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Kuji-Kiri : Nine Hand Seals

Japanese Spellcasting Tradition

Kuji-Kiri ( ) means Nine symbolic cuts. It is a technique that belongs to the
esoteric Buddhist tradition. From the outside it seems to consist in dra!ing nine lines in
the "orm o" a grid then dra!ing a symbol on the grid. In "act it is the setting in #lace o"
nine energy structures that once acti$ated can em#o!er a conce#t re#resented by the
dra!n symbol o$er the grid.
In other !ords the nine lines that !e dra! in Kuji-Kiri are nine energy conce#ts that !e
lay do!n on a sur"ace or in the air. %his grid is em#o!ered !hen the #erson !ho dra!s the
grid has acti$ated the nine #o!ers in his consciousness. &t this #oint the dra!n grid
becomes a re#resentation o" the matri' o" the !orld into !hich you can summon another
conce#tual energy.
& Kuji-Kiri user is sometimes called a majutsushi !hich translates as magician or
conjurer. ma ( #ure) jutsu ( art) shi ( user. %hus user o" the #ure art. *sually
the Kuji-Kiri users are e'#erienced mon+s or #riests in the ,i++yo (esoteric) Buddhist traditions such as -hingon %en-.a/ or
-hugendo. But there is su""icient corres#ondence !ith the %aoist !ays to suggest that it came to 0a#an along !ith 1hinese
Buddhists !ho carried the in"luence o" %aoist !ays. No!adays it is mostly #o#ular because o" Ninjitsu but ninjas are not the only
ones using Kuji-Kiri.
Easy to start, years to master
%he moment you start #racticing Kuji-In and Kuji-Kiri it !ill ta+e e""ect in $arious "orms o"
enhancements2 better thinking, uickness o! mind and body, more "illpo"er. 3et Kuji-In
and Kuji-Kiri !ill +ee# on deli$ering ne! abilities and e'#and your a!areness o$er years o"
#dapted to e$eryone
Kuji-In and Kuji-Kiri !as "irst created "or e$eryone to use. 4$er hundreds o" years it !as
ada#ted in di""erent "orms "or2 martial artists, holistic healers, spiritual seekers and the
general #ublic. 4ur "irst a##roach is global "ollo!ed by ada#tations to each need.
Take your !irst steps in the techniue
Kuji-Kiri techniue o$er$ie" %ack to Home &age
%o better understand the #rocess !e !ill #ro$ide an
e'am#le. First the majutsushi dra!s a grid o" nine
lines "ollo!ing a s#eci"ic order !hile simultaneously
in$o+ing the nine #o!ers that they re#resent. %his
sets in #lace the energy structures that !ill interact
!ith the matri' o" the !orld. First line 5IN is dra!n
"rom le"t to right second line K34 is dra!n "rom to#
to bottom. %hen the third line is dra!n "rom le"t to
right and the "ourth "rom to# to bottom until the nine
lines are dra!n. %his requires a bit o" #ractice !ith a
#en and #a#er to get the #ro#ortions right !hen
sim#ly !ea$ing !ith the "ingers.
4nce the grid is dra!n the user !ill dra! a symbol
o$er the grid. %his symbol must also ha$e been
#re$iously em#o!ered. 6et7s say in this case that the
symbol o" health is used. 8hile the user is dra!ing
setting in #lace ne! energy structures he also recites
the mantras or "ormulations associated !ith each
conce#t !hile his mind is absorbed in #ure
consciousness. I" this Kuji-Kiri grid and symbol is
dra!n on a !ound it !ill heal "aster. %he am#litude o"
the e""ect de#ends on the e'#erience and
em#o!erment o" the majutsushi.
4nce the majutsushi has em#o!ered the nine symbols to create the grid he can
a"ter!ards em#o!er di""erent symbols and conce#tual energy #atterns to #roduce
$arious e""ects. 9ach time a Kuji-Kiri user em#o!ers a ne! symbol he gains a ne!
#o!er. 9m#o!ering a ne! symbol is em#o!ering a com#lete energy conce#t and it
requires a bit o" time.
