ears for an& reason1 if an RE: program is not in place. a. 17 b. / c. 7 d. 1/ 6.. Fpon completion of welding of the new tan$ bottom1 the welds shall be inspected b& which one of the following methods) a. b. c. d. Radiographs -acuum "enetrant testing ,ammer testing

6/. The 9unction of the weld face and the base metal is the __________. a. b. c. d. heat affect +one weld toe stress riser dilution +one

60. Tan$ plates being welded which do not have proper identification shall be sub9ected to _______. a. b. c. d. chemical anal&sis FT thic$ness measurements "T testing RTtesting

66. An assembl& whose component parts are 9oined b& welding is a _________. a. b. c. d. spool piece weldment fillet weld groove weld

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65. ______ identifies a procedure for installing a no++le in the shell of a tan$ that is in service. a. b. c. d. Repair Alteration ,ot tap Reconstruction

6?. Annular bottom plates shall have a radial width that provides at least ________ inches between the inside of the shell and an& lapAwelded 9oint in the remainder of the bottom. a. 17 b. '7 c. . d. 15 57. *or $nown materials1 all shell plates and bottom plates welded to the shell shall meet1 as a minimum1 the chemistr& and mechanical properties of material specified for the application with regard to thic$ness and design metal temperature1 per ________. a. b. c. d. A#M Requirements A#M< Requirements A": 0/7 Requirements A#TMA 6 Requirements

51. !hat action should be ta$en after a flat spot is discovered in the second ring of a 772 diameter A#T) a. b. c. d. The shell distortion shall be evaluated The area shall be cut out and replaced #ince no product is lea$ing out of the area1 it ma& be ignored The inspector has the option to repair or ignore

5 . Routine inAservice visual inspections of the external condition of the tan$ shall not exceed _______. a. b. c. d. one month six months one &ear five &ears

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5'. A separation at the 9oint root between the wor$ pieces is referred to as a ________. a. b. c. d. gap root face root edge root opening

5.. Minimum thic$ness for tan$ bottom plate1 when there is no means of lea$ detection and containment1 is ________ inch. a. b. c. d. .17 .76/ .1/ .7/

5/. !hen used1 the ultrasonic thic$ness measurements shall be made at intervals not to exceed ________. a. b. c. d. one month one &ear five &ears1 Gun$nown corrosion rateH ten &ears1 Gun$nown corrosion rateH

50. %avit&At&pe discontinuities formed b& gas entrapment during solidification of the weld are ________. a. b. c. d. crac$s tungsten inclusion slag porosit&

56. The most li$el& point of occurrence of crac$s in riveted tan$s is around _________. a. b. c. d. internal piping flanged connections roof seals rivet holes

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55. Pualified inspectors shall have education and experience equal to at least one of the followingL a. a degree in engineering plus 1 &ear of experience in inspection of tan$s1 pressure vessels or piping b. two &ears of experience in wor$ related field c. two &ear certificate in technolog& from technical college d. high school education 5?. The maximum acceptable undercutting of the base metal for vertical butt 9oints is _______ inch. a. b. c. d. '4' 145 140. '40.

?7. !hen used1 ultrasonic thic$ness measurements shall be made at ____ &ear intervals after commissioning new tan$s. a. b. c. d. / 6 17 1/

?1. ;n a reconstructed tan$1 all new shell 9oints shall be __________. a. b. c. d. full fillet welded with complete fusion buttAwelded with complete penetration and complete fusion lapAwelded with complete penetration and complete fusion single grove with bac$ing strip

? . A nonAmetallic product resulting from the mutual dissolution of flux and nonAmetallic impurities in some welding processes is __________. a. b. c. d. porosit& tungsten inclusion slag crac$ing

