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Hello everyone I fiope this fetter finds you in good fieaCtfiand spirits. 'The students and
I are Cookingforward to the upcoming holidays and to fiaving a wondeifuC November.
%e qrandparent 's program fias 6een scheduled, and we can't wait for %an~giving. }l
schedulefor qrandparents day wiCC6e coming your way as tlie date gets closer. %ank,
you aCCso muclifor lieCpingout with Pumpkin wee~ tlie children had. a great time. }lCC
of tfie pumpkin treats were so good and delicious. We fed very 6fessed to fiave sucli
great [amities. We appreciate aCCtfiat you dofor us, tfiank,you very mucli.

Important mates:
Nov. 9 q'ur{ey Jromewor{project due
Nov. 10- CBoostertfionk,ick,ojf
Nov. 19- Pamify recipe due (more info to come)
Nov. 19 - Boosterthon fun run
No». 23- Prientfsfiip Saliuf items due (more info to come)

Nov. 24 - qrand"parents (]Jay:Mass 8: 20 ---PoCCowed6y tlie 1(indergarten

%an~giving program in tlie CBCack,CBo~%eater-11:40 dismissai
1< CBaRgrs
wanted. .. we need homemade pies, com bread, cider, or caRgsmadefor
qrandparents may: please Iet me k,now if you are wiCCingto 6ring sometfiing in.

Nov. 25 - 2 71Jian~giving JroCiefay

Wisli List- cancfy bars,fruit-roll' ups, fiot wlieelS cars, small toys, 6u66fe gum, CargeCoCf-.
pops, or anytliing you tfiink, tlie children would. enjoy, and LysoCwipes.

:Mar6ferparty- tlie students enjoyed tlieirfirst marble party ana are aCreacfyworkjng
towards tlieir second. rpfeaseencourage your cliiU to work,as a team mem6er and to liefp
and respect eacli otfier.
'Tfie Saints of the Church, ?rtoses, 10 Commandments, Samson and CDefilafi,David,
Solomon, Daniel; and fonah,

:NO'V.16-20no Saxott ?rtatfi workJfieets for this week:. 'Tfie students wi[[ 6e practicing
their addition sfij[fs using hands on manipulative, leaminq to identify and write the
numbers 23-27, identifying one to one number correspondence, counting witfi counting
chips, identifying some more, and gave away number sentences, practicing to write and
soloe addition and subtraction equations, leaminq the doubies facts to 10

Sigfit 'WordS:

an 6ig put Pray

fiave fier red share
my it run fiefp
out no see trust
to of taRs worft

cpfionics and CR,gading:

CDevefoping a pfionemic awareness for the fetters P, ~ J, ct, 0/, and W, practicing
decoding, 6fending and reading sfij[fs, reviewing sigfit words

Learning to identify and write the fetters Pf 'l(~ Jj, ~, rv'v, and 'Ww copying short
sentences from tfie 60ard', developinp good fiandwriting habits of spacing and proper
fetter fonnation, and writing in journals

qeospfiere, )Itmospfiere, Features of the r£artfi

Language )Irts:
Common and Proper Nouns, identifying sentence punctuation, story sequence, and
interactive writing, and group read alouds, writing short stones
Socia[ Studies:
Natioe )Imericans, 'Tfie CFifgrims,'Ihe First 'TfiankJgiving, poems and songs
Turkey Homework

Due Monday Nov. 9

Use the turkey pattern and disguise your turkey so that he\she will
not be eaten for Thanksgiving. Some ideas you may use are: a
sheep (cotton balls), a blue bird (blue feathers), a person (clothes
and eye glasses), etc. Be creative, use your imagination and have
lots of fun. Do more than just color your pattern. Anything goes,
just keep the face open so we can see that it's still a turkey. You
may want to glue the turkey onto a piece of cardboard if it gets to

Thanks for helping your child with this project

Kindergarten Teachers

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