%he grid and symbol can be dra!n !ith the inde' and major "ingers o" the hand or
!ith a #encil and in+. 8e most o"ten dra! the grid and symbol !ith the right hand
but it can sometimes be use"ul to dra! !ith the le"t hand on some rare occasions.
Be"ore you can dra! Kuji-Kiri !ith your hand you must em#o!er the s!ord mudra
!ith your right hand.
-o "ar !e ha$e learned that to #er"orm e""icient Kuji-Kiri !e must "irst2
9m#o!er the nine Kuji-In energy conce#ts that ma+e u# the grid
9m#o!er the hand into a magical dra!ing tool
9m#o!er s#eci"ic energy conce#ts re#resented by symbols
%he majutsushi must also ha$e some e'#erience in meditation and handling un-
!orded conce#ts originating in #ure thought. %his #art is un-e'#lainable. It comes
naturally !ith #ractice and e'#erience. %he more you do it the more you
understand its !or+ings.
Empo"ering Kuji-'n
%o start em#o!ering the nine Kuji-In energies you can read :i-;ong and Kuji-In
$olume <. %he Kuji-In $olume = and > are not required to start !ith but !ill
become essential "or serious majutsu-deshi the student o" the #ure art. 5ead the
"irst Kuji-In (5IN) em#o!erment technique here. %hose !ho are just curious could
sim#ly use this eBoo+ to start2 -el"-9m#o!erment "or 9$eryone.
3ou can get the boo+s about Kuji-In here $olume < = and > or the com#lete Kuji-
In training +it. ,ethods to em#o!er the tools (hand and #en) and $arious symbols
!ill be a$ailable in the boo+ currently being !ritten. ?o!e$er here "ollo!s the

Empo"ering the hand as a Kuji-Kiri tool:
9m#o!er your right hand by ma+ing the s!ord mudra (holding ring and small
"inger !ith the thumb e'tending the inde' and major).
For = minutes $isuali@e it glo!ing !ith light condensing #o!er"ul energy !ith
intensity. %hen "or another = minutes !ea$e your right hand in "ront o" you
dra!ing the symbols o" Ao!er ?and and 9nergy and imagine that you are actually
dra!ing these symbols into the matri' o" the uni$erse. -u##ort the e'istence o"
these symbols in the s#iritual #lane in "ront o" you !hen you dra! them by
$isuali@ing that the symbols glo! !ith light !hen you dra! them. .o not dra! the
Kuji-Kiri grid yet. -im#ly dra! these symbols in the air or on #a#er in "ront o" you.
&"ter t!o minutes stand still again !ith your right hand on your la# or in "ront o"
you and "ocus again on the building u# o" energies in your hand. 5e#eat the =
minute alternations o" "ocus and dra!ing "or at least > re#etitions but you can do
e$en more. 5e#eat this em#o!erment e$eryday "or B straight days.
6earn the "irst symbol o" Ao!er because it is the easiest. %hen !hen you are ready
to learn the second learn the symbol o" ?and. %hen learn the symbol o" 9nergy.
%his symbol o" 9nergy re#resents the s#irit "orce 9nergy and not the strength le$el
energy) there is something tangible to the sense o" this 9nergy symbol.
&o"er Hand Energy

Empo"ering symbols
-te# <2 %o em#o!er a symbol you ha$e to dra! it and meditate on the conce#t it
re#resents. First identi"y the conce#t it re#resents !ithout the !ords to describe it.
;et into the "eeling o" the conce#t and not just the thought o" it. 4nce you ha$e
identi"ied these #arameters go on !ith the ne't ste#. &lso "ind a color that "its
!ith the symbol. I" you ha$e no idea use !hite light.
-te# =2 .ra! the symbol in "ront o" you using your ne!ly em#o!ered hand. .ra!
the symbol once then close your eyes and $isuali@e it in "ront o" you getting more
and more #o!er"ul !ith glo!ing energy and light. %he symbol should stand still in
"ront o" you "or one minute. %hen imagine that the symbol is getting closer to you
slo!ly until it enters your third eye ("orehead). ,a+e it come into your mind thru
your third eye o$er a #eriod o" about < minute.
