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Essential Information for easy Installation of your Guardall Alarm Panel

1. XiB (Extended Interface Bus) is the name for the bus to which all accessories are
connected on your Guardall alarm panel.
2. To power up the system for initial work to be carried out, a keypad must be
connected to the bus. Follow procedure 3 below for keypad connection.
3. A keypad must be addressed in order to be seen by the system. This is done by
connecting the keypad with standard 4 core cable. + to +, - to -, A to A and B to B .
The cover retaining screw must be loosened sufficiently to allow the cover to be
removed. Connect 4 core cable as described and apply power to the system. A
tamper will be created, press or hold down the ? key for 3 seconds, enter the address
of the keypad e.g. 01 then Press .This action is not required if the keypad is
already addressed.
4. The panel wiring can be 4, 6 or 8 core standard alarm cable. The wiring can be
either in a daisy chain configuration or a star configuration (see (fig 1) XiB
interconnection diagram). Screened cable can be used for interconnection but the
screen must be terminated at the control panel end only.
5. All detection devices are connected and terminated using an end of line resistor
configuration. The configuration for Guardall panels is shown below.

6. All devices / peripherals connected to the bus must be addressed. Addressing is
carried out using the switches on the peripheral PCBs. Each type of peripheral is
recognised by the system i.e. concentrators, keypads etc. Due to this, each type of
peripheral must start at address 1. If you therefore have 1 keypad, 1 concentrator
and 1 output module they would all be addressed as 1. Additional devices would
then be addressed from 2 up to the maximum allowed for a particular system. All
peripherals connected to the system will have to be programmed in the system
7. On initial powering of the system the engineer can enter the Pin Code directly. If the
engineer is logging onto an operational system the manager, ordinary or set/unset
user must authorise the engineer onto the system, this is done by selecting 05 from
the User Menu. An engineer can log off a keypad at any time by pressing X and
then .This action does not log the engineer off completely, if the engineer needs to
log off completely 05 must be entered from the Main Menu.
(fig 1)
Circuits- Single inputs also known as zones or points
Area - A number of circuits (zones) which are set/unset together.
Groups- A single area or combination of areas that are set/unset in
a single operation.
Concentrator - Input device for connecting detectors to, expansion unit.
Default PIN Codes
0202 Manager
9999 Engineer
No other User Codes are programmed on a new Control Panel