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Day/Date : 9

May 2014 Time : 8:00 am 8:40 am
Form : 2 Bestari (beginner) Duration : 40 minutes
Enrolment : /25
Subject : English

My Leisure Time
Present Tense; Simple Present Tense (Affirmative, Negative,

General Objectives Students should be able to understand the present tense form effectively by
the end of the term.

Learning Outcomes By the end of the lesson:

1. Students understand what the terms simple present tense mean and
describe the central principle of each.
2. Students can demonstrate knowledge of simple present tense usage in
affirmative, negative and interrogative terms.


1. Simple Present Tense
2. Affirmative
3. Negative
4. Interrogative

Language Skills
(only for language


Values 1. To value doing good activity during leisure time.
Prior Knowledge

Students have learned the following items in previous classes:
1. Verbs
Instructional Aids Whiteboard, handout and blank paper
Set Induction

1. Teacher ask the students about their leisure time
- What do you do during your leisure time with your friends?
- How long do you spent time playing with them?

2. Teacher draws a table on the whiteboard. Teacher introduce the topic
the students are about to learn which is, the simple present tense.
Teacher starts the lesson by explaining the table. Teacher will ask
students to read the contents. Teacher will go through the table and
start explaining the elements one by one. Teacher will give more
examples and writing them down on whiteboard and ask the students
to copy all the notes in exercise book.

After finished going through the elements, teacher distributes
exercises with sentences/words written on it and asks the students to
answer all the questions given. The time given is 20 minutes.

After finished the activity, students are required to read aloud their
answers and if they make any mistakes, teacher will correct it
together with the students.
1. Teacher recalls about the table of simple present tense that have been
discussed earlier.
2. Teacher restates about past exercises to ensure the students

Evaluation of
Learning Outcomes
Evaluation 1 :
Students manage to understand the simple present tense table and describe
the central principle of each.
Evaluation 2 :
Students can demonstrate the knowledge of simple present tense through the
exercises given.
Extended Work
Teacher reminds the students to copy down the simple present tense table
and ask them to paste it on their table.
Lesson Evaluation/
Reemphasize the value of appreciation towards time.