.ra! the symbol a second time in "ront o" you. 6et it stand still "or < minute. %hen
bring it slo!ly to your solar #le'us. ?a$e the symbol enter your solar #le'us and
immerse your entire abdomen !ith its energy.
.ra! the symbol a third time in "ront o" you. 6et it stand still "or < minute. %hen
$isuali@e the symbol getting bigger and bigger and bring it into your !hole body.
9n$elo#e and "ill your body !ith the energy o" the symbol.
-te# >2 ,editate "or at least <C minutes on the energy and conce#t o" the symbol.
Immerse yoursel" in the "eeling o" the un-!orded thought o" this conce#t.
8hen you em#o!ered your hand be"ore you learned about > symbols2 Ao!er
?and and 9nergy. 3ou can start !ith these symbols i" you !ish. ?ere are a "e!
other symbols "or you to learn and em#o!er.
Health Happines &eace

& multitude o" symbols !ill be contained in the Kuji-Kiri guide (still being !ritten).
%hey !ill be accom#anied !ith each their suggested color de"inition and
#hiloso#hical contem#lation "or a ma'imum em#o!erment. %he guide !ill be
insight"ul "or2
- ,artial arts qualities
- ?olistic healing
- -ee+ing enlightenment
- -u#ernatural abilities
(irst Set: )'N * Sel!-Empo"erment %ack to Home &age
%he "ollo!ing technique is the 5IN technique ta+en "rom the three boo+s o" the Kuji-In trilogy. 5IN is the "irst o" nine techniques to
achie$e a !onder"ul and #o!er"ul s#iritual e'#erience. %he technique is #resented so that it can be absorbed in a ste#-by-ste#
manner. 3ou are highly encouraged to learn the #rocess gradually so to #ro$o+e the most #o!er"ul e""ect.
)'N: (rom %ook + ,-i-.ong and Kuji-'n/
1ombine the > to mani"est2 mo$ement (mudra) sound (mantra) tought (mind). In each #ractice ma+e the hand signs (mudra)
say the single !ord re#eatedly (mantra) and $isuali@e the e""ect o" the mudra (mind). -tart !ith one and donDt go to the ne't until
you are com"ortable !ith the > #arts o" a le$el 2 handE!ordEtought. 8hen you master the > #arts o" a single le$el and "eel that
Fsomething is going onF in the energy #lanes add the "ull long mantra either in ja#anese or sans+rit #ronunciation.
In the "ollo!ing the "irst #hoto is the good !ay to do it and the second is there to sho! you ho! to #lace your "ingers.

,iddle "inger e'tended all others are crossed
1ha+ra2 Base
,antra 0a#anese2 4n ba/ shi ra man ta ya so!a+a
,antra -ans+rit2 4m Gajramanataya -!aha
%he 5IN Kuji is used to strengthen your mind and body. %his Kuji-in must be #er"ormed be"ore any other Kuji-ins can truly be
e""ecti$e. %he 5IN Kuji-in acts as a sort o" hoo+-u# to the *ltimate -ource o" all Ao!er. By connecting you !ith this .i$ine energy
the 5IN Kuji-in strengthens your mind and body es#ecially in collaboration !ith the other #ractices o" the Kuji-In. & stronger
connection to the .i$ine energy source !ill ma+e you stronger at e$ery le$el. Alease be a!are that this Kuji-in may ele$ate your
body tem#erature.
Gisuali@e a red shining light descending "rom ?ea$en into your body and lighting a "lame at your Base 1ha+ra the region bet!een
your anus and your se'ual organs. 5ela' and begin the $isuali@ation #er"orm the mudra chant the #rayer mantra calmly slo!ly or
quic+ly as you !ish (or e$en at an accelerating tem#o then come bac+ suddenly to a slo!er tem#o. %he Base 1ha+ra is the #oint
!here the -acred "lame emerges into your energetic body.
Philosophy introduction
It may be hard "or you to belie$e but the *ni$ersal Fire is situated at the base o" your o!n e'#erience2 the base 1ha+ra at the ti#
o" your s#ine. 3ou are all that there is) you sim#ly don7t clearly understand !hat that means yet. 4n this #ath you !ill learn that
as the -acred Flame gro!s brighter in you it actually rises u# your s#ine until it "ills your entire body.
