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C T. G W 0 0 5 . 0 0 0 5 0 1

• Ensure you have installed the Mediatrix Configuration Tool software on a Windows
2000, NT or XP machine.
• Ensure the TalkSwitch CVA unit that is acting as the SIP Registrar Server is correctly
set up.


The Mediatrix 2102 device can be directly plugged into your broadband modem.
This will allow the unit to obtain an IP address automatically (via DHCP), and if your
Internet connection requires PPPoE authentication (for DSL), the 2102 can be
configured to take care of the authentication. The 2102 will also provide Quality of
Service (QoS) for your voice traffic.

Router/Broadband modem

1. Before you begin, ensure that all of your hardware is powered off, including the
router, PC, modem, and Mediatrix 2102.
2. Connect telephones or fax machines into the Phone/Fax connectors of the 2102.
Note: Port 1 is the leftmost connector.
3. Connect an Ethernet cable into the ‘Network’ connector on the 2102. Connect the
other end to the cable or DSL modem.
4. Connect one Ethernet cable into the ‘Computer’ connector on the 2102. Connect
the other end to your PC network card or Router/Firewall WAN/Uplink connector.
5. Connect the power cord to the 2102 and plug it into the wall. Reconnect the rest of
your hardware to their power sources as well.

W W W. T A L K S W I T C H . C O M 1
1. Open the software by double clicking
on the Mediatrix Configuration Tool
icon on your desktop.

2. If your Mediatrix unit is behind a router/firewall, dial * # #

* 0 from a
phone connected to one of the extensions ports to obtain the IP address. If the
Mediatrix unit is in front of the router/firewall, enter in the following IP address: Click the Wizard button to guide you through the setup. We
recommend using the Advanced settings only after using the Wizard for the first time.

3. Select whether the Mediatrix unit is located behind a firewall/router or not. If the
unit is in front of your firewall you will also need to specify the Internet
Connection type.

Note: If you have a DSL connection using PPPoE, you will need to enter the
username and password provided by your service provider.

2 M E D I AT R I X 2 1 0 2 C O N F I G U R AT I O N G U I D E
4. Select the correct configuration for your IP address settings. If your ISP
automatically assigns you an IP address then leave the value at the current
default. If you have been given an IP address, please enter the correct information
in here.

Note: If you have deployed the Mediatrix unit behind a firewall it is recommended
to set the unit up with a static IP address so that port mappings will be retained
under all circumstances.

5. Enter the Public IP address or FQDN value for the location of the TalkSwitch CVA
unit acting as the Proxy/Registrar.

W W W. T A L K S W I T C H . C O M 3
6. If you have enabled authentication on the TalkSwitch CVA acting as the Registrar,
then enter the Username and Password information on the screen below. The Realm
field can be left blank. If authentication is not required, leave all the fields blank
and click Next.

7. Enter a name for the phone/fax ports you wish to activate and assign a unique
number to them. This name is used for Caller ID purposes. For easy interoperability
with TalkSwitch assign a number between 260–299. This will be the phone number
dialed from TalkSwitch to reach the phone connected to this port.

4 M E D I AT R I X 2 1 0 2 C O N F I G U R AT I O N G U I D E
8. If this phone will be acting as a remote extension of TalkSwitch and you want to
simplify outbound calling through TalkSwitch, then enable Autodial and enter the
phone number that corresponds to the TalkSwitch unit that calls will be directed
through. In the example below, the Autodial Number is 250.
Additional configuration steps for the TalkSwitch CVA are required to provide
seamless access to PSTN dial tone via the Mediatrix unit. See STEP 3 for additional

9. Choose the connection speed for this location. This will automatically set the
codec that will work best for this location based on your connection type.
If 1Mbps or higher is selected, then a call will consume approximately 80Kbps
upstream and 80Kbps downstream. Otherwise, a call will consume approximately
25Kbps upstream and 25Kbps downstream.

W W W. T A L K S W I T C H . C O M 5
10. Choose the correct time zone for the location of the Mediatrix unit. This will
ensure the Caller ID information on your phone will have the correct time after
each call is received.

11. Click Save and Reboot. Once the Mediatrix has rebooted, check to see if the Ready
light is on. If so, place a call to another location and confirm operation. If not,
please check settings on both the Mediatrix unit and the TalkSwitch unit to ensure
everything is properly configured.

6 M E D I AT R I X 2 1 0 2 C O N F I G U R AT I O N G U I D E
The following section covers how to provide a seamless experience to phone users
connected to Mediatrix devices registered to a TalkSwitch unit. They will be able to
dial 9 or any other permitted hunt groups to access the PSTN (external phone lines
connected to TalkSwitch).

1. Enable a Call Bridge Account in the TalkSwitch software and enter in a blank password.

The following warning indicating this feature will only work with Auto Attendant 9
when no password is set. This is to ensure other accounts can still be used with the
other 8 Auto Attendants and that the system will remain secure. We recommend
that you only use Auto Attendant 9 for the VoIP number that will be used to
answer calls from Mediatrix units that you want to give access to the PSTN.