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?'. A doubleAwelded butt weld is ___________. a. a 9oint between two abutting parts l&ing in approximatel& the same plane b. a 9oint between two abutting parts l&ing in approximatel& the same plane that is welded from both sides c. a 9oint between two overlapping members in which the overlapping edges of both members are welded with fillet welds d. a fillet weld whose si+e is equal to the thic$ness of the thinner 9oined member ?.. All requirements of A": 0/71 _____ shall be considered before changing the service of a tan$ to operation at temperatures above 77B*. a. b. c. d. Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix M Q % K

?/. ;penings in tan$ shells larger than required to accommodate a _______ inch flanged or threaded no++le shall be reinforced. a. b. c. d. one two three four

?0. The A": 0/' standard emplo&s the principles of _________. a. b. c. d. A": 0/7 A#M< Article . A!# >1.1 A": 11;.

?6. Pualification test plates for floor scan1 with flaws1 should be a minimum of ___________ sq. ft. a. 7 b. 67 c. ?7 d. 1/7

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?5. A fractureAt&pe discontinuit& characteri+ed b& a sharp tip and high ratio of length to width to opening displacement is referred to as _______. a. b. c. d. crac$ slag porosit& spatter

??. The acceptabilit& of welds examined b& radiograph& shall be 9udged b& the standards in ______. a. b. c. d. A#M< #ection -1 >ivision 6 A#M< #ection :=1 "aragraph P!1?1 A#M< #ection -:::1 >ivision 11 "aragraph F!A/1 GbH A":11;.

177. "er A": 0/'1 what is the maximum allowable banding1 using a vertical '0@ sweep board) a. 1 1@ b. 14 @ c. ' '45@ d. '4' @ 171. The arrangement of direct current arc welding leads in which the electrode is the negative pole and the wor$ piece is the positive pole of the welding arc is _____) a. b. c. d. >%<8 >%<" A% A%4>%

17 . An& wor$ on a tan$ that changes its ph&sical dimensions or configuration is considered a4an ____________. a. b. c. d. reconstruction rebuilding rewor$ing alteration

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17'. !hen bottom annular plates are required b& paragraph './.1 of A": 0/71 the radial 9oints shall be radiographed. *or single welded 9oints using a bac$up bar1 one spot radiograph shall be ta$en on _____ percent of the radial 9oints. a. b. c. d. 17 '7 /7 177

17.. !hat is the maximum allowable misalignment on a '4.@ vertical butt 9oint) a. b. c. d. 17C 1410@ 17C or maximum of 145@ 1 C or maximum of '4' @

17/. Atmospheric storage tan$s are those tan$s that have been designed to operate in their gas and vapor spaces at internal pressures which approximate pressure. a. b. c. d. 10 lbs. to / lbs. 1 lbs. to 1/lbs. more than / lbs. atmospheric

170. The arrangement of direct current welding leads in which the electrode is the positive pole and the wor$ piece is the negative pole of the welding arc is _________) a. b. c. d. >%<8 >%<" A% A%4>%

176. The portion of the groove face within the 9oint root is called __________. a. b. c. d. land root face stringer bead root pass

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175. !elder identification on roof welds and flangeAtoAno++le nec$ welds shall ________. a. b. c. d. be hand or machine stamped be stamped ever& ' feet be stamped on the top side of each no++le an in ever& ' feet of roof weld not require identification

17?. Annular bottom plates must extend a minimum of _______ inches outside the tan$ shell. a. 1 14 b. c. ' d. . 117. *or penetrations using insert plates1 how shall the completed butt welds between the insert plate and shell plate be inspected) a. b. c. d. 177C RT #pot RT MT -isual

111. 8>< examiners that meet the requirements of A#M< #ection -1 Article 11 are qualified with A#8:4A#8T %"A15? or _________. a. b. c. d. A!# P%A1 A": A#8T #8TAT%1A AE#

11 . The maximum operating temperature for tan$s constructed to A": 0/7 Gnot including appendicesH is ______. a. /77B* b. /77B% c. 77B* d. 77B%