Breathe dee#ly and so"tly. 9$ery inhalation nourishes the "lame at your Base 1ha+ra encouraging it to "ill you !ith -acred Fire.
Gisuali@e the "lame increasing in intensity gi$ing li"e to your entire body. &s you are increasingly "illed !ith this -acred Fire all the
energy circuitry in your body !ill re#air itsel" becoming healthier and more ali$e as it recei$es the "lo! o" the *ni$ersal 5oot
energy2 %he -acred Fire. %his is your connection to &ll %hat I-.
9ach time you ma+e a decision you !ill notice that some o" your muscles tighten !ith "ear. ,uscles tighten !hen you ha$e to
ma+e a decision because o" the inherent biological "ear that the human animal body holds. %he objecti$e o" this e'ercise is to
become conscious o" the "ear"ul nature o" the human animal #art o" you. 4nce you are a!are o" these "ears release them and
trust yoursel". -el"-trust is the +ey to success in e$erything.
)'N: (rom %ook 0 ,#d$anced Kuji-'n/
The RIN Way of Life
3ou ha$e the right to li$e. 9$ery time you let yoursel" belie$e you do not ha$e the right to li$e to be to act you are telling the
*ni$erse that you #re"er being the $ictim o" your o!n li"e e$ents. -tand u# be con"ident and declare your o!n right to li$e.
4n the other hand do not gi$e yoursel" #ermission to act arrogantly or to say that you are better than anyone else. I" you ma+e
such com#arisons you are asserting that there are di""erent le$els o" the right to li$e or that some #eo#le are more entitled to li"e
or ha$e more right to breathe than others. 8hen you ma+e those +inds o" com#arisons you destroy your o!n right to li$e to be
and to "eel good about yoursel".
From time to time !e all gi$e in to the tendency to admit to oursel$es that !e thin+ !e are better than e$eryone else. 3et this
erroneous thin+ing rein"orces the negati$e as#ects o" your ego. I" you !ant to achie$e true sel" con"idence you must abandon all
attem#ts at com#aring the $alue o" human li"e. %hus you may certainly e'#ress your $arious #re"erences #re"erring a##les o$er
cherries or the color #in+ to the color blue but it is crucial to the de$elo#ment o" "ull sel" consciousness that you ne$er judge
others as less !orthy o" li"e than you.
4nce you start trusting yoursel" #ractice #rojecting this trust into li"e. -ay to yoursel" 6i"e ta+es care o" me I trust li"e.
9$entually this #ractice !ill lead you to ha$e "aith the a!areness that ;od ta+es care o" you e$ery moment and that you can let
go o" your "ears and !orries) you are ne$er alone and ;od su##orts all o" your actions. I" ?e did not you !ould sim#ly cease to be.
In "act as a human being you don7t really ha$e any control o$er e'actly !hat ha##ens in your li"e but you do ha$e the #o!er o"
choice. By "ollo!ing these techniques you !ill gain the tools to in"luence the outcome o" e$ents in your li"e and e$entually you !ill
also de$elo# the #o!er to mani"est e$ents more as you desire them to be. 3ou still !on7t ha$e any direct control o$er the outcome
o" e$ents in your li"e) you !ill sim#ly learn to trust li"e and to ha$e "aith. Faith releases .i$ine energy into your body and "uels all
other s#iritual acti$ities.
RIN Technique

9'tend your t!o middle "ingers and interlace all other "ingers.
1ha+ra2 Base
,antra 0a#anese2 4n ba/ shi ra man ta ya so!a+a
,antra -ans+rit2 4m Gajramanataya -!aha
Gisuali@e a "lame at your base cha+ra !hich gro!s brighter each time you inhale air and Arana (more on Arana in the boo+s). %he
circulation o" air and Arana into your body ignites and "ans the "lame. -trangely the "lame does not go out immediately e$en a"ter
you sto# this e'ercise) the #rocess seems to be sel" sustaining. 8hen you e'hale $ocali@e the Kuji-In #rayer three times (>). It is
at the inhalation that the "lame "lares u#. Gisuali@e the "lame gro!ing until your !hole body seems to be "illed !ith this s#iritual "ire.
