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Boosterthon Success!

Volume 8, Issue 9 May 2014

Character Trait - Humility
Ava Neglia (K) Rowell
Macie Burney (K) Little
Sydney Edwards (K) McMillan
Lucas Castator (K) Redden
Jason Blackwell (2) Daniels
Hailey Alexander (2) Erving
A.J. Faile (2) Tarlton
Colby Burke (4) Brucia
Shelby Semones (4) Jenkins
Emmarie Strawn (4) Wilson
Hannah Porter (4) Helms
James Crowell (1) Selvidio
Connor Steffenhagen (1) Thomas
Camden Burke (1) McGee
Lucas Shaver (3) Taylor
Samuel Hartig (3) Whitley
Shirley Morris (3) Elizondo
Aliyah Lamont - (3) Podpora
Callie Long (5) Cameron
Kendall Beheler (5) Dawson
Hailey King (5) Shelley
Amanda Johnson (5) Duncan
** Kayden White (3) Podpora for the month of March (Forgiveness trait)
Thank you to everyone
that contributed to our
annual Boosterthon
fundraiser! The kids did
a great job and we are
proud of their hard work.
Stay tuned for the final
amount of $ earned to
purchase new playground
Flip Flops Needed!
With warmer weather, the students
are wearing sandals/flip flops that
occasionally break at school. It is
easier to give them a pair of flip
flops instead of calling a parent to
bring a pair of shoes.
Please help the Wildcat Wardrobe
closet by donating flip flops
(especially adult sizes for the older
Thank you!!!
Important Dates EOG Testing is coming up!
Dates of Testing:
Thursday, May 29th Reading
Friday, May 30th - Math
Tuesday, June 3rd Extend 2 Reading
Wednesday, June 4th - Extend 2 Math
Thursday, June 5th Science and
Extend 2 Science
Proctors are still needed!!!
Please contact Rachel Seighman
if you are able to
volunteer your time!
Teacher & Staff
Appreciation Week
Field Day
Beach Blast from 2-4pm
5/29 6/4
EOG Testing
PTO meeting at 6:30pm
Last Day of School
2013-2014 Union County
Student Artist Showcase
Congratulations to the artists that
represented Fairview Elementary
School at this year's Union County
Student Artist Showcase!
The following students had their work
displayed at the South Piedmont
Community College May the 3rd and
Kendall Behelor
Reagan O'Quinn
Madyson Rodriguez-Dean
Ethan Horne
Cole Steffenhagen
Claira Seighman
Anslea Church
Yeibelin Hernandez
Gabrielle Whitley
These Fairview artists had their work
shown along side all the artists from
Union County's public schools, private
schools and home schools!
We are super proud of these fabulous
Fairview Snack Drive
Snack time helps keep our
sweet children going until
lunch and no one should
have to go without.
If you could please help us
restock our office snack
supply by sending in
healthy individually
wrapped snacks, it would
be greatly appreciated!
Wonderful Wednesday
Teachers will be treated to a
luncheon hosted by
Kindergarten and 1
grade on
Wednesday, May 7
. If you
are able to volunteer during
lunch, please let your room
parent know.
Support Fairviews Community
Morris and Moffitt, Inc
General Contractors
and Home Restoration
(704) 921-9136
Family First Chiropractic
and Acupuncture
(704) 545-7700