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Obiective cadru: 1.Sa cunoasca formele verbelor neregulate
2. . Sa recunoasca timpurile verbale
3. Sa utiliee corect timpurile verbale in concor!anta cu logica te"tului
Obiective specifice:
1. Sa utiliee corect #ast simple si #resent perfect simple in functie !e
preciarea$nepreciarea momentului !esfasurarii actiunii.
2. Sa faca !iferenta intre #resent perfect simple si %ontinuous cu S&N%E$'(R in
functie !e continuitatea actiunii in preent
3. Sa aplice corect combinatiile #ast simple ) continuous
*. Sa cunoasca mo!urile !e e"primare a viitorului: be going to+ present continuous+
future tense.
I.Choose the most appropriate of the underlined ords!
Obiectiv operational! sa alea"a timpul verbal corespun#ator situatiei de comunicare
1. ,e loo-s ver. pale. & t/in- /e0ll faint$ /e is going to faint.
2. M. brot/er 1ill be$ is going to be a famous scientist 1/en /e gro1s up.
3. Somebo!.0s at t/e !oor. &0ll$ &0m going to see 1/o it is.
*. 2/e. nee! to be /ome earl. to!a. so t/e. leave$ are leaving at si".
3. (ur guests 1ill be in plent. of time provi!ing t/e traffic is not$ 1ill not be ba!.
4. Sue as-e! me if & 1oul!$ 1ill be so -in! as to give /er a lift.
5. 6/at sort of 7ob !o .ou t/in- /e 1ill !o$ 1ill be !oing in a fe1 .ears time8
9. :. t/e time our parents get bac- all t/e foo! 1ill /ave gone$ 1ill go.;
<. =&0ll !o$ going to !o t/at for .ou>+ s/e tol! me.
1?. 2/e t1o politicians are to$ 1ill !iscuss t/e current political affairs.
II. Underline$circle the correct form!
Obiectiv operational! sa alea"a timpul verbal corespun#ator situatiei de comunicare
=6a-e up+ Alice !ear@> sai! /er sister. =6/.+ 1/at a long sleep %ou&ve had$%ou had had@>
=(/+ &0ve /a! suc/ a curious !ream@> sa%s$said Alice. An! s/e tol! /er sister+ as 1ell as s/e can$could
remember t/em+ all t/ese strange A!ventures of /ers t/at .ou have$had 7ust been rea!ing aboutA an! 1/en
s/e /ave$/a! finis/e!+ /er sister -isse! /er+ an! sai!+ =&t as$has been a curious !ream !ear+ certainl.A but
no1 run into .our be!A it&s "ettin"$it as "ettin" late'. So Alice got up an! run$ran off( t/in-ing 1/ile s/e
ran+ as 1ell as s/e can$could+ 1/at a 1on!erful !ream it has been$had been.
III. Underline the most suitable verb form!
Obiectiv operational! sa alea"a timpul verbal corespun#ator situatiei de comunicare
1. ,e /a! been$1as upset because /e /a! lost /is 1allet.
2. 6/en & arrive! /ome 2om /as alrea!. left$ /a! alrea!. left.
3. 2/e. 1ere /aving$/a! !inner 1/en t/e lig/ts 1ent off.
*. ,e /a! been l.ing on t/e beac/ for t1o /ours 1/en /is brot/er arrive!$1as arriving.
3. 2/e tourists left$/a! left t/e /otel before 1e arrive!.
4. 6/en & opene!$ 1as opening t/e !oor & foun! out t/at t/e flat /as been$/a! been bro-en into.
5. &t 1as late 1/en & arrive! at t/e cinema so t/e. !i!n0t let $/a!n0t let me in.
9. 6/en t/e /ouse-eeper opene! t/e !oor+ s/e sa1 t/at somebo!. 1as$1ere 1al-ing t/roug/ t/e /all
in mu!!. s/oes.
<. ,is frien!s /ave alrea!. finis/e!$ /a! alrea!. finis/e! eating 1/en t/e 1aiter broug/t t/em t/e
1?. 6/en t/e ta"i arrive! 1e /ave been 1aiting$/a! been 1aiting for t1ent. minutes.