%his is the "irst Key o" 5IN. 8ith this sacred technique BH com#lete breaths (< breath ( < inhalation and < e'halation) set your
body on "ire. 3ou can begin !ith B com#lete breaths (that is =I mantras) but to gain the "ull #otential o" the 5IN Kuji and start
the #ath you !ill ha$e to #er"orm the com#lete set BH times e$ery "e! days until you ha$e com#letely mastered the technique
and you "eel the energy strongly inside o" you. In the "irst "e! breaths the 5IN "ire simultaneously gro!s in the base cha+ra and
"ills your lo!er body and legs. &s you com#lete the set the 5IN "ire co$ers your entire body legs arms and then e'tends a bit
beyond your body (about one inch "rom the e'terior sur"ace o" your s+in). & bit o" dar+ blue smo+e may be seen !hen a #art o"
your body is set on "ire "or the "irst "e! times. &"ter that you may see a $ery little bit o" !hite smo+e. &llo! the smo+e to dri"t u#
unnoticed) do not s#end any energy attending to it.
&hysical $s1 Spiritual Enhancement
3ou must gi$e u# the belie" that the #hysical body is not s#iritual or that the s#irit is in some other #lace or dimension. 8e use the
terms #hysical and s#iritual to describe di""erent as#ects o" our nature but these di""erent as#ects both e'ist at the same time and
in the same #lace in you sim#ly on di""erent energetic le$els. 3our s#iritual astral energetic and #hysical bodies are the same
unique thing. %hey are all on the same "requency scale di""ering only by their rate o" $ibration. %hus anything you do on the
s#iritual #lane "lo!s directly do!n into the #hysical #lane !hether you !ant it to or not. %here"ore Kuji-In is a s#iritual technique
that yields quite #o!er"ul #hysical results. %he 5IN Kuji technique de$elo#s your ability to generate sustained energy circulation or
e$en intense bursts o" energy !hen needed. %his #ractice enhances your !ill#o!er your mental determination and e$en the
electro-magnetic out#ut o" your ner$ous system. IF you strain !ith all your might to li"t something your ner$ous system sends out
energy to your muscles to #ro$ide the necessary out#ut strength. & normal human being7s ner$ous system can deli$er about >HJ
bio-electric energy to their muscles. 8hen the 5IN technique is com#etently #er"ormed you can double the out#ut o" bio-electric
energy to KHJ thus doubling your strength. 3ou !ill still ha$e to do some #hysical training to get your muscles used to handling
this much o" a load o" energy) the deli$ery o" <HHJ o" your #otential energy to your muscles !ould damage the tendons and is not
a goal o" this technique. -ome ,asters es#ecially in the martial arts #ractice bone and tendon :i ;ong. %hey can li"t LHH #ounds
in an instant and deli$er #o!er"ul and deadly blo!s !ith their "ists. I" you can li"t =HH #ounds and you do any "orm o" muscle
conditioning (body building) to increase your strength to MHH #ounds you can use the 5IN technique to double it again to LHH
#ounds. 4" course you !on7t accom#lish that by just using the 5IN technique "or a "e! hours here and there you ha$e to gi$e it
time to !or+ on your body.
5IN has many other use"ul a##lications some !hich are not ob$ious to the beginner. 4ne thing is certain i" you do not de$elo#
your #ro"iciency !ith the 5IN technique all the other Kuji-In techniques !ill lac+ the "uel they need) the a$ailable energy "or the
other techniques !ill sim#ly be inadequate to ma+e them use"ul. I" you !ant to use these techniques to heal others !ith the -?&
technique "or e'am#le the im#ro$ed energy circulation that 5IN K34 and %4? #ro$ide are mandatory be"ore -?& can be utili@ed
e""ecti$ely. 5IN !ill gi$e you the strength you need at e$ery le$el because your s#irit does not see any di""erence among your
#hysical ethereal astral mental causal soul and s#iritual energetic sel$es aside "rom the $ariable "requencies they each
re#resent. 9$erything that com#rises you is one single entity !ith a dense #hysical body at the lo!est "requency.
