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That Used To Be Us:

How America Fell Behind in the World and How We Can Come Back
By: Natalie West
Saturday, April 27, 13
The Long Telegram
! Most famous diplomatic
communication in history of the
! Called for the containment of
military power of the Soviet
Union and political resistance to
its communist ideology.
! Served as the charter for U.S.
foreign policy during the Cold
! Basically a wake up call for U.S
Saturday, April 27, 13
Destroying Communism
! By helping destroy communism,
we helped two billion more
people want the American
! World we are now living in is in
fact a world we invented.
! Ending communism, rapidly
accelerated process of
! Americans now had to work
harder, faster, and longer to
merely stay in place.
Expansion of Communism
1920s and 1930s
1940s and 1950s
1960s and 1970s
Saturday, April 27, 13
The Big Four:
Challenges that America Will Face
How to adapt to
How to adjust to the
information technology !IT"
How to cope with budget
How to manage a world of
rising energy consumption
and climate threats
Saturday, April 27, 13
! Technology attened the global
economics by reducing the
advantages of the developed
countries, and empowering the
less developed.
! Revolution for information
technology, which began in U.S
then throughout the world.
! Led to American
overcondence by living in the
past, and failing to see what the
rest of the world was doing.
Saturday, April 27, 13
Adjust to the IT
! Expanded dramatically due to
success of free market
! Every American is competing
with the Eastern world because
of telecommuting, WWW, and
free market.
! Engineering, science, education,
technology, are clearly within the
core of what has to be done...We
can only prosper with properly
prepared and properly applied
brainpower.# Charles Vest
!former MIT President"
Saturday, April 27, 13
Coping with Budget Decits
! Rising national debt and
annual decits since Cold
! U.S. has borrowed several
trillion dollars from China,
other foreign countries.
! Debt could increase due to
interest rates.
Saturday, April 27, 13
Managing a World with Rising
! Surge in energy consumption as a
result of globalization.
! Predicts that Energy Technology
!ET" will be the new IT.
! A country with a thriving ET will
enjoy energy security, enhance its
own national security, and
contribute to global
environmental security
! America needs to home these
innovative companies in order to
have a rising standard of living.
Saturday, April 27, 13
What do they all have in Common?
Enhance Skills to
win high paying jobs
Entrepreneurs Must Create Jobs
Spend less, pay more, & increase
Saturday, April 27, 13
Periods of economic prosperity,
were also periods of social,
political and religious tolerance.
Which do you believe a!ects the
Saturday, April 27, 13