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Brooke Steinicke

History 1700
Instructor: Samuel Dodge
Primary Source Analysis Two

The term lynching received its name from a Virginia farmer named Judge Charles
Lynch. Charles was a man who punished outlaws and Tories with rough justice during the
American Revolution. Lynching is the practice of killing people by mob action. The primary
document Lynch Law in America went into very great detail of lynching and how it took
place. The fact that something like this even took place in the United States of America is
disgusting. Lynching were mostly against African Americans. They were often burned or charred
to death and the document states mobs would cut off ears, toes, and fingers, strip off flesh,
and distribute portions of the body as souvenirs among the crowd. This is sick and wrong.
Although African Americans suffered through so much during the early years of American
history, lynching are by far the most cruel and uncivilized actions that took place.
Often the Negros were lynching for all kinds of offenses or even no offenses at all. The
offenses could range from murders to misdemeanors, these men, women and children were put to
death without judge or jury. Americans chose the wrong path to think that accusing innocent
African Americans of things that they did not even do was okay. No person should have to
endure such cruel punishment and be put to death no matter who they are. A country that says
they are justified and free should have been allowed to act in such a manor. The world
accepted the theory of lynching without and hesitation and that is extremely disturbing to learn.
Not only were these human beings being brutally tortured, large crowds would gather to
almost 15,000 people to watch it take place. No person should want to watch someone of their
own kind be murdered and destroyed. No normal human being would be okay with seeing such a
horrible thing take place. Journals would write articles informing the public with offers and
rewards, railroad would run excursions so people could ride by and watch a human being be
burned to death. The most surprising of it all is that the mobs who burned and destroyed these
human beings were not accused of any crimes. It was accepted and okay for them to act in such
an unacceptable manner. Lynching were horrible things, there are not even words to describe the
pain these innocent human beings had to go through. No country should ever resort to such
horrible actions to their own people, it is simply unhuman like and should never and should have
never been accepted, especially in the United States of America.