# -uick %urst o! Energy
I" you e$er need a quic+ burst o" #hysical energy you may a##ly this sim#le technique once you ha$e the 5IN "ire coursing
through you. %his technique !ill be totally useless to anyone !ho does not #ractice the Kuji-In system you are learning.
;et the 5IN "ire coursing through you in > breaths then "ocus joy"ul energy into your base cha+ra s#reading it throughout your
entire body. 0oy is the "oundation o" li"e and releasing this emotion !ill trigger a $igorous energy "lo!. Ne't tense e$ery muscle in
your body and hold that tension "or > seconds. %ensing your muscles !ill condense the energy #ooling it "or your use. %hen
release the tension !ithout rela'ing your muscles com#letely and hold that "or > seconds and then tense and hold "or > seconds
again. 0oy is li"e and the increase in li"e energy in your system !ill cause your internal energy to circulate more $igorously. %his
#um#ing (tense-release) action "loods your body !ith bio-a$ailable #hysical energy. 5e#eat this sequence se$eral times. 8ith each
re#etition imagine that you are #ulling higher and higher le$els o" $ibrations into your body. It is almost as i" the energy squirts into
your system as might squee@e juice "rom a lemon or orange into a glass. 3ou "ill yoursel" u# !ith this delicious energy and it is
nourishing and "illing. -tretch your body) o#en your eyes !ide) loo+ u# "or > seconds and ta+e a deeeee# breath. 6oo+ do!n and
ta+e another deeeee# breath.
%hree (>) com#lete inhalations reacti$ates the 5IN Fire in your body. %hree (>) seconds o" the #um#ing action (tensing and
releasing your muscles) condenses your bio-a$ailable energy. -tretch your body again) +ee# your eyes o#ened breathe !hile you
loo+ u# and then do!n. .o not rela' a"ter all you as+ed "or more energyN
)'N: (rom %ook 2 ,Kuji-'n 3astery/
RIN Consciousness
In the introductory and ad$anced +no!ledge o" the Kuji-In !e learned that 5IN !as im#licated in the conce#t o" trust. 8e "irst
learned that !e should !or+ to become courageous. 1ourage e$entually leads to trust !hich leads to sel"-trust. In time sel"-trust
!ill lead to Faith in the sel" and then in a uni$ersal s#iritual conce#t such as ;od or the higher sel".
9ach time you succeed something you should "ocus on a##reciating this success. %his !ill hel# you build "oundations "or your mind
to belie$e you can be success"ul. In this !ay you !ill gain sel"-trust thru #erse$erant a##lication o" mental training #ractices but
also thru li"e e'#eriences. 3et !hene$er you "ail or belie$e you "ailed something you should s#end more energy on "ighting
negati$ity and +ee#ing your morale u#. *se your a##arent "ailures to build your determination to succeed by re"ining your "uture
attem#ts. %rust in your ability to become better.
RIN Technique
)'N mudra
%he 5IN hand seal binds all "ingers together e'ce#t "or the middle "ingers !hich is the "ingers o" e'#eriences and e$ents. %he
middle "inger e'tends to ma+e contact !ith these e'#eriences.

%his mudra brings the human and s#iritual hands together so that the human and the s#iritual sel" can join in li"e7s e'#eriences.
%his mudra hel#s to de$elo# consciousness o" each o" the e'#eriences that !e are going thru thus ma+ing them easier to acce#t
and understand. %his is the "irst ste# in becoming a!are o" the creati$e essence that leads to the mani"estation o" e'#eriences and
e$ents in our li$es. Kno!ing that there is a s#iritual "orce creating all these e'#eriences ma+es them easier to acce#t.
In the %rans"ormational &##roach the 5IN mudra +ee#s the bent "ingers outside the hand !hich means !e are "ocusing on
a""irming our sel"-trust and "aith. 8e see+ to encourage it and not only become a!are o" our actual le$el o" "aith.