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11'. 8ew _______ for floating roof support legs and for fixed roof support columns shall be installed when replacing a tan$ floor. a. b. c. d. mud rings leg guides bearing plates support leg pins

11.. !here does the new nameplate need to be attached to a reconstructed tan$) a. b. c. d. Ad9acent to the existing nameplate >oes not need one ;n the roof ;ver the suction piping

11/. The corrosion rate for an A#T is / mils per &ear. Eased on A": 0/' requirements when should the next external FT inspection be scheduled) 8oteL Remaining %orrosion Allowance is .16 inches. a. 16&ears b. 1/ &ears c. 7 &ears d. 17 &ears 110. The design thic$ness of a reconstructed tan$ is based on _________. a. b. c. d. original shell thic$ness measurements ta$en within 157 da&s prior to relocation measurements ta$en when the tan$ was removed from service new product loads

116. The maximum design liquid level for product shall be determined b& calculating the maximum design liquid level for each shell course based on _________. a. b. c. d. amount of product needed the specific gravit& of the product material coating number of penetrations in the first shell course

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115. #! is the acron&m for what t&pe of welding) a. b. c. d. #ubmerged !elding #hielded Metal Arc !elding #lic$ !elding #tud !elding

11?. Iou are adding a 0 inch blending no++le to the bottom course1 the shell is /45@ thic$. !hat si+e insert plate is required when used with a reinforcement plate) a. b. c. d. 1 @ diameter 15@ diameter Three times the diameter of the penetration The diameter of the reinforcement plate1 plus 1 @

1 7. !ho is responsible for compliance with the A": 0/7 standards) a. b. c. d. Manufacturer "urchaser #tate :nspector A": 0/' :nspector

1 1. ____________ settlement occurs when the tan$ shell settles sharpl& around the peripher&1 resulting in deformation of the bottom plate. a. b. c. d. 1 Fniform <dge ;utAofA"lane Rigid Eod& Tilting

. A full h&drostatic test can be waived on a tan$ _________. a. b. c. d. after replacement of door sheet that intersects the shellAtoAbottom weld when a '0Ainch no++le has been installed after partial or complete 9ac$ing of a tan$ shell if the owner or operator has authori+ed the exemption in writing

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1 '. !hich t&pe of tan$ settlement will rotate the tan$ in a tilted plane) a. b. c. d. Fniform settlement Rigid bod& ;utAofA"lane settlement >ifferential settlement

1 .. >ue to the fastAfree+ing nature of this process1 there is potential for lac$ of sidewall fusion when welding thic$Awall equipment or a no++le attachment. a. b. c. d. (MA! (MA! (MA! (MA! A "ulsed A #pra& A( A#

1 /. The minimum thic$ness of new roof plates shall be _____ inch1 plus an& corrosion allowances1 as specified in the repair specifications. a. b. c. d. 14 645 '410 '45

1 0. <xpress /7 mils as ______ inchGesH. a. b. c. d. ./77 .7/7 .77/ .777/

1 6. *or replacement of tan$ bottom floor1 what is a suitable nonAcorrosive material for use between the old and new floor) a. b. c. d. >irt #and or concrete *iberglass insulation Air

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1 5. According to A": 0/'1 the basis for repairs and alterations shall be an ________. a. b. c. d. A": #tandard 0/7 equivalence A": #tandard 76 equivalence A#M< #ection - equivalence A!# > 1 .1 equivalence

1 ?. All new shell 9oints shall be _______ 9oints1 with complete penetration. a. b. c. d. butt welded lap welded riveted chemicall& bonded

1'7. >uring the repair of an A#T1 one new vertical shell weld was installed. ,ow man& radiographs are required on the vert) GThe shell is 1 . /@ thic$H. a. b. c. d. ;ne radiograph shall be ta$en in ever& vertical 9oint 177C of the vertical 9oint Two radiographs shall be ta$en in the vertical 9oint 8o radiographs required

