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Welcome to Earth Science!


Congratulations for taking the first step to further your education!
I am excited that you are here and looking forward to working with you. We have an exciting
year ahead of us – full of activities, discussions, projects and progress. Welcome aboard!

As a student you will receive: As a teacher, I ask that you

• A friendly, welcoming and commit to:
respectful classroom • Attending class regularly
community; and promptly – letting me know
• A safe environment to learn when you won’t be in class;
free of put-downs or negativity; • Respecting the school and
• Clear guidelines and all of it’s members;
recognition for • Asking for help when you
accomplishments and progress, need it;
and timely feedback; • Helping me understand
• Authentic and engaging your goals;
activities that are tailored to • Engaging and fully
your learning style; participating in classroom
• Help when you ask for discussions, activities and
assistance; projects when appropriate;
• Encouraging words when • Following all directions
you are feeling down or made in good faith;
discouraged. • Giving your best effort

As a teacher I will commit to:

• Building a trusting, respectful and caring relationship with you;
• Building a positive classroom community, beginning with clear
• Helping you manage the positive and negative forces that may
support/hinder your completion;
• Identify your learning style(s) and using strategies that address
that style;
• Making lessons as relevant, meaningful, and engaging as possible;
• Giving my best effort every day!
I have read the above outlined conditions and agree to work to my fullest