2. Click on Hunt Group Access and enable all Hunt Groups you wish to use with this
account. By default, all Hunt Groups are available.

W W W. T A L K S W I T C H . C O M 7
3. Under Call Handling -> VoIP Numbers, select the VoIP line that you have
configured in the Mediatrix unit for Autodialing and set Auto Attendant 9
to answer.

When the Auto Attendant answers and you dial 9, you will immediately receive
dialtone from a PSTN line. An Auto Attendant needs to be loaded or recorded before
this feature will work.

If you wish to provide the illusion of the Mediatrix user having TalkSwitch Dialtone
when going off-hook, load to Auto Attendant 9 the dialtone.wav file that can be
downloaded from http://www.talkswitch.com/download/dialtone.wav.

The configuration is now complete. Place test calls to ensure all functions according to
your requirements.

8 M E D I AT R I X 2 1 0 2 C O N F I G U R AT I O N G U I D E
The Advanced configuration for the Mediatrix 2102 is useful if you need to quickly
make changes to settings and check status information.

Status Page
This page contains information about the Mediatrix unit and its current registration
status and contains no adjustable values.

W W W. T A L K S W I T C H . C O M 9
IP Configuration Page
This page contains information about the Mediatrix unit IP address, Firewall support
and Internet Connection settings.

IP Settings
Select the correct method of obtaining an IP address from your service provider.
If setting the IP address manually, ensure that you have obtained all required
information from your ISP (IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS servers).

Firewall Settings
Depending upon the deployment of the Mediatrix, set this value to the following:
a) Disable — Unit is directly connected to the internet: no firewall.
b) Manual Setup — Unit is connected to a firewall and a static Public IP address
is available. You will be required to manually open port 5060(UDP) and
5004-5006(UDP) to map to the Private IP of the Mediatrix Unit.
c) Automatic Detection — The Mediatrix unit will discover the public IP address
and will attempt to automatically open ports through the firewall. This setting
is recommended when a Dynamic IP address is assigned by the ISP.

Internet Connection
Choose the correct Internet Connection that you have. This is only required if the
Mediatrix is set up in front of the firewall. If you have a DSL connection with PPPoE,
enter in the Username and Password provided by your ISP.

10 M E D I AT R I X 2 1 0 2 C O N F I G U R AT I O N G U I D E
SNMP Preferences
This is the port that you wish to connect to when attempting to configure the unit.
The default port is 161. Change this port value if another device in the network is
already using that port.

SIP Configuration Page

This page contains provisioning information regarding the SIP server, including
authentication information.

SIP Server Information

Proxy Server — Enter in the Public IP or FQDN of the TalkSwitch CVA unit acting as
the SIP server

Registrar Server — Enter in the Public IP or FQDN of the TalkSwitch CVA unit acting
as the SIP server

Authentication Information
Realm — Enter the realm that is currently configured on the TalkSwitch CVA acting as
the SIP Server

Username — Enter the username that is currently configured on the TalkSwitch CVA
acting as the SIP Server

W W W. T A L K S W I T C H . C O M 11
Password — Enter the password that is currently configured on the TalkSwitch CVA
acting as the SIP Server

RTP Information
RTP Starting Port — For VoIP calls, voice is streamed via a specific port. The default
value is 5004. Change this value if it conflicts with another device on your network.

Voice Configuration Page

This page is used to configure the phone ports on the Mediatrix unit.

Name — This information is used for Caller ID information.

Number — Assign a unique number to them. For easy interoperability with TalkSwitch
use a number in the range of 260 - 299.

Autodial — If enabled, the Mediatrix unit will dial the number set in the Autodial
Number. By default this feature is disabled.

Autodial Number — This is the number you wish the Mediatrix to dial immediately
upon the phone going off hook. This would typically be the VoIP number of the CVA
acting as Registrar. This allows easier interaction with the main office for accessing
external lines, dialing other extensions or checking voicemail.

12 M E D I AT R I X 2 1 0 2 C O N F I G U R AT I O N G U I D E
Preferred Codec — This is the Codec you wish to use based upon your Internet
connection speed.

A) If you have a DSL/Cable Lite (128K) connection, please choose G.729.


B) If you have a 1MB Internet connection please choose G.711u

Supported Codecs — If for example you have a DSL Lite connection and cannot
support G.711 and 80Kbps, you may want to disable the G.711 codecs so that they will
not get used under any circumstances.

Time Zones Page

Select the time zone for where this Mediatrix unit is located. If daylight savings time
is observed in this region, then enable the feature to automatically adjust the clock
for daylight savings changes.

W W W. T A L K S W I T C H . C O M 13
TalkSwitch. Copyright 2006.
All Rights Reserved.

Document number: CT.GW005.000501 (June 2006)

TalkSwitch is a division of Centrepoint Technologies Inc.