1'1. #ettlement can result from _______. a. b. c. d. frequent free+ing and thawing of the ground nearb& equipment operating with extreme vibration too much product being stored in the tan$ high wind

1' . #torage tan$s shall be ____ and gasAfreed prior to commencement of dismantling. a. b. c. d. filled drained cleaned vented

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1''. All bottom plates shall have a minimum nominal thic$ness of _________ inch1 exclusive of an& corrosion allowance specified b& the purchaser for the bottom plates. a. b. c. d. '45 . /7 ./10 .' /

1'.. ____________ means the wor$ necessar& to reassemble a tan$ that has been dismantled and relocated to a new site. a. b. c. d. Reconstruction Rebuilding Rewor$ing Alteration

1'/. Repairs shall not be attempted on a tan$ that is filled with _____ or on a tan$ that has contained until the tan$ has been emptied1 cleaned and gas freed in a safe manner. a. b. c. d. nitrogen oil water grain

1'0. According to A": 0/'1 a full h&drostatic test1 held for . hours1 shall be performed onL a. b. c. d. a new tan$ an inAservice tan$ a reconstructed tan$ an outAofAservice tan$

1'6. Misalignment in completed vertical 9oints over /45@ shall not exceed what percentage of the plate thic$ness) a. /C with a maximum of 1410@ b. C with a maximum of '40.@ c. /C with a maximum of '45@ d. 17C with a maximum of 145@

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1'5. 8ew or altered reinforcing plates of shell penetrations shall be given aGnH __________ test1 in accordance with A": #tandard 0/7. a. b. c. d. diesel air stress gas

1'?. Fltrasonic acceptance standards1 in accordance with A": 0/'1 shall be __________. a. b. c. d. A#M< #ection -::: A#M< #ection A#M< #ection =l Agreed upon b& the purchaser and the manufacturer

1.7. %olumnAbased clipAguides shall be welded to the tan$ bottom to prevent ________. a. b. c. d. internal erosion structural uplifting lateral movement of column bases lateral expansion and contraction

1.1. An& specific design considerations1 other than normal product loading1 shall be specified b& _______. a. b. c. d. owner4operator contractor engineer welding foreman

1. . AGnH ________ is an electrode of an electrochemical cell at which oxidation GcorrosionH occurs. a. b. c. d. bathode anode cathode electrol&te

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1.'. AGnH ________ is an electrode of an electrochemical cell at which a reduction reaction occurs. a. b. c. d. bathode anode cathode electrol&te

1... A __________ is a discontinuit& in a coating film that exposes the metal surface to the environment. a. b. c. d. vacation surface interruption stress riser holida&

1./. ____________ occurs when two metals with different compositions Gthus different electrol&tic potentialsH are connected in an electrol&te Gusuall& soilH. a. b. c. d. #cattered metal growth #cattered metal blistering (alvanic corrosion <rosion

1.0. A (alvanic s&stem is a _________. a. b. c. d. s&stem s&stem s&stem s&stem that that that that uses uses uses uses a a a a metal less active than the structure to stop corrosion metal more active than the structure to stop corrosion chemical to stop corrosion coating to stop corrosion

1.6. All tan$s shall be given a formal visual external inspection b& an inspector qualified in accordance with A": 0/'1 "aragraph ..17 at least ever& _____ &ears. a. b. c. d. 17 6 0 /

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1.5. !elding consumables shall conform to the classification that is applicable to the intended use. a. b. c. d. A#8T A!# A#M< A":

1.?. The rules given in A": 0/' are _________ for tan$ inspection1 repairs1 alterations and reconstruction. a. b. c. d. minimum requirements maximum requirements guideline requirements suggested requirements

1/7. ____________ means an& wor$ on a tan$ involving cutting1 burning1 welding or heating operations that changes the ph&sical dimensions and4or configuration of a tan$. a. b. c. d. Repair Reconstruction Rewor$ing Alteration

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