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Hustlenomics Study Skills Series

Eagle Leadership Academy

Charlemagne Stallings Mercer University

School Mission

Mission The mission of Benjamin E. Mays High School is to provide a secure and nurturing environment that fosters students success, to develop interpersonal skills through real-world experiences, to promote the exchange of ideas through multiple mediums, and to engage communities near and afar. Eagle Leadership Academy The Eagle Leadership Academy develops leadership traits in young men in a single gender environment. The curriculum has an emphasis on small business development, and includes honors level core courses. Students are required to complete leadership courses, dress professionally daily, and abide by a creed. In addition to a strong emphasis on leadership, the Eagle Leadership Academy will also focus strongly on discipline, civic responsibility, personal responsibility, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment.

Intervention Mission
The mission of the Hustlenomics Study Skills Series is to promote study skills, homework skills, making good grades, organization and time management, test taking strategies, learning styles and goal setting to 9th graders as a way to acclimate them to the expectations and rigor of the high school setting and prepare them for the future with a peer to peer leadership model.

ASCA Competencies
Academic Development
A:A1 Improve Academic Self Concept A:A2 Acquire skills for improving learning A:B1 Improve learning A:B2 Plan to achieve goals A:C1 Relate School to life experiences

Improve grades and test scores

100% of students believe that study skills are important 100% believe acquiring necessary knowledge helps educational goals 100% believe organization and time management are important 64% believe goal setting and test prep are important 79% believe that good study skills are important

Hustlenomics Study Skills Series

8 week Intervention Curriculum Tuesdays During Advisement 8:30-9am Train Senior Facilitators Thursdays During Advisement 8:30-9am Senior Facilitators deliver lesson in 9th grade homeroom 2 Senior Facilitators in each homeroom

Hustlenomics Study Skills Series

Week 1-Introduction Week 2-Grades Week 3-Time Management Week 4-Learning Styles Week 5-Test Prep/Test taking strategies Week 6-Goal Setting Week 7-Test Anxiety Week 8-Review /Closure
Aids: YouTube clips, discussion, games, activities and prizes

Stakeholders Unite
Eagle Counselor- Helped me identify leaders Eagle Academy Leader- Helped me reserve the room for training each week and communicated about excusing the class for townhall meetings when possible Eagle 9th grade HR teachers-Stayed in the classrooms and assisted Senior Facilitators with classroom management and technology Students- Senior Facilitators were trained on Tuesdays and prepared with their partner and delivered the lesson on Thursdays. Registrar- Helped me find the data on grades and run reports

Theoretically students know the right thing to do. However, there is no skill set or application to their understanding There is no shame in failure. It has become a norm/culture. I have nothing to lose mentality. Behavior is incongruent with knowledge or consequences. I can play catch up at the end of the semester. Application of knowledge should be rewarded instead of rewarding understanding of concepts (ie: teachers reward extra credit for proof of test prep at least 3 days before the test) There should be a mandatory study skills elective for these students as an intervention.