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Speed News

February 8, 2006 Editor: Shelly Willingham

etwork Access from within Kersey Library
Top 10
There are two ways to connect to the university network
The buzz around Speed these days is E-Expo. With all and the Internet within the Kersey library with your
the talk, I know you are wondering how to get in- computer, by Ethernet or y wireless. Ethernet is avail-
volved. Well, the easiest way is to enter an exhibit. I able in all the study rooms as well as select locations
know you are saying , "But I am just a wee one and don't throughout the library. For a map of these locations
have anything big and extravagant to show off." Well please see http://library.louisville.edu.kersey/services/
that is okay! This year E-Expo will feature a Funda- lapop.html#map.
mentals of Engineering where you can show off your To use an Ethernet connection within Kersey or any U
basic knowledge of engineering principals. Now there is of L library, your computer must be registered with
so excuse for you not to get involved, but if you are still OLT, the Office of Libraries Technology. For details
not convinced then here are the top ten reasons to par- on this go to http://library.louisville.edu/kersey/services/
ticipate in E-Expo. laptop.html. An Ethernet cable is also required for ac-
10) You have something to write home about. cess. If you do not have one, a cable can be checked out
9) You get to have fun with markers to make a poster. from the Kersey Circulation Desk for 2 hours. Please
8) You get to show off your mad engineering skills. do not remove cables from library computers.
7) You might see a pirate. Wireless access is also in Reading Room on the 2nd
6) You will find out what $41.4 Million will buy. floor of Kersey library. In order to use a wireless con-
5) You can find out if Microsoft CIO's use PowerPoint. nection, your computer must be registered with IT. This
4) You will get homesick if you don't spend enough time will also allow you access to other university wireless
at Speed. network hot spots throughout the university campus.
3) Show the professors you care. Go to http://library.louisville.edu/kersey/services/
2) You will have a chance to win prize money. laptop.html for more information on wireless access
1) Not only do you get to see a pirate but it is an engi- from Kersey Library.
neering pirate.

There are a ton more reasons to come to E-Expo, but I

won't fill the whole page like the letter from the Presi-
dent did.
Deadline Extended!!!
The winners of E-Expo will be announced at E-Ball, yet You still have time if you would like
another good reason to participate. On a side note, tick- to have an exhibit in E-Expo.
ets for E-Ball will be going on sale later this month.
The deadline to register your exhibit
is February 19

Resume Workshop
March 4, 2006 February 21
“Engineering is a More Details soon
Want something in Speed ews? Email shelly.smilesalot@gmail.com or drop it off in JS 105 no
later than Tuesday at midnight for that weeks Speed ews
Speed News
February 8, 2006 Editor: Shelly Willingham

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SSSC Meeting Basketball VS
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