IV. Complete the folloin" lines ith the ords "iven in the bo)!
send( learn( do( attend( or*( drop( trust( survive( achieve( cope
Obiective operationale! +. sa alea"a verbul corespun#ator intelesului fra#ei
,. sa utili#e#e timpul verbal corect
(liver 6ilmore is 7ust suc/ a pupil. ,e is particularl. luc-.. ,is sc/oolBB..C1D on a!venture
camp t1ice a .ear. ,eBB..C2D t/ree scout camps eac/ .ear 1it/ a!venture activities. ,eBBB..C3D even
more a!venture s-ills as a voluntar. trainee sol!ier. =Most 1ee-en!s>+ sa.s (liver+ =&0m offBBB..C*D
somet/ing. &t0s great camping an! canoeing an! !oing rope 1or- in cliffs@ &t0s t/eBBBC3D toget/er+ 1e
/ave toBBB..C4D one anot/er. 2/erefore+ it0s us t/at BB.C5D it+ not 7ust me. &0ve learne! toBB..C9D Eou
coul! BBBB..C<D me in t/e mountains+ 1it/ m. -it+ an! &0! be able toBBBC1?D reall. 1ell.>
V. -ead the te)t and choose the best alternative to fill in the "aps!
Obiectiv operational! sa alea"a timpul verbal corespun#ator situatiei de comunicare
,eBB.C1D running at sc/ool an! race! in sc/ool competitions from t/e age of eig/t+ but not 1it/ an.
plans to be an (l.mpic at/lete. =&tBBBC2D t/e late Si"ties+ earl. Seventies+ remember. Sport 1as onl.
somet/ing .ou !i! 1/en .ouBB.C3D not/ing else to !o. &t 1asn0t somet/ing .ouBBBC*D t/in- of
ma-ing a living out of+ e"cept ma.be as a #E teac/er. & !on0t -no1 of an.one 1/oBB..C3D as a career+
e"cept per/aps -i!s 1/o 1ent to Eton.>
%/ristie an! /is famil.BB..C4D from racial /arassment F on occasion at t/e /an!s of t/e police. ,eBB.
C5D also been stoppe! more t/an once in or!er to e"plain 1/. /eBBBC9D in possession of a ne1 car. :ut
/e sa.s t/ese e"periences !o not mean t/at 1/en /eBBBC<D+ /e is+ or everBBBB.C1?D fuelle! b. a
sense of grievance.
1. A. starting :. starte! %. /ave starte!

2. A. 1as :. 1ere %. /as been
3. A. /ave :. /a! %. /ave /a!
*. A. coul! :. 1ere able to %. can
3. A. t/in- :. 1as t/in-ing %. t/oug/t
4. A. suffere! :. /ave been suffering %. /ave suffere!
5. A. /as :. /ave %. /a!
9. A 1ill be :. is %. 1as
<. A is running :. /as run %. runs
1?. A is :. 1as %. /as been
VI. -ephrase the folloin" sentences so that the% mean the same!
Obiectiv operational! sa reformule#e fra#ele pastrand intelesul initial
e.G. S/e /a!n0t seen /er grann. for t/ree .ears.
&t 1as t/ree .ears since s/e /a! seen /er grann..
1. & /aven0t seen /im for ages.
2. &0ve live! /ere since t1ent.Hfive .ears.
3. Iulie /as visite! Rome t1ice t/is .ear.
,o1 man. timesBBBBBBBBBBBBBB
*. 'at/er /as rea! 2?? pages up to no1.
3. ,e /a!n0t p/one! /er for t1o 1ee-s.
4. 6/en !i! .ou last /ave .our car repaire!8
5. 6/ile /e 1as cleaning /is room m. brot/er spilt t/e in-.
9. 'irst t/e. /a! !inner+ t/en 1atc/e! 2J.
<. S/e /as never been given suc/ a nice album.
1?. After /e /a! 1ritten /is report /e 1ent for a 1al-.