*sing this mudra !ill also hel# us trust that all !ill be "ine. &cce#ting e$en in$iting our -#irit to accom#any our human in its
challenges ma+es it all loo+ li+e a lesson rather than a #unition. 8hate$er ha##ens i" I belie$e that I am not alone but steadily
!ith mysel" as -#rit it is ob$ious that e$erything !ill be "ine e$entually. %his is the "aith o" the Kuji-In !hich has nothing to do
!ith ha$ing "aith in an e'terior ;od. Faith is the ultimate sel"-trust as -#rit as !ell as human as one. Breathe N48.
-ome Kuji-In traditions !ill e'#ress the inde' out!ard instead o" the middle "inger. 9'tending the inde' re#resents the a""irmation
o" #o!er as a decree o" the sel". %his $ersion o" the 5IN mudra !ill be more "requently used by martial artists and #eo#le !ho !ish
to build a stronger !ill#o!er. %he trans"ormational a##roach encourages the e'#erience (middle "inger) o" 5IN at "irst "ollo!ed by
the a""irmation (inde') o" 5IN only !hen much more e'#erience has been gained. 9'#erience and "aith is essential to the true
e'#ression o" #o!er.
)'N mantra
5in in 0a#anese means "ace or meet. It has to do !ith meeting someone !ithout indication to !ho !e are to meet) thus !e meet
oursel$es. %o meet your sel" im#licates to get to +no! yoursel" by obser$ing yoursel" in a third #erson #ers#ecti$e. -uch
contem#lation in an honest attitude o" sel"-acce#tance !ill ine$itably lead to trusting yoursel".
0a#. Kanji2 4n bai shira man taya so!a+a
-ans+rit2 4m $ajraman taya s!aha
9nglish2 4 thunderbolt to E !ho has glory E sacri"ice
Aronounced2 4m $ajramaanatayaa -!aha
-hinto2 In this +uji-in #ractice the -hinto Buddhists are re"erring to &materasu a "eminine ;oddess. &materasu is described as the
;oddess "rom !hich all light emanates and is also o"ten re"erred to as the sun goddess because o" her !armth and com#assion "or
the #eo#le !ho !orshi##ed her) an inter#retation o" FlightF or FheatF as #assion or #urity. -he emits lightning into the body to gi$e
it li"e "orce. -he is li+e the light o" creation.
Buddhists2 ?ere the Buddhists #ray Bishamonten guardian o" the north and thus o" material things. From the traditional 0a#anese
Buddhism #oint o" $ie! since the time o" samurais and great !arriors he is said to be the god o" !ar and !arriors. Bishamonten is
!earing an armor symboli@ing the #hysical shell o$er his true sel". ?e holds a s#ear in one hand a symbol o" the -#irit that
#enetrates the #hysical !orld and a #agoda in the other hand li+e a tem#le !here !isdom resides another symbol o" our #hysical
?indu2 ,ost o" the Kuji-In #rocess in$o+es the hindu ;od Indra !ho is the only King o" hea$ens holding thunderbolts. %he !ord
s!aha can be translated as glory homage or salutations but is used mostly !hen doing #rosternations o""ering sacri"ices. %hus
this mantra is also a #ledge o" sacri"ice o""ered to the ;od King o" ?ea$en Indra +no! as the one !ho holds thunderbolts. %he
?indu tend to inter#ret each !ord !ith all their #ossible meanings according to their religious structure there"ore a "e! -ans+rit
!ords become much longer #hrases so that they can transmit all the meaning at once. %his -ans+rit mantra could mean in ?indu
terms2 4m (?oly 8ord) I o""er sacri"ice by the name o" the ;od !ho carries Gajra in his hands i.e. 6ord Indra.
%rans"ormational a##roach2 8e contem#late the #o!er"ul "orce o" creation. 8e contem#late the light that comes "rom the hea$ens
do!n into the earth to gi$e it li"e and mo$ement. %his 6ight is both "eminine and masculine. &t this #oint !e celebrate the coming
o" the -#irit into the human body.
