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Relative clauses

Fill the blanks with relative pronouns if necessary.

1. Can you remember the girl_____________showed you the way?
2. The dog____________we heard last night is a bulldog.
3. The friends____________you are living with phoned you yesterday.
4. The money_____________we spend on magazines should be spent on boos.
!. The do"tor_____________visited your mother is very famous.
#. $here is the library____________you borrowed those boos from?
%. &eople_____________live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
(. The street_____________leads to the s"hool is being repaired.
). *ere is the man___________dog bit you.
1+., now somebody____________lives in the town where you were born.
11.The ey____________you were looing for was behind the "upboard.
12.The town_____________we've -ust passed through was "ompletely destroyed during the war.
13.That's the poet____________poems are so su""essful.
14.The plane____________has -ust landed "omes from &aris.
1!., had my passport in the "ase___________, lost.
1#.The "hair____________you are sitting on belonged to my grandmother.
1%.The oranges____________, bought yesterday aren't very good.
1(.That's the toy____________my son en-oys playing with.

Combine each of these pairs of sentences so that the second becomes a non-
defining relative clause.
1. .ur television set is always maing funny noises. ,t "ost us a lot of money.
2. /r. 0reen is going to retire. *is students lie him very mu"h.
3. 1 history of the town will be published soon. &eople now nothing about it.
4. &i"asso is nown all over the world now. *is paintings were not understood at first.
!. The final e2ams happened to be very easy. , feared them too mu"h.
#. ,'m going to visit 3razil. , don't now anything at all about it.
%. The storm damaged the lorry. ,ts driver is a friend of mine.
(. $e "ouldn't "limb that mountain. ,ts summit is always "overed with snow.
). 4uan speas 5nglish very well. *is mother is 6wedish.
1+. Their story sounds in"redible. ,t is true.
11. /y un"le Tom will be arriving tomorrow. 7ou've heard so mu"h about him.
12. 6ardines are very nourishing. They are "heap.
13. , met 1rthur 4ones. *is boo on sports sells very well.
14. 4ohn did most of the wor. *e is very "lever.
1!. 8alery "ame home yesterday. ,t was a pleasant surprise.

Fill the blanks using THAT or WHAT if necessary.
1. 1ll____________glitters is not gold.
2. _____________, was interested in were 9ussian stamps.
3. 6he is the best friend_________________, have.
4. That's all_______________ , need to now.
!. There isn't mu"h________________ "an be done.
#. , didn't understand_________________you said.
%. There isn't anywhere_______pleases her.
(. 5verything________________happened after the mat"h was shameful.
Combine the following pair or groups of sentences using relative
1. Tom had been driving all day. *e was tired and wanted to stop.
2. 1nn had been sleeping in the ba" of the "ar. 6he felt :uite fresh and wanted to go on.
3. &aul wanted to tae the mountain road. *is tyres were nearly new.
4. /ary didn't now anything about mountains. 6he thought it would be :uite safe to "limb alone.
!. 4a"'s tyres were very old. *e wanted to sti" to the tarred road.
#. *e gave orders to his lieutenants. The lieutenants passed them on to the soldiers.
%. 6he said that the men were thieves. This turned out to be true.
(. The matter was reported to the Chief of &oli"e. *e ordered us all to be arrested.
). ,n prison they fed us on dry bread. /ost of it was mouldy.
1+. $e slept in the same room as a hand"uffed prisoner. *is hand"uffs rattled every time he moved.
11. $e lit a fire. ,t soon dried out our "lothes.
12. They rowed a"ross the 1tlanti". This had never been done before.
13 .The lorry "rashed into a bus;load of s"hool"hildren. 6i2 of them were slightly in-ured.
14. 6he refuses to use ma"hines. This maes her wor more arduous.
1!. , met /ary. 6he ased me to give you this.
1#. The women prayed aloud all night. This ept us awae.
1%. The river bed is uneven and you may be in shallow water one moment and in deep water the ne2t.
This maes it unsafe for non swimmers.
1(. /ary said that there should be a noti"e up warning people. /ary's "hildren "ouldn't swim.
1). 1nn said that there were far too many noti"es. 1nn's "hildren "ould swim very well.
2+. *e paid me ,1 for "leaning ten windows. /ost of them hadn't been "leaned for at least a year.