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Abylay Adambayev

E- mail: AbylayAdambayev@gmail.com
Phone number: +18147771547
Current Address Permanent Address
3701 Plaza Drive Almagul 1, apartment #4
State College, PA 16801 Almaty, Kazakhstan 050000

The Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA
Computer Engineering and Science Department Expected graduation
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering December 2015

Related Experience and Courses
Took ENGLISH 202 C advanced technical writing course University Park, PA
that helps scientist and engineers to manage their practices in written work spring 2014

Passed the Communication Arts and Science course that improved University Park, PA
my communications skills through participation and group assignments spring 2014

Participated in Penn State Coding Contest University Park, PA
that goes twice each year among all students on C++ fall 2013

Created code in C++ platform that finds the most Almaty, Kazakhstan
efficient flight route between two points considering February 2010
the cost and time which is won 3
place in National
Olympiad of Scientific Projects in Kazakhstan

Relevant Skills
Advanced in object oriented programming: Pascal, C++ and Java
Experienced in digital circuit built and design applications: Multisim and Logic Works
Experienced in using chip coding software ABEL

Owner of Bolashak governmental scholarship of 2010 - 2015
First President of Republic of Kazakhstan

Other Skills
Advanced knowledge of Kazakh and Russian languages.