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Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk

1992 Codemasters
Well, here we are again. This is the second Dizzy game I have completed
a week! Here is another cheat for all you luck owners of Datel`s Action
cartridge (It will work on MKII, and MKIII version). The cheat (As
Magicland Dizzy) - Start the game, and freeze the computer. Then type:
There will be displayed a set of Hex numbers. The first one should
02, or 03. Put in its place FF. Press return, ESC and then restart
computer. This will give you 255 lives!!!! As before, here is a list of
objects, where they are, and what to do with them. Have fun!
Object Room Use On Room
The Leaves Trapped! The Door Trapped!
The Match Trapped! The Leaves Trapped!
The Water Trapped! The Burning Door Trapped!
The Pickaxe The Rear Entrance The Boulder Hillside
A Gold Nugget Top of The Hill The Ferryman The Ferryman
Acme Bridge Kit Hello World! The Ledge Enchanted Treetops
A Golden Harp Tower Drawbridge St.Peter Heaven
Wooden Cage Top of The Hill Fluffle Enchanted Forest
Holy Cheese Heaven Cage Enchanted Forest
Caged Fluffle Enchanted Forest The Troll The Rear Entrance
Outboard Motor Stairs & Landing The Ferryman The Ferryman
The Scythe The Ferryman The Brambles Tower Drawbridge
A Rusty Old Key Castle Ramparts The Door Desserted Tower
A Brass Bugle Tower Ballroom The Personage! A Few Trees
Some Tweezers Edge of the Tower The Lion Top Of The Hill
The Thorn Top Of The Hill The Floor Double Trouble
The Spanner Double Trouble The Mechanism Castle Drawbridge
The Jokebook A Few Trees The Princess Castle Gardens
The Regal Flag Castle Gardens The Flagpole Castle Ramparts
NOT ABOUT THE THORN: This must be left SOMEWHERE in the Double
room, and then the EVIL Dizzy must be made to walk over it. This will
him, allowing you to pick up the spanner.
After you have done all of this, you must go and KISS Daisy, who is in
Desserted Tower. She will ask you for 20 Cherries to make a Cherry Pie
Grand-Dizzy, so here is a list of ALL the room with Cherries in them:
A Few Trees!
A Secret Cave!
Top of the Hill
The Ferryman (Behing the stereo)
The Uppermost Branches
Awfully High Clouds
Enchanted Treetops (In the treehouse)
A Fluffy Cloud
The Enchanted Forest (Behind the Fluffle)
Stairs & Landing
Castle Ramparts /---There are TWO screens
Castle Ramparts \---of that name!!!!
Castle Drawbridge
Tower Drawbridge (Behind the brambles)
Edge of the Tower
The Desserted Tower
More Clouds
Double Trouble (Behind the Spanner)
Anyone who cannot complete the game after reading this must be
By The Sheriff/Guru Masters
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