VII. .ut the verbs in brac*ets into the correct past forms!
Obiectiv operational! sa utili#e#e timpul verbal trecut corespun#ator situatiei de comunicare
& CenterD+ close! t/e !oor be/in! me at once+ CturnD t/e -e. & foun! in t/e loc- 1it/in+ an! Cstan!D
1it/ t/e can!le C/ol!D aloftA t/ere it 1as+ t/e great re! room of Korraine %astle+ in 1/ic/ t/e .oung !u-e
C!ieD. (r+ rat/er+ in 1/ic/ /e CbeginD /is !.ing+ for /e CopenD t/e !oor an! fallen /ea!long !o1n t/e steps &
7ust Cascen!D. 2/at CbeD t/e en! of /is vigil+ of /is gallant attempt to conGuer t/e g/ostl. tra!ition of t/e
place. An! t/ere CbeD ot/er an! ol!er stories t/at clung to t/e roomA t/e tale of a timi! 1ife an! t/e tragic en!
t/e tragic en! t/at CcomeD to /er /usban!0s 7est of frig/tening /er.
VIII. Correct the mista*es in the folloin" sentences!
Obiectiv operational! sa corecte#e fra#ele in functie de timpul verbal corespun#ator situatiei de
1. :. t/e time s/e 1as *?+ s/e 1ill live in t/is to1n for ten .ears.
2. &t0s a surprise part. an! /er frien!s 1on0t -no1 an.t/ing about it until t/e. got t/ere.
3. 2/e ot/er guests arrive! before 1e arrive!.
*. 6e !ance! 1/ile .ou 1e pla.ing car!s.
3. 2/e. /ave been learning for one /our 1/en 1e calle!.
4. 6/en t/e train came to a stan!still+ get on an! tr. to fin! .our seats.
5. & see t/e !octor tomorro1 afternoon.
9. 6e 7ust left t/e /ouse.
<. Di!n0t .ou finis/ t/e test+ .et8
1?. 2/e. usuall. come to sc/ool b. bus+ but to!a. t/e. 1ill come b. car.
/ESC-I.TO-I /E .E-0O-1AN23
4 5 +6
53H9* puncte 93H<* puncte <3H1?? puncte
7 8 9
*3H3* puncte 33H4* puncte 43H5* puncte
mai putin !e ** puncte
1. s/e0s going to faint
2. is going to be
3. &0ll see
*. are leaving
3. is not
4. 1oul!
5. 1ill be !oing
9. 1ill /ave gone
<. &0ll !o
1?. are to
1. Mve /a!
2. sai!
3. coul!
*. /ave
3. /a!
4. 1as
5. it0s getting
9. ran
<. coul!
1?. /a! been
1. 1as upset
2. /a! alrea!. left
3. 1ere /aving
*. arrive!
3. /a! left
4. opene!+ /a! been bro-en into
1. !i!n0t let
2. 1as 1al-ing
3. /a! alrea!. finis/e!
1?./a! been 1aiting
1. sen!s
2. atten!s
3. learns
*. !oing
3. 1or-ing
4. trust
5. ac/ieve
9. survive
<. !rop
1?. cope
1. starte! :
2. 1as A
3. /a! :
*. coul! A
3. t/oug/t %
4. /ave suffere! %
5. /as been stoppe! A
9. is :
<. runs %
1?. 1as :
1. &t0s ages since & last sa1 /im.
2. ,o1 long /ave .ou live!BB.8
3. ,o1 man. times /as s/e visite! Rome t/is .ear8
*. ,o1 man. pages /as fat/er rea! up to no18
3. ,o1 long is it since /e last p/one! /er8
4. 6/en 1as t/e last time .ou /a! .our car repaire!8
5. 6/ile cleaning t/e room. M. brot/er spilt t/e in-.
9. After t/e. /a! /a! !inner t/e. 1atc/e! 2J.
<. &t0s t/e nicest album s/e /as ever been given.
1?. ,aving 1ritten /is report+ /e 1ent for a 1al-.
1. entere!
2. turne!
3. stoo!
*. /el!
3. /a! !ie!
4. /a! begun
5. /a! opene!
9. /a! 7ust ascen!e!
<. /a! been
1?. t/ere 1ere
11. came
1. s/e /a! live!$/a! been living
2. get
3. /a! arrive!
*. 1ere !ancing
3. /a! been learning
4. comes to
5. am seeing
9. /ave 7ust left
<. /aven0t .ou finis/e!
1?. are coming