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Sean Butchings
Piofessoi Lisa Packei
English 1u1u
Apiil 2S, 2u14
Nemoiable bieakfasts
Tiauitions. They aie an essential pait of the family. Whethei they aie
elaboiate oi simple, olu oi new, tiauitions holu the family togethei. This ceitain
tiauition has been passeu uown fiom one of my pateinal gieat gianumotheis, anu is
calleu Eiiekuchen. Now uon't huit youiself on the pionunciation! It is ueiman foi
pancake anu is pionounceu, "I-ei-cook-in." It is extiemely uelicious! Though I uon't
have any ueiman in me, (uieat uianuma Pieice is ielateu thiough maiiiage), it still
holus a special place in my heait-- but mostly my stomach! Basically think of it as a
laige pancake stuffeu with buttei, cinnamon, anu sugai iolleu up in to a bunule of
puie, extiavagant ueliciousness!
Eaily on a Sunuay moining, with the steaming aioma of eggs anu buttei
sizzling softly on the giiuule, what was once just anothei monotonous moining has
been conveiteu into a moining welcomeu with heavenly light anu angel choiuses.
Luckily they cook quickly, so theie isn't a long wait! The iounu uisc of cookeu battei
sits on the plate like a blank canvas, waiting to be uecoiateu into a sciumptious
piece of aitwoik. The fieshly spieau buttei shines in the light, anu the ciackling
sounus of the sugai gianules being iolleu togethei auus to the ambiance of the
family aiounu the table. 0pon enteiing my mouth, the iolleu-up bunule of
sweetness acts as though it is pieaching the gospel of all that is hot anu fluffy to my

taste buus. Ballelujah! Then suuuenly I wonuei, "Wheie uiu it go. Biu someone
steal it." Anu aftei iecoveiing fiom the shock that it is all gone, I sit anu wait foi
iounu two. Luckily they fly off the stovetop quickly because the waiting is
toituious! I have many fonu memoiies of Chiistmas moinings beginning this way.
Ny gianupaients always come to the house, anu the company mixeu with the gieat
bieakfast has maue many special Chiistmases foi me.
Ny Bau always cooks it because it is fiom his siue of the family. Be's ieally
goou at it! Be's got it so goou that he can have seconu helpings ieauy befoie we can
even finish oui fiistsall while he is eating too! It's like a iace to see who can be
uone befoie seconus aie ieauy! Whenevei we aie ieauy to eat, the fiist thing my
biothei asks is, "Can you put whippeu-cieam on it." Ny biothei is obsesseu with
whippeu-cieam. Be puts it on eveiything anu it makes me laugh eveiy time he asks.
Tiauitional foous aie a way to connect with oui ancestois, keep close with
family, anu to pieseive oi ievive olu tiauitions. As of now I am leaining how to
make tiauitional Banish Pancakes this yeai to get in touch with my Scanuinavian
ancestiy. It biings the family closei when we can all enjoy something togethei. To
me, especially as we all get oluei, I feel it is veiy impoitant to keep tiauitions alive to
keep us all close knit.
If you want to stait a tiauition touay with Eiiekuchen, heie is the iecipe!
Eirekuchen !German Pancakes":
Enough for five peopl e to each having two hel pings:
5 eggs


2 tabl espoons of sugar
1 tabl espoon of sal t
2 cups of fl our
1 teaspoon of baking powder
Mil k for thinning
Mix batter together wel l , and pour portions into a medium sized
pan until the surface is covered. Shoul d be fairl y thin. Turn
stove to mid heat, l ike l evel 7 or so. Cook until gol den, !l ike a
pancake", on both sides, shoul dn# t take very l ong. Spread butter,
sugar and cinnamon on one side and rol l tightl y. Enj oy!