In our tradition 4m $ajramaanatayaa -!ahaN
,eans2 4 ;od o" the .i$ine %hunderbolt ;lory
5emember that it is also an inter#reted translation since the -ans+rit !ords are lin+ed to many meanings and #ossible
signi"ications. ?ere !e ha$e translated $ajraman as 6ight made tangible. 8e use the sans+rit s!aha to #roclaim the glory o" ;od
(or uni$ersal conce#t o" your choice) and to #ay homage.
6i"e entering the body can be symboli@ed as a lighting bolt that stri+es stone li+e a hea$enly s#ar+ +ic+-starting the mechanism o"
li"e in a #hysical host. 4n a so"ter tone !e could imagine a ray o" light that heats u# the earth and #rogressi$ely ma+e it to become
ali$e. %his birthing o" the -#irit into the human body is o" a "eminine energy li+e any +ind o" birthing. 3et it is #o!er"ul enough to
create mo$ement !here there !as none. It doesn7t ha$e to be as $iolent as stri+ing lightning but the symbol is still as #o!er"ul as
it !as meant to be.
I" !e loo+u# a -ans+rit dictionaries $ajraman !ill mean diamond but !e still ha$e to analy@e the #articles one by one. %he
-ans+rit !ord $ajraman is a symbol o" the #urest light o" the $ajra made #hysical by the syllable man thus it !as the name
a##lied to a diamond.
%he $ajra is this !onder"ul hea$enly light that ta+es many sha#es de#ending on the other terms that surrounds it. Follo!ed by the
syllable man to ma+e it #hysical and the !ord taya to ma+e it "eminine it is the ?ea$enly ,other7s light o" creation. 8ith this
#rayer !e in$o+e the light that made us to be ali$e !hich is still and !ill remain the source o" our human li"e. .o not imagine that
a "eminine light !ould mean it is !ea+. & mother gi$ing birth is $ery #o!er"ul.
8hen !e "irst entered li"e as a -#irit into a human body !e became ali$e !ithout any +ind o" judgment o" oursel$es thus !ithout
"ear hesitation or doubt. 4ur #rogressi$e human conditioning mostly thru un#leasant childhood e'#eriences brought us to be
more than sim#ly care"ul not to get hurt but to "ear and doubt oursel$es. No! gro!nu# !e belie$e !e ha$e conquered most o"
these "ears but it is not true. %here are "ears !e !ould not e$en admit to oursel$es so dee# are their roots in our subconscious
8e are not only tal+ing about those cases o" di""icult childhoods. 9$en in a ha##y childhood may a child bum# his head and not li+e
it and react !ith anger against the #ain or !ith guilt to!ards the lac+ o" agility bloc+ing some #art o" the subconscious mind !ith
sel"-hatred "or not being #er"ectly stable already. %here can be hundreds o" reasons !hy !e de"ined oursel$es !ith #oor sel"-trust
e$en in our "irst li"e e'#eriences. No! you can imagine the results o" a di""icult childhood added to that.
%he goal o" the 5IN technique is to rede"ine the conce#t o" trust and a##ly it to oursel$es as sel"-trust and "rom that gro! it to
become "aith in li"e. 8hen the conce#t o" "aith is remo$ed "rom the dogmatic teachings o" religion it is a higher "orm o" sel" trust
+no!ing that "rom the #oint o" $ie! o" the -#irit e$erything !ill al!ays be "ine.
&lthough your human body can be injured and your human e'#erience can sometimes be #ain"ul your -#irit is totally una""ected.
9'#eriencing human e'istence as an obser$er as much as a #artici#ant it remains beyond the reach o" #ossible harm. 5IN is the
a!a+ening o" such s#iritual memory and it ta+es "ull reach as you #rogress to!ards the 59%-* technique !here you may e$en
remember the immortality and eternal e'istence o" your -#irit. &t this #oint e$erything you !ill e'#erience !ill be seen in yet a
much broader #ers#ecti$e.
Aractice this ritual technique "or as long as you !ish and notice the ele$ated energies it !ill bring u# inside you. It !ill su##ort all
your actions as you beha$e !ith $irtue and righteousness. It might hurt your ner$ous system i" you nourish hate and arrogance
!ith this sacred #o!er. Aay attention to your sel". -ee+ sel"-mastery be"ore you see+ mastery o$er others.