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School of Management & Languages

Operations Management [C18OP]
Team Assignment 2013/2014
Operations Strategy and Process Design

1. Select any one organization/company of your choice.
Make sure that you can get all the relevant information regarding its operations
needed for your assignment before selecting. You can use company websites, reports,
white papers, own experience or any other sources to collect and support the
Your first task in a team is to identify different functions and create a map of their
relationships within the organization/company.
2. Based on your analysis of question 1, reconstruct the operations strategy of the
Evaluate operational, resource, market, sustainability requirements with reference
to 'four perspectives on operations strategy'.
Which of the 4 strategic perspectives do you think best applies to this
organization? Justify.
3. Pick up any one product produced/serviced in the organization.
Your task is to understand and present its flow process map.
Which processes in the process flow map can be improved? Suggest your
recommendations for improvement with appropriate diagram(s).
HINT: Use appropriate diagrams, concepts, examples discussed during lectures to support the

The assignment should have a word count between 1,000-2,000 words. Use font 'Times new
roman' with font size 12. Additional information can be added into appendices, including one
on the management of the project, these should not be part of the word count. Refer to page
2 for assessment criteria and page 3 for template on the 'management of the project'.

Assignment must be handed in (includes Turnitin submission) by 3pm on Friday 7
(week 8) to the School of Management & Languages (SML) Office, room MB1.23 first floor
Mary Burton building.

Turnitin on VISION (Assessment tab): Formative submissions can be used to improve the
report. Submit your multiple revisions on 'C18OP_Assignment: Revision 1' to check for
originality. Summative submission (final report) must be submitted to 'C18OP_Assignment
final submission' for actual assessment of the assignment.

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Assessment Criteria
The assignment will be assessed as follows:

Criteria Question Assessment Maximum
Possible (out of 100)
1 Functions and
(Question 1)
The marks reflect for
justification for
choice of
organization and in-
depth study of
operations, products,
services, etc.
2 Perspectives on
Operations strategy
(Question 2)
The marks reflect
discussion on
strategy and their
link with operations
3 Process map and
(Question 3)
The mark reflects
clarity of process
flow and
critical analysis and
depth of thinking.
5 Presentation Ease of reading,
layout, writing style,
diagrams, structure
and correct
referencing (if
appropriate), within
word count,
plagiarism statement

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Management of the project (in Appendix)
Please use below template to write the section on 'Management of the project'
1. Contribution (Use integer values only)
Names of team

Team work
/attendance of
team meetings)
Research (contribution
to data collection /
group discussions /idea
generation /literature

Final Report
/report write
referencing, etc.)

Total score

10 10 10 30

Please be as realistic as possible while assessing the contribution of each member for
different activities. Please use integer (no fractions) numbers and add up vertically as well as
horizontally to tally the total of 30.
2. Roles and work activities
Discuss the contribution of each member (name wise) while working on this team
assignment. Also discuss the challenges faced.
If you were to undertake a similar team assignment at a future date, what improvements
would you make as to how you managed such an assignment?

3. Skills acquired
Identify the skills that you have used to complete this assignment and also identify any new
skills that you have started to develop during the coursework.
4. Signature of team members
Write names of all members and circulate the assignment for their final approval (Signature).
If there is any unsolvable dis-agreement in terms of the contribution, please contact me
through email.

Dr Abhijeet Ghadge.