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Questions & Answers
Personal Development
What is an Initaton?
An Initaton is a specifc ceremony using diferent symbols, words,
gestures, perfumes, sounds, etc. All these elements have an efect
on the visible and invisible dimensions of the partcipant in order to
awaken his slumbering potental and help the candidate to take the
frst step on the road back to the divine world. The Initaton places
the candidate under the protecton of the egregore of the Order
so that he or she can take advantage of this powerful benefcial
Is Initaton sufcient or should I practce individual rituals?
Initaton is the frst major step of one who really wants to under-
take an efectve inner work. However, the Initaton alone is not
sufcient. It is a powerful aid but only for the short term. It is for
this reason that the process in the Ordo Aurum Solis is designed in a
gradual structure separated by several steps. Individual theurgic ri-
tuals help to reinforce what has been received during the Initaton.
The energy coming from the egregore is an aid used to progress
more quickly towards self-knowledge and the use of your dormant
psychic abilites.
Are the theurgic rituals performed in Aurum Solis dangerous?
No! The theurgic rituals are not dangerous because their goal is
the elevaton of the soul and the purifcaton and harmonizaton of
your being.
In additon, these rituals are associated with a moral uprightness
and integrity.
Do I need a lot of room to practce these rites?
No, you only have to set up the simple ritual tools you need, and
then store them afer use. You must be able to secure privacy alone
in a room or in nature and then you can begin your training.
Does Aurum Solis use meditaton?
Yes, meditaton is an important aspect of esoteric techniques. It is
interestng to know that meditaton techniques that A.S. uses are
somewhat diferent from what is found in Eastern traditons.
Does Aurum Solis use visualizaton?
Yes, the A.S. considers visualizaton as a fundamental and essental.
This technique is taught from the beginning of your work. It is an
extremely efectve way of awakening psychic powers that gradually
allows us to control our thoughts in order to get results, on the in-
visible and visible planes.
Do you teach Qabalah?
Qabalah was developed during the Middle Ages. Theurgy and Her-
metcism taught in the Aurum Solis have existed for thousands of
years. However, Initates of the golden chain studied and used this
new expression of the Western Traditon. It is for this reason that
Aurum Solis teaches Qabalah to Initates. However, it is used as a
tool and a map, and not as a system conveying the absolute truth.
Do you teach Hermetcism?
Yes, absolutely! The Traditon of the Aurum Solis is the heir of the
Temples of Hermopolis (City of the God Thoth) and of the Alexan-
drian school. As such, the Hermetc philosophy and the theurgic
rituals are the sacred heart of the Aurum Solis.
Do you teach the Tarot?
The most common Tarot comes from the Tarot of Marseilles. It
is an esoteric interpretaton of a set of cards used as a game. This
development occurred in France in the 19th century and gave birth
to the diferent games that we know today. For its part the Aurum
Solis has its own Tarot, which is based on elements in existence
prior to this French period. It combines astrology, theurgy and the
Immortal Divinites. It is taught and used in many ways.
Do you teach Astrology?
This very ancient science is used early in the Initatc journey. It is a
fundamental part that structures the training of every student and
Initate from the frst period before the Initaton called Pronaos.
I am interested and I am eager to begin this training. How
should I proceed?
Just visit the website of the Aurum Solis (www.aurumsolis.info) and
register for the Pronaos. You can also write directly to the secretary
of the Aurum Solis (administratorgeneral@aurumsolis.info).
Te Celestial Temenos
Painted by a Companion of the Order