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Hello everyone!

We are excited to be sending out the first e-blast on the Gay Mens
Health Agenda (GMHA). You are receiving this because you have either signed on to
the GMHA or signed a list requesting to receive these e-blasts. If you would like
to be removed from this list simply send a reply email with the word "unsubscribe"
in the subject line.

The purpose of the GMHA e-blasts will be to inform supporters of the GMHA on steps
being taken to promote the agenda, and other important events that relate directly
to the health and wellness of gay, bisexual, and transgender men, and other men
who have sex with men. To learn more about the GMHA, go to the website here.

The collective masses have agreed that e-blasts were the best way to keep people
informed. The GMHA e-blast will be sent monthly unless there are pressing issues
that require attention and or action. The top of each email will contain action
items for members to stay involved and help advance the agenda. The rest of email
will be primarily focusing on background, substance and information for list

We'd like to thank the National Coalition for LGBT Health for providing support
through staff and other resources. Mr. Matthew Rose, Development Assistant at the
National Coalition for LGBT Health, will provide his expertise in creation,
management and general operations of the GMHA e-blasts.

Action items:

The House and Senate have not yet set dates for the vote on the current Health
Care bills. However, if you would like to look up your Representative in
anticipation of the vote, the link to do so is below. Since the vote is on the
horizon, please be aware that there will likely be an action alert sent for the
Leadership team later this month. The alert will include further instruction on
how individuals can make a proactive step in moving the agenda forward.


Leadership committee updates:

The committee held on a presentation at this year's GLMA Annual Meeting discussing
the contents of the GMHA and the process for pursuing its goals. There was good
attendance - about 35 participants - and most folks signed on to receive these e-
blasts. This presentation was the second in the series of public meetings about
the agenda. The first of these public presentations was at LGBTI Health Summit in
August and was also a well-attended and lively session. The final one for the year
will be at the APHA Conference in Philadelphia, Implementation of the "2009 Gay
Men's Health Agenda" is scheduled for session 4115.0, Gay and Bisexual Mens
Health, Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 10:30 AM-12:00 PM at the PCC, 111B.. We
encouraged anyone attending the APHA annual meeting to come to this session and
encourage their colleagues and friends to do so.

Health News:

-Update on HPV Vaccine:

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recently issued guidelines

approving the use of vaccines to prevent HPV infection in boys and young men.


-Ryan White CARE Act Reauthorized:

The act is the United States largest federally funded program for people living
with HIV/AIDS. The act sought funding to improve availability of care for low-
income, uninsured and under-insured victims of AIDS and their families.



-Data Collection:

Both of the current health care reform bills in Congress include mandates around
data collection: the House bill explicitly lists sexual orientation and gender
identity as demographic factors that define health disparities populations, and
that must be targeted by improved data collection measures; while the Senate bill
adopts inclusive language that directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services
to improve data collection efforts for a broad range of disparity populations.
Better data collection will allow both private and public funds to better support
evidence-driven health programs that effectively target LGBT health disparities,
and it will also serve as an impetus for improved state and local efforts to
collect and report crucial data on the LGBT community.

Once again thank for your commitment to the Gay Mens Health Agenda. Together, we
are the movement that is changing the face of Trans, Bisexual and Gay men's health


The GMHA Leadership Core

Jim Pickett,

Cornelius Baker,

Chris Bartlett,

Stewart Landers, and

Kaijson Noilmar