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The Difference Between MAGIC and MAGICK is in the K, this K stands for KTEIS mea
ning Cunt or Vagina.
Thus connecting Magic to sexual magic of the Vama Marg.
The purpose of Vama Marg, correctly translated as "the way of the woman" because
all rites of Vama Marg requires the use of a woman, and her body emanations.
The Highest purpose of the Vama Marg is to reach Atma or Neschamah the realm of
Pure spirit, by killing all thoughts and desire by and intense orgasm.
This similar reached in other magical, non-magical and sorcery systems by other
for example this state of non mind is identical to the "mushin" for the perfect
technique in Iaido and Kyudo.
And in the sorcery systems by the state of full possession when the sorcerer los
es consciousness, i.e when the haitian bokhor is possessed by a Lwa, thus the Lw
a takes full control of the bokhor.
By reaching this state, the Magus is able to manipulate the lower states of Ruac
h, Nephesch and Gouph thus being able to cause changes according to His Will.
This Will must be predetermined previous the ritual, because all Will is lost du
ring the ritual. This explains the use of Sigils, People playing drums, chants,
dances around the possessed person to enforce this Will.
In solitary practices a sigil with the statement of intent is used or the Will w
ritten with some special ink and burned, so the Lwa or a Servitor takes the Will
to the Neschamah of the Magus.
If we see, Within European Traditional this is achieved by the use of poisonous
plants, specially apply it to the skin or taken orally.
Usually the Magus or Sorcerer does not need to reach this level of Neschamah, an
d only enters in the realm of Ruach, as the Shamans and traditional healers do.
To reach the Level of Ruach(soul) only a state of altered consciousness is neede
And this depends on the sensibility of the individual, i.e some can enter altere
d states of consciousness by just drinking a couple cups of alcohol... while oth
ers would need heroin or ingesting some toxic mushroom....
In order to facilitate the process of entering in altered states during the ritu
A period of Sexual Abstinence, Tobacco, Alcohol, recreational or prescribed drug
s and of any mind altering substance or activities are mandatory avoided before
the ritual.
This is because the more mind altering the Magical ritual is, the more effective
it is.
Not only to affect the Magus himself, but also to affect the consciousness of ot
hers and the forces of nature themselves.
The Mind and Soul of the Magus needs to be perfectly balanced, calm, quiet, sere
ne..like a Lake Of Water in perfect quietness.
Then During the Magickal ritual, we start throwing rocks into that lake of water
, to cause waves and turbulence.
The further these waves reaches the further the magick is going to reach.
This Lake of Black Water is the Universe Itself and the Black Water is the "Dark
Energy" which modern science begins to discover in present time.
This Dark Energy which shapes and re-shapes each Universe, that conforms the Kos
This is the Cosmic Nephesch or Cosmic Linga Sharira.
Which creates and destroys under the will of the Cosmic Leviathan (ouroboros) ac
ross the Multi-universes.
This is the secret meaning of the Sigil of Baphomet, which is the symbol of Blac
k Magic, originally taken form the Forbidden Kabbalah, presented in the works of
Eliphas Levi, Stanislas De Guaita and further re-manifested by Anton S. Lavey a
s the main symbol of his church/magickal order.
The Goat in the Sigil of Baphomet, represents Man himself, the Pentagrammaton or
lesser Tetragrammaton rooted in Malkuth and bound to the lowest aspect Gouph.
Which is the Gross Matter, forming the number Five IHShVH or IHSVH instead of th
e four of IHVH, because IHVH does not have a such quick perishable body as man d
oes, due to the Fall.
The Serpent Leviathan actually the Cosmic Ouroboros biting its Tail, it is the L
inga Sharira of the Cosmos, thus closing the eternal circle of creation and dest
ruction, destruction and creation, which has been sealed by the letters Alpha et
Leviathan is the "Great Mover" in the texts of Eliphas Levi and the Spirit which
moved over the waters of creation in the first chapter of Genesis.
In the Egyptian Magickal system Baphomet and Leviathan correspond to Ma'at and T
yphon and the genders male and female are inverted.
"Nothing can be created or destroyed in the Cosmos, only re-shape or re-manifest
(Xepher). Energy/matter just flow from one universe to the other, in the Kosmos
which is conformed by countless universes".
All Creation and Destruction, Life and Death are illusory and relative to the cr
eature or Being trapped within the Cosmos.
The Number of "creation and destruction", "light and darkness", of all cycles, t
he Number of the Shem Ha Mophorash and the Number of Black Magic (white magick d
oes not exist, because White Magick is the Result of Black Magick itself).
The Number of Black Magick is NINE
The Unio Mystica of "Man and God" the pentagrammaton and the tetragrammaton.
5 + 4 =9
By the contemplation and understanding of this kabbalistic numerology we can unv
eil the secrets of All Magick.
Thus the Number Nine is the Number Concealed in all Occult Magickal Symbolism.
The most simple and obvious symbol is the Christian Crucifix to which some many
have been devoted to and followed for over 2000 years.
Let me Explain:
The Christ (Man)IHSVH is number Five nailed to the Cross (God) which is number F
our IHVH, each nail driven through bone and flesh represents the liminal points
that unites the Adept with the Divinity by painful initiation.
Thus achieving Unio Mystica and the Adept becomes the Magus, by the rite of deat
h and resurrection. In the Original Sources the body of Jesus lasts Eight days a
nd is Resurrected in the Ninth Day. The confusion found in the Holy Bible is bec
ause the Romans did not understand how the Jews count and name the Days of the W
In the end of all rites Jesus symbolically becomes a Living God.
Thus the Christ becomes the way by which the Fallen Malkuth is elevated to its O
riginal Place above Tiphareth in which is is now known as Da'at.
Thus restoring not only the Adam Kadmon, but the whole creation to its Original
Edenic State at the Heart of the Tree of Life.
Then, the Unio Mystica of the NINE is crowned by the ONE, which is the MONAD
thus forming the Number TEN (10) which is the Number of Cosmic Perfection.
This is the Ultimate Goal or All Magick which has been disfigured and masked, th
us using the Believe, Will and Desire of Man himself for the highest purpose of
"Because, Man Cannot Do Anything, except His True Will."
In the Original Hebrew tales the Jewish Deity did not gave Religion to Humanity
after the Fall but, gave them Magick. Religion is just the form of presenting ma
gick to the uninitiated Ones.
Magick was later divided by the Greeks in :
- Goetia (left pillar work, with the daemons of Gouph)
-Mageia (right pillar work, with the the angels of Ruach)
-Theurgia (middle pillar, work with the God Trinity)
The Metaphysical Truth and Esoteric Principles Herewith presented are not of my
own muse or invention. I have just compiled them by research and illuminated the
m by my own pneumatic fire for better understanding.
This can be found in the secret forbidden teachings of Secret Societies, Magical
initiatory Orders and it is presented in Asconditus in Every religion ever conc
eived around the world, within each culture, tradition and ethos.
Actually "unio mystica" is the meaning behind the word Religion and Magick is ju
st the tool to achieve this Union. it does not Matter if the Magus works with po
wers within or without the Self, or if He is Atheistic (uses Mundane Science and
Theory) or if he is Theistic (uses religious Archetypes and Mythology) to achie
ve this goal.
Put in the words of the Profanes:
"Magick is the Art/Science of Self-Deification, where Man reaches God by Becomin
g God Himself. "
Actually, Man has always been God, because the Microcosm and the Macrocosm is ON
E, Magick only awakens the Parts of Man ( the Self) which are dormant in Aeonic
Slumber due to the Fall.
-Walpurgistnacht 2014 e.v.